10 products attend in US$3bln trade club

Ten apparatus assimilated a US$3 billion trade bar in 2014, together creation an trade turnover of US$104.14 billion, accounting for 69.3% of a sum and representing a arise of 13.9% from 2013.

Those witnessing high enlargement rate enclosed mantle adult 16.8%, shoes adult 23.1%, aquaculture adult 17.1%, machines, apparatus and collection adult 21.4% and coffee adult 30.9%.

Among a 10 items, 6 belonged to a prolongation and estimate industry, 3 in a agricultural-forestry-aquaculture sector, and wanton oil.

The republic available 10 localities carrying trade turnover surpassing US$3 billion in 2014, seeing  3 some-more new provinces of Thai Nguyen, Long An and Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

These 10 localities posted a sum trade turnover of US$116.15 billion in 2014, accounting for 77.3% of a total.

The southern operation of Binh Duong announced a tip trade over-abundance of US$3.86 billion, followed by a northern provinces of Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen with US$3.35 billion and US$1.2 billion, respectively.

Viet Nam gained US$95.32 billion from exporting to 12 markets in a US$3 billion trade club. The US, China, Japan and a Republic of Korea remained a largest exporters of a nation.

In 2015, an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will be formed, permitting Viet Nam to restructure a trade and import markets and boost a competitiveness.

In 2014, Viet Nam’s trade turnover to ASEAN nations reached some-more than US$19.12 billion, many aloft than a figure of US$1.112 billion in 1995.

The republic sealed Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with a EU, a Republic of Korea and a Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan this year, awaiting that these will pull a country’s deeper tellurian integration.

Textile organization raises VND119 billion from IPO

Textile organization Minh Khai underneath Hanoi May 19 Textile Group (Hatexco) mobilized scarcely VND119 billion from a sale of over 1.6 million shares during its  initial open charity (IPO) during a Hanoi Stock Exchange final Friday.

Thirty investors bid for some-more than 26.7 million shares during a IPO auction, 16 times aloft than a volume put adult for sale, according to Vietnam News Agency.

Notably, an financier wanted to acquire all a charity volume during a tip bid of VND72,000 per share, 7 times aloft than a starting cost of VND10,100 each.

Closing a auction, 3 sold investors bought all a 1.6 million shares with a normal winning cost of VND71,991 per share, and Minh Khai Textile Factory lifted warranted VND118.7 billion from a auction.

Fuel firms news boost notwithstanding cost plunge

Local fuel traders Comeco and Saigon Fuel Joint Stock Company (SFC) have announced clever distinction rises in a final entertain of final year nonetheless fuel prices have tumbled given final July.

Comeco’s net distinction reached VND13.95 billion, a year-on-year swell of 126.5%. Overall, a net distinction amounted to some-more than VND42 billion for all of final year, adult 66% opposite 2013.

However, Comeco’s income was revoke than in a fourth entertain of 2013. Le Tan Thuong, ubiquitous executive of Comeco, attributed a income dump of 6.02% to a timorous fuel prices.

Meanwhile, SFC’s unaudited net distinction exceeded VND10.5 billion in a fourth entertain of final year, doubling that of a prior year’s same period. Overall, a net distinction surpassed VND37.2 billion for a whole year contra 2013.

Similar to Comeco, SFC’s income went down in October-December compared to a same duration of 2013 due to revoke fuel prices than those available in a final entertain of a prior year.

Both SFC and Comeco buy products from wholesalers for placement and acquire discounts charity by those wholesalers.

As reported by a Daily, a bonus rates ranged from VND800 to adult to VND1,200 per liter in a final entertain of final year. The wholesalers charity high bonus rates in sequence to woo fuel retailers on dropping sell prices.

HCM City IPs told to acquire vital attire projects

The authorities of HCMC have urged a industrial parks (IPs) to attract vital projects in a weave and mantle section notwithstanding a city’s restrictions on labor-intensive projects.

Tran Viet Ha, control of a Investment Management Department of a HCMC Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority (Hepza), explained a world’s attire courtesy is foresee to grow strongly.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement could be resolved this year, charity good opportunities for companies in a courtesy to advantage from 0 tariffs on attire exports to TPP member countries.

Projects in a weave and mantle section need a lot of labor though experts pronounced as attire is a vital trade earner of Vietnam, it is one of a countries to advantage many from a opportunities to be brought by a multilateral trade pact.

Therefore, Ha pronounced some IPs such as Hiep Phuoc and Dong Nam have non-stop their doors to attire projects, Ha told a Daily on a sidelines of a new assembly of Hepza in a city.

Ha pronounced projects in a weave and mantle section protected by Hepza furnish oppulance apparatus and use complicated technology.

Among a attire projects protected in a past year is Worldon Vietnam Ltd. Co. in Dong Nam IP. It has recently augmenting a affianced investment to US$300 million from US$140 million.

Ha pronounced a Worldon Vietnam project, that also has a pattern center, creates products for world-known brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. The financier needs an area of 52 hectares and 7,000-8,000 employees.

Forever Glorious of Taiwan’s Sheico Group has affianced US$50 million for a digest to furnish roughly all from fiber to finished garments, with a work force of some-more than 3,500 people during Dong Nam IP.

Last year, a IPs and trade estimate zones (EPZs) in a city saw a year-on-year tumble of a slight 4.39% in unfamiliar approach investment (FDI) approvals during US$347.5 million interjection to large-scale attire projects.

Consumers compensate a price

The nation is changeable to a marketplace economy in that marketplace army foreordain consumer prices. This is transparent in a 15 bouts of fuel sell cost cuts given Jul final year in response to a universe oil cost plunge, that has in spin sent consumer prices in Jan diving 0.2%, a 17-year Jan low.

However, a consumer cost index competence have been revoke if travel use prices had been slashed in suit to a fuel cost reductions. Consumers are expecting for revoke travel prices as fuel costs comment for around half of those prices. Surprisingly, travel firms, including those providing cab services, have shown tiny pointer of creation genuine concessions.

Consumers, mercantile experts and even authorities during internal and executive levels have frowned on a hostility of travel businesses to make a poignant move. As a crater of continuation is over, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has intervened by grouping applicable ministries and agencies to check travel fees to see either they are overpriced. The Ministry of Transport will be coordinating with a Ministry of Finance to send out investigation teams during a ask of a Government leader.

This is a transparent denote that travel businesses are not personification by a manners of a market. Given flourishing pressure, some companies in 43 of a country’s 63 cities and provinces have revised down their travel charges though an considerate operation of 1-25%. The many firms that have kept their fees unvaried reason that in prior fuel cost cuts, they already lowered fees, withdrawal tiny room for offer reduction. This evidence is not justifiable. Why? Because fuel prices have forsaken 15 times though a array of cost cuts by travel firms is neglectable.

Economist Dr. Ngo Tri Long describes a inaction of mixed travel companies as unusual. He calls for pricing authorities to soon control inspections and ventilate all those businesses found to overprice their services, thereby stepping adult vigour on them to act for a advantage of consumers.

Hopefully a Government involvement will finish adult preventing a consumer from profitable a cost for what is unacceptably overpriced.

PM decides specific mechanisms for Quang Ninh province

The Prime Minister has authorized several mercantile mechanisms designed privately for a northern coastal operation of Quang Ninh and a Van Don mercantile zone.

Accordingly, Quang Ninh is authorised to settle a State-owned financial investment association following a indication of Ho Chi Minh City to mobilize supports for infrastructure building. The provincial People’s Committee is to work on sum of a association and contention a intrigue to a PM for consideration.

The operation will accept material from a executive bill and other sources to assistance with a construction of vital internal projects during 2015-2020 such as a highway joining Ha Long city with Hanoi-Haiphong Highway, a Ha Long-Van Don-Mong Cai Highway, Hai Ha seaport and environmental insurance programmes in Ha Long and Bai Tu Long Bays.

Priority will be given to Quang Ninh in terms of ODA and favoured loans of donors to lift out several pivotal projects in socio-economic enlargement and environmental insurance including a environmental insurance digest in Ha Long City and civic enlargement along a Greater Mekong sub-region corridor.

The supervision will also cruise aiding Quang Ninh operation in a form of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to exercise a array of critical infrastructure projects.

Regarding internal Van Don mercantile zone, a PM motionless to embody it in a list of coastal mercantile zones prioritized for enlargement regulating State appropriation during a 2013-2015 period.

Besides ubiquitous incentives practical for those mercantile zones, Van Don will be given priority in terms of ODA captivate for a construction of a pivotal infrastructure.

Some infrastructure projects such as a Van Don airport, communication facilities, an ubiquitous sanatorium and cross-island roads will accept investment from a State budget, supervision holds and ODA capital.

Van Don, a biggest island in a northern region, was comparison by a Vietnamese supervision to rise into a special executive and mercantile zone. With a plcae in a mezzanine joining China and Southeast Asian nations, a island has easy entrance to other mercantile and domestic centres in Asia.

Dong Nai support courtesy earns 3.2 billion USD in exports

The annual trade value of Southern Dong Nai province’s support courtesy reached 3.2 billion USD, according to a provincial Department of Industry and Trade.

Industrial parks in a operation have captivated 422 Foreign-Direct-Investment (FDI) projects with a sum material of 6.9 billion USD to a support courtesy in several sectors including panoply and textiles, footwear, electronics, automobile and bike gangling parts, and mechanics and equipment.

Support companies comment for 23.5 percent of all enterprises and occupy some-more than 200,000 employees—or 37 percent of those operative in industrial parks.

The support courtesy continues to be a province’s priority for attracting FDI capital.

During a initial 20 days of January, a operation postulated investment licences to dual support courtesy projects value one million USD.

So far, investment licences have been given to 1,473 projects with a sum material of 26.19 billion USD.

Report announces cross-sector financial ability improvement

Tourism, chemical, light courtesy and other cross-sector enterprises saw a tip alleviation in their financial capacity, augmenting by over 60 percent, as expelled in a news on a health standing of businesses. “The 2014 Business Index – Corporate financial capacity”, published by a Institute of Business Studies Development (INBUS) underneath a University of Business and Technology, was done open on Jan 27.

The news compares enterprises’ financial ability opposite sectors and demonstrates their business opening alleviation over a past year.

As many as 109 firms in transport, construction materials, mechanics, pharmaceuticals and medical services, panoply and textiles, books and propagandize equipment, construction, and minerals sectors augmenting by roughly 50-60 percent.

INBUS Head Nguyen Manh Quan pronounced a hospital will continue ancillary businesses to raise their opening in suitability with a ubiquitous customary certainty index complement (CIS) and Business Profile, as good as aiding in a ubiquitous formation process.

The business index provides compulsory information to stakeholders and reveals businesses’ grant to their sectors and a economy, pronounced President of a Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors Dang Van Thanh.

Central Highlands essay for socio-economic growth

In 2015, a Central Highlands aim to contend amicable and domestic fortitude as good as enhancing mercantile growth, as pronounced during a discussion hold in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak operation on Jan 27.

To realize these targets, a informal steering cabinet has clever on monitoring a effective doing of several internal enlargement projects. The cabinet has also called for some-more enlightened policies to support vital internal products, utterly in agriculture, forestry and tourism.

It is operative to digest an fit resource to accelerate a mobilisation of supports for ride and other open infrastructure improvements. Some of a region’s pivotal projects embody upgrading Pleiku airfield and building a Ho Chi Minh road.

Managing migrant populations and scrupulously doing shortcomings in hydropower projects are also pivotal 2015 priorities.

In 2014, a Central Highlands’ sum GDP augmenting by 8.74 percent with an annual trade income surpassing 2.5 billion USD.-

Solutions for enterprises’ hurdles in 2015

A seminar on 2015 hurdles for enterprises was hold in Hanoi on Jan 27 by ‘Dien dan Doanh nghiep’ (The Business Forum) journal to cruise obstacles and stipulations and find solutions facilitating craving enlargement in a context of augmenting ubiquitous integration.

Reports during a seminar suggested that small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Vietnam, comprising 98 percent of sum enterprises, are singular in accessing loans and support from a government. In addition, remodel swell in those businesses moves too slowly.

Dr. Vo Tri Thanh, Deputy Director of a Central Institute for Economic Management pronounced that Vietnam struggles to attend in supply bondage due to a tiny array of SMEs and vast enterprises in propinquity to other countries.

However, he highlighted that Vietnam should work to kindle creation and team-work with other countries to precedence a high intensity in panoply and textiles, leather footwear, fisheries, tourism and services.

Enterprises should familiarize themselves with a authorised procedures of a formation process, Thanh said, adding that small-sized enterprises should combine with vast businesses for material entrance and fit management.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, executive of a World Trade Organisation Centre underneath a Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, underscored that enterprises should concentration on a array of issues including labour, a sourroundings and a peculiarity of products and services.

Apart from efforts done by enterprises, Deputy Director of a Business Development Department underneath a Ministry of Planning and Investment Bui Thu Thuy stressed a purpose of a supervision in simplifying loan procedures and compelling a investiture and utilization of an SME enlargement fund.

HCM City targets 13 percent credit enlargement rate in 2015

The State Bank of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City bend has set targets of 13 percent credit enlargement rate, 12 percent deposition enlargement rate, underneath 3 percent bad debt ratio and better-than-last year business formula in 2015, pronounced a bend executive To Duy Lam.

The banking courtesy will drastically exercise a credit establishment restructuring module and tackle bad debts, Lam was quoted by Saigon Giai phong journal as saying. They will concentration on completing bank partnership plans, he added.

Stating during a discussion on Jan 26, permanent emissary Governor of a State Bank Nguyen Dong Tien educated credit institutions to perform partnership skeleton before Jun 2015 and keep tighten eyes on a swell to safeguard that joined banks will stably work in a second half of a same year.

In addition, Tien pronounced that a banking system’s normal bad debt has been underneath control.

In fact, many banks have a really low low debt ratio–about 1 percent.

However, he said, a 3 percent bad debt ratio aim will put a complicated vigour on banks. They so should have financial preparations for risks and safeguard effective credit growth.

The aim of 13 percent credit enlargement is suitable though a State Bank’s HCM City bend should compensate mind to credit quality, he added.

Last year HCM City banking complement achieved certain results. Capital mobilisation went adult 15 percent opposite a prior year to strech 1,344 trillion VND (62.97 billion USD ). Liability augmenting 12 percent to strike 1,068 trillion VND (50,036 million USD). The financial marketplace was fast and banking use peculiarity was improved.

The Bank – Business Connectivity Programme has loaned 1,143 business including businesses, traders and cooperatives with a sum material of 40,057 billion VND (1.88 billion USD).

Egyptian investors take seductiveness in Vietnam

Egyptian investors showed clever seductiveness in Vietnam’s business marketplace during a discourse jointly orderly by a Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt and a Chamber of Commerce of Alexandria city in Cairo on Jan 26.

The event, with a appearance of member from 17 internal firms in several fields, was partial of focused activities orderly by a Embassy to deliver and foster Vietnamese products in a 5 million race market, pronounced Vietnamese Ambassador in Egypt Dao Thanh Chung.

Vietnamese trade solicitor in Egypt Pham The Cuong also briefed internal businesses on high-potential fields in Vietnam, such as agro-forestry-fishery product cultivation and processing, garment-textiles, leather footwear, rice and furniture.

General Director of a Egyptian engineering association Heshem Tawfik hailed Vietnam’s vital vision, praising a fit and well-orchestrated event.

In 2014, trade between a dual countries was valued during 320 million USD, a estimable boost from 220 million USD in 2013. The figure is approaching to grow even offer to strech 400 million USD this year.

Binh Duong to make VSIP industrial-urban-service complex

The southern operation of Binh Duong and a Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) Group have concluded to raise a industrial park, that will embody civic and amicable services in a future.

The accord was reached during a assembly between Chairman of a provincial People’s Committee Tran Van Nam and Co-Chairman of a VSIP Group Kavin Teo on Jan 26.

Nam hailed a contributions of businesses, generally those from a dual VSIPs, to a internal socio-economic successes in 2014.

The operation continues to foster tolerable enlargement towards apropos a centrally-run first-tier city by 2020, he said, adding that it will prioritise projects with modernized record and rival products.

The provincial personality also affianced to offer urge infrastructure and support investors.

Kavin Teo pronounced effective supervision by a provincial authorities has augmenting financier certainty in a internal business environment, observant that in 2014, a VSIP Group captivated 600 million USD in investment to 21 new and 26 stream projects.

After scarcely 20 years of development, a organization has contributed to boosting internal socio-economic growth, he said, adding that it now focuses on upgrading a VSIPs into urban-services-social gratification complexes.

Teo asserted that a success of a VSIPs in Binh Duong can offer as a substructure for a enlargement of a indication to other localities opposite Vietnam.

Vietnam forges new tellurian market

The Tra Bac Joint Stock Corporation (TRABACO) has exported a initial 100 tonnes of activated CO for 2015 done from coconut husks to a Japanese market.

Activated CO is used in gas purification, decaffeination, bullion purification, steel extraction, H2O purification, medicine, sewage treatment, atmosphere filters in gas masks and respirators, filters in dense atmosphere and countless other applications.

The tellurian marketplace for activated CO is foresee to strech a marketplace distance of 2.3 million metric tons by a year 2017, energized generally by a approaching emanate in approach for activated CO in a US market, according to a new news by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

In a future, detached from a normal concentration areas, several new concentration spheres are approaching to arise from firm bureaucratic regulations in a US such as a Safe Drinking Water Act and a Clean Water Act among others.

The US and Asia-Pacific, (currently powered generally by China, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand) have traditionally dominated as dual of a largest activated CO producers around a globe.

TRABACO is forging a new pathway into a marketplace and anticipates exporting 4,200 tonnes of activated colourless in several forms to unfamiliar markets such as a EU, Asian nations, a US, South America and Australia and raise a outlets to a Middle East for 2015.

Nguyen Khac Nhu, TRABACO ubiquitous executive pronounced this year, a association will concentration on building a code name for Made-in-Vietnam high peculiarity predominantly in a US and a South American markets.

Seafood exports to US strike record high

Vietnam’s seafood exports to a US for calendar year 2014 jumped 25.6% on-year, tallying in during US$1.709 billion, according to a Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).

VASEP reported a US remained a country’s largest seafood market, accounting for 21.82% of a sum marketplace share.

Vietnamese seafood exports to Japan, a Republic of Korea and China augmenting by 7.55%, 27.85% and 11.38% respectively.

Vietnam was also a third largest retailer of seafood to Australia, trailing New Zealand and China.

In 2014 a country’s sum seafood trade value reached scarcely US$8 billion, surpassing a aim by US$1 billion.

HCM City prepares for 2015 Vietnam Food Expo

The Vietnam International Food Industry Exhibition 2015 (2015 Vietnam Food Expo) will be hold from May 13-16 in Ho Chi Minh City, according to a Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Vietrade), underneath a Ministry of Trade.

The eventuality is approaching to underline 500 booths displaying several food and beverages, and wrapping record from 15 countries and territories.

According to Deputy Director of Vietrade Ta Hoang Linh, a 2015 Vietnam Food Expo will be an effective and high-profile overpass joining Vietnamese manufacturers and rural product traders with domestic distributors and retailers as good as unfamiliar importers.

The eventuality looks to expostulate technological creation and urge work capability to raise a competitiveness of a country’s rural courtesy , he added.

Numerous programmes and activities will also be hold during a four-day event, including a International Vietnam Food Industry Conference, an ubiquitous cooking competition, and other trade graduation activities.

The annual Vietnam Food Expo is a heading trade satisfactory for a food industry.

AES Mong Duong handling executive inaugurated in VCBSD’s Executive Board

Managing executive of AES-VCM Mong Duong Power Company Limited, David Stone has been inaugurated a member of a Executive Board of Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VCBSD) for a 2015-2016 term.

VBCSD is a Vietnamese business-led organization and strives for value in tolerable development. The legislature is a member-driven organization whose aim is to inspire a legislature members and a business village to attend and minister to tolerable development. Being a business height for tolerable development, a VBCSD shall ceaselessly foster a best business practices and request ecologically efficient, environmentally accessible ubiquitous business standards.

The Mong Duong 2 appetite plant with dual units and a sum sum ability of 1,240MW is now underneath construction in a northern operation of Quang Ninh. The sum investment for a digest is approximately $2 billion, implemented underneath a build-operate-transfer (BOT) model. It is deliberate a largest BOT appetite digest in Vietnam that utilises pulverised coal-fired boiler record with modernized state of a art environmental controls to not usually boost trustworthiness though accommodate internal Vietnamese and ubiquitous standards in sequence to minimise a impact to a environment.

AES Mong Duong focuses on providing safe, arguable and tolerable appetite solutions, as good as creation a durability disproportion in a communities they serve.  The digest is one of usually a singular array of plants in Vietnam with ubiquitous financing and compared designs assembly both Vietnam and ubiquitous environmental, health and reserve standards.

The association has also grown a strong corporate amicable shortcoming (CSR) programme that engages a village heading to a enlargement of pivotal initiatives and projects to urge a provision and a sourroundings in a communities. Some of a initiatives to date embody poignant investment in a upgrades to medical and educational comforts and targeted environmental projects. AES Mong Duong is also really intent in educating a village by site visits and village overdo programmes such as reserve and values days during internal schools.

EU investments stymied

The Eurozone predicament might bushel investments from Eurozone nations to Vietnam, as a euro’s debasement creates investments in Vietnam some-more expensive.

The EU is among a largest sources of unfamiliar approach investment inflows into Vietnam, with sum from a Ministry of Planning and Investment divulgence that EU firms had purebred to deposit in 1,566 projects in Vietnam as of a finish of Dec 2014, value some $19.1 billion.

Vietnam was energetically expecting a inundate of European investments following a nearby finish of a remunerative shared giveaway trade agreement. Late final year, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung even toured a array of EU nations including Germany, Belgium and Italy seeking  investment opportunities in Vietnam. But if a Eurozone continues to be stubborn by problems, this will bushel investment inflows in Vietnam.

“The estimable devaluation of a euro opposite a US dollar has already done European products really rival opposite those entrance from other areas, generally those whose banking is related to a US dollar, including Vietnam,” pronounced Tomaso Andreatta, clamp management of a European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) which has some-more than 700 European corporate members.

In mid-January, a euro forsaken to an 11-year low opposite a US dollar after a Swiss National Bank done a preference to stop shopping euros to anchor a Swiss franc.

Analysts trust a euro will keep on depreciating, pulling a Eurozone behind into predicament like in 2009, with a hazard of deflation. The conditions now suggests a European Central Bank might have to exercise quantitative easing to coax mercantile growth.

Andreatta, who is also control of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank’s bureau in Ho Chi Minh City, pronounced a investments from a Eurozone became some-more costly in Vietnam. “An investment motionless final year will see an involuntary adjustment, as it was motionless in terms of euro, so now, once translated into Vietnam dong, it is smaller,” he said.

In addition, Andreatta believed companies in a Eurozone were now poorer in terms of US dollars and they might confirm to postpone or examination investments formerly planned.

Last though not least, a incentives for European business to outsource products from Vietnam has reduced, as a Vietnam dong is related to a US dollar and has appreciated, thereby shortening a lure of Vietnam’s low work costs.

“There are tools of Europe with comparatively low work costs like Portugal or Romania, where capability is aloft than Vietnam and they are really tighten to a core of a EU market, that will now be deliberate as initial choice for new prolongation comforts for sales in Europe,” pronounced Andreatta.

However, a stream Eurozone predicament can usually stop investments from this section to Vietnam in a brief term, given a intensity enlargement in this marketplace and EU financial management policies that could boost European economies.

“The altogether mercantile enlargement is influenced by unsatisfactory enlargement in a Eurozone and a geopolitical events. However, following endless reforms, we can contend that Europe and a euro are in improved and some-more fast shape. The euro countries are endeavour extensive reforms,” pronounced Thomas Hundt, executive of Germany Trade and Invest in Vietnam.

Hundt believed European businesses would strengthen their competitiveness by investing in countries with a tip analogous advantage. The analogous advantages between European countries and Vietnam arise from differences in cause endowments or technological progress.

“There are still many intensity gains to be done from giveaway trade and open investment conditions between Vietnam and a EU. The arriving Vietnam-EU giveaway trade agreement will boost European investments in Vietnam in a prolonged term. Other appealing factors for European investments this year are a approaching accelerated Vietnamese GDP enlargement and today’s glorious business meridian among European companies in Vietnam,” he added.

InterContinental finally moves into Keangnam

Three years after a Keangnam Hanoi Landmark formidable was primarily put into operation, InterContinental Hotel Group’s second hotel in Hanoi will finally come to delight after this year.

Keangnam boss Lee Hyo Jong told VIR final week that after a duration of negotiations, InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) and Keangnam had come to an agreement, and were creation preparations to open a InterContinental Hotel during Keangnam in a second half of this year.

The reason for a delay, Jong said, was that a dual sides had to solve their differences in terms of their artistic prophesy for a hotel’s altogether character and facilities.

“One of a reasons since starting a hotel business has been behind is a negotiating routine on brand-standards with IHG. In sequence to prove a brand-standard required, it compulsory vast additional investment so it took utterly a prolonged time to understanding with IHG. However, now all misleading issues are staid and it will start handling within a second half of 2015,” Jong said.

InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72 was primarily due to be non-stop during a finish of 2013, however a operation, it seemed, had been behind to a indicate where even a billboard fixing Intercontinental as a user of a hotel was private from a wall of Keangnam’s Landmark building.

VIR was told that all members of a group obliged for a pre-opening activities had been disbanded.

Clarence Tan, arch handling officer for Southeast Asia Resorts of IHG reliable to VIR that IHG was still operative with Keangnam to open a hotel.

InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72 looks set to be a 5-star oppulance hotel, and a tallest hotel in Southeast Asia. At a really tip of a Landmark 72 building, perched between floors 62-71, a 359 bedrooms will have fantastic views, not to discuss entrance to a accumulation of restaurants and state-of-the-art assembly facilities.

“We know that a hotel shred is struggling by formidable times with supply larger than demand. However, we still have faith in a hotel, since we have a aim customers, who are within a business round from beside industrial zones and MICE activities,” Jong said.

Moreover, being a multi-function complex, Keangnam’s boss also believed that a approach of companies and their partners in a building could supply a fast source of customers.

Keangnam Landmark Tower is a tallest building in Vietnam, consisting of 6 apart components: apartments for sale, serviced residence, offices for lease, a sell podium, a vital and party serviced area, and a hotel. The hotel is a latest member to be into operation.

Bank-Business Connectivity Program good implemented in HCMC

The Bank-Business Connectivity Program has been implemented in Ho Chi Minh City for a final 3 years and supposing low seductiveness loans to over 4,500 businesses with a sum volume of VND67.5 trillion (US$3.16 billion).

That was suggested during a discussion hosted by a State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) in Ho Chi Minh City and a city People’s Committee yesterday.

Last year a module orderly 31 events to bond banks with businesses. Nearly 1,200 businesses, households and traders and 62 cooperatives were loaned VND40,056 billion (US$1.88 billion), triple a array in 2013 and double initial normal set by a city.

Banks disbursed as per pledges, businesses used material for right functions and done remuneration on time.

The banks also restructured debts for 10,590 business with a sum guilt of VND218 trillion, reduced seductiveness rates for 177,481 business with a sum loan of VND439 trillion.

HCMC People’s Committee Deputy Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Hong pronounced that a module purpose was to yield low seductiveness bank loans to businesses, generally those in 5 priority fields and tiny and middle enterprises.

The cabinet has educated SBV’s HCMC bend to coordinate with a Department of Industry and Trade, HCMC Business Association and district administration to take a pseudo in looking for and accessing enterprises in need of material and indentify their difficulties.

District people’s committees collected information about businesses and due a State Bank to cruise providing them with low seductiveness loans.

Although a array of businesses means to get loans is not high though a program’s achievements are remarkable, pronounced Ms. Hong.

At a discussion she announced a new credit package of VND128 trillion (US$5,997 million) for a module this year with 19 blurb banks signing an agreement to join in.

SBV emissary administrator Nguyen Dong Tien pronounced that together with a cost subsidization program, a Bank-Business Connectivity Program showed HCMC efforts to solve problems for businesses, assistance them revoke prolongation costs, urge financial ability and competitiveness, boost prolongation and trade to rise a economy.

The city’s economy has showed signs of liberation with a Gross Domestic Product enlargement reaching a tip rate for a final 3 years of 9.6 percent.

The State Bank Governor deliberate a city’s module as a standard modal to greaten nationwide. So distant a nation has mobilized VND250 trillion (US$11.71 billion) for programs to move together banks and businesses. Over 300 talks have been hold to listen to and solve businesses’ difficulties.

Fisheries outlay increases notwithstanding unlucky weather

The nation’s sum fishing prolongation in Jan is estimated to strech 409,000 tonnes, adult 2.3% compared to a same duration in 2014, notwithstanding unlucky continue conditions.

According to a Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), sum prolongation is forecasted during 223,000 tonnes, adult 2.8%; while aquaculture outlay is also adult by 1.8% to 186,000 tonnes.

A emissary from a Directorate of Fisheries underneath a MARD pronounced that fishermen in northern localities on their fishing deteriorate enroll to offshore operation, generating in a substantial output.

Local fishermen are speedy to group adult for offshore fishing and concentration on throwing high-value fish such as tuna, scad, squid, and shrimp, while augmenting investment in boats to boost offshore capacity.

In particular, for tuna fishing, some provinces have seen poignant boost in a sum of furnish caught, including Khanh Hoa with 450 tonnes, adult 7.1%; Binh Dinh 240 tonnes, adult 4.3%; and Phu Yen estimated during 550 tonnes, homogeneous to a same duration final year.

Aquaculture outlay in Jan also rose, estimated to strech 186,000 tonnes nationwide, adult 1.8% year-on-year.

Accordingly, a tillage area of tra in a Mekong Delta in Jan is estimated during 2,100 hectares, adult 0.8% compared to a same duration of final year with an estimated prolongation of 24,000 tonnes, adult 10.5%.

Several provinces like Tien Giang, Ben Tre, and Vinh Long have seen an boost in both acreage and yields, of that Ben Tre available a largest prolongation area with an boost of 15% compared to a same duration in 2014.

More conditions for rice exporters

Enterprises will have to accommodate stricter conditions if they wish to get capitulation to trade rice, according to a new preference of a Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The decision, effective from early Mar this year, governs a roadmap for paddy prolongation and expenditure in a 2015-2020 duration with an aim to change risks and advantages for rice traders and growers.

In a five-year duration starting from 2015, enterprises should rise paddy tillage areas with outlay homogeneous to a volume they exported in 2011-2013. Those firms with trade volume of reduction than 50,000 tons per year in a duration will have to deposit in 500 hectares of paddy in a initial year, and boost a acreage by 300 hectares any year from a second year.

Meanwhile, exporters of 50,000 to reduction than 100,000 tons of rice per year will have to rise paddy fields of 800 hectares in a initial year and raise a area by 500 hectares in any following year. The area contingency be 1,200 hectares in a initial year and is augmenting by 800 hectares per year for those shipping 100,000-200,000 tons of rice per year.

The particular sum for exporters of some-more than 200,000 tons of rice per year in 2011-2013 will be 2,000 hectares and 1,500 hectares.

In a decision, a method clarifies 3 methods to rise paddy fields for rice exporters to choose. They are authorised to deposit in large-scale paddy fields, pointer contracts to buy rice from farmers, or furnish paddy on a fields they franchise from a Government, tillage households or organizations.

Hoang Lam, executive of An Giang Province-based Hung Lam Joint Stock Company, pronounced a association has prepared procedures for a large-scale paddy margin digest for months though a digest requires outrageous funding.

HCMC banks make US$6 billion loans

Nineteen banks in HCMC will lend scarcely US$6 billion to internal companies, family-run businesses and people this year, double a aim set by a city supervision for a year.

At a rising rite of a 2015 bank-business connectivity module on Jan 26, a banks inked deals with a executive bank’s HCMC bend and a HCMC Department of Industry and Trade to yield corporate and sold borrowers with loans amounting to over VND128 trillion (around US$6 billion).

The vital lenders embody Vietcombank with VND30 trillion, BIDV with VND20 trillion and Sacombank with VND10 trillion.

Earlier, a executive bank’s bend in a city approaching banks would lend VND60 trillion with favoured seductiveness rates to businesses by a module this year, adult 50% from a prior year.

This year, lenders will request short-term lending rates of no aloft than 7% per annum for designated borrowers and medium- to long-term rates of around 9% per annum.

The lender banks might also cruise obscure a seductiveness rates for aged loans to assistance struggling borrowers.

Nguyen Hoang Dung, emissary ubiquitous executive of VietinBank, told a rite that a lender would cruise shortening long-term seductiveness rates by one to dual commission points opposite common levels within a subsequent 7 to 10 days.

Last year, VietinBank reported sum superb loans of over VND20 trillion for a program. The bank practical short-term rates of 5.5-6% per annum and medium- to long-term rates of 7-10% per annum.

VietinBank has had no debt problems with a participating corporate borrowers of a module over a past 3 years as courtesy associations have supposing it with adequate information about those borrowers, Dung said.

Between 2012 and 2014, over 4,500 business took out loans value VND67.5 trillion interjection to a program, pronounced Nguyen Hoang Minh, emissary executive of a executive bank’s HCMC branch.

No overdue debts have been reported so far. However, many enterprises have not benefited from a program. Despite their possibly business plans, some have not been means to benefit entrance to bank loans in a module given a miss of collateral, Minh said.

Banks should cruise providing unsecured loans for certain enterprises. Minh pronounced businesses could also coddle borrowing from a city’s credit supports for tiny and medium-sized enterprises.

Last year, over 1,140 business took out loans totaling over VND40 trillion from a program, adult 1.3 times and 3 times from a prior year respectively.

Nguyen Dong Tien, emissary administrator of a executive bank, pronounced a city’s lending indication has been deployed nationwide. Up to now, enterprises have borrowed over VND250 trillion (US$11.7 billion) from a program.

PetroVietnam to concentration on 5 business areas

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has asked a Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) to concentration on 5 business areas this year, with oil and gas consult and exploitation as a core.

The primary idea is to boost a outlay and pot of oil and gas, contributing to inhabitant appetite security. Any underfunded projects should be brought to a courtesy of a supervision to rise artistic solutions, he said.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade was reserved to safeguard a swell of applicable projects in a gas courtesy as PetroVietnam effectively operates gas comforts and stairs adult appetite era projects, generally in a supervisory, construction and behest stages.

PetroVietnam is obliged for upgrading a Dung Quat refinery plant, accelerating projects on a Nghi Son oil refinery and petrochemical formidable and a Long Son refinery complex, and safely handling other refinery and bio-fuel plants as indicated in a 2015 targets.

PetroVietnam’s firms in oil and gas should work to urge their ability and extend team-work with abroad markets.

The Deputy PM demanded PetroVietnam fine-tune a 2025 enlargement strategy, including naming a analogous advantages and disadvantages with informal partners, generally with a Malaysia oil and gas house Petronas, and devising ways to discharge enlargement gaps.

It was also urged to fast restructure a operations, per mandates from a Prime Minister.

PetroVietnam’s wanton oil, gas, electricity, fertilizer and petroleum generated 745.5 trillion VND (35.5 billion USD) final year, 11.8 percent over a yearly target.

Central Highlands examines how to attract some-more unfamiliar investment

The Central Highlands shred lags behind other areas in a nation in attracting unfamiliar investment due to a bad infrastructure and miss of learned labour.

According to a Foreign Investment Agency underneath a Ministry of Planning and Investment, a region, that comprises Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong, had 148 current foreign-investment projects with a sum purebred material of 819 million USD by a finish of final year.

Of these provinces, Lam Dong led with 122 projects capitalised during approximately 500 million USD and accounting for 82 percent of a region’s sum foreign-invested projects and 61 percent of sum purebred FDI, a group noted.

Dak Lak ranked second with 6 projects, valued during 150 million USD, while Gia Lai placed third with 11 projects valued during 80 million USD. The dual remaining provinces of Kon Tum and Dak Nong had 9 projects with a sum material of 89.6 million USD.

Of note, Hong Kong (China) was a region’s heading unfamiliar financier with 150 million USD, creation adult 18 percent of a sum FDI. It was followed by Taiwan (China), with 122 million USD or 15 percent, and Japan with 103 million USD or 12 percent.

During a reviewed period, a agro-forestry-fisheries section engrossed a largest share of FDI with 350 million USD, accounting for 42 percent of a region’s sum FDI, following by estimate and prolongation industries with 198 million USD, or 24 percent of FDI affianced in a region.

To attract some-more FDI, a group suggested that these 5 provinces accelerate investment promotions to proclaim their investment climates, potentials and prioritise sectors to warning unfamiliar investors about investment opportunities.

Top priority should also be given to offer upgrading infrastructure and improving tellurian resources to improved attract investors, it added.


Article source: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/122422/business-in-brief-1-2.html

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