It is time for another hour of MasterChef 2013 Season 4, as the remaining home cooks take on a big challenge: helping cater for a wedding! It is a huge day for the bride and groom and now they have some home cooks making desserts for their wedding? Talk about a crazy situation, but that is why we love Master Chef Season 4, right? Let’s watch how the home cooks do in our MasterChef 2013 Season 4 Recap and see who was eliminated on MasterChef 2013 Season 4 tonight with us!

In the first hour of Master Chef 2013, we saw a special appearance by Season 3 winner Christine Ha, as she helped out with the Elimination Test. Even though Lynn tried to make it difficult for Krissi (and he came close), but in the end she survived the elimination and Beth was sent home!

We start in the MasterChef Kitchen and we meet the happy bride-to-be and groom-to-be and find out they will be attending their wedding the next day and will be cooking their food at their wedding!!! They have some rules from the bride, which is a list that is like a mile long! Chef Ramsay and Graham Elliot will both be helping out, so even more pressure for the home cooks!

The wedding day arrives and they will be serving over 100 guests, but at least 15 of them are vegetarians and everyone must have something to eat. The team captains pick their teams on Master Chef Season 4. Blue Team: James, Lynn, Jessie, Jonny, Bri and Luca. Red Team: Natasha, Eddie, Jordan, Bethy, Savannah and Krissi.

For a twist, Natasha and James each have to pick one person from their team who will not be getting to cook with them today. If they lose today, that person will also not cook in the Pressure Test. Natasha picks Krissi and James picks Bri and they are happy for the free pass.

For Graham’s appetizer, he is making Spring Pea Essence with Whipped Creme Freche and Chef Ramsay is making a Sticky Toffee Pudding with Brown Bread Ice Cream for dessert. The captains get to taste each and will have to find a way to match them. They have two hours to come up with and make a dish that goes with the judges’ app and dessert.

Blue Team has decided on lamb. The Red Team is still trying to figure out what to serve on MasterChef 2013. Natasha is overwhelmed and goes with halibut, even though her team objected. The wedding is going smoothly, but the Red Team is losing it. Chef Ramsay is trying to give her instructions to help and she doesn’t seem to be listening and he asked if she is that arrogant!

The apps are going out, so time for the entrees are coming soon. The guests love the appetizers, so now can the teams meet their expectations. The Red Team is not ready to serve and they have three minutes! On the Blue Team, Lynn was chosen for his presentation skills, but it is looking like crap right now! For the Red Team, Natasha is running around and trying to do everything and it is falling apart.

The Blue Team tries to send out food, but their plates are dirty and need to re-plate them! The Red Team entree is served, but waiting on the Blue Team now. The bride and groom have been served on both sides, so now time to serve the guests. Lynn is feeling the pressure and he is sweating into the food! Maybe his team winning streak is coming to an end on MasterChef 2013 Season 4!

The Blue Team is now five tables behind and that could hurt their chances of winning. Lynn is now wiping his forehead of the sweat and using the same towel to wipe the plates…..ewwww!!!

To help them out, Graham helps expedite for the Blue Team and they have suddenly caught up and all the entrees have been served. The bride and groom thought the Blue Team was visually stunning, but the Red Team and their halibut was superior. The meal ends on a high note with Chef Ramsay’s dessert, which everyone loved.

The meal is done and the winning team tonight is the Red Team, so the Blue Team is headed to the Pressure Test and Jessie and Lynn lose their first team challenge!

Back in the MasterChef Kitchen 2013 and time for the Pressure Test. James said their head was in the game during prep, but service fell apart. The judges will each pick on home cook that deserves to be saved. Joe picks Jessie, Graham picks Luca and Chef Ramsay picks James. That means Jonny and Lynn will compete in a head-to-head battle in the Pressure Test, where they will be making the macaroon! Lynn is worried, but Jonny feels he is in his element. They have 60 minutes to make 12 macaroons. They must have two different flavors and they all must fit in the box given.

Lynn seems more composed, but Jonny is shaking all over the place and very nervous. Jonny is making all different sizes and Lynn has maken them too big and they won’t fix in the box! Lynn is cutting up and putting fresh fruit in the filling, which will create juice and ruin the macaroons? The time is running out and they are trying to get 12 macaroons to fit in one box! Jonny slams the box shut to get all 12 in, but breaks some of them. Lynn managed ten in the box, but brings two on the side.

For Lynn, Chef Ramsay said it has that wow factor visually, but they are a little too sweet and you don’t put fruit in a macaroon, but overall it was good. Graham said they look great inside and the raspberry was bad, but for a home cook not bad. Joe said they are not consistent, but they look good. The raspberry was a bad choice.

For Jonny, Chef Ramsay opens the box and it is a big mess! He said visually he has the ratio right and they cut beautifully and he has the right color and it tastes delicious. Graham said he likes the cookie and it is not overly sweet and the flavors are really nice, but he wishes he would have shown a little more respect for them. Joe said it looks like kind of a mess, but they taste good. He wonders if he has lost his temper as a carpenter and if it may cost him as much as it does tonight on MasterChef 2013 Season 4!

The MasterChef judges 2013 discuss the macaroons and it is down to presentation versus taste. The home cook leaving tonight based on that Pressure Test is Jonny because of the presentation, so Lynn is safe this week and Jonny is eliminated on MasterChef 2013 Season 4 tonight.

What do you think of the judges’ choice tonight?

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