Manufacturers of grocery and other products you might find in your local supermarket are listed alphabetically. The list is long and but by no mean it is exhaustive. We strive to give our readers basic information about each of these manufacturers, so feel free to search for manufacturers on this list to see if we have published more information them, or if you are an insider, send us a short description to share with our readers.

1-2-3 Gluten Free, Inc.

14 Hands Winery

2 Degrees, Inc.

3I Corporation Ltd


4C Foods Corp.

A & H Branded Products, LLC

A I Foods Inc.

A Michael Foods Company

A to Z Wineworks, LLC

A&W Products Co., Inc.


A-grosik PSH

A. Lassonde Inc.

A.J. Funk & Co.

A.M. Braswell Jr. Food Co., Inc.

A.M. Braswell, Jr. Food Co.

A.V. Olsson Trading Co., Inc.

AB World Foods

ACCO Brands

ACH Food Companies

ADF Foods USA Ltd

AFAM Concept Inc.

AFC Trident Inc.

ALB-GOLD Teigwaren GmbH

AMC Card Processing Services, Inc.



ATK Foods, Inc.


Aarhus Karlshamn UK Ltd

Aaron Industries Inc.

Ab Felix

Abbott Medical Optics, Inc.

Abbott Nutrition

Absolut Spirits Co.

Absolute Nutrition

Absorption Corp

Academia Barilla S.p.A.

Ace Comb Company, Inc.

Acetificio M. De Nigris

Acme Import Co.

Acme International Enterprises, Inc.

Acme Smoked Fish Corp.

Acme United Corporation

Actavis Mid Atlantic LLC


Added Extras LLC

Adina for Life, Inc

Adirondack Beverage Company

Adria Imports Inc

AdvancePierre Foods Inc.

Advanced Beauty Systems, Inc.

Advanced Food Products

Advanced Vision Research, Inc.

Advantage Research Laboratories, Inc.

Affy Tapple Inc.

Agadir International LLC

Against The Grain Gourmet

Agave Loco Brands

Agri Star Distribution, LLC

Agricola Apaltagua Limitada

AgroFarma, Inc.


Agropur Division Natrel USA


Ahold USA, Inc.

Aidells Sausage Co.

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

Airborne Inc.

Ak-mak Bakeries

Alacer Corp

Alagio Corp

Alb-Gold Teigwaren GmbH

Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.

Alberto-Culver USA, Inc.

Albertsons, Inc.


Aleia’s Gluten Free Foods LLC

Alessio’s Mangia, Mangia, Inc.

Alex’s Meat & Provisions

Alexander Valley Vineyards

Alexia Foods


Alexx, Inc.

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

Alico Srl

Alimentos Kern De Guatemala Sa

All County Provisions

All Foods Inc.

All Market Inc.

All-N-Food, LLC

Alle Processing Corp

Allegro Fine Foods, Inc.

Allens, Inc.


AllergEase Inc.

Allergan, Inc.

Allied Beverages LLC

Allied International Corp.

Allied Old English Inc.

Allstar Marketing Group LLC

Allstar Products Group

Alltrista Consumer Products Company

Almar Sales Co. Inc.

Alouette Cheese Usa, LLC.

Alpenglow Beverage Company

Alpha Baking Co., Inc.

Alpina Foods

Alpine Valley

Alter Eco

Alter-eco Americas

Alto De Casablanca S.A

Altos De Medrano S.A.

Alumax International Inc.

Alva-Amco Pharmacal Companies, Inc.

Alvarado Street Bakery

Amaral’s Bakery

Amelia Distributing Co., Inc.

Amelia Springs Water, Inc.

American Beverage Corporation

American Beverage Marketers

American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC

American Covers, Inc.

American Flatbread

American Greetings Corporation

American Halal Company Inc.

American Health, Inc.

American International Industries

American Italian Pasta Company

American Licorice Company

American Marketing Team

American Pop Corn Company

American Roland Food Corp.

American Sales Company

American Scientific Resources

Amerifit Brands

Amodex Products Inc.

Amour-Eckrich Meats LLC

Amport Foods

Ampro Industries Inc.

Amscan Inc.

Amstel U.S.

Amy’s Kitchen Inc.

Anagram International, Inc.

Anchor Bar Distributing Co.

Anchor Brewing Co.

Anco Fine Cheese

Andes Candies L.P.

Andre Prost Inc.

Angeline Winery

Angie’s Artisan Treats, LLC

Angiogenesis Labs, LLC

Angostura Limited

Angry Orchard Cider Company


Anika Laboratories Inc

Animex Foods

Ann’s House of Nuts Inc.

Annie Chun’s, Inc.

Annie’s Homegrown Inc.

Annie’s Naturals

Ansell Healthcare Products LLC

Anton-Argires Brothers Co.

Antonio Mozzarella Factory, Inc.



Apollo Food Group LLC

Apothecary Products, Inc.

Appalachian Brewing Co.

Apple & Eve, L.L.P.

Apple Villa Pancake House

Applegate Farms, LLC.

Aqua Star

Arcadian Sushi

Arch Chemicals, Inc.

Archie Moore’s Food Products, Inc.

Arctic Ease, LLC

Arctic Zero, Inc

Argo Tea, Inc.

AriZona Beverages USA

Aria Foods

Aries Prepared Beef Company

Arla Foods Production

Arla Foods, Inc.

Arla Foods, Inc.

Armaly Sponge Company

Armour-Eckrich Meats LLC

Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Arnold Bakers Inc.

Arnold Products, Inc.

Arnold Sales Company, LLC

Aron Streit Inc.


Arrow Plastic Manufacturing, Co.

Arrowhead Mills



Artesian Fresh, Inc

Arthritis Research Corp

Arthur Dogswell, Inc.

Arthur Schuman Inc.

Artisan Confections

Artistic Studios, Ltd

Ascent Consumer Products Inc.

Ascenta Health

Ashburn Specialty Foods

Ashman Distributing Co.

Asian Food Concepts, LLC.

Ask Foods, Inc.

Aspen Mulling Co., Inc.

Aspen Products Inc.

Aspire Brands/Bonne Bell

Ata Retail Services, Inc.

Ateeco, Inc.


Athens Pastries & Frozen Foods, Inc.

Athlade, LLC

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

Atlanta Foods International

Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc.

Atticus Bakery, LLC

Attune Foods, Inc.

Aunt Kitty’s Foods, Inc.

Aunt Millie’s Bakeries

Auntie Anne’s, Inc

Aurora Products, Inc.

Australian Gold

Auto Expressions, LLC

Autocrat, LLC

Auvil Fruit Company

Avalon Winery

Aveniu Brands

Avent America Inc

Avery Dennison Corporation

Avery Products Corporation


Avon Food Company, LLC.

Az. Agricola Ciccio Zaccagnini Sas

Azteca Foods, Inc.

Azteca Milling L.P.

B & C Products

B & W Quality Growers

B&G Foods

B&G Foods Snacks, Inc.

B.F. Ascher & Co., Inc.

B.R.A.T. Diet LLC

BBM Chocolate Distributors, Ltd.

BBU, Inc.


BEF Foods, Inc.

BG Distribution & Marketing

BIC Acquisition Corporation



BLiS llc

BOLD Organics, LLC.

BPG International, Inc.


Bacardi U.S.A., Inc.

Back Home Country Recipes

Back To Nature Foods Company

Badia Spices Inc.

Bagel House, LLC.

Bahlsen Inc.

Bai Brands, LLC

Bainbridge & Knight, LLC

Bakery On Main

Balance Bar Company

Balance Water

Balconi S.P.A.

Baldwin Richardson Foods Co.

Baltimore Spice Co.

Banfi Vintners


Bantry Bay America

Bar Harbor Foods

Barbara’s Bakery, Inc.

Barber Foods

Barberi International

Barcelona Foods

Bard Valley Medjool Date Growers Association

Bare Fruit, LLC.

Bari Food Products

Barilla America

Barney & Co. California, LLC

Barney’s Premium Foods

Barrel O’Fun Snack Foods Co.

Barry Callebaut USA Inc.

Barry’s Tea

Basic American Foods

Batampte Pickle Products, Inc.


Bath Accessories Co.

Bauli S.p.A.

Baumer Foods, Inc.

Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Bausch + Lomb

Bay Beyond Inc.

Bay Valley Foods

Baycliff Company, Inc.

Bayer HealthCare Consumer Care

Bays English Muffin Corporation

Baywood New Leaf Acquisition

Bazooka Candy

BeSatori, LLC

Beanitos, Inc.

Bear Creek Country Dips, Inc.

Bear Naked Inc.

Beaumont Products, Inc.

Beaver Books Publishing

Beaverton Foods, Inc.

Becton Dickinson Consumer Products

Bee International

Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Beiersdorf Inc.

Beijo de Chocolat, LLC.

Bel Brands USA

Bel/Kaukauna USA

BelGioioso Cheese Inc

Bell & Evans

Bell Automotive Products, Inc.

Bell Laboratories Inc.

Bell Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Bell Plantation, Inc.

Bell’Amore Imports, Inc.

Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

Bell-Carter Foods

Bell-View Brand Food

Bella Foods

Bella Four Bakery

Belle Glos Wines

Bellei, Luigi & Figli Srl

Bellino Specialty Foods

Bellisio Foods, Inc.

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.

Bench & Field Pet Foods, LLC.

Bendon Publishing International

Beneficial Blends, LLC

Bensons Bakery

Bentlin Products LLC.

Beringer Vineyards

Berkley Green

Berkley Medical Resources, Inc.

Bernard Food Industries


Berwick Offray LLC

Best Brands Consumer Products, Inc.

Best Case and Accessories

Best Dressed Associates, Inc.

Best Made Toys

Best Oriental Produce, Inc.

Best Provisions Co Inc.

Betin, Inc

Better Bowls

Better Bread Company

Better and Best Corporation

Betts Foods

Betty Lou’s, Inc.

Beverage Network of Maryland

Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

Bewley’s Limited

Beyond Better Foods, LLC

Biazzo Dairy Products Inc

Big Dave Enterprises

Big Drum

Big Easy Foods

Big Fork Brands

Big Time Products LLC

Big Train, Inc.

Bigfat’s Hot Sauce, Inc.

Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.

Binding Brauerei USA Inc.

Binney & Smith Inc.

Bio Pro Research, LLC

Bio-familia Ag

BioCare Labs, Inc.

BioNutritional Research Group

Biofilm, Inc

Bioforce Production


Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Birds Eye Foods, Inc.

Birkett Mills

Birra Peroni

Bischofszell Food Ltd.

Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel Ag

Bissell, Inc.

Black Diamond Stoneworks

Blackridge Cellars

Blackstone Winery


Blaser’s Premium Cheese

Bleyer Gift Packs

Blistex Inc.

Block Drug Company, Inc.

Blount Seafood Corporation

Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.

Blue Diamond Growers

Blue Dog Bakery

Blue Lake Citrus Products LLC

Blue Magic, Inc.

Blue Marble Brands

Blue Moon Brewing Company

Blue Sea Products, LLC

Blue Sky

Blue Sky Natural Beverage Company

Bob C. Beverages, LLC

Bob Chinn’s Crab House

Bob Evans Farms, Inc.

Bob Timberlake, Inc

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc.

Bobby D’s

Bobbysue’s Nuts!

Boca Foods Company

Bodacious Food Company, Inc.

Boehringer Ingelheim Consumer Health Care Products

Boericke & Tafel

Bogdon Candy Co., Inc.

Bogle Vineyards

Boiron Inc.

Bolthouse Farms

Bona US

Bonne Bell, Inc

Bookbinder Specialties

Bookbinder’s Food Products

Bosco’s Pizza Co.

Boss Brand Crab Meat

Boston Beer Company

Boston Beer Corporation

Botanical Foods Company

Botanical Laboratories, Inc

Bove’s Of Vermont

Brad’s Raw Chips

Bradshaw International, Inc.

Brady Enterprises, Inc.

Bragg Live Food Products

Branam Oral Health Technologies, Inc.

Brand Castle, LLC

Brandbrew S.A.

Brands of Britain, LLC

Brandstorm Inc.

Brauerei Beck & Co.

Braun GmbH

Bread & Chocolate, Inc.

Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Distillery

Bremner Food Group, Inc.

Brent & Sam’s Cookies, Inc.


Bridgford Foods Corporation

Brioschi Pharmaceuticals International LLC

Brita LP

Britannia Industries LTD.

Brite Concepts Inc.

Brittany Records

Broadbent Selections

Brondow Inc.

Bronner Bros

Brookside Foods

Brothers International Food Corporation

Brown & Haley

Brown Cow Farm

Brown Packing Company

Browne Trading Company

Bruce Foods, Inc.

Bruinhart Nv

Brunckhorst Co.

Brunkow Cheese

Btg Brands, LLC.

Bubba Foods LLC

Budd Foods, INC.

Buedel Fine Meats and Provisions

Buffalo Games, Inc.

Buitoni North America

Bumble Bee Foods, LLC

Burpee Garden Products

Burroughs Wellcome Company

Burt’s Bees, Inc.

Burton’s Foods Limited

Bush Brothers & Company

Busha Browne’s Company Ltd.

Busseto Foods Inc

Butler Home Products, LLC.


Butterfields LLC

Butterfly Bakery Inc.

Butterfly’s Inc.

Buy Grace Foods Inc.

Byron Vineyard & Winery, Inc.

Bytech NY

C & M Food Distributing, Inc.

C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.

C.R. Gibson, LLC

C.V.S. SpA Italy

C2O Pure Coconut Water, LLC

CAJ Food Products, Inc.

CB Fleet

CB Vineyards

CCA Industries Inc.

CFE International

CG Roxane, LLC

CHO Company

CIBA Vision Corporation

CJ Foods, Inc.

CJK Foods

CJR Bottling LLC

CLT International

CMC Food, Inc.

CR Brands, Inc.

CSC Naturals And Organics

CSM Bakery Products

CSS Industries, INC

Cabel Hall Citrus Limited

Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Cachere Distributing Inc.

Cadbury Adams USA LLC

Caesar’s Pasta Products

Cains Foods, Inc.

Cal-organic Farms


Calabro Cheese Corp.

Calavo Growers Inc.

Calbee America Inc

Calico Brands, Inc.

Califia Farms, LP

California Natural Products

California Olive Ranch Inc.

California Sun Dry Foods

Calise & Sons Bakery Inc.

Camino Real Kitchens

Campbell Soup Company

Canadian Club Import Company

Candido Miro, S.A.


Cannillo Brothers LLC

Cannonball Wine & Spirits, LLC


Capa di Roma, Inc.

Cape Cod Cafe Foods, Inc.

Cape Cod Potato Chips Inc.

Capitol Wholesale Meat

Capri Sun, Inc.

Capriole, Inc.

Captain Morgan Rum Co

Captain Rodney

Car-Freshner Corp


Carapelli Firenze

Cardinal Laboratories, Inc.

Cardinal Pet Care

Carex Health Brands

Cargill Incorporated/Salt Business Unit

Cargill Meat Solutions Corp

Caribbean Products Ltd.

Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.

Carl Brandt

Carl Buddig

Carl Kuhne

Carl Zeiss Vision International

Carma Labs Inc.

Carmel Road Winery

Carol’s Cookies, Inc.

Carolina Beverage Corporation

Carolina Foods Inc.

Carolina Pad

Carozzi North America Inc.

Carr’s of Carlisle

Carrington Farms

Carson Products Company


Carson’s Bbq

Cartamundi USA

Casa Visco Finer Foods

Casabella Holdings LLC

Casablanca Foods

Case Pork Roll Company

Casella Wines

Cashco Distributors, Inc.

Casitalia S.r.l.

Castle Rock Winery

Castles Brand

Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks


Caviro s.c.a.

Cavit S.C.

Cecchetti Wine Company

Cedar America

Cedar Fresh Home Products, LLC

Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods, Inc.

Cedarlane Natural Foods, Inc.

Celebration Foods

Cellas Confections Inc.

Cento Fine Foods, Inc.

Central Beer Import/Export

Central Food Corp

Central Garden & Pet

Central Grocers

Certified Origins

Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma

Chaby International

Chalet Kase Ag


Champlain Chocolate Company

Changing Paradigms, LLC.

Charles Tanqueray & Co.

Charlie Trotter’s Foods, Inc.

Charms L.L.C.

Chateau De La Bouyere

Chateau De La Taille

Chateau Des Judes

Chateau La Gordonne

Chateau Roc De Segur

Chattanooga Bakery, Inc.

Chattem, Inc.

Cheatham Chemical Co.

Cheese Merchants of America, LLC


Chef’s Requested Foods

Chelsea Milling Company

Cherry Central

Cherrybrook Kitchen

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company, LLC

Chester A. Asher, Inc

Chicago Baking Company

Chicago Butter Cookies

Chicago Custom Foods, LLC

Chicago Honey Co-Op

Chicago Importing Co.

Chicago Vegan Foods

Chicken Soup for the Soul Foods

Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods

Chicken of the Sea International

Chiquita Brands, LLC

Chivas Bros. Import Co.

Choanies Bakery

Chobani Inc.


Chocolates on Broadway


Choconuts of America Corporation

Choice Canning Co. Inc.

ChoiceMMed America Corporation

Chopin Imports

Christopher Ranch

Chung’s Foods, Inc.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Churny Company, Inc.

Ciao Bella Gelato Co Inc.

Cicero Beverage Co.

Cinderella Sweets

Cindus Corporation

Cindy’s Kitchen

Cintron Beverage Group

Cisse Trading Co.


Citco Corporation


Citrus Corp Of America, Inc.

Citrus World Inc.

Clabber Girl Corporation

Classic Cooking LLC


Clean Foods Inc.

Clean Foods, Inc.

Clean Ones Corporation

CleanWell Company

Clear Springs Foods

Clearon Corp

Clemens Food Group

Clif Bar and Company

Clifford Produce Sales Inc.

Clos du Bois

Cloud Star Corporation

Clyde’s Delicious Donuts

CoCo Blast Beverage, LLC.

CoCo International Inc.

Coastal Cocktails Inc.

Coastal Sunbelt Produce Co.

Coco Cafe

Coco King

Coco Lopez Inc.


Cocomama Foods

Coconut Secret

Coffee Holding Company Inc

Cofrasa, S.A. & Taino Beverage Group

Cohen’s Food LLC


Cole’s Quality Foods, Inc.

Colgate-Palmolive Company

Colgin, Inc.

College Inn

Colman’s of Norwich

Colombian Sugar Mills

Colomer Professional Products Inc.

Colomer USA

Colonel Lee’s Enterprises

Colonna Brothers, Inc.

ColorMetrics LLC

Colorado Premium Foods

Columbian Home Products

Columbus Manufacturing, Inc.

Combat Insect Control Systems

Combe Incorporated

Comfort Foods, Inc.

Compagnie Des Salins Du Midi

ConAgra Food Sales

ConAgra Foods Inc.

Conair Corporation

Concepts in Health, Inc.

Concord Confections, Ltd.

Concord Foods Inc

Conifer Specialties, Inc.

Connecticut Currant LLC

Connecticut Gift Company LLC

Connoisseurs Products

Conroy Foods

Conservas La Costena, S.A.

Conservas y Congelados Yaesta, S.A.

Conserve Italia

Consolidated Tea Co., Inc.

Contadina Foods, Inc.

Contech Enterprises Inc.

Contessa Premium Foods Inc.

Continental Fragrances Ltd

Continental Mills, Inc.

Conundrum Wines

Convertidora Industrial

Cook’s Champagne Cellars

Cook’s Ham Inc.

Cookie Specialties, Inc.

Cool Cups LLC

Cool Gear International, LLC

CoolJuice Beverage Company

Coombs Family Farms

Coors Brewing Co.

Copper Mountain Beverages, LLC

Corbett Canyon Vineyards

Cornfields, Inc.

Cortazzo Foods LLC

Cosmo’s Food Products, Inc.

Cott Beverages Inc.

Cott Corporation

Cotton Valley LLC

Coty Inc.

Country Acres

Country Choice Organic

Country Fresh Mushroom Co.

Country Maid Inc

Country Snacks Manufacturing


Couturier NA

Covilli Brand Organics

Cracker Barrel

Cracon, Inc.

Craggy Range Vineyards

Crawford Sausage Company, Inc.


Crazy Apple

Crazy Richard’s

Create A Treat

Creative Converting

Creative Dressing Inc.

Creative Nail Design, Inc.

Creative Natural Products, Inc.

Crispin Cider Company

Crispy Green, Inc.

Crofters Food Ltd.

Cropp Cooperative

Crowley Foods

Crown Imports

Crown Prince

Crunch Pak

Cryopak Industries

Cryptic Wine Cellars

Crystal Farms

Cucina Antica

Cuisine Innovations, LLC

Cuisine Solutions, Inc.

Cuisine de France Inc.

Cumberland Packing Corp.

Cup4Cup, LLC

Cupcake Vineyards

Cush’s Homegrown LLC

Custom Accessories Inc.

Custom Blending, Inc.

Custom Blends, Inc.

Cutex Brands LLC

Cygany Inc.

Cypress Grove Chevre Inc.

CytoSport, Inc.

D & D Commodities Ltd.

D’Arrigo Bros. Co.

D.P.I Halperin

DAP World

DCI Cheese Company, Inc.



DFA Global Dairy Products

DRY Soda Co.

DS Waters of America, Inc.

DSC Products

DSE Healthcare Solutions LLC

Dad’s Pet Care


Dagoba Organic Chocolate

Dahlicious, LLC.

Dairy Farmers of America, Inc

Dairyfood USA, Inc.

Daisy Brand

Daiya Foods Inc

Dakota Growers Pasta Company

Dalla Terra Winery Direct

Dana Classic Fragrances Inc.

Danara Int’l., Ltd.

Daniele, Inc.

Danone Waters of America, Inc.

Dansk Cookie Industri A/S

Daou Vineyards, LLC

Dare Foods

Darrell Lea Chocolate Shops

Dart Container Corporation

Datepac, LLC

Dave’s Gourmet, Inc.

David Rio Coffee & Tea, Inc

Davinci Gourmet LLC.

Dawn Food Products

Dayka & Hackett LLC

Ddrops Company

De Bartoli Wines

De Maison Selections Inc.

De Wafelbakkers, LLC.

DeBeukelaer Corporation

DeMet’s Candy Company

Dean Foods Company

Deep Foods, Inc.

Deerfields Bakery

Del Laboratories Inc.

Del Monte Foods

Del Monte Fresh Produce

Del Monte Pet Products

Del Sol Food Company, Inc.

Del’s Lemonade & Refreshments

DelCorean LLC

DelGrosso Foods, Inc.

Delicious Bite LLC

Delizza Patisserie

Delta Carbona, L.P.

Delverde Industrie Alimentari S.p.A

Demert Brands

DenTek Oral Care, Inc.


Deoleo USA, Inc.


DermOrganic Laboratories

Derma E

Desert Essence

Desert Pepper Trading Co.

Design International Group, Inc.

Designer Greetings

Designer Protein LLC

Developlus, Inc.

Dewafelbakkers, Inc.

Dewey’s Bakery, Inc.

Dexas International, Ltd

Di Bruno Bros Imports

Di Stefano

Di-Gel Health Products, LLC

Diageo North America

Diageo-Guinness USA

Diamond Crystal Brands

Diamond Foods, Inc.

Diana’s Bananas

Dickinson Brands Inc.

Dieffenbach’s Potato Chips

Dietz & Watson Inc.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dirty Potato Chips

Distinctive Foods, LLC

Diversified Foods Inc

Divine Chocolate

Divine Flavor LLC.

Dixie Consumer Products, LLC

Dobla B.V.

Doctor In The Kitchen

Doctor Kracker

Doctor’s Best

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Dole Fresh Vegetables

Dole Packaged Foods. LLC

Domaines Listel

Dominex, Inc.

Dominique Gourmet Foods Inc.

Domino Foods, Inc.

Don Miguel Mexican Foods, INC

Don Pancho

Don Sabrosa LTD

Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc

Doris International Inc.

Dorset Cereals Ltd

Doskocil Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Doumak Inc.

Douwe Egberts Nederland B. V.

Dove International

Dowbrands Lp

Downright Healthy Foods LP

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Dr. Collins, Inc.

Dr. Fresh LLC

Dr. Harold Katz, LLC

Dr. In The Kitchen, LLC.

Dr. Lucy’s LLC

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods, Inc.

Dr. Miracle’s Inc.

Dr. Oetker USA, LLC

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

Dr. Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.

Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods

Dr. Schar USA, Inc.

Dr. Woods Products

Drew’s LLC

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Inc.

Dreyfus, Ashby & Co.

Dreymiller and Kray Inc.

Drink Eat Well, Inc.

Drink Neuro

Droll Yankees

Duane Reade, Inc.

Ducere Pharma

Duckhorn Wine Company

Ducktrap River of Maine, LLC

Duffy Foods

Dufour Pastry Kitchens Inc.

Duncan Toys Co

Dunkin’ Donuts Inc

Duraflame Inc.

Durex Consumer Products

Durkee-Mower, Inc.

Dutch Brand

Dutch Cocoa & Chocolate Co B.V

Dutch Country Apple Dumplings, Inc.

Dutch Country Soft Pretzels

Dutch Farms

Dutch Gold Honey

Dyno Merchandise

Dynova Laboratories Inc.

E & J Gallo Winery, Inc.

E&J Distillery

E&J Gallo Winery

E. Flahavan & Sons Limited

E.T. Browne Drug Company Inc.

EL Milagro Products

EO/ Small World Trading Company

EQuustock LLC

Eagle Family Foods, Inc.

Earnest Eats

Earth Friendly Products

Earth Island

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earthbound Farm

Earthgrains Baking Companies

Earthwise Bag Company, Inc

East Coast Fresh Cuts

East West Tea Company, LLC

Easter Unlimited Inc.

Eastland Food Corporation, Inc.

Easton Enterprises, Inc.

Eat Good Do Good LLC

Eat Smart

Eat Well Enjoy Life

Eclectic Products, Inc.

Eco-Heaven LLC


EcoSmart Technologies, Inc.

Ecoco, Inc.


Ecover, Inc.

Eden Foods, Inc.

Edmond Fallot

Edward & Sons Trading

Effen Import Company

Egg Innovations

Egg Shells

Eggland’s Best, Inc.

Eight O’Clock Coffee

Eko Brands, LLC.

El Ranchero

El’s Kitchen, Inc.

Elegant Farmer

Elephant Lady, LLC

Elevation Brands

Eli’s Chicago’s Cheesecake

Elite Confectionery Ltd.

Ella’s Kitchen Ltd

Elmer’s Products, Inc.

Elrene Home Fashions

Embotelladora La Cascada, S.A.

Embutidos Fermin SL

Embutidos Palacios, S.A.


Emjoi, Inc.

Emmi Roth USA, Inc.

Empac San Marcos

Empire Kosher


Endangered Species Chocolate

Ener-G Foods, Inc.

Energizer Holdings. Inc

Energizer Personal Care

Energy Brands Inc.-Glaceau

Enjoy Life Natural Brands, LLC.

Enray, Inc.

Ensembles Inc.

Entenmann’s, Inc.

Enviro-Log Inc.

Environmental Solutions Worldwide Pty Ltd

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.

Epoca, Inc.

Equal Exchange

Ernie’s Epic Foods

Eros Hosiery

Esselte Corporation

Essentia Water, Inc.

Essential Medical Supply

Esskay Inc.

Eternal Beverages Inc.

Ethical Products, Inc.

Ethnic Fancy Foods, Ltd.

Euro USA Trading Co Inc.

Euro-American Brands, LLC

Euroasia Concepts, LLC.

European Cellars

Evamor Products Inc.

Evenflo Company Inc.

Evenflo Feeding, Inc.

Eveready Battery Company Inc.

Evergreen Research

Everidis Health Sciences, LLC

Everson Distributing Co., Inc.

Every Man Jack

Everybody’s Nuts

Evol Foods

Evolution Fresh

Evriholder Products, LLC

Excelsior Wine & Spirits

Exceptional Products, Inc.

Expedite Products, Inc.

Expro3, LLC.

Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.

F & F Fine Wines International, Inc.

F. B. Washburn Candy Corporation

F. Korbel & Brothers

F. LLI De Cecco Di Filippo

F. W. Langguth Erben Gmbh & Co. Kg

F.D. Lucas Nationwide Truckstp

F.M. Brown’s Sons Inc.

F.M. De Cecco di Flippo

F/T Ltd.

FGF Brands Inc.

FGX International, Inc.

FIJI Water Company LLC

Faber-Castell Corporation

Fage S.A.

Fage USA Dairy Industry, Inc.

Fair Oaks Farms Brands, Inc.

Faithful to Foods, Inc.

Falafel Republic

Falcon Safety Products, Inc.

Familia Zuccardi

Famille Perrin

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Co., LLC

Famous Products, Inc.

Fannie May Confections, Inc.

Fantasia Industries Corp

Fantastic Foods, Inc.

Fantini Baking Co.

Far East Brokers and Consultants, Inc.

Farberware Licensing Company, LLC.

Faribault Dairy Company Inc

Faribault Foods, Inc.

Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company, Inc.

Farmedhere, LLC

Farmer’s Market Foods, Inc.

Farmington Foods, Inc.

Farmland Dairies

Farmland Foods, Inc.

Farouk Systems, Inc.

Faucet Queens, Inc.

Faultless Starch Company

Feel Good Foods, LLC

Fernando’s Bakery

Ferrara Candy Company

Ferrara Foods

Ferrara Pan Candy Co.

Ferrero U.S.A., Incorporated

FidoPharm, Inc.

Field Roast

Field Trip

Fifth Generation, Inc.

Figueroa Brothers, Inc.

Fimex, Inc.

Finest Foods Dist.Co Ny Inc.

Finlandia Cheese Inc.

Finlay Beverages Ltd.

Fiorucci Foods Inc.

Fire & Flavor

First & Last Tavern, Inc.

First Aid Only, Inc.

First Aid Research Corp

First Press Wine

Firstline Inc.

Firstrax, Inc.

Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, Inc.

Fisheye Winery

Five Point Snacks LLC

Fizzy Lizzy, LLC

Flagstone Foods

Flathau’s Fine Foods

Flatout, Inc.

Flavor 1st

Flavor Delite, INC.

Flavrz Beverage Corp.

Flax USA

Fleischmann Distilling Co.

Flipflop Wines

Flix Candy

Flora Springs

Florida Bottling

Florida Crystals, Inc.

Florida’s Natural Growers

Florio Sports LLC

Flowers Foods, Inc.

Flying Dog

Folonari S.P.A.

Fontaine Sante Food Inc.

Food Directions Inc.

Food For Life

Food Should Taste Good

FoodMatch Inc.

FoodScience Corporation


Ford’s Foods, Inc.

Formaggio Italian Cheese Specialties Inc

Fortune Fish Company

Forward Foods

Forza Napoli LLC

Foster Grant

Four Blue Palms, Inc

Four Paws Products, Ltd.

Francesca’s Restaurants

Francesco’s Inc.

Franco’s Cucina

Frankford Candy, LLC

Franklin Foods

Franmara Co Inc

Frantoio Oleario Bartolini & C. Snc

Franzia Vineyards

Fratelli Fici Marsala

Fratelli Mantova

Frederick Hart Co., Inc.

Free to Eat, Inc.

Freed Foods, LLC

Freeland Foods

Freeman Beauty Labs/pH Beauty Labs, Inc.

Freeman Cosmetics

Freeman Vineyard & Winery

Freirich Foods Inc

Freixenet Usa, Inc.

French Transit, Ltd.

Fresh Bakery

Fresh Gourmet Company, LLC

Fresh Solutions Farms, LLC.

Fresh from the Start

Fresherized Foods


Freudenberg Household Products

Frieda’s, Inc.

Friendly’s Ice Cream

Friendship Dairies LLC

Frito-Lay, Inc.

Fromagerie Lincet

Frontera Foods, Inc.

Frontier Natural Products CO-OP

Frontline Products

Froose Brands, LLC

Frusion LLC.

Fts Geyer Freres

Fuji Food Products, Inc.


Fun Treats

Funko, LLC

Funley’s Delicious

Funrise Toy Corp.

Furmano Foods

Fusion Gourmet, Inc.


Fuze Beverage, LLC

G L Mezzetta Inc.

G’s Fresh Beets Inc.

GE Lighting

GE Lighting

GFA Brands Inc.

GLK Foods, LLC

GLS Foods, Inc.

GMB Enterprises, Inc.

GOJO Industries, Inc.

Gaea Products S.A.

Galaxy Foods

Galderma Laboratories

Gale’s Bread and Butter Inc.

Game On Foods

Garden Protein International, Inc.

Garden of Eatin’

Gardners Candies Inc.

Garelick Farms, Inc.

Garland BBQ Company

Garnier Inc.

Garrett’s Popcorn Shops

Gartner Studios, Inc.

Gayla Industries, Inc.

Gedeon Richter, Ltd

Gelato Di Babbo

Gelato Giuliana

Gene Fritts

General Electric Company

General Mills, Inc.

Geneva Foods LLC

Genisoy Food Company, Inc.

George R. Chaby Inc.

George Delallo Co., Inc.

George J. Howe Company

Georgia Peach Products, Inc.

Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP

Gerber Products Co.

Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co.

Gerrit J Verburg Company

Get Carried Away, LLC

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Gia Brands, Inc.

Giant Foods

Gift Card Impressions, LLC

Gillians Foods, Inc.

Gimbal’s Fine Candies

Ginsey Industries Inc.

Giorgio Foods

Giorgio Fresh Company

Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc.

Giovanni Food Co., Inc.

Giulianos’ Specialty Foods


Glassy 3 Srl

Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare, Lp.

Glenmore Distilleries

Glenn Foods, Inc.

Glicks Foods Corp.

Global Juices and Fruits, LLC

Globetrends Inc.

Gloco Accents

Glove Specialties Inc.

Glunz cellars

Gluten Free Kids, LLC

Glutenfreeda Foods, Inc.

Glutino Food Group

Gnu Foods LLC

Go Max Go Foods

GoPicnic, Inc

Godiva Chocolatier, Inc

Godshall’s Quality Meats, Inc.

Goetze’s Candy Co., Inc.

Gold Eagle Co

Gold Medal Bakery Inc.

Gold Pure Food Products Co., Inc.

Golden Beach, Inc.

Golden County Foods, Inc

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery

Golden Products LLC

Golden West Food Group

Goldenfry Foods Ltd

Goldschmidt Vineyards LLC

Gonnella Baking Company

Gonzalez & Tapanes Inc.

Good ‘N Natural Manufacturing Corp.

Good Earth Corporation

Good Food Made Simple

Good Health Natural Products Inc.

Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream

Good Karma Food Technologies, Inc.

Good Life Food Inc.

Good Things International, Inc.

Goodbye Gluten Bakeries

Goodness Greeness, Inc.

Goody Products, Inc.

Goose Island Beer Company

Gorton’s Inc.

Gossner Foods Inc.

Gourmail Inc.

Gourmet Factory

Gourmet Foods International

Goya Foods, Inc.

GraceKennedy Limited

Graeter’s Inc.

Graeter’s Manufacturing Company

Grain Processing Corporation

Grains of Truth

Grand Pop’s Best, LLC

Granite Gold Inc.

Granny B’s Cookies LLC

Granum, Inc.

Grapple Fruits

Gravymaster Company Inc.

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Great Lakes Cheese Company

Great Lakes International Trading, Inc.

Grecian Delight Inc

Greek Farms International, LLC

Green & Black’s Ltd

Green City Market

Green Foods Corp.

Green Mountain Coffee, Inc.

Green Pharmaceuticals

Green Planet Bottling

Green Rabbit, LLC

Green Valley Organics

Green’s Ice Cream


GreenLine Foods, Inc.

Greencore USA Inc.

Greenlight Beverages

Greenology Products Inc.

Greenwave Foods, Inc.

Grey Goose Importing Company

Greystar Products, Inc.

Grillo’s Pickles

Grimmway Farms

Gross & Co.

Grouse Hunt Farms Inc.

Growers Marketing, LLC

GrownUp KidStuff, Inc.

Gruet Winery

Gruma Corporation

Grupo Modelo

Guardsman Products Inc.

Guayaki S.R.P.

Guayaki Yerba Mate

Guinness Ltd.

Guittard Chocolate Co.

Gunter’s Honey

Gunther’s Gourmet Groceries, LLC

Gus Sclafani Corp.



H & K Products, INC.

H. Fox & Co. Inc.

H.B. Reese Candy Co.

H.J. Heinz Company

H.L. Benndorf Corp.

HFH Corazonas LLC

HKS Marketing, Ltd.

HP Cookie Company

HP Hood, LLC


Half Acre Beer Company

HalfTime Pizza

Hallmark Cards/Hallmark Spec’L

Hamco, Inc

Hamilton Beach Brands Inc.

Hampton Direct, Inc.

Hampton Farms


Handi-Craft Company

Hanesbrands Inc

Hank’s Beverage Company

Hanover Foods Corporation

Hans Kissle

Hansen Beverage Company

Haram-Christensen Corp.

Haribo of America, Inc.

Harlan Bakeries, LLC.

Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Harris Tea Company

Harris-teeter Inc.

Harvest Direct

Harvest Garden Pro LLC

Harvey’s Import Company


Hatfield Quality Meats

Haw Par Healthcare, Ltd.

Head Penn Racquet Sports

Health Care Products, Inc.

Health Enterprises, Inc

Health Valley Company

Health Warrior

HealthPro Brands

HealthSmart Foods, Inc.

Healthwatchers, Inc.

Healthy Mom, LLC.

Healthy Times

Hearthmark, LLC

Hearthside Food Solutions, LLC

Heartland Meadow

Heartland Premium LLC

Heartland, LLC

Heartline Foods, Inc.

Hebrew National

Hebron USA, Corporation

Heineken Brewery

Heinsen Products Inc.

Heinz North America

Helen of Troy L.P.

Helen’s Foods, Inc.

Hello Products LLC

Hendrickson’s Inc.

Henkel Corporation

Henri Hutin

Henry Lambertz Inc.

Herb Pharm LLC

Herb Thyme Farms

Herbal Water

Herbs for Kids

Heritage Wine Cellars Ltd.

Herlocher Foods


Herr Foods Inc.

Hess Family


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Hiball Inc.

Hickory Farms

High Liner Foods

High Performance Beverage Co.

High Plains Bison

High Ridge Brands Co.

High Time Products, Inc.

Highland Sugarworks, Inc.

Hilco Corporation

Hill & Valley, Inc.

Hill Country Bakery, LLC

Hillshire Brands Company

Hillside Candy LLC

Hilo Fish Company, Inc.


Hiram Walker & Sons, Inc.

Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

Hispanic Specialty Brands

Hoan Products Ltd.

Hodgson Mill Inc.

Hoffmaster Group, Inc.

Hole in the Wall

Holloway House Inc.

Hollywood Beauty Imports

Home And Business Consumer Products,LLC

Home Care Industries, Inc.

Home Market Foods, Inc.

Home Presence

Home Run Inn

Home Team Snacks

HomeCare Labs

Homeolab USA

Homeostasis Labs

Homestat Farm, Ltd.

Hometown Bagel Inc.

Honest Tea

Honeytree, Inc.

Honeywell International Inc.

Hook’s Cheese Company Inc.

Hopkins Mfg.

Horizon Organic Dairy, LLC

Hormax Group, Inc.

Hormel Foods Corporation

Hosiery Mills Industry Inc.

Hosley International Inc.

Hostess Brands LLC

Hot Cakes Bakery

House Foods America Corporation

House-Autry Mills

Howard Foods Inc.

Hoyu America Co.

Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy, LLC.


Huhtamaki Food Service

Hummel Bros. Inc.

Huneeus Vintners LLC

Husk, LLC.

Hutzler Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Huy Fong Foods Inc.

Hydrive Energy LLC


Hyland’s, Inc.

I Love Cosmetics Ltd

I Rokeach & Sons Inc

I. Epstein & Sons

IAM International,Inc.

ICC Foods, Inc.


IMS Trading, LLC

ISI Brands Inc.


ITW Global Brands

Ian’s Natural Foods, Inc.

Iberia Foods Corporation

Ibp, Inc.

Icco Cheese Company, Inc.

Iceland Spring ehf.

Id Studio

Idahoan Foods, LLC

Ideasphere Inc.

Ideavillage Products Corp

Idelle Labs, Ltd.

Igloo Products Corp.

Illycaffe S.p.A.

Iltaco Foods Inc

Imaginings 3 Inc.

Imex China LTD.

Immaculate Baking Company

Impact Innovations

Imperial Beef, LLC

Imperial Toy Corporation

Import Brands Alliance

In Zone Brands, Inc.

Indian Summer, Inc.

Indianlife Food Corp.

Indigo Wine Group

Indulgent Foods

Infinity Lawn and Garden

Inglenook Vineyards

Inko’s Tea

Inkos Healthy White Tea

Innovation Concepts, Inc.

Innovation Ventures, LLC.

Insight Pharmaceuticals Corp

Inspired Beauty Brands

Intelligender, LLC.

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Inc.

Interactive Communication International, Inc

Interbake Foods LLC

Interex Corp.

International American Supermarkets, Corp.

International Foods Associates, Inc.

International Gourmet Specialties Company

International Paper Company

International Silver Company

Internatural Foods

Interstate Brands Corporation

IntraMedic Research Group, LLC


Iovate Health Sciences Inc.

Ira Middleswarth & Son Inc.

Irish Dairy Board

Iron Out Inc.

Irving Personal Care

Irving Tissue, Inc.

Irwin Naturals

Isabella Grace Winery

Isabelle’s Kitchen

Iskream, Inc.

Isola Imports, Inc.

It’s A 10 Inc.

Italian Village Food Specialites, Inc.

Italy BV V.S. Sri – Conegliano – Italia

Italy Monini S.P.A.

Itc Ltd.


Ivy-Dry Inc.

Izze Beverage

J&J Group, LLC.

J&J Snack Foods Corp.

J. Strickland & Co.

J.A. Dougherty’s Sons, Co.



JFC International Inc.

JFL Enterprises

JM Products-Isoplus LLC

JSL Foods, Inc.


Ja-Ru Inc

Jack Daniel Distillery

Jackson-Mitchell, Inc.

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co., LLC


Jakks Pacific, Inc.

Jamaica Ltd.

Jamaica Tease Company

Jamaican Mango & Lime

James B. Beam Distilling Co.

James Burrough

James K. Wilson Produce Company

James Skinner Baking Co

Jana Foods, LLC

Jarritos, Inc.

Jasco Products Company

Jasper Wyman & Son

Jaume Serra

Jays Foods Inc.

Jbn-Just Be Natural

Je Premiere, Inc.

Jeanmarie Creations

Jelly Belly Candy Company

Jelmar, LLC.

Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales LLC

Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc.

Jennies Gluten Free Bakery

Jessie Lord Bakery, LLC

Jfe Shoji Trade America Inc.

Jim Beam Brands Co.

Jimmy Dean Foods

Jo Snow

Jo-Sef Gluten Free USA, Inc.

Jody’s Inc.

Johanna Foods, Inc.

John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.

John Dewar And Sons Company

John Jameson Import Company

John Morrell & Company

John Paton, Inc.

John Paul Mitchell Systems

John Soules Foods

John Volpi & Co., Inc.

Johnny’s Fine Foods

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson Products Company, Inc.

Johnsonville Sausage, L.L.C.

Johnvince Foods

Joint Juice, Incorporated

Jokari/US, Inc.

Jolly Oak, LLC

Jones Dairy Farm

Jones Soda Co.

Josef Manner & Comp. Ag Wilhelminestrasse 6

Joseph’s Middle East Bakery

Joy Cone Company

Joyce Chen Foods

Joyva Corp.

Juiceco, LLC

Just Born, Inc.

Justerini & Brooks

Justin’s Nut Butter, LLC

Juvo Products, LLC

Jyoti Indian Cuisine

Jyoti Natural Foods

KB Treats, LLC


KIK Custom Products


KMCH Natural Foods Inc.

KTR Group

Kahiki Foods, Inc.

Kaia Foods, Inc.

Kal Kan Foods Inc.

Kallas Honey Farm

Kamelian Beauty Products, Inc.

Kao Brands Company

Kar’s Nuts

Karma Culture

Kashi International Corporation

Kasia’s Deli, Inc

Kate’s Of Maine

Kathie’s Kitchen, LLC

Kauai Coffee

Kayem Foods

Kayser-Roth Corporation

Kaytee Products, Inc.

Kaz USA, Inc.

KeVita Inc.

Kedem Food Products

Keebler Company

Keenan Farms, Inc.

Kelchner Food Products, LLC

Kelley Bean Co.

Kellogg Company

Kelsen, Inc.

Kemps Foods, LLC

Ken’s Foods, Inc.

Kencraft, Inc

Kendall-Jackson Vineyards & Winery

Kennedy International, Inc.

Kenover Marketing Corp.

Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.

Kentucky Legend

Kernel Season’s LLC.

Kerry Inc

Kestrel Growth Brands, Inc.

Ketel One USA

Kettle Foods, Inc.

Keurig, Inc.

Keystone Laboratories, Inc

Kid Brands Inc.


Kids Preferred

Kikkoman Sales Usa, Inc.

Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, Inc.

Kim Crawford Wines

Kimberly-Clark Global Sales, LLC.

King Arthur Flour Co. Inc.

King Bio, Inc.

King Of Pita

Kings Hawaiian

Kinnikinnick Foods Inc.

Kirk’s Natural LLC

Kiss My Face Corp.

Kiss Products, Inc.

Kisstixx, LLC.

Kitchen Basics Inc.

Kitchens Of Sara Lee

KivaSun Foods

Kiyo Foods

Kleen Maid Inc

Knauss Foods

Knouse Foods

Knudsen & Sons, Inc.

Knudsen Erath Winery

Koffee Kup Bakery, Inc.

Kombucha Wonder Drink

Kona Brewing Co.

Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kontos Foods Inc.

Koval Distillery


Kozy Shack Enterprises, Inc.

Kraft Foods, Inc.

Kramer Laboratories

Krave Pure Foods, Inc.

Krinos Foods Inc

Kronos Foods Corp.

Kuchen Meister

Kumback Sauces, Inc.

Kunzler & Company, Inc.

Kurrajong Australian Native Foods

Kutztown Bologna

L & J General International Corp.

L&P Provisions

L&S Packing Company, Inc.

L’Oreal USA

L.A. Aloe, LLC


LBB Imports, LLC


LIFOAM Industries LLC


La Boulangerie Bakery & Cafe

La Bree’s Bakery

La Choy Foods

La Crema Vineyards

La Fontanella

La Preferida, Inc.

La Quercia

La Tortilla Factory Inc

La Tourangelle, Inc.

La Victoria Foods Inc.

LaClare Farms

LaCorium Health

Laboratoires Expanscience

Laboratories Expanscience

Lactalis Deli Inc

Lactalis Retail Dairy, Inc.

Lakefront Brewing, Inc

Lakeview Farms, LLC


Lamb Weston Retail Sales, Inc.

Lami Products, Inc.

Lancaster Foods

Lance Mfg. Llc

Land O’Lakes Inc.

Langer Juice Company, Inc.

Lanovara Specialty Foods, Inc.

Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc.

Lantmannen Unibake USA, Inc.

Lark Fine Foods

Late July Snacks, LLC

Lavazza Premium Coffees Inc.

Lawry’s Foods, Inc.

Lazy Pet Products

Lea & Perrins, Inc.

Lean on Me Baking Company

Leap Pet Products

Leap Year Publishing, LLC

Learning Curve Brands

Leclerc Foods USA

Lee Kum Kee Co. Ltd.

Lefty’s Spices LLC

Leidy’s Inc.

Leonard Novelty Bakery

Lepage Bakeries, Inc

Lesaffre Yeast Corporation

Leslie’s Organics

LesserEvil Brand Snack Co.

Lettuce Entertain You

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants

Levlad LLC

Lewis Bakeries Inc.

Lewis Laboratories International

LiDestri Foods, Inc

Liberte USA, LLC

Liberty Imports USA, Inc.

Liberty Orchards Co., Inc.

Liberty Richter

Lieber Chocolate & Food Products Co.

Life + Gear, Inc.

LifeScan, Inc.

Lifestyle Foods, Inc.

Lifetime Brands, Inc.

Lifeway Foods Inc

Lightlife Foods, Inc.

Lil’ Drug Store Products, Inc.

Lillie’s Q

Lily of the Desert

Lily’s Sweets

Lindemans Brewery

Lindt & Sprungli

Lindy’s Homemade

Linguini Sisters, Inc.

Link Snacks, Inc.

Linsey Foods Ltd.


Litehouse Inc.

Little Barn Noodles, LLC

Little Busy Bodies Inc.

Little Crow Milling Co.

Little Duck Organics Inc.

Little Kids, Inc.

Live Better Brands, Inc.

Living Essentials, LLC

Living Harvest Foods, Inc.

Lloyd’s Barbeque Company


Local Oven

Locatelli Brand

Locations, R.E. 40

Lofthouse of Fleetwood Ltd.

Lola Clean Freaks

Lola Products

Lolicel Ltd


Lornamead, Inc.

Lots O’ Matcha, Inc

Lotus Bakeries

Lotus Brands

Lou Malnati’s Priority Pizza, Inc.

Louie’s Seasoning Company

Louis Devaud

Louis Jadot

Louis Latour Inc.

Louisiana Fish Fry Products, LTD.

Love Child Organics

Love This Honey

Lovin’ Scoopful LLC.

Loving Pets, Inc.

Lowell International Company

Lu Sa

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.

Lucas World, Inc.

Lucini Italia

Lula B’s Sauce and Seasonings



Lundberg Family Farms

Lusitania Bakery

Luster Products Inc.

Luv N’ Care, Ltd.

Lyfe Kitchen Retail, Inc.

M. A. Gedney Company

M. Kamenstein Inc.

M. Polaner Inc.


M.S.A. Enterprises

M2 Products L.L.C

M3 Cosmetic Labs, LLC

MAM USA Corporation

MD Drinks, Inc.

MDS Foods, Inc.

MET-Rx Nutrition, Inc.

MOM Brands

MSC International

MSD Consumer Care, Inc.


MW Polar Foods

MWV Corporation

MZB Accessories LLC

MaMa Rosa’s LLC

Macabee Foods, LLC

Made In Nature, Inc.

Madhava Honey

Madhava Natural Sweeteners


Magic Seasoning Blends Inc.

Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co. LLC

Maid-Rite Steak Co., Inc.

Maier’s Bakery

Maisons Marques & Domaines USA, INC

Majestic Drug Co.

Maker’s Mark Distillery, INC.

Makoto Dressing, Inc.

Malco Products, Inc.

Malden International Designs Inc

Maldon Crystal Salt Company Ltd.

Malher Inc.

Malnati Organization, Inc.

Malt-o-meal Company

Mama Lycha

Mama Mancini’s, Inc.

Mama Rosie’s Co.

Mamma Chia

Manfredi Barbera & Figli S.p.A.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

Mann Packing

Manneken-Brussel Imports, Inc.


Manzen LLC

Maple Grove Farms Of Vermont

Maple Hill Creamery

Maple Leaf Farms

Maple’s Organics

Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods, Inc.

Marcal Manufacturing LLC

Marcas Food Distributors


Margherita Meats

Mariani Nut Company

Mariani Packing Company, Inc.

Marie Callender’s Retail Foods

Mark West Winery

Marketing Control Services, Inc.

Markwins Beauty Products, Inc.

Marley Beverage Company

Marnier-Lapostolle Co.

Mars Chocolate North America, LLC.

Mars Food US, LLC

Mars Petcare US, Inc

Mars, Inc.

Martha White Foods, Inc.

Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

Martin’s Potato Chips, Inc.

Martini & Rossi SpA

Maruchan, Inc.

Marukan Vinegar

Mary Sue Candy Co.

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Maryland Plastics Inc.

Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA, Inc.

Mast Jagermeister SE

Mastronardi Produce


Matrix LLC.

Matrixx Initiatives, Inc.


Matthews Ridgeview Farms

Maty’s Healthy Products, LLC.

Maverick Brands, LLC

Maxi Canada Inc.

Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods, LLC.

Maybelline LLC

Mayborn USA

Mayer Laboratories Inc.

Mayfair Sales

Mayorga Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Maytag Dairy Farms

McBride Research Laboratories

McCain Foods, Inc

McCall Farms, Inc

McConnell’s Ice Cream

McCormick & Co., Inc.

McIlhenny Company

McKeon Products, Inc.

McLure’s Honey & Maple Products, Inc.



Mckee Foods Corporation

Mead Johnson & Company, LLC.

Mead Products LLC

Meadwestvaco Corporation

Med Foods Inc.

Meda Consumer Healthcare Inc.

Mediterranean Organic

Mediterranean Snack Food Company

Medline Industries, Inc.

Medora Snacks LLC

Medport, LLC

Medtech Products Inc.

Mega Brands, Inc.

MegaMex Foods, LLC

Meica Ammerlandische Fleischwa

Meiji Seika

Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd.

Melitta USA Inc.

Mellace Family Brands, Inc.

Mello Smello

Melting Pot Foods, LLC

Mencoboni Foods Inc.


Menza Foods, LLC

Mer Soleil

Meridian Vineyards

Merisant Company

Merkt Cheese Company, Inc.

Merz North America, Inc.

Met-Rx USA, Inc.

Method Products Inc

Metro Flag Co.

Metzger Specialty Brands

Mexilink Inc.

Meyer Farms

Meyer Natural Foods LLC

Mia’s Kitchen

Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods, Inc

Mid’s Homestyle Pasta Sauce

Middle East Bakery, Inc.

Mighty Leaf Tea


Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Mila’s European Bakery

Milani Cosmetics

Milk & Honey Granola

Milky Way Int’L Trading Corp

Millennium Products, Inc

Miller Brewing Co.

Miller Poultry

Miller’s Cheese Corp.

Miller’s Mustard

Millie & More Pty Limited

Millstone Coffee Inc.

Milo’s Kitchen LLC

Milton G. Waldbaum Company

Mint-X Products Corp

Miracle-Gro Lawn Products, Inc.

Mirrotek International Corp. Inc.

Miss Meringue Cookies, LLC

Mission Foods

Mission Produce Inc.

Mity Nice

Mix Connection Multimedia

Mizkan Americas, Inc.

Moberg Pharma North America LLC

Modern Mushrooms Sales Inc.

Modern Products, Inc.

Moet Hennessy USA, Inc.

Mogen David Wine Co

Molnlycke Health Care

Mom ‘N Pops Inc.

Mom Enterprises Inc.

Mom Made Foods

Monarch Import Company

Monari Federzoni S.p.a.

Mondelez Global LLC

Monogram Meat Snacks, LLC

Monster Energy Company

Montagne Jeunesse London Production Centre

Montoya Vineyards

Moo Moo’s Organic Bistro

Moody Dunbar, Inc

Mooney Farms

Moorenko’s Ice Cream


More Than Gourmet

Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc.

Morkes Chocolates

Morningstar Foods, LLC

Morton International Inc.

Morton Salt, Inc.

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee USA, Ltd


Mott’s LLP

Mozian & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Bitts, Inc.

Mr. Dee’s Inc.

Mr. Green Tea Ice Cream Co.

Mr. Wheat Inc.

Mrs Budd’s

Mrs. Cubbison’s Kitchen, LLC.

Mrs. Fields Famous Brands LLC

Mrs. May’s Naturals, Inc

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Mrs. Paul’s

Ms. May’s Naturals

Mt Olive Pickles

Mt. Vikos, Inc.

Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.

Mullen Foods, LLC.

Muller Quaker Dairy LLC

Multi-Pet International

Munchkin, Inc

Murray Biscuit Company

Murray’s Worldwide Inc.


Musco Olive Products, Inc.

Mustard Girl Mustards

My Best For U, LLC.

My Grandma’s of New England

My Special Tea, LLC

Myer’s Rum Company LTD.

Mystic Industries Corp.

N Y Style Bagel Chip Co

N.K. Hurst Co.

NAFCO Wholesale Fish

NTC Marketing, Inc.


NVE Pharmaceuticals

NY Ravioli & Pasta Company, Inc.

Nabisco Biscuit Company

Nadinola, Inc.

Nagai Nori Usa, Inc.

Naked Juice Co.

Nakoma Products LLC

Namaste Foods

Namaste Laboratories, L.L.C.

Namprik Maesri LTD.

Nardone Bros. Baking Co. Inc.

Narragansett Creamery

Nash Finch Company

Natale Verga Cermenate

Naterra International

National Design

National Fish & Seafood, Inc.

National Food & Beverage, Inc.

National Fruit Product Co., Inc.

National Importers US Inc

National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc.

National Pen Corporation

National Pretzel Company, Inc.


Natrol Inc


Natural Dairy Products Corp.

Natural Juice Company

Natural Nectar

Natural Ovens Bakery

Natural Polymer International Corp.

Natural Product Solutions, LLC

Natural Sea

Natural Selection Foods, LLC

Natural Value

Natural Waters Of Viti Limited

Natural Waters of Viti Limited

Nature Made Nutritional Products

Nature’s Answer

Nature’s Baby Organics

Nature’s Bounty, Inc

Nature’s Delicious Foods Group LLC

Nature’s Earthly Choice

Nature’s First, Inc.

Nature’s Gate

Nature’s Image Hair Products, Inc.

Nature’s Innovation, Inc.

Nature’s Path Foods, Inc.

Nature’s Protein, Inc.

Nature’s Secret

Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods

Nature’s Way Products Inc.

NatureSmart, LLC

NatureSweet Limited

Natureisle L.L.C.

Natureraised Foods



Near East Food Products

Neatfreak Group Corp


Nellie & Joe’s Inc.

Nelson Bach USA, Ltd.

NeoCell Corporation

Neoteric Cosmetics, Inc.

Nest Collective Inc

Nestle Dreyer’s Ice Cream Company

Nestle Purina PetCare Company

Nestle USA Inc.

Nestle Waters North America Inc.

Neuro Brands, Inc.

Neutrogena Corporation

New Belgium

New England Natural Bakers

New England Confectionery Company Inc.

New England Country Foods LLC

New England Tea & Coffee Co., Inc.

New Holland Brewing Co., LLC

New Milani Group Inc

New Whey Nutrition, LLC

New Windsor Brands

New World Pasta Company

New York Frozen Foods Inc.

New York Produce Inc.

New York Spring Water, Inc.

New York Style

Newell Rubbermaid

Newhall Laboratories Inc.

Newman’s Own Organics

Newman’s Own, Inc.

Newstar Fresh Foods, LLC


Nexxus Beauty Products

Nexxus Products Company

Nice-Pak Products Inc.

Niche Bakers U.S.A. Corp

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc.

Nifty Home Products, Inc.

Niman Ranch

Nissin Foods USA Co Inc.

Nitro Rocks Distributing

No-Ad Products

Nomura & Company

Nongshim America Inc.

Nonni’s Foods LLC

Noosa Yoghurt, LLC

Nordic Creamery

Norpaco Gourmet Foods


North American Bison Cooperative, LLC

North American Coffee Partnership

North West Enterprises

NorthWest Enterprises

Northampton Peanut Co.

Northern Labs, Inc.

Northern Products

Northwest Natural Products Inc.

Nostalgic Food Distributors, Inc.

Nourish Foods Group, LLC.

Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.

Novelty Distributors

Nu Boss Inc.

NuGo Nutrition

NuStef Foods Limited

Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats

Nueva Cocina Foods, Inc.

Nugan Estate Pty. Ltd

Numi, LLC

Nurture, Inc.

Nutiva, Inc.

Nutorious, LLC

NutraPure, Inc.

Nutramax Laboratories, Inc.

Nutrexpa S.L.

Nutri-Vet LLC

Nutrition Now Inc.

Nutrition Warehouse Inc.

Nuture, Inc.

Nuun & Company, Inc.

Nylabone/T F H Publications Inc

O’Keeffe’s Company

O.C. Seacrets, Inc.


OPI Products, Inc.

Oasis Consumer Healthcare LLC

Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine

Oberto Brands

Oberweis Dairy, Inc.

Ocean Beauty Seafoods, LLC

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Oceans Omega

Odlum Mills Limited

Odwalla Inc.

Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Okamoto USA Inc

Ola! Foods, LLC

Old Bay

Old Europe Cheese, Inc.

Old Fashioned Kitchen, Inc.

Old Line Custom Meat Company

Old London Foods, Inc.

Old Mother Hubbard, Inc.

Old Orchard Brands, LLC

Old Wessex Inc.

Old Wisconsin Food Products

Old World Industries LLC.

Olde Cape Cod Foods

Olds Products

Ole Mexican Foods, Inc.

Ole’ Mexican Foods

Oleificio Coppini Angelo Srl

Olisur Inc.

Olivio Premium Products

Olli Salumeria Americana LLC.

Olympic Mountain Products

Omar Coffee Company, Inc.

Omega Paw

Omron Healthcare, Inc.

On The Go Hosiery

Once Again Nut Butter

One Degree Organic Foods

One Pie Canning Co.

One True Vine

One World Enterprises, LLC

One World Foods, Inc.

Onion Crunch, LLC

Ontel Products Corporation

Opal S.Y. International

Opici Vineyards

Opici Wines

Orchid Island Juice Co.

Ore-Cal Corporation

Oregon Chai, Inc.

Oregon Fruit Products

Oregon Ice Cream

Orgain, Inc.

Organic & Pure Inc.

Organic Bistro

Organic Farm Marketing, LLC.

Organic India USA

Organic Prairie

Organic Valley Family of Farms

Organics Rx

Original Sin Corp.

Original Trenton Crackers

Original Uncle Dougie’s LLC

Orograin Bakeries Products, Inc.

Ortiz Conservas

Oscar Mayer Foods Corp.

Osem Usa, Inc.

Oskar Blues Brewery


Osram Sylvania Inc.

Otterbein’s Bakery


Outdoor Hands, LLC

P&G Prestige Beaute

PBnJ Baby, Inc.

PFCCB Gift Card, Inc.

PH Beauty Labs, Inc.

PIC Corporation

PLB Brokerage

PR Nutrition, LLC


PTI Group, Inc.

Pabst Brewing Company

Pace Foods, Inc.

Pacific Dry Goods, Inc.

Pacific Foods of Oregon, Inc.

Pacific Fresh Marketing

Pacific International Marketing

Pacific Market International

Pacific Rim

Pacific Tomato Growers Ltd.

Pacific Valley Foods

Pacific World Corporation

Pactiv Corporation


Palace Foods Inc.

Paleo To Go, LLC

Palermo Bakery

Palermo Villa Inc.

Palmieri Food Products Inc

Palmyra Bologna Co. Inc.

Pamela’s Products Inc.

Pan American Grain Mfg. Co. Inc

Pan Ducale

Panacea Beverage Company

Panda Oy Ab

Pandurata Alimentos Ltda

Panera Bread

Panorama Foods, Inc.

Panos Brands LLC

Papa Charlie’s, Inc.

Papa Nicholas Coffee Co.

Paper Magic Group, Inc.


Para Laboratories

Para Wilton Industries, Inc.

Paragon Potato Farms, Inc.

Paramount Bakeries, Inc.

Paramount Farms, Inc.

Parampara Food Products

Pardoe’s Perky Peanuts, INC.

Paris Business Products

Paris Presents Incorporated

Parker Farm, INC.

Parmalat S.P.A.

Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company

Pasco Spices & Herbs

Paskesz Candy Company

Passage Foods

Pasta Valente

Pastene & Company Inc.

Pasternak Wine Imports, LLC

Pastificio Rana S.p.A.

Pastificio Riscossa

Pastore’s Inc.

Pastorelli Food Products Inc.

Pastry House Inc.

Pataks Foods LTD

Patch Products

Patent Health, LLC

Patsy’s Brand, Inc.

Patti’s Good Life, Inc.

Paul Hobbs Imports Inc.

Paulina Market Inc.


Peanut Butter & Co.

Peapod, LLC

Peapod, LLC

Pearson Foods Corporation

Pederson Natural Farms Inc.

Peeled Snacks

Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Inc.

Peggy’s Wing Sauce

Penfolds Wines

Penn Herb Co., Ltd.


Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Growers, Inc.

Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, LLC

Penta Water LLC

Peppadew International

Pepperidge Farm, Inc.

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company

Pepsi/Lipton Tea Patnership



Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods

Perfecta Products Inc.

Perfetti Van Melle USA Inc

Perio, Inc.

Pernod Ricard

Perry’s Ice Cream

Personal Care Products, LLC

Personal Products Company

Pet Care Systems

Pet Select

Pete and Gerry’s Organics, LLC.

Peter Luger

Peter Luger Enterprises

Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc.

Peter’s Sprouts


PetraPet Inc.


Petstages Inc.

Pez Candy, Inc.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

PharmaCare US, Inc.

Pharmavite LLC

Phil’s Fresh Eggs, Inc.

Phil’s Fresh Foods, LLC

Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Philips Domestic Appliances & Personal Care

Philips Oral Healthcare, Inc.

Phillips Foods, Inc.

Phillips Gourmet, Inc.

Philly-Gourmet Meat Co.

PhillySwirl, Inc

Phoenix Brands

Physicians Laboratories


Pierre’s Ice Cream Company

Pigtale Twist

Pik-Nik Foods USA

Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.

Pilot Corporation of America

Pilsner Urquell USA

Pine Bros., LLC

Pine Manor, Inc.

Pines International, Inc.

Pinnacle Foods Group LLC

Pirate Brands

Pita Pal Foods, LP

Planet Inc.

Planit Products Ltd

Plano Molding Co

Plantation Peanuts Of Wakefield Va. Inc.

Planters Life Savers Company

Playtex Products, Inc

Pleasant House Bakery

Plochman’s, Inc.

Plum Inc.

Plum, PBC

Plumrose USA

Pocono Springs Company

Poderi Sanrocco

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.

Polar Beverages

Polar Corp

Polar Foods

Polaris Foods LLC

Polyvinyl Films, Inc.

Pom Wonderful

Pompeian, Inc.

Poof-Slinky, Inc.

Popchips Inc.

Popcorn, Indiana LLC

Pork Barrel BBQ

Positive Attitude

Post Foods, LLC

Potandon Produce LLC.

Potter and Moore Inc.

Potter’s Finer Foods, LLC

Powell & Mahoney, Ltd.

Power Of Fruit

Prairie Fruits Farm

Precision Foods, Inc.

Preferred Brands International

Premier Foods

Premier Nutrition Corp.

Premier Protein, INC.

Premio Brands

Premio Foods

Premium Healthy Spring Water, Inc.

President Baking Company, Inc.

President Cheese

Prestige Brands, Inc.

Prestone Products Corporation

Pretty Nails

Preval Health

Pride of Ethiopia

Prigel Family Creamery

Prima Provisions Co.

Prima Technologies Inc.

Primal Spirit Foods Inc.

Primo Water Corporation

Prince Michel Vineyard And Winery

Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc

Pringles Manufacturing Co.

Priority Pet Products

Pro-Line Corporation

Pro-Line International, Inc.


ProPhase Labs


Procter & Gamble Company

Produce Electronic Id Board

Product Works

Productos Alimenticios

Productos Alimenticios Yaesta, S.A.

Professional Products, Unlimited, Inc.

Profoot, Inc.

Progressive International Corp.

Promax Nutrition Inc

Promotion In Motion Inc.

Prosperity Organic Foods


Proximo Spirts

Pt Indofood


PurBlu Beverages, Inc.

Purdue Products L.P.


Pure Food Company Inc.

Pure Gourmet Foods

PureFit Inc.

PureGranate, Inc.

Purebrands LLC

Pureology Research LLC

Purity Factories Limited

Purity Foods, Inc.

Purity Organic

Puroast Coffee Company, Inc.

Q Tonic

Quaker Maid Meats

Quality Bakers Of America Cooperative, Inc.

Quantum Health

Quantum Inc.

Queen Acquisition Corp.

Quench Hydration Products

Queso de Murcia al Vino

Quest Products

Quickie Manufacturing Corp.

Quinoa Corporation

Quorn Foods Inc.

Quorum Internacional

R & A Bailey & Co

R. M. Palmer Company

R. Torre & Co.Inc

R. Twining and Company Limited

R.A.B. Food Group, LLC

R.C. Bigelow, Inc.

R.L. Albert & Son Inc.

R.M. Palmer CO

R.W. Garcia Co. Inc.

R2P Group, Inc.

RDK Corp

RG Medical Diagnostics

RJ’s Licorice Ltd.

RRC, Inc.



Rader Farms

Radio Systems Corporation

Rain Creek Baking Corporation

Rainbow Light Nutritional Sys.

Rainbow Research Corporation

Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products

Ralcorp Snacks, Sauces & Spreads

Ralph and Paul Adams, Inc.

Ramsey Popcorn Company, Inc.

Rana Meal

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