''Yogurt is good for poo poo'', mom said.

''Eeew, yogurt taste like watery poo poo.'' I replied.

I remember how my mother used to coax me or maybe bribe me with candy 'Bak Kut Teh' just to force me to have a spoonful of yogurt.

Still, I did not like the taste of yogurt because it is very sour. Kids doesn't like the sourish taste of anything, am I right?

I was so not used to eat yogurt until few years back some people came to my school to give a talk on good bacteria .

So there's this guy who educated us about what is good and bad bacteria and how they survive inside our tummy. They will have wars , fighting for survival, and from then I know  why sometimes we fart. Bad bacteria is everywhere, everything we eat , they'll ferment in our body and produces bad bacteria, and if we do not eat good bacteria to fight with them, they will continue to multiply and in the end, we will fall sick. From that day onward, I started to accept and embrace good bacteria because the 13-year-old me knows yogurt supplies a lot of good bacteria.My love towards yogurt intensifies when I know yogurt aids weight loss and helps in maintaining waistline(you know, girls will always be girls).

Last week, I've came across a different brand that specialized in yogurt making - Ai Yogurt , and I felt that I really need to share this with you guys because I got hooked with Ai yogurt ever since I first tasted it.

Ai Yogurt is totally different from those yogurt that you can find ubiquitously in the supermarket; they are freshly made and most importantly, they are free from any food additive and food preservative. They also claim that no food conditioners (stabilizers) are added into their yogurt and this makes their yogurt stand out from their competitors .

Although Ai yogurt have limited types of yogurt (with/without sugar), eating yogurt doesn't have to be dull at all ,because it is very versatile.

They can go with anything, everything but still taste fabulous.
Ai Yogurt also sell toppings such as Muesli and Oreo in their shop to go with your freshly made yogurt.
Still not satisfied?You can always buy your own fruits to go with it ...there are a plethora of fruits for you to choose; Likewise, Apple Mint, Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Grapes, Passion Fruits, basically any fruits that you love.

You can try the Apple Mint Flavor.

Basically is just apples with mint and a squeeze of lemon juice, your kind of yogurt will never be the same again.

Suggestion: You can add some honey if you prefer a sweeter taste.


Suggestion: Banana and Muesli really makes the best combo.
Try it to believe it.

Suggestion: Maybe you can add some chia seed into it too!



If you love to have some extra crunch in your yogurt, try adding some cornflakes, coco crunch, chocolate chips ... anything you like! Anything with yogurt definitely makes a healthier snack. . .

Look at the texture that Ai Yogurt has!

Creamy, less sour and it also has a very smooth body.

For some health conscious people out there , Ai yogurt also offers ''No Added Sugar'' version yogurt.

Ai Yogurt can last 3 weeks if you keep them properly chilled.

They are selling RM2.50 per 150g in their shop.

Toppings : RM 0.50 - 1.00 per cup per topping.

For customers who is staying too far away from their shop, fret not, they offers delivery services.

Delivery: min. 30 cups per delivery (less than this, they will charge RM 3.00 per cup but still have to be above 20 cups).
But for close by area like Putra Heights, Subang USJ area, they do make smaller quantities delivery like 12 cups. Puchong areas are expecting a min. quantities of 20 cups to cover their costs.

They also offer deliveries to offices and combined order from office staffs,   parties and also private functions.

Still wondering where to buy authentic fresh & healthy yogurt? Try Ai Yogurt!
It's low in fat and freshly handmade to give you the natural authentic taste of a healthy real yogurt.

Ai Yogurt

Address :

22A-G, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/4B,

Putra Point Business Centre,

Putra Heights, Subang Jaya,

Selangor, 47650.

Facebook :


Contact No. :

012 219 1135 (Yen)

012 386 3802 (Tea)

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