The World Beer Cup 2016 is now history. Sponsored every two years by the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit organization/trade group dedicated to America’s craft beer industry, the 2016 World Beer Cup honors the top beers in the world across dozens of categories as well as the top breweries in the world and the brewers/brewing teams who create beers of distinction. This year’s World Beer Cup coincided with the conclusion of the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it was a record setting event on several levels.

Let’s start with the number of entries. The 2016 World Beer Cup 2016 was the largest competitive event yet, with 6,596 beers from 1,907 breweries representing 55 countries. The total beers entered into the competition represented a 38.5 percent increase compared to the number entered in the 2014 World Beer Cup, which had a still impressive 4,754 entries.

Here are some other statistical highlights:

Category Trends

·         The average number of beers entered in each category was 69, up from 50 in 2014. This illustrates how competitive the World Beer Cup has become.

·         The category with the most entries was, not surprisingly, American-Style India Pale Ale with 275 entries.

·         The second most-entered category was Imperial IPA with a total of 181 entries.

·         The third most-entered category was American-Style Pale Ale with a total of 167 entries.

Award Highlights

There were a total of 287 awards handed out at the World Beer Cup 2016, awarded among 253 breweries. The vast majority of the winning breweries took home just one award, but some breweries won as many as three:

·         225 breweries won one award.

·         22 breweries won two awards.

·         6 breweries won three awards.

Most Awarded Countries

230 awards went to breweries in the United States

17 awards went to breweries in Germany

9 awards went to breweries in Japan

Most Awarded States

49 awards went to breweries in California

37 awards went to breweries in Colorado

19 awards went to breweries in Oregon

American breweries clearly dominated the awards this year, but no one can say it was due to judging bias. The judging in this year’s World Beer Cup was, in fact, conducted by a large, diverse, international panel of 253 judges from 31 countries. Judges tallied up the points and awarded 287 out of 288 total possible medals- one gold, one silver, and one bronze award in each of 96 beer style categories. There was no gold award presented this year in the Fresh or Wet Hop Ale category, hence the 287 total. A detailed analysis of the entries and awards can be found in the 2016 World Beer Cup Fact Sheet.

Brewers Association founder Charlie Papazian is proud of the many accomplishments of brewers in the United States and around the world.

“Brewing has no boundaries or borders,” said Papazian. “The World Beer Cup recognizes the very best in the global community of brewers—their innovation, creativity and the craft of beer and brewing.”

World Beer Cup competition manager Chris Swersey noted that the awards continue to diversify and that brewers keep raising the bar each year, much to the betterment of the industry and the enjoyment of the craft beer community.

“This year’s judge panel was our most international ever, with three-quarters of judges travelling to Philadelphia from outside the U.S.,” said Swersey. “Judges commented throughout the week that overall beer quality continues to improve across the spectrum of world beer styles. While breweries may hold the awards, beer drinkers around the world are the true winners.”

Now, for the winners list. Here is a complete breakdown by category, showing the winning breweries and beers at the 2016 World Beer Cup. For the breweries and brewpubs, the World Beer Cup also recognizes a champion brewmaster/brewing team, which are included in the first six categories below:

Very Small Brewing Company Category

Arch Rock Brewing Co.

James Smith

Small Brewing Company Category

Noble Ale Works

Evan and The Giants

Mid-Size Brewing Company Category

Brewery Ommegang

Brewery Ommegang

Large Brewing Company Category

Miller Brewing Co.

Miller Brewing Co. Brewing Team

Small Brewpub Category

12Degree Brewing

Jon Howland and Tor O’Brien

Large Brewpub Category

Beachwood BBQ & Brewing

Julian Shrago, Ian McCall and Gene Wagoner

Category: 1 American-Style Wheat Beer – 28 Entries

Gold: Whammy Bar Wheat, Amplified Ale Works, San Diego, CA

Silver: Whacked Out Wheat, Telluride Brewing Co., Telluride, CO

Bronze: Flash Bang, Excel Brewing Co., Breese, IL

Category: 2 American-Style Wheat Beer with Yeast – 39 Entries

Gold: Fuzztail, Sunriver Brewing, Sunriver, OR

Silver: Haybag Hefeweizen, Philipsburg Brewing Co., Philipsburg, MT

Bronze: Lost Meridian Wit, Base Camp Brewing Co., Portland, OR

Category: 3 Fruit Beer – 77 Entries

Gold: Shady Spot, Susquehanna Brewing Co., Pittston, PA

Silver: Razz Against the Machine, Little Machine, Denver, CO

Bronze: That Guava Beer, Legacy Brewing Co., Oceanside, CA

Category: 4 Fruit Wheat Beer – 46 Entries

Gold: First Peach Ale, Blue Moon Brewing Co., Golden, CO

Silver: Mr. Pineapple, SanTan Brewing Co., Chandler, AZ

Bronze: Raspberry Wheat Beer, Meantime Brewing Co., London, United Kingdom

Category: 5 Belgian-Style Fruit Beer – 58 Entries

Gold: Rosetta, Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

Silver: Coal Kriek, Gravity Brewing, Louisville, CO

Bronze: Sunken City, Insight Brewing Co., Minneapolis, MN

Category: 6 Pumpkin Beer – 25 Entries

Gold: Pump Action Imperial Pumpkin Ale, 4 Noses Brewing Co., Broomfield, CO

Silver: Tributary Jacques, Tributary Brewing Co., Kittery, ME

Bronze: Pumpkin Down, Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits – Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA

Category: 7 Field Beer – 57 Entries

Gold: Ponce, Quest Brewing Co., Greenville, SC

Silver: Coconut Delight, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery, Goochland, VA

Bronze: Cranberry Beet Wild Night, Swamp Head Brewery, Gainesville, FL

Category: 8 Chili Beer – 58 Entries

Gold: Yellow Fever, Comrade Brewing Co., Denver, CO

Silver: Hellcat, Fort George Brewery + Public House, Astoria, OR

Bronze: Thunder Axe, Brew Hub, Lakeland, FL

Category: 9 Herb and Spice Beer – 129 Entries

Gold: Sakura Mankai Lager, Chateau Kamiya Ushiku Brewery, Ushiku, Japan

Silver: Squatters Bumper Crop Honey Ale, Squatters Pub Brewery, Salt Lake City, UT

Bronze: Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat, Tallgrass Brewing Co., Manhattan, KS

Category: 10 Chocolate Beer – 80 Entries

Gold: Pasteur Street Cyclo Stout, Pasteur Street Brewing Co., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Silver: Airporter Chocolate Porter, Marin Brewing Co., Larkspur, CA

Bronze: Kerplunk! Imperial Chocolate Stout, Spring House Brewing Co., Lancaster, PA

Category: 11 Coffee Beer – 154 Entries

Gold: Mocha Machine, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing, Long Beach, CA

Silver: Overload Stout, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – West Chester, West Chester, PA

Bronze: Portola Breakfast Stout, Tustin Brewing Co., Tustin, CA

Category: 12 Specialty Beer – 60 Entries

Gold: Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, Funky Buddha Brewery, Oakland Park, FL

Silver: Maple Tripple Ale, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Warren, VT

Bronze: Nut Smasher, Willoughby Brewing Co., Willoughby, OH

Category: 13 Rye Beer – 54 Entries

Gold: Rye Dawn, Breakwater Brewing Co., Oceanside, CA

Silver: Grimlock, Loowit Brewing Co., Vancouver, WA

Bronze: Uncle Dave’s Rye IPA, Discretion Brewing, Soquel, CA

Category: 14 Honey Beer – 55 Entries

Gold: Honey Chamomile Wheat, Nexus Brewery, Albuquerque, NM

Silver: Cross-Pollination, Magic Rock Brewing, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Bronze: Long Sun Brewing Honey Beer, Long Sun Brewing, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Category: 15 Session Beer – 34 Entries

Gold: Otra Vez, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Mills River, NC

Silver: La Fete, 7venth Sun Brewery, Dunedin, FL

Bronze: Golden Dragon, Ise Kadoya Brewery, Ise, Japan

Category: 16 Session India Pale Ale – 111 Entries

Gold: Little Secret, Triptych Brewing, Savoy, IL

Silver: Down to Earth, 21st Amendment Brewery, San Leandro, CA

Bronze: Eternal, Northern Monk Brew Co., Leeds, United Kingdom

Category: 17 Other Strong Beer – 47 Entries

Gold: Brilliant, 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Bend, OR

Silver: Laissez-Faire, Monday Night Brewing, Atlanta, GA

Bronze: Winter Woman, Revolution Brewing Brewpub, Chicago, IL

Category: 18 Experimental Beer – 86 Entries

Gold: Arima Japan Ale, Konishi Brewing Co., Itami, Japan

Silver: Cerise Mousseux Nouveau, Manitou Brewing Co., Manitou Springs, CO

Bronze: Iwate Kura Beer Oyster Stout, Iwate Kura Beer, Ichinoseki, Japan

Category: 19 Fresh or Wet Hop Ale – 10 Entries

Silver: High Ground IPA, Manitou Brewing Co., Manitou Springs, CO

Bronze: Double Conundrum Imperial Red Fresh Hop, Aspen Brewing Co., Aspen, CO

Category: 20 Historical Beer – 27 Entries

Gold: Archetype Historical IPA, Circle Brewing Co., Austin, TX

Silver: Great Odin’s Beard Oat Ale, Third Street Aleworks, Santa Rosa, CA

Bronze: Dortmunder Adambier, Blue Pants Brewery, Madison, AL

Category: 21 Gluten-Free Beer – 40 Entries

Gold: Glutenberg India Pale Ale, Brasseurs Sans Gluten, Montreal, Canada

Silver: Glutenberg Lapsang d’Automne, Brasseurs Sans Gluten, Montreal, Canada

Bronze: A Dark Night, Departed Soles Brewing Co., Jersey City, NJ

Category: 22 American-Belgo-Style Ale – 61 Entries

Gold: Snowcat White IPA, Rock Bottom – Chicago, Chicago, IL

Silver: Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, Boulevard Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO

Bronze: Salad Days, Pale Fire Brewing Co., Harrisonburg, VA

Category: 23 American-Style Sour Ale – 84 Entries

Gold: Confliction, Sloop Brewing, Elizaville, NY

Silver: Ensorcelled, The Rare Barrel, Berkeley, CA

Bronze: DAM Wild – Hops and Lemon Verbena, Flat Tail Brewing Co., Corvallis, OR

Category: 24 Brett Beer – 70 Entries

Gold: Blushing Star, Liquid Riot Bottling Co., Portland, ME

Silver: Sauvage, NOLA Brewing, New Orleans, LA

Bronze: La Bonte Pear, Wicked Weed Brewing, Asheville, NC

Category: 25 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer – 66 Entries

Gold: Bourbon Barrel Aged Koffi Porter, La Quinta Brewing Co., Palm Desert, CA

Silver: Rye Robustito, Drake’s Brewing Co., San Leandro, CA

Bronze: Wild Warehouse, Wander Brewing, Bellingham, WA

Category: 26 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer – 151 Entries

Gold: Bourbon Barrel Aged Jinx Remover, Fall Brewing Co., San Diego, CA

Silver: Omega Point, Olde Hickory Brewery Co., Hickory, NC

Bronze: Samuel Adams Utopias, Boston Beer Co., Boston, MA

Category: 27 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout – 152 Entries

Gold: A Night to End All Dawns, Kane Brewing, Ocean, NJ

Silver: Darkstar November, Bottle Logic Brewing, Anaheim, CA

Bronze: Ruse, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Richmond, VA

Category: 28 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer – 115 Entries

Gold: Love Among the Ruins, Thornbridge, Bakewell, United Kingdom

Silver: Days of Creation, Thornbridge, Bakewell, United Kingdom

Bronze: Bramble On Rose, Toolbox Brewing Co., Vista, CA

Category: 29 Aged Beer – 40 Entries

Gold: Nine-Tailed Fox, Nasu Kohgen Beer Co., Nasumachi, Japan

Silver: Solzhenitsyn, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Media, Media, PA

Bronze: 2012 Dr. Strangelove Barleywine, Strange Craft Beer Co., Denver, CO

Category: 30 Kellerbier or Zwickelbier – 69 Entries

Gold: Baumgartner Junghopfenpils, Brauerei Jos. Baumgartner, Schaerding, Austria

Silver: Ulmer Hexensud, Familienbrauerei Bauhoefer, Renchen, Germany

Bronze: Pilsner, Marble Brewery, Albuquerque, NM

Category: 31 Smoke Beer – 79 Entries

Gold: Ashes from the Grave, Monkey Paw Brewing, San Diego, CA

Silver: Breakside Smoked Porter, Breakside Brewery – Pub Brewery, Portland, OR

Bronze: Raucher, Wolverine State Brewing Co., Ann Arbor, MI

Category: 32 Light Lager – 45 Entries

Gold: Miller Lite, Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

Silver: Asahi The Dream, Asahi Breweries, Tokyo, Japan

Bronze: Landshark, Margaritaville Brewing Co., Wildwood, MO

Category: 33 International-Style Lager – 103 Entries

Gold: BEER, La Cumbre Brewing Co., Albuquerque, NM

Silver: Amend This!, TAPS Fish House & Brewery – Brea, Brea, CA

Bronze: Wonderstuff, Bauhaus Brew Labs, Minneapolis, MN

Category: 34 Baltic-Style Porter – 44 Entries

Gold: Apogee Baltic Porter, Morgan Territory Brewing, Tracy, CA

Silver: Cobaltic Porter, Bottle Logic Brewing, Anaheim, CA

Bronze: Black Aria Baltic Porter, Mountain Sun Breweries, Denver, CO

Category: 35 German-Style Pilsener – 108 Entries

Gold: Trumer Pils, Trumer Brauerei, Berkeley, CA

Silver: Pilsner, Dry Dock Brewing Co. – South Dock, Aurora, CO

Bronze: Saalfelder Premium, Buergerliches Brauhaus Saalfeld, Saalfeld, Germany

Category: 36 Bohemian-Style Pilsener – 65 Entries

Gold: Duchovni, Medusa Brewing Co., Hudson, MA

Silver: High Plains Pils, Canteen Brewhouse, Albuquerque, NM

Bronze: Pilsner, River Rat Brewery, Columbia, SC

Category: 37 Muenchner-Style Helles – 76 Entries

Gold: Loewenbraeu Original, Loewenbraeu, Muenchen, Germany

Silver: Aktien Hell, ABK Betriebsgesellschaft der Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren, Kaufbeuren, Germany

Bronze: Beach Blonde, Crystal Lake Brewing Co., Crystal Lake, IL

Category: 38 Dortmunder/Export or German-Style Oktoberfest – 52 Entries

Gold: Festbier, Muellerbraeu, Pfaffenhofen, Germany

Silver: Tauras Tradicinis, Kalnapilio-Tauro Grupe, Panevezys, Lithuania

Bronze: Eder’s Export, Eder & Heylands Brauerei, Grossostheim, Germany

Category: 39 Vienna-Style Lager – 57 Entries

Gold: Dock Time, Stony Creek Brewery, Branford, CT

Silver: Firebrick, August Schell Brewing Co., New Ulm, MN

Bronze: Puesta del Sol, WeldWerks Brewing Co., Greeley, CO

Category: 40 German-Style Maerzen – 34 Entries

Gold: Hissy Fit Marzen Lager, Bitter Sisters Brewing Co., Addison, TX

Silver: Rhinofest, Lost Rhino Brewing Co., Ashburn, VA

Bronze: Ur-Saalfelder, Buergerliches Brauhaus Saalfeld, Saalfeld, Germany

Category: 41 European-Style Dark/Muenchner Dunkel – 56 Entries

Gold: I Dunkled in My Pants, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. – Arroyo Grande, Santa Barbara, CA

Silver: Mother in Lager, Karbach Brewing Co., Houston, TX

Bronze: Yee-Haw Dunkel, Yee-Haw Brewing, Johnson City, TN

Category: 42 German-Style Schwarzbier – 51 Entries

Gold: Schwartz Bier, Devils Backbone Brewing Co. – Outpost, Lexington, VA

Silver: Magnetron Schwarzbier, Metropolitan Brewing, Chicago, IL

Bronze: TAPS Schwarzbier, TAPS Fish House & Brewery – Brea, Brea, CA

Category: 43 German-Style Bock or Maibock – 75 Entries

Gold: Maibock, Stoudts Brewing Co., Adamstown, PA

Silver: Pivo Bublina, Ploughshare Brewing Co., Lincoln, NE

Bronze: Engel Bock Dunkel, Biermanufaktur ENGEL, Crailsheim, Germany

Category: 44 German-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock – 53 Entries

Gold: Lucubrator, Occidental Brewing Co., Portland, OR

Silver: Warning Sign, Rockyard Brewing Co., Castle Rock, CO

Bronze: ATOR 20, Brauerei S. Riegele, Augsburg, Germany

Category: 45 American-Style Lager – 82 Entries

Gold: Rainier Lager, Pabst Brewing Co., Los Angeles, CA

Silver: High Life, Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

Bronze: Rocket 100, The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co., Austin, TX

Category: 46 American-Style Amber Lager – 59 Entries

Gold: Steam Engine Lager, Steamworks Brewing Co., Durango, CO

Silver: Ringside Red, Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai, China

Bronze: Holsteiner, Argus Brewery, Chicago, IL

Category: 47 American-Style Dark Lager – 29 Entries

Gold: Jump Seat Black Lager, Lancaster Brewing Co., Lancaster, PA

Silver: El Moreno, TAPS Fish House & Brewery – Brea, Brea, CA

Bronze: Saint Patrick’s Black, Saint Patrick’s Brewing Co., Littleton, CO

Category: 48 Australian- or International-Style Pale Ale – 84 Entries

Gold: Triumvirate, Reuben’s Brews, Seattle, WA

Silver: Breakside Lunch Break ISA, Breakside Brewery, Milwaukie, OR

Bronze: Bosque IPA, Bosque Brewing Co., Albuquerque, NM

Category: 49 German-Style Koelsch – 75 Entries

Gold: Claritas, Mike Hess Brewing Co. – North Park, San Diego, CA

Silver: Feder Monde, All Rise Brewing Co., Chicago, IL

Bronze: Straub Kolsch, Straub Brewery, St. Marys, PA

Category: 50 German-Style Altbier – 56 Entries

Gold: 90 Shilling, Odell Brewing Co., Fort Collins, CO

Silver: Little Red Cap, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse, Loveland, CO

Bronze: Breakside Will’s Alt, Breakside Brewery – Pub Brewery, Portland, OR

Category: 51 German-Style Sour Ale – 78 Entries

Gold: Volkssekt, Bend Brewing Co., Bend, OR

Silver: Gosebusters, Noble Ale Works, Anaheim, CA

Bronze: Original Ritterguts Gose, Ritterguts Gose, Borna, Germany

Category: 52 South German-Style Hefeweizen – 100 Entries

Gold: Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier, Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan, Freising, Germany

Silver: Premier OB Weizen, Oriental Brewery Co., Icheon-si, South Korea

Bronze: Baumgartner Weisse Hell, Brauerei Jos. Baumgartner, Schaerding, Austria

Category: 53 German-Style Wheat Ale – 62 Entries

Gold: Franziskaner Weissbier Royal, Spaten-Franziskaner-Braeu, Muenchen, Germany

Silver: Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier, Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan, Freising, Germany

Bronze: Plank Original Hefeweizen, Brauerei Michael Plank, Laaber, Germany

Category: 54 South German-Style Weizenbock – 33 Entries

Gold: Ladenburger Weizenbock Hell, Brauerei Ladenburger, Neuler, Germany

Silver: Plank Heller Weizenbock, Brauerei Michael Plank, Laaber, Germany

Bronze: Plank Dunkler Weizenbock, Brauerei Michael Plank, Laaber, Germany

Category: 55 Belgian-Style Witbier – 78 Entries

Gold: Hoegaarden Wit, Hoegaarden Brewery, Inbev Belgium, Hoegaarden, Belgium

Silver: Gentleman’s Wit, Camden Town Brewery, London, United Kingdom

Bronze: Plum Island White, Newburyport Brewing Co., Newburyport, MA

Category: 56 French & Belgian-Style Saison – 116 Entries

Gold: Classic Saison, Blackberry Farm Brewery, Walland, TN

Silver: La Saison du Tracteur, Microbrasserie Le Trou Du Diable, Shawinigan, Canada

Bronze: Soleil Saison, 12Degree Brewing, Louisville, CO

Category: 57 Belgian- and French-Style Ale – 42 Entries

Gold: Barrel Aged Woodthrush, Little Fish Brewing Co., Athens, OH

Silver: Farnam House Biere de Garde, Farnam House Brewing Co., Omaha, NE

Bronze: Domaine DuPage, Two Brothers Brewing Co., Warrenville, IL

Category: 58 Belgian-Style Pale Ale or Blonde Ale – 60 Entries

Gold: La Trappe Trappist Blond, Bierbrouwerij de Koningshoeven, Berkel-Enschot, Netherlands

Silver: Raise the Roost, Portland Brewing, Portland, OR

Bronze: Golden Ghost, Lost Highway Brewing, Denver, CO

Category: 59 Belgian-Style Sour Ale – 46 Entries

Gold: Oude Geuze Boon Black Label, Brouwerij Boon, Lembeek, Belgium

Silver: Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvee Rene, Lindemans Brewery, Vlezenbeek, Belgium

Bronze: Red Angel, Wicked Weed – Funkatorium, Asheville, NC

Category: 60 Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale – 36 Entries

Gold: Yearling, Eagle Rock Brewery, Los Angeles, CA

Silver: Oude Tart, Bruery Terreux, Placentia, CA

Bronze: 2014 Vintage Blue Sunday, New Holland Brewing Co., Holland, MI

Category: 61 Belgian-Style Dubbel or Quadrupel – 73 Entries

Gold: Sanitarium, Bier Brewery and Taproom, Indianapolis, IN

Silver: Hertog Jan Dubbel, Hertog Jan Brouwerij, Arcen, Netherlands

Bronze: Three Philosophers, Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

Category: 62 Belgian-Style Tripel – 76 Entries

Gold: Bedotter, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Lancaster, Lancaster, PA

Silver: 33 Acres of Euphoria, 33 Acres Brewing Co., Vancouver, Canada

Bronze: Gnomegang, Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

Category: 63 Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale – 48 Entries

Gold: Treachery, 12Degree Brewing, Louisville, CO

Silver: Sanctuary Golden Strong Ale, Gemini Beer Co., Westminster, CO

Bronze: Deceit, Funkwerks, Fort Collins, CO

Category: 64 Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale – 37 Entries

Gold: The Sixth Glass, Boulevard Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO

Silver: Four Swords, Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Dallas, TX

Bronze: La Grivoise de Noel, Microbrasserie Le Trou Du Diable, Shawinigan, Canada

Category: 65 Other Belgian-Style Ale – 43 Entries

Gold: Supernatural, Crooked Run Brewing, Leesburg, VA

Silver: Chump Change, Oak Highlands Brewery, Dallas, TX

Bronze: Sugarfoot Belgian Table Beer, Spangalang Brewery, Denver, CO

Category: 66 English-Style Mild Ale – 38 Entries

Gold: Song In Your Heart, Discretion Brewing, Soquel, CA

Silver: Triple Crown Brown, The Mitten Brewing Co., Grand Rapids, MI

Bronze: Brockwell, Heist Brewery, Charlotte, NC

Category: 67 English-Style Summer Ale – 30 Entries

Gold: James Squires The Swindler Summer Ale, West End Brewery, Thebarton, Australia

Silver: Pacific Ale, Stone & Wood Brewing Co., Byron Bay, Australia

Bronze: True Blonde Ale, SKA Brewing Co., Durango, CO

Category: 68 Ordinary or Special Bitter – 36 Entries

Gold: Amber, Dry Dock Brewing Co. – North Dock, Aurora, CO

Silver: Sawtooth Ale, Left Hand Brewing Co., Longmont, CO

Bronze: Broken Dial, Harviestoun, Alva, United Kingdom

Category: 69 Classic English-Style Pale Ale – 33 Entries

Gold: Caldera Ashland Amber, Caldera Brewing Co., Ashland, OR

Silver: Puddlers Row ESB, Conshohocken Brewing Co., Conshohocken, PA

Bronze: Breakside ESB, Breakside Brewery – Pub Brewery, Portland, OR

Category: 70 Extra Special Bitter – 68 Entries

Gold: ESB, Bier Brewery and Taproom, Indianapolis, IN

Silver: End of Summer Beer, Mother Earth Brew Co., Vista, CA

Bronze: Old Jalopy Pale Ale, Powell Street Craft Brewery, Vancouver, Canada

Category: 71 English-Style India Pale Ale – 41 Entries

Gold: Independence Pass Ale, Aspen Brewing Co., Aspen, CO

Silver: Punjabi Pale Ale, CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing, Fort Collins, CO

Bronze: Big Wave Bay IPA, Hong Kong Beer Co., Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Category: 72 Scottish-Style Ale – 41 Entries

Gold: Kilt Lifter, Four Peaks Brewing Co. – Wilson Street, Tempe, AZ

Silver: Druthers 80 Shilling, Druthers Brewing Co., Albany, NY

Bronze: Maltopia Scotch Ale, Hermitage Brewing Co., San Jose, CA

Category: 73 English-Style Brown Ale – 50 Entries

Gold: Boar Brown, Pig Pounder Brewery, Greensboro, NC

Silver: Sweet George’s Brown, Dillon Dam Brewery, Dillon, CO

Bronze: Brewers Special Brown Ale, New English Brewing Co., San Diego, CA

Category: 74 Brown Porter – 66 Entries

Gold: Capella Porter, Ecliptic Brewing, Portland, OR

Silver: Polygamy Nitro Porter, Utah Brewers Cooperative, Salt Lake City, UT

Bronze: Blue Nose Brown, Red Leg Brewing Co., Colorado Springs, CO

Category: 75 Robust Porter – 92 Entries

Gold: P.M. Porter, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery – West Covina, West Covina, CA

Silver: Gaspar’s Porter, Florida Beer Co., Cape Canaveral, FL

Bronze: Stranger than Fiction Porter, Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton, Canada

Category: 76 Sweet Stout or Cream Stout – 63 Entries

Gold: Chocolate Milk Stout, Boxing Bear Brewing Co., Albuquerque, NM

Silver: Buried at Sea, Galway Bay Brewery, Galway, Ireland

Bronze: Udder Love, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing, Long Beach, CA

Category: 77 Oatmeal Stout – 67 Entries

Gold: Scaredy Cat, Vintage Brewing Co., Madison, WI

Silver: Stumblers Stout, Columbia River Brewing Co., Portland, OR

Bronze: Sasquatch Shadow, Elk Horn Brewery, Eugene, OR

Category: 78 Scotch Ale – 70 Entries

Gold: Clan Warrior Scotch Ale, Odyssey Beerwerks, Arvada, CO

Silver: AleSmith Wee Heavy, AleSmith Brewing Co., San Diego, CA

Bronze: Glasgow Butcher, Crooked Ewe Brewery & Ale House, South Bend, IN

Category: 79 British-Style Imperial Stout – 53 Entries

Gold: Arch Devil Imperial Stout, DevilCraft, Shinagawa-ku, Japan

Silver: Russian Imperial Stout, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Media, Media, PA

Bronze: Corvo Negro, Novo Brazil Brewing Co., Chula Vista, CA

Category: 80 Old Ale or Strong Ale – 55 Entries

Gold: Ninja Pirate, Black Lotus Brewing Co., Clawson, MI

Silver: Heini’s Good Cheer, Roundabout Brewery, Pittsburgh, PA

Bronze: Irish Walker, Olde Hickory Brewery Co., Hickory, NC

Category: 81 Barley Wine-Style Ale – 71 Entries

Gold: 2013 10&2 Barleywine, Fifty West Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

Silver: Old Bounder, Boundary Bay Brewery, Bellingham, WA

Bronze: Stormwatcher’s Winterfest, Pelican Brewing Co. – Pacific City, Pacific City, OR

Category: 82 Irish-Style Red Ale – 66 Entries

Gold: Reilly’s Red, Devils Backbone Brewing Co. – Outpost, Lexington, VA

Silver: Piper Down, Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, San Diego, CA

Bronze: Red Molly, Pale Fire Brewing Co., Harrisonburg, VA

Category: 83 Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout – 42 Entries

Gold: Minoh Beer STOUT, A·J·I Beer, Minoh, Japan

Silver: Irish Stout, Carver Brewing Co., Durango, CO

Bronze: O’Connor’s Dry Irish Stout, O’Connor Brewing Co., Norfolk, VA

Category: 84 Export Stout – 52 Entries

Gold: Fade to Black, Volume 1, Left Hand Brewing Co., Longmont, CO

Silver: Spetsnaz, The Grumpy Troll Brewpub, Mount Horeb, WI

Bronze: Dirty Frank Stout, River’s Edge Brewing Co., Milford, MI

Category: 85 Golden or Blonde Ale – 82 Entries

Gold: Power & Light Pale, Independence Brewing, Austin, TX

Silver: Squatters Chasing Tail Golden Ale, Squatters Pub Brewery, Salt Lake City, UT

Bronze: German Blonde, Bemidji Brewing Co., Bemidji, MN

Category: 86 American-Style Pale Ale – 167 Entries

Gold: Pistol River Pale, Arch Rock Brewing Co., Gold Beach, OR

Silver: Pale Ale, North High Brewing, Columbus, OH

Bronze: Knotty Pine Pale Ale, Lumberyard Brewing Co., Flagstaff, AZ

Category: 87 American-Style Strong Pale Ale – 118 Entries

Gold: Lucky Day, Central Coast Brewing Co., San Luis Obispo, CA

Silver: IPA 2016, Yo-Ho Brewing Co., Saku, Japan

Bronze: Paladin, Wicks Brewing Co., Riverside, CA

Category: 88 American-Style India Pale Ale – 275 Entries

Gold: I Love It!, Noble Ale Works, Anaheim, CA

Silver: IPA, Great North Aleworks, Manchester, NH

Bronze: Santilli, Night Shift Brewing, Everett, MA

Category: 89 Imperial India Pale Ale – 181 Entries

Gold: Hop JuJu Imperial IPA, Fat Head’s Brewery – Middleburg Heights, Middleburg Heights, OH

Silver: Trebuchet, Second Street Brewery, Santa Fe, NM

Bronze: Nobility, Noble Ale Works, Anaheim, CA

Category: 90 American-Style Amber/Red Ale – 96 Entries

Gold: Epiphany Red Ale, Iron Springs Pub & Brewery, Fairfax, CA

Silver: Sabre-Toothed Squirrel, Smog City Brewing Co., Torrance, CA

Bronze: Beast of Bray Road, Second Salem Brewing Co., Whitewater, WI

Category: 91 Double Red Ale – 51 Entries

Gold: Summit Sunrise, Denver Beer Co. – Canworks, Denver, CO

Silver: Valentinus IPA, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Wilmington, Wilmington, DE

Bronze: Toaster Pastry, 21st Amendment Brewery, San Leandro, CA

Category: 92 Imperial Red Ale – 37 Entries

Gold: Blood Junkie, Three Weavers Brewing Co., Inglewood, CA

Silver: December Nights Imperial Red, Thorn Street Brewery, San Diego, CA

Bronze: Wreak Havoc, Bootstrap Brewing, Niwot, CO

Category: 93 American-Style Brown Ale – 81 Entries

Gold: Granola Brown Ale, Black Hog Brewing, Oxford, CT

Silver: Open Road Brown Ale, Troubled Monk Brewery, Red Deer, Canada

Bronze: Upslope Brown Ale, Upslope Brewing Co. – Flatiron Park, Boulder, CO

Category: 94 American-Style Black Ale – 67 Entries

Gold: Turmoil, Barley Brown’s Brew Pub, Baker City, OR

Silver: Carlton, Melvin Brewing – Jackson, Jackson, WY

Bronze: Midnight Moonlight, Fat Head’s Brewery – Middleburg Heights, Middleburg Heights, OH

Category: 95 American-Style Stout – 51 Entries

Gold: The Defender, Haymarket Pub & Brewery, Chicago, IL

Silver: Kilgore, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing, Long Beach, CA

Bronze: P2P, 10 Barrel Brewing Co. – Boise, Boise, ID

Category: 96 American-Style Imperial Stout – 62 Entries

Gold: Blot Out the Sun, Three Floyds Brewing Co., Munster, IN

Silver: HoliDAVE, Artifex Brewing Co., San Clemente, CA

Bronze: Happy Ending, SweetWater Brewing Co., Atlanta, GA

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