In Kincora Boys Home children were raped, exploited and murdered under the auspices of the UK Security Services MI5 and the UK Government.  One man stood against them Military Intelligence Officer Colin Wallace.

Colin Wallace, has been a thorn in the side of the elite pedophiles for 40 years.   These  powerful pedophiles have arrested, set-up and silenced  many whistle-blowers and survivors  over the last 40 years.

Pedophile Michael Havers QC  brother of Judge Butler-Sloss QC, pedophile Leon Brittan QC and how they cover-up rape of children and murder by the State.

In Colin's  case MI5 with Home Office  backing murdered  an antique dealer Jonathan Lewis soley to set Colin up for this crime they, the State, had committed.  The State wanted Colin Wallace discredited and so they murdered Jonathan Lewis.  In 1981 Colin was convicted of this State murder  spending years wrongfully imprisoned  exactly as was the criminal intention of the State elite cover-up merchants  who ordered the Set-up of Colin Wallace.

At this time Michael Havers was Attorney General  and he was complicit in the decision to set-up Colin Wallace.  Havers later was to  organise the cover-up of the sexual abuse and murder of children at Kincora.   Following in a long tradition of cover-ups the  current Home Secretary Theresa May and her Cohort the Prime Minister  had the gall to appoint Havers sister Baroness Butler-Sloss to head our  National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.  If it was not for Social Media another cover-up would have taken place funded by the tax payer. Leaving Butler-Sloss the sister of the evil paedophile and cover-up merchant Michael Havers  to walk away with a fee estimated to be 3 million pounds. Thats how they do it folks!

In Colin Wallace the State had silenced a good man to protect guilty men who were left to continue to rape and murder our  innocent children.    The State  did nothing to stop these crimes instead they encouraged them even using tax payers money to fund  the pedophiles. Meaning these evil pedophiles were  paid by the British Tax payer to rape and murder the taxpayers  own children.

Ken Livingstone MP who knew all about Kincora and the Cover-up took up Colin's Case   Livingstone told Parliament of  Colin Wallace "   He did not kill Mr. Jonathan Lewis and an honest investigation would have discovered this. It would have proved beyond doubt that members of the security services compromised senior politicians and perverted our judicial system.  From 1983 to 1987 Wallace was in correspondence with the Home Office"

But From 1983 the Home Secretary was none other than pedophile Sir Leon Brittan so Colin had no chance of help from that direction. Even today in July 2014  Leon Brittan is protected by current Home Secretary Theresa May and Cameron PM.  Although, they both know that Leon Brittan is guilty of the rape and murder of innocent children.  Although, they both know 2 customs officers back this up and that a wealth of evidence exists against Brittan.    Although, they know the public no-longer believe their lies against whistle-blowers. Although, they know the public  are fully aware of the cover-up to protect Leon Brittan they will not arrest  this child rapist,    Why?  because Theresa May and Cameron are just as much a part of the cover-up now as Leon Brittan  QC and Michael Havers QC  and Dr Ian West was in 1983 when Colin Wallace asked for justice

Dr Ian West connects  Colin Wallace Jill Dando and Maxwell. Its how they abuse the  Criminal Justice System to protect elite pedophiles

Back in the 1990's Legal Aid was still freely available and because of this Colin's conviction was quashed in 1996.  Today he would have had to find private funding to fight the  limitless funds of the State or remain a convicted murderer.  But in the 90''s his legal team managed to use legal aid to prove  his innocence using  new forensic and other evidence.  During the appeal hearing, pedophile cover-up merchant and  Home Office pathologist, Dr Ian West, admitted that some of the evidence  he had used at Wallace's trial had been supplied to him by "an American security source".  Even after Colin won his Appeal  the corrupt CPS said they would be going for a retrial. The evil pedophiles could not bare Colin to be free of persecution and able to work against them. They wanted to tie him up with threats and stress and persecution. The CPS barrister Anna Curnow QC despite lying to the court died in 2011 and the Tax payer is unlikely even to get the £155,000 fee she charged back for trying to destroy a Child abuse whistle-blower.

Dr Ian West Jill Dando, Barry George and Colin Wallace

Likewise  Home Office Pathologist and cover-up merchant Dr Ian West was not removed from his position and continued to receive hefty remuneration for his services to the paedophiles. He was placed in charge of the Jill Dando murder and helped to convict another innocent Barry George.  Jill Dando was also murdered by the State when she threatened to expose the eilte paedophile ring encircling the BBC.

These cover-up merchants are always protected and always make money from the very people they are betraying the British Public.  It is time that the  barristers and experts who set-up innocent people are exposed and made to pay.

No  investigation into the real murderers of Jonathan Lewis has taken place and the State hit men are protected to this day and living in Brighton.   The Barrister who withheld evidence in Colin's 1981 trial was not prosecuted.  Those who pervert the course of justice, judges, barristers, police, and civil servants  have never been held to account for their terrible crimes and it is now time they were.

Prosecute the cover-up mob be they an august ex judge like Butler-Sloss or a CPS legal clerk.  We have to send a message to the cover-up merchants that The People will not tolerate  State set-ups  and State Murder to silence whistle-blowers or the rape of our children.  Every barrister and every police officer and every pathologist involved in perverting the course of justice will be   brought to account for their crimes.

But the pedophiles  rein of terror is coming to an end.   The unholy alliance between paedophiles who inhabit the Halls of Westminster and the paedophiles who run the corrupt Criminal Justice System is finally being exposed.


We honour Colin Wallace and all those who have been persecuted for telling the truth about these horrific Establishment crimes against innocent children.  We must  make sure that our UK National Inquiry  into Child Sexual Abuse is led by a person we can trust.  Survivors  choose the anti establishment barrister Michael Mansfield QC     As the Home Secretary May  desperately seeks  someone  who is corrupt enough to control  we must insist on our choice.  We want a  good person who will not tolerate another cover-up?

Here is the story for  the Irish Times below

The former British intelligence officer Colin Wallace told Radio Ulster last weekend that any inquiry into Kincora Boys’ Home will not be able to get to the truth if it doesn’t have access to evidence about the role of MI5. If that’s so, the chances of the truth coming out are near to nil. Wallace has been trying for 40 years to expose child sex abuse at the east Belfast home. He has been ridiculed, ignored, lied to and lied about, and, as Paul Foot demonstrated in “Who Framed Colin Wallace?” in 1989, fitted up for manslaughter. Peter Robinson has suggested the Belfast home be added to the remit of the UK Child Abuse Inquiry. Others want a dedicated Northern Ireland inquiry. It matters little. MI5’s interests will take precedence over the rights of raped children. In the early 1970s, Wallace was based in Lisburn, a member of an undercover “psychological warfare” unit which worked closely with MI5. He was involved in “Operation Clockwork Orange”, a MI5 plot to smear Labour prime minister Harold Wilson and “wets” in the Tory opposition.

Clockwork Orange
In October 1974, Wallace told his superiors that he wanted out of Clockwork Orange. He then wrote a memo explaining in detail that destitute boys were being systematically sodomised by members of Kincora staff and were being supplied for abuse to prominent figures in unionist politics. The abusers – among them MPs, councillors, leading Orangemen and other influential individuals – became potentially important intelligence assets.

MI5 had come across Kincora through its interest in paedophile “housemaster” William McGrath, also leader of an eccentric loyalist organisation, Tara. The agency didn’t report the scandal, but allowed it to continue while monitoring the abusers. It wasn’t until an Irish Independentexpose in 1980 that official notice was taken. An RUC investigation led to the imprisonment of McGrath and two other Kincora staff. Two inquiries were then established in succession by secretary of state James Prior. The first, under complaints commissioner Stephen McGonagle, collapsed on its first day when three of five panel members resigned upon being told they couldn’t delve into any matter which might be the subject of police investigation. The collapse of an inquiry after one half-day session may be a unique occurrence.

Prior pledged to the Commons that a second inquiry under retired judge William Hughes would investigate allegations of a cover-up involving state agents. But Hughes announced he would examine only “the administration of boys’ homes” and wouldn’t take evidence about “allegations [of] any cover-up”.

Every day more and more of the dark and disgusting underbelly  which underpins the control system used by the Elite Pedophiles and their MI5 and Police buddies is being exposed.

They not only rape, murder and exploit the children of the poor and defenseless, the set-up whistle-blowers and survivors  using the criminal justice system.

They even murder innocent bystanders to enable them to jail whistle-blowers and survivors  to cover-up their own terrible crimes against the British People.  These Pedophiles who stalk the halls of Westminster, and inhabit key positions in the criminal justice system are paid for by you. They not only murder and rape your children  and silence the good people who oppose them but they make you pay for it.

This has to stop now!     Please sign this petition
Call to appoint Barrister Michael Mansfield QC to Lead a National Inquiry into Organised Child Abuse http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/the-home-secretary-theresa-may-call-to-appoint-barrister-michael-mansfield-qc-to-lead-a-national-inquiry-into-organised-child-abuse?recruiter=3203247&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition via @UKChange

ref http://davidhencke.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/child-sexual-abuse-inquirybutler-sloss-quits-after-exaro-reveals-havers-kincora-inquiry-connection/

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Jill Dando Murdered by the State

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