Only week 2 of Big Brother 14 and things have already gone from friendly to intense.  Two people have already left, two possible showmances, a couple major fights, and speculation and paranoia is running high in the Big Brother 14 house.  As Big Brother 14 begins viewers will be treated with a week possibly more intense than the first. Can the Big Brother 14 houseguest survive the insanity of the Big Brother house?

Tonight fans will see more of the aftermath of Willie Hantz‘s speculation about the coaches returning to the game and the chaos that started.  Those who do not have the live feeds will face another huge Big Brother shocker as someone is sent home early. Another Coaches’ Challenge will happen and the winner will be given the chance to swap one player for another. Also, Frank Eudy will take the reigns as the new HOH and nominate two houseguests for eviction.  So it’s going to be one crazy hour of Big Brother 14.

How does it all play out on tonight’s episode of Big Brother 14?


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers for the fifth episode of Big Brother 14. Please stop here if you do not want to know what happened!


After Kara’s eviction, Dan reassures Danielle she’d be fine this week. Then Mike and Frank celebrate Frank not leaving. Mike then tries to reenact his famous Chilltown diary room videos, from Big Brother: All-Stars, with Frank. Not the same without Dr. Will Kirby.

Britney talks about how she regrets picking Willie. Dan begins coaching Danielle on how to stay in the game. JoJo tries to let Frank know she’s not against him to save herself. Frank says he has no grudges against anyone.

HOH room time!  Lots of purple in Frank’s room.

Side note: Why does Frank blink so much in his diary room videos?

In Mike’s room, he gets a picture of his nine month son. Awwww!

Willie awkwardly walks around the room and no one says anything to him. He then goes to talk to Britney alone. Brit then has a fit and scorns him. She says Willie isn’t thinking about the team and Willie says this is not a team game.

Now some scenes of the Shane and Danielle’s possible showmance. Danielle naively states that if something happens between Shane and her it’d be real. Okay….

Dan, Mike, and Brit begin talking about the possibility of Britney trading   Willie for another player. Mike tries to convince or threaten Brit that if she trades Willie, Shane would become the target. But Brit doesn’t go for it.

Dan and Janelle talk about missing their families.

Mike coaches Ian on being cool and he tells him he wants to go on a date with Ashley. Mike and Dan try to play matchmaker. Ian succeeds in asking Ashley for a slop date.

Then a 40 percent cute and 60 percent weird date occurs. Ian talks about a showmance with Ashley helping his game. But not sure if he’s worrying about his Big Brother 14 game or his dating game.

Britney, Jojo, and Shane talk about separating themselves from Willie.

For the coaches competition, coaches have to transport cash by walking on a balancing pole. They have to stack all their stacks up on top of each other. Then hit a buzzer. They can’t drop their stacks or they’re eliminated. Dan, crazily decides to throw the competition again. The crazy pants they’re wearing makes it hard to move. Britney, being short, moves the fastest to transfer the cash and was winning bur drops her cash. Mike gets too cocky and jumps off before he hits the buzzer, though, he technically won. Janelle wins and decide to keep Ashley safe. Janelle decides to make Willie, Ian, Shane, and Jojo the “Have Nots” of the week.

The “Have Nots” of the week got pork rinds and pudding along with slop from America’s vote. Ian is really happy about the pudding.

Britney in a crazy move, stops Jojo from even talking to Willie. Britney continues to be sassy with Willie. Willie says he wants to clear the air for Jojo and Shane, so they don’t get blamed for his mistakes. Willie says his whole plan is to get evicted before the vote this week.

Jojo apologizes for having to not associate with Willie this week. She can’t have him bringing her down.

The house gets eerily quiet as Willie walks from room to room. Willie and Britney begin arguing again. Willie gets really angry at something Joe says and follows him to the bathroom. The two men look ready to brawl.

Willie headbutts Joe and everyone is shaken and upset. The Big Brother 14 producers call for Willie.

Britney begins crying and Jenn tries to comfort her and Jojo and Shane talk about how they’re going to be put up for him. Allison Grodner (Executive Producer of Big Brother) calls the houseguests to the living room to tell them that Willie has been expelled for his violence. Everyone begins talking about Willie being eliminated. Most are generally upset by it.

So no nominations tonight…..crazy night. Willie Hantz is officially expelled from the Big Brother 14 house.

Join us Wednesday  for a live recap of the Big Brother 14  Power of Veto  competition and nominations. Get excited, it’s going to be one crazy summer in the BB house! The Big Brother 14 live feeds launch immediately after the west coast premiere, so make sure to get yours ready to go before the show!

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