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  • Closing the Circle
    via libertyunbound

    Article Author(s): Robert H. Miller A memoir of Cuba. We may be approaching one of the most significant events of our time: the end of the Castro regime in Cuba. So long have Fidel Castro and his friends reigned in Cuba that it is hard to get perspective...

  • Would you propose with a diamond grown in a lab?: Diamond Foundry, a Leonardo DiCaprio-backed start-up, wants your engagement ring to have a diamond that’s ethical, artisanal, and conflict-free. — Quartz Jenni Avins | April 06, 2016 Diamond love ...

  • Nell Stephenson – Paleoista
    via pages.sanesolution

    Nell Stephenson – Paleoista Get More Shows Now Read the Transcript Jonathan: Hey, everybody! Jonathan Bailor here with another bonus Smarter Science of Slim podcast. Today, we have a treat because we have an author and a speaker with us who, I’m going...

  • Somnos Relents
    via barsetshirediaries.wordpress

    Sunday 24th May 2015 My light was out at about 12.30 am and I did fall asleep only to wake around 1.30 am. I expected a difficult night but after a smoke I tried again and went off no problem. I was incredulous when I saw the time I got up today, 7...

  • We had our daughter's birthday party yesterday, she turned 9 and this is most likely the last big birthday party she'll be having. However, we had a great time. We rented the Taekwondo dojon for an hour and a half, they throw one heck of a birthday...

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