Recite Surah-e-Ikhlas 300 times with 100 times Durood shareef in first and last on Nau-chandi Wednesday means after passing the day time of Tuesday which night comes. After all recitation give its reward to the blessed spirit of saint from whom you wish to meet for consulting about the solution of your matter.

Do this process continuously till three nights means Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. InshAllah your desired person’s soul will come to meet with you in dream. Recite this process at the time of Esha prayer before Vit’r prayer but you are not supposed to talk with anybody after this recitation.
Room must be separated and lonely, bed should be neat and clean, cense in room then start to recite uncountable Durood Shareef until you feel sleepy. InshAllah your meeting with your desired personality’s soul will be held during these three nights of process.

Before taking a start for this process first recite a fatiha on any sweet thing and give its reward to the spirits of saint then distribute it to children. This is an experimental process. Every one can do it and get its experience.

This process is attributed to Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Baho R.A.

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