EVN criminialized from investment in genuine estate

The Government has released regulations on financial government of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), banning a organisation from origination financial grant to stock, banking, insurance, investment funds, genuine estate and finance.

EVN workers check haven of a electric appetite delivery complement (Photo: SGGP)

The largest appetite organisation in a nation contingency reside by this law solely special cases motionless by a Prime Minister.

EVN investment in other fields contingency be in suitability with a law; safeguard effectiveness, assign and enlargement of capital; boost revenue; and not change a idea of operation.

The organisation is entitled to muster collateral from domestic and oversea people and organizations, and take full responsibilities for efficacy of a collateral use and remuneration of a debts together with interest.

Capital mobilization contingency safeguard that a debt to equity ratio not surpass 3 times.

EVN can muster asleep collateral from auxiliary companies that EVN binds 100 percent franchised capital. In box a organisation binds less, it contingency strech an agreement from a companies.

EU stays Vietnam’s largest trade market

The European Union EU) is now a second largest trade partner and a array one trade marketplace of Vietnam, pronounced European Commission (EC) President Jose Manuel Durao Barroso.

The EC President done a acknowledgement while open with member from European businesses, a European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Eurocham), and a array of Consulates General in Ho Chi Minh City on Aug 26.

He remarkable two-way trade turnover strike some-more than US$13 billion in a initial 6 months of 2014, adult scarcely 13% from a year earlier. Key apparatus enclosed mantle and textiles, footwear, coffee, seafood, joist products, electronics, and consumer goods.

As many as 23 out of 28 EU member countries are investing roughly US$18.4 billion in 1,471 projects in a country. HCM City captivated 538 EU-funded projects with a sum collateral investment of US$2.8 billion, Manuel Barroso said.

He spoke rarely of a EU’s extensive team-work with Vietnam, that he described as a earnest marketplace and arguable partner in a segment and a world. The EU always strongly supports Vietnam’s enlargement devise towards building an industrial nation by 2020, he underscored.

After a meeting, President Manuel Barroso visited a War Remnants Museum, a Municipal Theatre, a Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, and a Municipal Post Office before open with HCM City Mayor Le Hoang Quan after a same day.

Peugeot penetrates Danang market

French bicycle builder Peugeot strictly determined a participation in Danang city with a new opening of a salon during 272 Phan Chau Trinh street.

Velo Chic came prohibited on a heels of identical showrooms formerly debuting in Hanoi, HCM City and Son La final year.

The enlargement of a participation in Danang this year proves that Peugeot is penetrating on building in a executive region, pronounced Lionel Bayard, Commercial Director of Cycleurope group.

Like other branches in a northern and southern regions, Velo Chic Danang, built in suitability with European standards, offers high peculiarity products during rival prices.

Vu Huu Phuc, who is in assign in Velo Chic’s business activities, endorsed that detached from introducing a Peugeot code into Vietnam, Velo Chic will pierce Vietnamese consumers a accumulation of options in European bicycle brands such as Gitane, Definitive, Puch, and Bianchi.

Cycleurope is one of a Europe’s largest bicycle groups, offered some-more than 1 million bicycles any year.

Cambodian range increases team-work with Long An

The Cambodian range of Prey Veng and Vietnam’s southern Long An range will lift team-work in all fields, including investment, informative exchange, village health care, as good as in ensuring amicable sequence and confidence for a pacific border.

The agreement was reached during a operative eventuality between Dang Van Xuong, Chairman of a Long An provincial People’s Committee and S’bong Sarat, authority of a Prey Veng provincial Council during a latter’s revisit on Aug 25-26.

During a meeting, directed during bolstering solidarity, loyalty and team-work between a dual localities, Sarat rarely valued Long An’s mercantile development, observant tillage enlargement as an indication model for Prey Veng to follow suit.

He due Long An range continue assisting Prey Veng urge tillage and veterinary techniques, and boost appetite haven to accommodate internal people’s augmenting approach along a common border.

Sarat also pronounced he hopes that a locality will share knowledge in education, and village health caring with a Vietnamese province.

Meanwhile, Long An’s authorities pronounced they are peaceful to supply rice varieties and vaccines to Prey Veng province. The range has also begun construction on a loyalty bridge, Long An-Prey Veng, in Tan Hung district and roads to bond a dual provinces.

They pronounced they will emanate a many enlightened conditions for internal businesses to deposit in Prey Veng province.

Seafood exports swell 25.4% in 8 months

Vietnam’s seafood exports jumped 25.4% on-year in a initial 8 months of a year to US$4.95 billion, tallying in during a record US$679 million for a month of Aug alone.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) reported a US stays a country’s largest seafood consumer, accounting for 22.8% of a sum marketplace share and were US$973.84 billion for a period.

Vietnamese seafood exports to Japan, a Republic of Korea and China augmenting by 6.39%, 53.83%, and 27.37%, respectively.

Vietnam is also a third largest retailer of seafood to Australia, trailing New Zealand and China.

Vietnam’s sum seafood trade turnover was over 4,000 tonnes in a initial 8 months of this year, 3.8% some-more than final year’s same period.

Vietnam ranks second in shoes exports to Colombia

Vietnam came second in shoes exports to Colombia, earning some-more than US$78 million in 2013, accounting for 17% of a South American country’s sum shoes imports.

Despite a pointy diminution of 22% in 2013, China remained Colombia’s largest shoes exporter, origination adult 52% of Colombia’s marketplace share followed by Brazil (8%), Indonesia (7%), and Ecuador (6%).

Last year, Colombia’s shoes and accessories imports fell by 10% to US$ 473 million, essentially attributable to a deception of a 10% tariff on imports.

Can Tho aims for int’l-standard camp products

The Mekong Delta city of Can Tho is carrying out a devise on handling camp furnish peculiarity in an bid to boost a haven of tillage products gratifying ubiquitous standards.

Under a project, a city has taken a array of measures to assistance 85 percent of food producers and 80 percent of consumers get loyal bargain and use about food haven by 2020.

All agro-seafood estimate units are approaching to ask peculiarity government processes open inhabitant and tellurian regulations.

To grasp a goals, internal authorities are stepping adult communication campaigns to call on internal enterprises and people to reside by ubiquitous and inhabitant laws on food safety, while operative to recognize protected products and inspire consumers to use recognized goods.

Farm producers, processors, distributors and retailers have been urged to emanate tighten links so as to boost business potency and product prestige.

According to a metropolitan dialect for peculiarity government of agro-forestry-seafood production, a city is home to 319 establishments involving in agro-forestry-seafood products. Eighty-four of them have been postulated food haven certificates.

The companies of Gentraco, Song Hau, Binh An, Minh Tan, Mien Tay were recognized to accommodate ISO 9001 standard; Can Tho divert bureau and a Fruit Republic Can Tho got HACCP certificates; while Song Hau camp perceived GbobalGap certificate.-

Agro-forestry-fishery exports travel adult in 8 months

Vietnam’s agro-forestry-fishery exports in a initial 8 months of 2014 climbed 11.9 percent from a year progressing to 20.22 billion USD, pronounced a Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

In Aug alone, a zone brought home 2.47 billion USD.

Over a eight-month period, Vietnam sole 9.49 billion USD value of camp produce, adult 5.7 percent yearly, while earning 4.06 billion USD from forestry products, rising by 12.5 percent.

Notably, it saw nautical trade turnover leaping by 25.4 percent in value to 4.95 billion USD.

Coffee, pepper, cashew nuts, nautical products, joist and timber products unfailing for other countries confirmed their enlargement in both volume and value.

In particular, coffee brought home 2.5 billion USD from 1.22 million tonnes, representing sold year-on-year increases of 22.3 percent and 26.8 percent.

Timber and wooden products raked in 3.87 billion USD, flourishing by 12.7 percent.

However, understandable falls were accessible in a conveyance of some commodities, such as rubber (down 9.8 percent in volume and 31.9 percent in value annually), and tea (down 6.9 percent in volume and 1.4 percent in value).

The trade of rice continued downward trend given a year’s commencement as it forsaken 9 percent in volume and 5.3 percent in value during a period.

The MARD set a aim of earning 28.5 billion USD from agro-forestry-fishery exports this year, a year-on-year arise of 3.63 percent.-

Solutions to softened attract, conduct FDI projects

Foreign approach investment (FDI) has brought critical mercantile advantages yet new issues have emerged, requiring a Government to deliver new measures to effectively utilize this critical source of capital, a English denunciation chronicle of a Nhan Dan (People) journal reported.

Experts contend that a Government, ministries, agencies and provincial authorities should strengthen their FDI management, to spin FDI into a loyal push to boost mercantile growth, contributing to inhabitant automation and modernisation.

According to a Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) underneath a Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), as of Jul 20, Vietnam had 16,813 FDI projects with sum purebred collateral of over 242.4 billion USD, some-more than half of that had been disbursed.

In general, both mercantile experts and government officials concluded that FDI had brought good mercantile advantages to Vietnam , as evidenced by a appearance of new technology, clever exports, changeable mercantile structure and origination of jobs. FDI projects also combined a spillover outcome to pull smaller manufacturers into a prolongation chain, helped Vietnamese companies benefit executive and government knowledge from unfamiliar enterprises, and extended a efficacy of ubiquitous mercantile team-work and Vietnam ’s position in a ubiquitous arena.

However, former FIA Director PhanHuuThang pronounced that among some-more than 16,000 FDI projects for over a final 26 years, adult to over 13,500 are unconditionally unfamiliar invested while usually a medium 2,860 are corner ventures. Thus, record send is really scarce. Even with high-tech projects, technical employees are singular to their possess areas of a workplace. Another emanate is that FDI into cultivation and fish tillage accounts for a really tiny suit and is declining. In prior years, a ratio was as high as 15 percent yet has forsaken to usually 1-2 percent of sum purebred capital.

According to a MPI, many of FDI projects in Vietnam (about 80 percent) are contracting intermediate-level technology. Some even use archaic record that consumes extreme appetite and is damaging to a environment.

Although FDI captivate is flourishing steadily, a ratio of combined value to prolongation value stays low. Director of a Bac Ninh Department of Industry and Trade, Vu Duc Quyet certified that exports from FDI enterprises formed in a range grew strongly, yet a trade over-abundance was still usually around 2 billion USD and a ratio of combined value fell from 13.3 percent in 2011 to 8 percent in 2013. Quyet explained that a wiring prolongation sector, that done adult 70 percent of Bac Ninh’s FDI, compulsory a clever auxiliary courtesy while a whole nation and Bac Ninh in sold were incompetent to accommodate this requirement.

For example, a Samsung formidable in Vietnam indispensable 300 providers of gangling tools of several sizes so a organisation had to pierce other Korean manufacturers to form a value sequence and this was out of a control of Vietnamese authorities. General Director of a Samsung formidable in Vietnam , Shim Won Hwan was quoted as observant that if Vietnamese manufacturers could accommodate Samsung’s requirements, a organisation was prepared to place orders given it was some-more effective than offered tools abroad.

Apparently, there is still a opening and miss of linkage between domestic and FDI enterprises and a FDI sector’s outcome on other sectors of a economy is still really limited. Some enterprises poured income into open projects with energy-consuming and environmentally damaging apparatus and machinery.

The source and peculiarity of workers are also gnarled problems to unfamiliar investors, with some vast projects incompetent to ensue due to a miss of lerned employees. General Director, Shim Won Hwan pronounced honestly that in Vietnam too many significance is placed on grave qualifications, while there is a critical miss of courtesy on vocational training, that is in contrariety with German, Japan and a Republic of Korea. Samsung was struggling to find adequate employees for their enlargement in Vietnam . The Vietnamese Government should paid some-more courtesy to building support courtesy and training high-quality tellurian resources.

According to a BacNinh Taxation Agency, a infancy of FDI enterprises approve entirely with taxation regulations. However, from new investigations, a Bac Ninh Taxation Agency detected that Viet Pacific Clothing Company was intent in send pricing and has collected balance of 14 billionVND (658,000 USD).

Many localities are commencement to adjust their strategies in a bid to pill shortcomings in a captivate and use of FDI. According to Director of Hai Duong provincial Department of Planning and Investment, Vuong Duc Sang a range has built a list of areas in that a range boundary FDI capital, does not inspire FDI or does not yield investment certificates.

The range will not concede FDI in a non-manufacturing sector, projects wasting appetite and healthy resources, projects controlling back record or projects that are approaching to infect a environment, he noted.

Meanwhile, Director of Dong Nai provincial Department of Planning and Investment, Bo Ngoc Thu pronounced that a range was origination any bid to pull FDI collateral in a right instruction by facilitating investment in support industries, in ‘green’ industries and in industrial zones.

Regarding send pricing of FDI enterprises, General Director of Taxation Department, Bui Van Nam pronounced that government over taxation payments from FDI enterprises had been strengthened. From 2013, a Taxation Department systematic taxation agencies during all levels to list high-risk enterprises, and to build suitable skeleton to check and manipulate their operations with a concentration on taxation check violations, and questionable banking transactions, among others.

The General Director endorsed that 30 percent of a sum 20,000 FDI enterprises suggested indeterminate signs. Since early this year, a taxation zone has legalised scarcely 1,000 FDI enterprises that reported waste and had signs of send pricing, collecting around 30 trillionVND (1.41 billion USD) in taxation arrears. The pierce has constructed an outcome on FDI enterprises, with an apparent rebate of enterprises dogmatic losses.

To softened conduct FDI companies, a taxation zone will combine on measures to detect and hoop taxation check violations, trade rascal associated products origin, line with aberrant revenue, enterprises with high taxation balance and high losses, firms temporarily importing materials for re-exporting and so on.

For example, a Department of Industry and Trade of Bac Ninh range compulsory Samsung Group to oath a distinction not rebate than 2 percent of a sum turnover during negotiations before usurpation a group’s investment in a province. In addition, a range also asked Samsung to deposit 0.75 percent of a sum income in research, enlargement and record send activities.

According to Director Thang, Vietnam should explain a devise on attracting FDI, including vital partners such as Intel and Samsung, as now was not a time to attract FDI during all costs.

He suggested a State lift a potency of FDI management, finish a authorised complement and remodel executive procedures, among other measures, to captivate unfamiliar investment into targeted areas such as support industries, high-tech zone and agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors.

HCM City extends sales promotion

Ho Chi Minh City has quadrupled a annual sales graduation duration to 4 months this year, according to a Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT).

Unlike prior years, when it was distinguished usually in September, this year it will go on until December.

Organised by a DoIT and a Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, a programme targets boosting sales and attracting a vast array of tourists, DoITDeputy DirectorLe Ngoc Dao said.

Another change this year is that it will be implemented in all a city’s 24 districts rather than usually a downtown area.

“The programme has got a good response from many businesses,” Dao said.

More than 1,200 businesses and 2,500 households are approaching to join a programme, scarcely 40 percent some-more than final year, according to a DoIT.

Saigon Co.op’s “Proud of Vietnamese goods” programme would be a prominence of this year’s event, Dao said. The supermarket chain’s biggest graduation of a year, during a cost of scarcely 200 billionVND(9.4 million USD), will engage some-more than 600 suppliers.

There would be discounts of adult to 50 percent on some-more than 3,000 essential products during Co.opmart supermarkets, Co.op Food stores, and Co.opXtraPlus hypermarket between Aug 23 and Sep 14, Nguyen Ngoc Hoa, a co-operative’s chairman, said.

There would also be mobile sales programmes in tillage and remote areas and industrial zones, he said.

Dao pronounced Saigon Co.op’sprogramme would severely minister to a city’s sales graduation efforts and kindle consumption.-

Agricultural exports boost by 12 per cent in initial 8 months

Viet Nam has generated US$20.22 billion in income from a farming, forestry and seafood exports in a initial 8 months of 2014.

This represents an 11.9 per cent boost from that of a same duration final year, with exports in Aug accounting for $2.47 billion, according to a Vietnam Economics Times journal news quoting sum from a Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The sum also suggested a year-on-year boost in a value of exports from a tillage zone by 5.7 per cent, to $11.4 billion. The same was loyal for a fishing sector, that purebred a 25.4 per cent year-on-year boost to $4.95 billion, and a forestry sector, that posted a 12.7 per cent year-on-year boost to $3.87 billion.

Ministry officials suggested that in a initial 8 months of a year, a normal trade cost of Vietnamese rice rose by 3.1 per cent to $452.3 per tonne compared with that of a same duration final year.

But a normal trade volume of rice fell by 9 per cent to 4.44 million tonnes, and a normal trade value of a commodity serve fell by 5.3 per cent to $2.01 billion.

During a period, Viet Nam gifted a remarkable increase, estimated to be 2.8 times some-more in both volume and value, in a rice exports to a Philippines, origination a latter a second largest trade marketplace during 23 per cent of sum trade volume.

China is still a largest trade marketplace for Vietnamese rice, accounting for 36.18 per cent of sum trade volume in a initial 8 months of a year.

Ministry officials suggested that rice exports flitting by a border to China slowed down in a past dual months after a latter tightened a restrictions on rice imports, thereby sparking an boost in a cost of a country’s rice exports.

The Viet Nam Food Association pronounced rice exports to China around vast contracts were ongoing given a early partial of this year and were approaching to strech a sum of 1.1 million tonnes.

The organisation likely a inhabitant trade volume of rice to strech 1.9 million tonnes in a third quarter, 1.4 million tonnes in a final entertain and 6.3 million tonnes for a whole year, as a outcome of a high approach for rice exports in a Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The method reported that coffee exports in a initial 8 months gained a year-on-year boost of 26.8 per cent in volume to 1.22 million tonnes and 22.3 per cent in value to $2.53 billion.

But a trade volume represented usually half of that in May, and this was attributed to a low supply of coffee from farmers and enterprises given April.

Meanwhile, exports of cashew achieved a year-on-year swell of 13.9 per cent in volume to 188,000 tonnes and 15 per cent in value to $1.22 billion. The US, China and Netherlands remained a 3 largest cashew trade markets for Viet Nam.

In a initial 8 months, peppers exports also jumped by 23.9 per cent in volume to 126,000 tonnes and 38.2 per cent in value to $926 million compared with that of a same duration of final year. The 4 largest trade markets for Vietnamese peppers are a US, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and India, accounting for 45.73 per cent of sum trade value.

The exports of seafood products reached $4.95 billion in a initial 8 months, or 25.4 per cent some-more than that of a same duration of final year.

The US remained a largest trade marketplace for seafood products, with a sum trade value during $973.8 million, a 38.6 per cent year-on-year increase. Other vast seafood trade markets such as Japan, South Korea and China also saw an boost in value for a initial 8 months, a method said.

IZs told to strengthen environment

Ha Noi authorities will anathema or border investment in mercantile and industrial zones that have unsuccessful to implement waste-water diagnosis systems, a metropolitan People’s Committee has said.

The anathema followed a ask final month by Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai who is endangered about environmental wickedness of a surroundings, including H2O haven and good camp land..

In a ask sent to departments, People’s Committee Vice-chairman Nguyen Ngoc Tuan asked a metropolitan Department of Planning and Investment to work with other agencies to investigate specific measures and news to a committee.

He also asked a Department of Industry and Trade and government play of industrial and estimate zones to tell investors to soon finish sewage-treatment systems and bond them to factories handling in a zones.

Local authorities obliged for industrial zones have also been told to speed adult investigation of environmental insurance measures.

Figures from a Department of Industry and Trade uncover that as many as 107 industrial clusters are underneath construction in a province. Of a 42 industrial zones and clusters in operation, usually 25 have a compulsory sewerage systems.

Ha Noi People’s Committee has authorized a devise to force all industrial zones to use waste-water diagnosis systems, including assistance from city funds.

The systems will be built during 7 industrial clusters this year, and during 9 some-more subsequent year.

Petrol import taxation to sojourn unvaried until finish of year

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) on Monday compulsory petrol distributors and dealers not to correct a import taxation on petrol and oil products until a finish of this year.

The method announced in a authorised ask that a taxation on petrol, diesel, mazut and kerosene would sojourn during 18 per cent, 14 per cent, 16 per cent and 15 per cent respectively.

Ngo Huu Loi, General Director of a Taxation Department, pronounced that a taxation on petroleum had been stipulated by a Law on Import and Export Tax not to surpass 40 per cent.

The method had released a taxation support for petroleum rates on Jan 19, 2010, when there were changes in a universe petroleum prices.

The financial method pronounced that a stream import taxes on petrol and oil products were revoke than a regulated amount.

Loi pronounced that a import taxes on petrol and petroleum products are a apparatus for collecting supports for a bill and for controlling a market.

The non-revision of a import taxation is deliberate to be a good approach of preventing a bootlegging of petrol to beside countries, and of enabling a enlargement of domestic petroleum plants and shortening coherence on alien petroleum products.

Viet Nam has to import 70 per cent of a petrol and petroleum products compulsory to accommodate a domestic demand.

The sell cost of petrol has been reduced thrice in August, amounting to a sum cut of VND1,430 per litre, to mount during VND24,210 (US$1.15) per litre.

S Korea continues to snap adult VN goods

Viet Nam has gained US$3.66 billion in income from exports to South Korea in a past 7 months, representing a medium year-on-year boost of 2.4 per cent.

Figures from a General Department of Customs also showed that from Jan to Jul 2014, panoply took a lead with a $921.7-million turnover, representing a 36.7 per cent boost from that of a same duration final year and origination adult one-fourth of a country’s sum trade benefit from a trade with South Korea.

Seafoods placed second with $343.8 million, representing a year-on-year boost of 53 per cent, while timber and timber products placed third with $267.8 million, a year-on-year boost of 47.4 per cent.

Other exports serve gifted signficant growth. Earnings from mobile phone exports augmenting by 300 per cent, followed by electric cables, 100 per cent; handbags and suitcases, 45 per cent; machine and gangling parts, 40 per cent; and leather and footwear, 29 per cent.

Officials of a Vietnamese Trade Office in Korea urged domestic enterprises to strive some-more bid in accelerating trade promotion, improving prolongation capacities and heightening rival skills to serve daub into a remunerative South Korean market.

They remarkable that South Korean consumers have been offered in tiny and medium-sized supermarkets, hypermarkets and normal markets. They also elite environment-friendly food and were profitable some-more courtesy to a nation of start of their food purchases, giving tip priority to Korean-made goods.

To successfully dig Korean markets, Vietnamese exporters should safeguard a peculiarity of their products, with concentration on food haven and hygiene, and make their products demeanour opposite from those already accessible in a market, a officials said.

Last year, Vietnamese exporters warranted $6.6 billion from a South Korean market, representing an 18.9 per cent year-on-year boost that accounted for 24.3 per cent of a sum value of exports to a Asian country.

Quang Nam attracts Japanese investors

The executive range of Quang Nam organized a convention in Japan’s collateral Tokyo on Monday to captivate investment from Japanese businesses, generally small-and medium-sized ones.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Doan Xuan Hung pronounced that Quang Nam is a finish for unfamiliar investors as it is located in a executive pivotal mercantile segment and boasts abounding minerals, abounding work force, and softened infrastructure.

Former Japanese Ambassador to Viet Nam Norio Hattori pronounced that Viet Nam’s investment sourroundings has many softened in new years in terms of investment looseness extenuation and taxation preferences.

Dong Nai to horde Vietnamese products fair

Around 120 internal businesses will arrangement their products during a Vietnamese high-quality products satisfactory that opens on Friday this week in Dong Nai Province.

The fair, that will run until Sep 3, will have 300 booths showcasing several kinds of products, including panoply and textiles, footwear, handicrafts, food and electrical goods.

It also facilities other activities to deliver innovative achievements of enterprises, as good as art performances and diversion shows.

Special programmes designed for children to acquire a arriving Full Moon festival will also be hold alongside a event, with suggestive gifts to be given to 100 disadvantaged children on Sep 2.

HCM City keeps adult fast mercantile growth

HCM City achieved strong mercantile enlargement in a initial 8 months, formulating enlightened conditions to perform a socio-economic targets for a full year, Chairman of HCM City’s People’s Committee, Le Hoang Quan, has said.

Speaking during a Committee’s open yesterday, Quan pronounced it supposing mercantile sum for a period.

According to a news from HCM City’s Department of Planning and Investment, a city’s sell sales and services were value over US$420.7 billion, a 12.7 per cent year-on-year rise. The biggest contributors to enlargement were domicile utensils, fuel, and transportation.

Exports totalled $18.56 billion, an boost of 2.3 per cent following Aug shipments of $2.24 billion.

Imports jumped 10.8 per cent in Aug though, during $15.6 billion, a value for a year-to-date fell 9.1 per cent.

Major decreases were reported in steel, divert and dairy products, computers, and wiring and components.

Imports from China forsaken by 7.4 per cent in a initial 8 months while exports rose by 15.4 per cent.

The Industrial Production Index has been rising consistently this year with some critical sectors like automatic engineering, electronics, chemicals-rubber-plastics, and food estimate stating a 7.5 per cent boost year-on-year.

The city skeleton to restructure these industries by focusing on estimate and prolongation and shortening a grant of mining.

So distant this year city authorities have released licences to 241 projects with a sum investment of $1.06 billion, a 7.3 per cent diminution in array yet an 80.3 per cent burst in value.

Chairman Quan lauded a figures, observant they indicated a good efforts done by a authorities and people.

But links between a banking complement and businesses, generally those holding partial in a city’s cost stabilisation programme, contingency be strengthened, he said.

Banks had denounced skeleton to revoke loan seductiveness rates, and this offering an event for companies to boost production, he said.

However, credit enlargement in a city remained low — during about 4.7 per cent opposite a aim of 10-15 per cent – he said.

Growth in unfamiliar trade was not as high as expected, he added.

Tran Anh Tuan, emissary conduct of a HCM City Institute for Research and Development, pronounced notwithstanding a diminution in import of technology-related products like computers and wiring and components, a vast enlargement in import of machine and apparatus and chemicals indicated a sectors’ low competitiveness.

As of 20 Aug a city had released licences to 15,071 new businesses, yet 14,200 existent ones dangling operations, he said.

In a final 4 months of a year a city should assistance businesses cope with their hurdles by providing financial and technological support, he said.

City authorities were approaching to deliver some-more new policies and incentives to assistance businesses and urge a competitiveness of a city’s industries.

Maritime Bank lends VND1 tril. to enterprises

Maritime Bank has done VND1 trillion favoured loans accessible for enterprises in Hanoi City in response to a module in that banks and businesses accommodate to residence a latter’s financial needs by a arrangement of internal authorities.

The bank is approaching to give loans to 24 corporate borrowers underneath a program. Enterprises who take out loans between now and a finish of this year will suffer short-term seductiveness rates of 7-8% per annum and medium-term seductiveness rates of 9-11%.

In addition, a bank will yield business with financial solutions to assistance them revoke seductiveness remuneration and optimize a potency of collateral usage.

Last Friday, Maritime Bank inked credit contracts with a initial 4 enterprises comparison for a program.

Wintek set to boost investment to $2 billion

Taiwan’s manufacturer of hold row and small-to-medium glass clear arrangement units Wintek is formulation to double a investment collateral to lift a prolongation ability of a bureau in Vietnam.

Kinh Bac City Development Holdings (KBC), a developer of a Quang Chau Industrial Park, reported that Wintek recently submitted a enlargement devise to a Bac Giang Provincial People’s Committee. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s first-phase trickery in a park was purebred with a sum investment collateral of 1.12 billion. The enlargement devise will boost a Wintek prolongation trickery to 100 hectares, from a stream 24.

During President Truong Tan Sang’s revisit to Wintek’s prolongation trickery final week, Hyley H. Huang, authority of a firm’s government board, reported Wintek Vietnam operations for a final 3 years and a enlargement plan.

If a investment is approved, Wintek will lift a sum investment collateral in Vietnam to some-more than $2 billion, origination it one of a largest electronic firms in a country.

The Taiwanese manufacturer motionless to lift a investment collateral in a Vietnam trickery from $250 million to $1.12 billion formerly in 2012. At present, a organisation is contracting adult to 10,000 internal employees for a make of hold shade units.

Jay Huang, orator of Wintek did not respond to VIR’s ask for serve criticism or sum of a enlargement project’s schedule. However, in a group’s 2013 annual report, Wintek announced that it had been relocating labour-intensive processes to a Vietnam plant in response to rising work costs in China that had negatively influenced a company’s altogether business performance.

Founded in 1990, Wintek’s touchscreen panels and TFT displays are essentially used in mobile phones, tablets, cover computers, digital cameras, video players and unstable navigation devices. Apart from their bureau in a Quang Chau Industrial Park in a northern range of Bac Giang, it has dual factories in Taiwan, dual in China and one in India. The organisation also has investigate and enlargement centres in a US, China and Taiwan.

The company’s investment is approaching to not usually minister to Bac Giang’s socio-economic development, yet also minister to ancillary industries for Vietnam’s wiring sector.

Vietnam Rubber Group opens a doors to people influenced by plantations in Cambodia and Laos

Vietnam’s state-owned rubber giant, Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG), has announced stairs to remodel how it does business in beside Cambodia and Laos, in response to requests by Global Witness and internal groups for a organisation to honour inhabitant laws and citizens’ rights.

The new measures meant that communities who are influenced by VRG’s plantations can now board grave complaints or enquiries with VRG. Previously there was no complement that would concede people to correlate with a organisation in this way.

“We strongly acquire moves by VRG to urge communication with communities influenced by a plantations in Cambodia and Laos,” pronounced Megan MacInnes of Global Witness. “These stairs tumble brief of addressing all of a problems with a company’s plantations, yet if scrupulously implemented they could paint an rare pierce by a rubber organisation towards delivering probity for adults whose land and livelihoods have been taken from them.”

Rubber is a sepulchral trade in a Mekong region, yet is one of a slightest regulated land-based line globally. This authorised opening is fuelling a land grabbing predicament in Cambodia and Laos that has shown no pointer of reducing for half a decade. Global Witness’ 2013 Rubber Barons news suggested how VRG and another of Vietnam’s biggest rubber companies, Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL), were distinguished deals with a Lao and Cambodian governments for outrageous tracts of land though initial gaining accede from a people who lived on it, or compensating them for it.

VRG is a poignant actor in a region. According to organisation data, a land concessions in Cambodia cover scarcely 150,000 hectares – an area roughly as vast as London or Manila. In Laos a organisation presides over roughly 19,000 hectares.

Since a recover of Rubber Barons, VRG and a member companies have been piloting a village conference intrigue that has seen a array of communities accept income for farmland or trees mislaid to a companies’ plantations. VRG is now rolling this intrigue out opposite all of a twenty-one plantations in Cambodia and Laos.

The company’s many new proclamation commits it to solution a issues lifted in citizen’s complaints or enquiries, and responding directly within 30 days. Individuals, communities or groups representing them can contention these possibly in authority or around post during VRG’s internal offices or during organisation domicile in a capitals Phnom Penh and Vientiane. Global Witness will be operative with internal organisations to guard and weigh this complement over a subsequent dual years.

“The exam now will be either communities accept a satisfactory fortitude to their complaints. This should embody financial remuneration as good as choice livelihoods to those mislaid as a outcome of VRG’s operations,” pronounced MacInnes. “These new measures are a step in a right instruction yet we sojourn deeply endangered about a continued bootleg logging and land clearway holding place in and around VRG’s plantations. We will continue to watch a organisation closely.”

New oilfield located offshore Vietnam

Japanese Idemitsu Kosan organisation on Aug 21 announced that it has struck oil during a fourth oil-well during tract 05-1b and 05-1c offshore southern Vietnam.

The organisation pronounced a oilfield was initial identified by contrast carried out in May and August.

Idemitsu skeleton to finish serve contrast in a nearby destiny to brand a full border of pot of a new oil field.

Two Japanese companies – Idemitsu and JX Nippon – any possess 35% of shares in a oil plots while another organisation – Inpex Corp – binds a remaining 30% interest.

Vietnamese-language domain names strike record high

The Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC) underneath a Ministry of Information and Communications on Aug 25 distinguished a distribution of a 1 millionth Vietnamese domain name.

The feat is attributable to VNNIC’s giveaway registration of domain names in a Vietnamese language, that was initial instituted in late Apr 2011.

So far, roughly 1.006.306 domains in Vietnamese denunciation have been protected by VNNIC.

According to VNNIC Tran Minh Tan, Deputy Director, domain names in Vietnamese denunciation go to internationalized Domain Name (IDN). It is used for non English-speaking countries, assisting internal people use their possess languages when accessing theInternet.

The Vietnamese-language domain name is directed during safeguarding ideas, product names, services and trademarks of Vietnamese enterprises on a tellurian internet.

Hanoi hosts Post Logistics Committee Meeting

Trade kinship leaders from a Asia-Pacific segment and a UNI Global Union Asia Pacific Regional Organization (UNI Apro) met in Hanoi on Aug 25 to prioritise tasks.

The annual open gave ubiquitous trade unions a possibility to benefit a softened bargain about Vietnamese trade unions’ activities as good as a country’s land and people, assisting lift people-to-people diplomacy.

At a opening ceremony, Vietnam Post’s Trade Union (VPTU) Chairman Bui Van Hoan pronounced his classification became a pro-active member of UNI Apro given 2008.

VPTU has implemented a measure of measures to support workers and will continue to foster initiatives to urge income and operative conditions for themand lift a purpose of trade unions.

Participants discussed issues associated to genuine conditions and destiny of Vietnam Post, privaterisation, liberalisation and commercialisation of post and telecommunication activities, family between a Universal Postal Union (UPU) and Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU) in tellurian post services and new services to strengthen open postal services.

They common information and practice in boosting postal services as good as trade kinship activities in informal countries.

Ha Noi to auction sand-mining rights

The Ha Noi People’s Committee will auction sand-mining rights in a riverbed of a Hong (Red) River in a city’s Long Bien District starting in a fourth entertain of this year.

The mining area is about 50ha with estimated haven of 500,000 cubic metres of sand.

Expected to supplement during slightest VND450 million (US$21,200) to a city’s budget, a auction is partial of a city devise authorized by cabinet clamp authority Vu Hong Khanh that aims to emanate a authorised bottom for extenuation exploitation licences and safeguard satisfactory foe among investors.

Inadequate government during district, sentinel and kibbutz levels done bootleg silt mining a repeated problem in city rivers. In many cases, internal authorities sealed land-rent contracts with violators and collected let fees for years, origination it formidable to mislay bootleg storage sites. Fines for such violations also destroy to deter miners.

The city’s People’s Committee pronounced that bootleg silt mining could means landslides and change stream flow, in serve to endangering a dyke system.

The metropolitan People’s Committee has postulated unfeeling mining licences during 31 sites, of that 16 are operational and 15 are completing land-renting procedures and other applicable documents.

Major minerals including stones, silt and peat are being exploited on Hong, Day, Tich and Ca Lo rivers in Soc Son, Me Linh, Dong Anh and Gia Lam districts.

Vietnamese tiles descending behind alien products

Made-in-Vietnam tiles are in an ascending quarrel opposite imports, that have some-more different designs and cost scales, unchanging peculiarity and softened marketing.

Most vast genuine estate projects cite alien products. Hoang Thi Le, conduct of a element buying dialect of a heading genuine estate organisation with dual high-rise unit buildings easterly of Hanoi pronounced all a tiles used in a building were done in China.

Meanwhile, middle-income particular business are also selecting alien tile for their homes. Most building element shops clustered around Cat Linh, Hoang Quoc Viet, Thanh Nhan and An Trach streets in Hanoi have especially alien products on display. Many are even recommending that their business buy alien tiles due to a accumulation of designs and prices available.

“The marketplace looks good for Chinese-made tiles in Vietnam,” pronounced Ly To Linh, executive of 6-year-old Ho Chi Minh City-based Chinese tile distributor Van Dat. She combined that a organisation would continue to concentration on distributing alien tiles in a foreseeable future.

Quach Huu Thuan, manager of Viglacera Corporation’s auxiliary Viglacera Tien Son (HNX:VIT), pronounced 60 per cent of tile in Vietnam is imported, mostly from China and rebate so Thailand.

Domestic firms such as VIT, Prime, Dong Tam and Taicera have been operative on building new products and improving their quality, yet many acknowledge that it is formidable to contest with alien products. As a result, they have been boosting exports.

Statistics by Vietnam Building Ceramic Association shows that Vietnam’s annual tile outlay has surpassed 400 million block metres while domestic approach is usually around 350 million.

Prices of tiny open onion augmenting causing farmers excited

Traders in a Mekong Delta due to buy a unfeeling during VND650,000 – 700,000 per quintal (US$30.69-32.98 per quintal) many aloft prices bound in a commencement of a year. Farmer Nguyen Thanh Tung in Vinh Long Province pronounced that inundate deteriorate in a Mekong Delta caused onion stand loss, hence prices of onion therefore hiked.

Some places are submerged; consequently, farmers can’t plant a vegetable, heading to supply is revoke than demand, he added.

With a cost of onion augmenting over a past few days, a rancher earns net distinction of VND15million (US$707) a 1,000 scale square. Farmers acquire many distinction from planting onion than other vegetable.

Meanwhile cost of honeyed potatoes in provinces Vinh Long, Dong Thap, Can Tho forsaken dramatically. It fell to VND320,000-340,000 per quintal.

Farmers in Vinh Long pronounced that it was due to Chinese marketplace shrink. In other side, farmers have seen a stand disaster and low honeyed potato peculiarity heading to a descending in price. They suffered waste around VND50 million (US$ 1,889) per hectare as offered prices have forsaken to throwaway rates.


Article source: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/110648/business-in-brief-28-8.html

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