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Patrick D.

Chief Encouragement Officer

Celebrate International Day of Peace September 21st with the WORLD

Dear Peace Friends

Our nonprofit company, Good News Corporation , est. 2002 (website www.peacedayparty.org ) peace initiative continues for 2016 … we created the largest Peace Sign Broadcast event in Times Square/NYC in New York, with additional initiatives in Central Park for 15 years, San Jose , California and international participation from Haiti, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam joined into the broadcast. We made the broadcast available for free for the world.

There have been over 100 participating corporations, organizations, dignitaries and celebrities who have shared a Peace message in our broadcast, i.e. Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Michael Douglas, Dr Jane Goodall, Dr. Mahmet Oz, Ed Asner, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Michelle Phillips, World Peace Orchestra, Pope Francis, Borough Presidents Manhattan & Brooklyn, Broadway Show Annie, David Lynch Foundation, Harlem Globetrotters to name a few. Please view reel on our website, Www.peacedayparty.org and see list of our founders.

Our major worldwide news is that UNESCO has joined us and the New York City Schools Respect For All program, this year and we will be featuring their great work worldwide. McKinsey & Co. state that there are 1.6 Billion people who will be aware of Peace Day.

Good News Corporation and UNESCO invite you to help strengthen the message of the International Peace Day September 21, 2016. All the countries of the UN unanimously agreed to a Day of Peace. Here are our peaceful details:

Some of the events we have planned for 2016:

1 Times Square, Duffy Park. 9/16 press conference/event. 12 noon Sing along event, creation of Human Peace Sign and broadcast. Insert video feeds into final show on 21st.

2 Vigil For Peace & Ecology.9/18 – Celebrating their 15 th Anniversary, our Peace Day Party will join in for the opening of the Central Park Band Shell/NYC event at 11am. A Gala Performance with entertainment in costume from around the world will create our Human Peace Sign.

3 New York City Schools Respect for All Program on September 21. In final discussions to hold events in some high schools on the Upper Westside/Manhattan, potentially the entire NYC school system. Segments will be taped prior to the 9/21 event, and inserted into the broadcast children stating in poetry, artwork, dance and voice, What Does Peace Mean to Them?

4 Video Feeds from UN Women of Peace March from 3/5/16, San Jose, Ca. 9/`18/16 (Amanda’s Network Cyber Bullying) Hundreds of What Does Peace Mean to You? www.goodnewsplanet.com interviews. TBD, Northern Ireland/Ireland, Israel/Jerusalem, Caribbean, China, India, Africa, Philippines…

5 Major Broadcast to the world on September 21, 12 noon, the declared International Day of Peace. Our broadcast will incorporate all these pre-recorded feeds and possibly a live feed from a NYC School. Our main broadcast partner is www.peacechannel.TV and we are in negotiation with some of the largest worldwide Traditional & WEB broadcasters Go to: http://goodnewsplanet.com/peace-day-global-broadcast-to-stream-live-from-the-uns-peace-day-resource-page/ to see who is part of the www.peacechannel.tv broadcast.

Please go to Www.peacedayparty.org to participate, sponsor and donate. 100% of money raised goes towards promoting world peace. Plus there are great gifts for your donation ….

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