Surviving Castle Heterodyne: Let's get to work!

Sam explains what he is working on to Charlie, and asks if he'd like to go exploring later.

"I am, am available when you, you need me."

Ziou keeps sleeping.

Kew chats with August, and begins reading the scroll on "Great Weaponsmiths". (I'm going to assume she wasn't just going to wave it about and not read it...)

study - Weaponsmiths

Learning (1d7) = 2 = 2 CP / 30 CP needed

Enoch easily finishes bolting his scope to the workbench, returns the "Shields" book to the shelf and asks August if he can borrow the book on "Woodworking Techniques"/

task - securing scope

Unskilled (1d3) [/color]= --- = 4 CP / 4 CP needed, gains 0.4 SP in Woodworking

Gabe keeps reading, his mind flying through the information. He announces to those likely to care that he'd be up for sparring matches later if they wish, otherwise he's going to pass the time reading.

study - unarmed combat

Learning (1d7 + 1d5) + Anatomy (1d5) = 7,3,1 = 22 CP / 25 CP needed.

August finishes the directions on butchering pigs.

study - pig butchery

Learning (2d5)= ---- = 15 CP / 15 CP needed, gains 1.5 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Dissection, 1.0 SP in Anatomy, 0.5 SP in Cooking, 0.5 SP in Zoology. August has advanced to Level 5 in Learning and will now make 1d7+1d5 rolls for reading based checks. August has advanced to Level 1 in Anatomy!

Ursula empties her little spider clank and gives him a thorough wind before winding the dump station and sorting through the deposited items.

spider collected items

Good Stuff

scrap of wax


dart tip

small hex nut


a coin stamped with the Heterodyne symbol

a straight pin

Probably Junk

mangled bee

mimmoth tooth

shard of glass

blob of molten slag

broken spring

remnants of a burnt bee

a bit of string

metal shavings

dead beetle

dead fly

Almost Definitely Junk


wooden splinters

dust bunnies

dust and debris

wood shavings

saw dust


a small rock


Sam has acquired a shadow in the form of Hiero who tags along behind him as the tiny man grabs the last few items he needs to build the shell of a torso for his metal son. Hiero thanks him (which confuses the little guy), then tells him all his hopes and dreams.

Sam task - Clank torso

Metalworking(1d5+1d3) + Clanks (1d7) - Sleep Deprivation (1d3)= 3,3,1,-2 = 33 CP / 30 CP needed, gains 2.0 SP in Metalworking, 1.0 SP in Clanks.

Sam now has a tiny metal torso covering.

Hiero study - whatever his good buddy Sam is working on

Metalworking (1d5 + 1d3) = 3,2 = 5 CP / 2 CP needed. Gains 0.1 SP in Metalworking, 0.1 SP Clanks.

character tags


Charlie, Charlie

The clock on the wall says 8:00 o'clock. *Bing* *Bong*

Current Battlemap


Gabe (Wears)

Sam (Badge)

Ursula (nikohl)

August (Alaen)

Hieronymus (nerre)

Enoch (Synch)

Kew (Quarg)

Ziou (ALB)


Gabe (Wears)  : ATT: 3, on hit has 50% chance to give target -1 DEF next round

Propellers Level 2: (1d7)

Steamworks Level 1: (1d5)

Metalworking Level 5: (1d7 + 1d5)

Learning Level 5: (1d7+1d5)

Clanks Level 2: (1d7)

Botany Level 1: (1d5)

Optics Level 1: (1d5)

Cooking Level 1: (1d5)

Anatomy Level 1: (1d5)

Clockworks Level 2: (1d7)

Acoustics Level 1: (1d5)

Disassembly Level 1: (1d5)

Stoneworking Level 1: (1d5)

Woodworking Level 1: (1d5)

Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

Gabe’s Clothes

Steam-Powered Propeller Beanie, now with drill attachment! Gives +1 to Tool Modifier (for drilling tasks)

Ornate Walking Stick - tools and parts within hidden compartments

Knobbed Mace: +2 ATT. on hit, has 50% chance to give target -1 DEF next round

small roll of high quality steel sheet

wide diameter decent copper tubing, 2 m

set of dented steel fan blades, small

light fixture

narrow diameter battered steel tubing, coil - 19 m

wrapped gift waiting on his bed

Special Ability: Feat of Strength: 5% chance to fail

Show Spoiler

Feat of Strength: Gabe is able to act beyond normal physical means, but with a 5% chance to throw his back out. An attempt is successful if he does not throw out his back, and fails if he does throw it out. Upon attempting a Feat of Strength, the chance of throwing his back out the following turn increases to 55%, and decays by 10% per turn. No penalties are assessed on a success, but if he fails an attempt, he is subject to a -2ATT/-2DEF penalty with -1d3 on any skill attempts while at or above a 45% chance, which drops to -1ATT/-1DEF with -1d3 on skills at or above a 25% chance.

Gabe's Workbench

Show Spoiler

drill bits

Tripod and thresold lifter

10 m of frayed rope

30 m of new rope

rough pulley, single

rough compound pulley

high quality single pulley

medium diameter battered steel tubing, 1 m

steam plans

explanations of advanced martial arts moves - 25 CP needed, gains 2.5 SP in Learning, 2.0 SP in Unarmed Combat, 0.2 SP in Armed Combat, 0.5 SP in Anatomy [August][Kew][Ursula]

Sam (Badge) : ATT: 2, on hit target has 25% chance to lose additional 1HP next round


Clockworks Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Locks Level 1: (1d5)

Disassembly Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Metalworking Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Clanks Level 2: (1d7)

Stoneworking Level 1: (1d5)

Traps Level 1: (1d5)

Learning Level 1: (1d5)

Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

Sam’s shirt - full of holes

Trousers - leather (ill fitting to his small frame)

Suede Vest - pocked with holes

bronze buckled thick cloth belt

Short Dagger - +1ATT, on a successful hit, target has 25% chance to lose an additional 1HP next turn

heavy leather left glove

Conical Helmet: +1 DEF

Armored Shirt: +1 DEF

large hammer

carving chisel

poisoned spike

A Mutli-Screwdriver - 8 types/sizes

Set of Spanners

Glasses with Magnifying Lens

Clockwork Stilt components



A wood and leather ‘racket’

large tongs

small pair of hinged legs

tiny pair of hinged arms

small clockwork drive

tiny metal torso covering

Left by fountain:

A melted blob of iron, grape sized

a wooden button

some knotted up twine

a small animal tooth

two smooth brown seeds

shreds of fabric

Special Ability:

Show Spoiler

Size Does Matter: After spending years avoiding death in the sewers, and then avoiding being tread upon by larger colleagues, Sam has developed an uncanny knack for noticing small details that let him avoid dangerous situations. His reflexes give him a 25% chance to avoid traps/ambushes entirely, and a 50% chance to partially avoid them (this is in addition to % chance for any traps that have a % to succeed/fail).

Sam's Workbench

Show Spoiler

”Reineer’s Flaming Blade” attachment

Wearable Items

fingerless gloves




screwdrivers of various types

Crude Wire Lockpicks - +30 TM

rawhide mallet

tiny ball-peen hammer

tiny folding knife

wire cutters

charcoal pencil


woodcarving tools in a leather roll

metal file

tiny pliers

wire snips

flint & steel

tiny pliers

Long pair of forceps

A fine saw


carved bone whistle

half a candle, in plain metal candlestick - 3+ hours left

Lard-Cloth Torch

metal tube

An Unmarked Bag

Small Pouch of Assorted Clockwork Parts

wooden box

heavy chain

thin brass rod

a bronze rod

box with assorted small gears

small gears

spool of copper wire

a blown glass jar

ball of twine

2 long wooden shafts

box of tiny nails


Life Cycle of a Tree/Lock Diagram

Ursula (nikohl) : ATT: 1

Disassembly Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Clanks Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Clockworks Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Learning Level 4: (2d5)

Dissection Level 1: (1d5)

Rodents Level 1: (1d5)

Anatomy Level 1: (1d5)

Ceramics Level 1: (1d5)

Cleaning Level 1: (1d5)

Metalworking Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

Ursula’s Clothes

two heavy work gloves

heavy dark brown leather boots

wide leather belt

Thin Knife: +1 ATT, 25% chance to ignore target’s DEF. On hit, 25% chance to break.

shirt soiled with ink

wooden bucket - full of

Metallic Jaws

Forearm support struts


Disassembly Kit - Screwdrivers, spanners, scissors, etc. Pretty much the basics to taking things apart

Crowbar - While primarily a tool, grants +1ATT

worthless wood

Portable music box with discs

Special Ability: In Tune

Show Spoiler

Special Ability: In Tune: Having worked for years in a music shop, Ursula feels most comfortable and able to focus while music is playing. While attempting a task or studying, she has a 20% chance to gain an additional 1d3 CP, but a 10% chance to get caught up in the music and lose focus on her work, reducing her skill check by 1d3.

Ursula's Workbench

Show Spoiler

Spider Station - ⅓ full

Iris the Ballerina Clank

husks and silk from ear corn (8 ears worth)

Rug Weaving Patterns: Grasses, Rushes and Rags - 24 CP, gains 2.4 SP in Learning, 1.8 SP in Botany, 0.6 SP in Textiles, 1.0 SP in Knots.[Ursula]

grappling hook, rope

twine ball

Handcrafted Music Box - 2 tune cylinders

Metal Shears

dented mug

2 screws

clump of hair

dirt and dust

Empty large wooden crate marked ‘Perishables’

Medium square crate - "Misc. ropes, etc."

Medium crate - "Glassware - Assorted" half full of sawdust and shavings

Large crate - "Fuel"

Medium square crate - "Metal, tubing - assorted"

Large crate - "Metal, sheet - assorted"

short flat crate - "Leather"

Large crate - "Gears"

Medium large crate - "Fan parts"

Very large crate - "Junk"

Wearable Items

A Work Apron - to be worn around the waist, plenty of pockets for tools, and odds and ends

Prison Uniform (Capris) - Embroidered with "No. 00377"

Makeshift Backpack - It'll work for carrying things for now..


wood chisel

magnifying lens


charcoal pencil


large hammer

small hammer

small hammer head and small wooden shaft

wire snips

large tongs

wire snips


tiny ball-peen hammer

1 Forks

1 Spoon

Crude Lockpicks

Instrument: Recorder

flint & steel on a chain

sewing needle

sewing needle stuck through a piece of leather

A spearhead attached to a charred shaft

potters toolkit


rawhide mallet

Mirrored Lantern


A Set of Wire Rings of Springs - assorted sizes, threaded onto circular rings

Three stingers with venom sacs

Small copper coin, partially melted, unknown striking

Large Dissected Rat

Tubes of Mysterious Green Liquid (x2)

Pile of Guts wrapped in hide

spool of copper wire

a set of springs

manacles with the key in the lock

large wooden spool of thick black thread

box of screws

small tin pill case - "Dr. Skinner's Pain Pills" x 12

"Montgomery's Famous Laxative" x 4 - loose

Main support strut - acts like the 'bone' of the clank arm, hinged at the elbow end, broken on the other

Various cables - most less than 0.5 m, some longer

Assorted gears

A few pulleys

Assorted small screws and bolts

light cables - manipulated the various fingers

small metal first aid kit

A set of 6-sided dice - formerly in a leather pouch, but it was too damaged to be of any use

A comb

A pendant

Three fish hooks

Small scrap of steel mirror

thumb sized quartz crystal

quartz crystal

small glass shards

solder - 0.35kg

A shirt button

a silver ring

a snail shell (uninhabited)

very small roll of battered tin sheet


snippets of song lyrics and melodic doodles - 8 CP needed, gains 0.8 SP in Learning, 0.6 SP in Acoustics [Gabe][Ursula]

Partial Schematic for Spider Clank - 15 CP to read, gains 1.5 SP in Learning, 1.5 SP in Clockworks, 1.5 SP in Clanks [Urusla][Sam]

Embroidered Beadwork - 25 CP, 2.5 SP in Learning, 2.5 SP in Sewing, 2.0 SP in Textiles [Hiero]

Notebook and Pen - observational notes of other prisoners, diagram of clank arm structure, diagram of reassembling a clank finger - 10 CP

Stained Map - depicts the surrounding rooms

August (Alaen) : ATT: 3 (25% to lose 1 HP next rd) | 2 (50% to give +1 ATT)
DEF: 4 plus conditional (1+ 1 + 2 + (+ 25% chance to give +1 DEF))+ (50% chance to give + 1 DEF)


Weaponcraft Level 2: (1d7)

Leatherworking Level 2: (1d7)

Learning Level 5: (1d7+1d5)

Metalworking Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Woodworking Level 1: (1d5)

Armorcraft Level 2: (1d7)

Disassembly Level 1: (1d5)

Anatomy Level 1: (1d5)

Sewing Level 2: (1d7)

Armed Combat Level 1: During armed combat, August has a 25% chance to receive an additional +1 DEF each combat round.

[b]Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

Prison Uniform - Embroidered with "No. 00378"

August’s Clothes

Long Coat - with lots of pockets!

A Small Wooden Box - contains tools and parts

A Pocket Watch

A Pair of Goggles - interchangeable lenses

Paring Knife - +1 ATT, 25% chance to give additional -1 ATT

Harness/holster - crisscross of straps, made to hold a collection of weapons and gadgets


Home-forged Saber: +2 ATT, on successful hit, has 25% chance to cause target to lose 1 HP the following round

Steel Reinforced Leather Armor - stained, grants +3 DEF

Studded Leather Greaves - +1 DEF

Lard-Cloth Torch

Reinforced Glove: 50% chance to give +1 DEF

Woodsman's Hatchet: +1 ATT, 50% chance to give additional +1 ATT

bent copper rod - 2m

coil of hemp rope, 25m

armored shirt design

three blank pages

small supple leather

large roll of impure steel sheet - 30 cm wide, 18m long

impure steel sheet scraps

supple leather scraps

Special Ability:

Show Spoiler

[b]Special Ability: Battle Ready: As long as August/Kas has +1 ATT and +1 DEF from devices he created or modified, he can opt to gain +1 ATT/-1 DEF, -1ATT/+1DEF, +2ATT/-2DEF, or -2ATT/+2DEF in the subsequent turn. Changes to ATT apply to main hand weapon only. This must be declared at the start of a round.

August's Workbench

Show Spoiler

Finely Crafted Wooden Chair: 5% chance to add +1 to tasks attempted by someone sitting in it.

Wearable Items

two halves of a circular wooden shield

very nice old leather boots, worn through



large hammer



small hammer

tiny pliers

woodcarving tools in a leather roll

set of assorted spanners

large tongs

Needle in scrap of leather

Small Saw - suitable for wood

Awl -

Leather Wrapped Sticky Dagger: +1 ATT, on successful hit, has 5% chance to cause target to lose 1 HP the following round


small metal first aid kit

metal shavings

metal tube

Assorted Spools of Thread

leather straps

whetstone wrapped in a nearly clean rag

grappling hook, with rope


steel bar

brass key

quill pen, ink vial

a bronze rod - 1.5m

a very short wooden shaft (half was used in saber handle)


diagram of sword forms, including footwork - 15 CP needed, gains 1.5 SP in Learning, 0.7 SP in Blades, 1.2 SP in Armed Combat [August]

Modified plans for a special weapon- gains 2.5 SP in Learning, 1.2 SP in Weaponcraft, 1.2 SP in Projectiles, 1.2 SP in Magnetism, 0.6 SP in Electrical Energy [August]

elaborate sketches, with instructions, for making a corset- gains 2.0 SP in Learning, 0.5 SP in Leatherworking, 0.5 SP in Textiles, 1.0 SP in Sewing. [August]

directions for butchering a pig - 15 CP needed, gains 1.5 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Dissection, 1.0 SP in Anatomy, 0.5 SP in Cooking, 0.5 SP in Zoology [Ziou][Enoch][August]

Animal Tracks of the Common Species of Europa

Woodworking Techniques - 20 CP needed, gains 2.0 SP in Learning, 2.0 SP Woodworking, 0.2 SP in Toolcraft, 0.2 SP in Botany. [Gabe]

The Complete History of Shoes - 26 CP

Hieronymus (nerre) : ATT: 2 (see Prisoner’s Shank)


Capacitors Level 1: (1d5)

Learning Level 5: (1d7 + 1d5)

Weaponcraft Level 1: (1d5)

Cooking Level 3: (1d3+1d5)

Botany Level 1: (1d5)

Mechanical Kinetic Energy Level 1: (1d5)

Metalworking Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Sewing Level 1: (1d5)

Textiles Level 1: (1d5)

Zoology Level 1: (1d5)

Steamworks Level 1: (1d5)

Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

Prison Uniform - Embroidered with "No. 00379", no left sleeve

Subdermal Capacitors (1 of 6 Charged) - six, located on chest, shoulders and upper arms

Charge Catchers - antennae-like, located on forehead

Electric Torch - located on forehead (3 turns of light remaining)

Handy Electodes - located on each palm, seem to be connected to Subdermal Capacitors

Suede Vest

Knife Sheath on Leather Strap

Heavy Leather Gloves

leather apron[b]

Prisoner's Shank: +1 ATT, 75% chance to miss in melee. If target is held or restrained, strikes twice, ignoring target DEF.

[b]carved bone whistle - emits a piercing shriek, holes drilled in it allow for the production of 3 different notes


Unshelled walnut


Charcoal pencil

fur - 0.5 sq m

glass rod - 0.6m


lump of charcoal

medium diameter battered bronze tubing, 1.5 m

small roll of impure bronze sheet

set of wall anchors (6)

Special Ability:

Show Spoiler

Special Ability: Charge Me Up, Buttercup: When subject to electrical damage, Hieronymus may prevent 1d3 of that damage, storing charges equal to the damage prevented in his capacitors (maximum 6). Using his palm electrodes, he may release any number of stored charges into a target (via touch or a conductive weapon), dealing 1 DAM to the target for each charge released. He may instead use one charge to power the battery for his Electric Torch (once charged, torch will illuminate for a total of 6 turns). Charges may also be used to power appropriate devices or items. During his capture, his implants suffered some damage and as a result, anytime Hiero expends a charge, there is a 25% chance that it deals 1 DAM to him in addition to its other effects.

Hiero's Workbench

Show Spoiler

Small Static Generator - installed near stove in kitchen, slowly builds static charge

Professor Slocum's Lemon Powered Pie Chucker

Wearable Items

fingerless gloves

A Backpack Bladder with Drinking Tube - full



Hammer - +1ATT

flint and steel

wire cutters

tiny pliers

Small Blade - good for whittling, not for fighting.

metal file

metal punch

metal tongs

rawhide mallet

sewing needle

sewing needle stuck through a piece of leather

potters toolkit

carving chisel

metal file


metal saw


set of dented steel fan blades, large

box of small metal scraps


twine ball

scrap of leather

Repaired Manacles - no key

A Roll of Steel Wire - 0.3mm thick, 7.5m long

spool of lead alloy wire

small box with assorted nuts and bolts

medium opaque glass container - partially full of foul smelling liquid


plans describing how to build a siege tower - 20 CP needed, gains 2.0 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Woodworking, 0.5 SP in Metalworking, 0.3 SP in Weaponcraft, 0.3 SP in Armed Combat [Hiero]

Trap-Making - 25 CP needed, gains 2.5 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Metalworking, 2.0 SP in Traps, 0.2 SP in Blades, 0.2 SP in Electrical Energy, 0.2 SP in Insects, 0.2 SP in Poison, 0.2 SP in Chemistry. [Ziou][Hiero]

battered metal flask

Enoch (Synch) : ATT: 1


Zoology Level 2: (1d7)

Learning Level 3: (1d5+1d3)

Anatomy Level 1: (1d5)

Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

clothes (trousers, shirt)

white lab coat

journal and pen (tentacle sketch)

Sturdy Knife: +1 ATT, 10% to gain additional +1 ATT

“Colonel Margrave’s Bee Bomb”

surgical kit (scalpel, scissors, clamp, needle, thread, guaze)

medium opaque glass container full of stinky water and leeches

Special Ability:

Show Spoiler

Enoch’s Workbench

Show Spoiler

collection jar containing a thumb sized black beetle and a berry

a small pebble

note from Ursula

Bee Door Design

Multi-lensed Dissection Scope

Wearable Items

Prison Uniform - Embroidered with "No. 00381"


flint & steel on a chain



screwdrivers of various types



cloth-wrapped etching set

Metal Ruler

small collection jar (250 mL)

small collection jar (250 mL)

collection net

magnifying lens

Small collection jar containing

Two dead bees, slightly squished, one missing a stinger

Eight necropsied bees remains

Two stingers

Four venom sacs


leather strap w/ buckle

“Urn o’ Toads: For all your pest management needs!”

Small wooden crate filled with pine shavings

cloth drawstring bag, marked No. 00381

Globe Lantern


Kew (Quarg) : ATT: 2, 25% chance for ATT:3 instead


Chemistry Level 1: (1d5)

Metalworking Level 1: (1d5)

Learning Level 2: (1d7)

Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

Prison Uniform - Embroidered with "No. 00382"

Cane made of containers

large tongs


medium pine timber, fresh sawn and warped

Special Ability:

Show Spoiler

Kew’s Workbench

Show Spoiler

"The Crystal Alchemist Starter Pack: Fun for All Ages!" Contents: 2 flasks, 3 beakers, 2 glass stirring rods, a jeweler's loop and tools, 4 jars of fine grained powders, "Directions" booklet (10 CP needed, gains 1.0 SP in Learning, 0.3 SP in Chemistry, and 0.7SP in Crystals.) [Kew].

Armored Shirt: +1 DEF

Wearable Items

Kew’s normal clothes… bloody and holey

dark glasses


tinker's hammer handle

tinker's hammer with handle and head separated


Improvised Spear: +1 ATT


cloth bag marked No. 00382

small opaque glass container - full of caustic goo

small roll of high quality aluminum sheet

Assorted paperclips

Carving Knife: +1 ATT, 25% chance to give additional +1 ATT - covered in caustic goo

bloody rags

set of battered steel fan blades, medium

partially used thick candle

small steel mirror

short pine shaft, dried and straight

short pine plank, dried and slightly bowed

medium pine board, weathered and straight


Soap and General Hygiene - 15 CP, gains 1.5 SP Learning, 1.5 SP Chemistry, 1.5 SP Cleaning [Hiero][Kew]

Great Weaponsmiths of the Ages & How to Identify Their Work - 30 CP, gains 3.0 SP in Learning, 2.0 SP in Weaponcraft, and 1.3 SP in Assessment [August][Hiero]

Ziou (ALB) : ATT: 2


Dissection Level 1: (1d5)

Metalworking Level 2: (1d7)

Learning Level 2: (1d7)

Anatomy Level 1: (1d5)

Ceramics Level 1: (1d5)

Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

Prison Uniform - Embroidered with "No. 00383"

fingerless gloves

worn out gloves pocked with burn holes

bone handle knife: +1 ATT

stripped dissection/murder kit, scalpel, scissors, small pebble

flint & steel on a chain

short oak board, fresh sawn and slightly bowed

Working with Clay 30 CP needed, gains 3.0 SP in Learning, 2.0 SP in Ceramics, 0.5 SP in Fire [Gabe][Ursula]
Special Ability:

Show Spoiler

An Eye for Weakness: In his quest to "help" improve on the human form, Ziou has gained a knack for assessing the weaknesses of his subjects, as well as other creatures. In combat, Ziou may opt to spend a round searching his opponent for weakness (50% chance to succeed, on success, 25% chance to pinpoint). If a weakness has been identified, attacks made with that knowledge are treated as if the opponent had -1 DEF. If weakness is pinpointed, increase to -2 DEF.

Ziou’s Workbench

Show Spoiler

"Doctor Xu's Biological Sample Jar"

small set of bellows

"Doctor Xu's Knockdown Gas" - 10 tablets

Wearable Items


strapped headgear with various magnifying lenses


leather vest with pockets

Boots - heavy leather, iron shod sole

Grey Tentacle


a small box containing polishing compounds of various grits

leather rolled needle kit, various syringes, needle and thread, scalpel

bone handle knife: +1 ATT

metal file

tiny ball-peen hammer




a couple of greasy rags

Sketch of Energy Machine Plans

aloe salve in a small round metal tin

cloth bag marked No. 00383

curved shard of broken ceramic

tiny container of leeches

Skinned rat

Raw rat pelt


Disguise Is An Art Form

Advanced Mathematics

Food Preservation - 20 CP needed, gains 2.0 SP in Learning, 1.2 SP in Cooking, 0.2 SP in Chemistry, 0.5 SP in Cleaning, 0.2 SP in Steamworks [Hiero]

Cooking for the Bachelor Hermit - 14 CP, gains 1.4 SP in Learning, 1.2 SP in Cooking, 0.8 SP in Botany, and 0.8 SP in Zoology [Hiero]

Talents of the Innkeeper: Mixing Drinks 20 CP needed, gains 2.0 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Chemistry, 1.0 SP in Fermentation

Farm Animals - 25 CP, 2.5 SP in Learning, 1.5 SP in Zoology, and 1.5 SP in Butchering [Hiero][Enoch][Ziou]

Charlie : ATT: 4 (25% to lose 1 HP next rd, 5% to block melee)
DEF: 3
DR: 2/ (electrical)
DP: 22/

In addition to ATT and DEF, Charlie also has damage reduction (DR) which negates the first two damage from any attack except one electrical in nature. Any damage dealt decreases his non replenishing pool of durability points (DP). As he becomes more damaged, every 5 DP that he drops, he will randomly decrease in either ATT, DEF or DR. At 0 DP, Charlie will be non functional. DP may only be regained by being repaired.

Items: (bold indicates items that are currently equipped)

Long spear: +3 ATT, on hit has 25% chance to lose additional 1 HP next round, 5% chance to block melee attacks

Unclaimed items

Battered Steamer Trunk

Crates and Wood

Communal Toolbench 1

Communal Toolbench 2

Books and Scrolls

Raw Materials

Junk Shelf

Assorted Containers of Stuff

Battered Steamer Trunk :

factory rejects, 3 shirt, 6 pants (various defects... no neck hole, three sleeves, one leg, etc.)

used, stained bedsheet (~4 square meters)

used, faded sheet of cloth (~9 square meters)

used prisoner uniforms, 5

worn work clothes, 1 shirts, 3 pants (well patched, heavy, durable)

moth eaten bolt of cloth (large bolt, frayed at edges)

Prison Uniform - Embroidered with "No. 00380"

Shirt - wool, lovely lime color

Apron - lots of pockets and places to attach things

A pair of rough-palmed gloves

Prison Uniform - Embroidered with "No. 00374"

shiny black braided leather bracelet

Crates and Wood :

Large open sided crate - empty

shattered wooden chair

Long open sided crate

long oak board, fresh sawn and straight

long oak plank, dried, ‘firewood’

long oak timber, fresh sawn and straight

medium oak plank, fresh sawn and slightly bowed

medium pine plank, dried and warped

long pine shaft, fresh sawn and splintered

long oak plank, dried and warped

Communal Toolbench 1 :

tiny pliers

Flint and Steel

tiny ball-peen hammer

a small box containing polishing compounds of various grits

rawhide mallet


sewing needle

sewing needle stuck through a piece of leather

wire cutters

wire snips

metal punch


magnifying lens

Communal Toolbench 2 :

A handwritten goodbye note

a small blade suitable for whittling

Broom - good for sweeping.

a small box containing polishing compounds of various grits

a small pile of greasy rags

aloe salve in a small round metal tin

Books and Scrolls :

Diagrammed Gemcutting: 20 CP - 2.0 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Crystals, 0.5 SP in Optics, 0.5 SP in Jewelry [Kew]

Shields, Their History and Use - 30 CP needed, 3.0 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Woodworking, 1.0 SP in Leatherworking, 1.0 SP in Metalworking, 1.0 SP in Armed Combat, 1.0 SP in Armorcraft [August][Ursula][Enoch]

Trees of the Northern Woods - 20 CP, gains 2.0 SP Learning, 2.0 SP in Botany, and 1.0 SP in Woodworking [Hiero]

Carpentry vs. Stonemasonry - 30 CP, 3.0 SP in Learning, 1.5 SP in Woodworking, 1.5 SP in Stoneworking [Gabe]

Underground Ecologies - 2.5 SP in Learning, 0.5 SP in Fungi, 0.5 SP in Insects 0.5 SP in Botany, and 1.0 SP in Caves [Gabe]

Life on the Ocean - 2.5 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Zoology, 1.0 SP in Knots, 1.0 SP in Sailing, 0.3 SP in Thieving

Caterpillars - 20 SP needed, 2.0 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Zoology, 2.0 SP in Insects [Hiero][Enoch]

botanical study of different types of ivy

plans for creating a music box - 15 CP needed, gains 1.5 SP in Learning, 0.8 SP in Clockworks, 0.3 SP in Acoustics, 0.2 SP in Metalworking [Gabe][Ursula]

diagram for sewing a toy bear from scraps of fur

musings on evolutionary processes - 20 CP needed, gains 2.0 SP in Learning, 1.0 SP in Zoology, 1.0 SP in Botany, 1.0 SP Chemistry [Enoch]

partial plans for a simple steam engine - 15 CP needed, gains 1.5 SP in Learning, 1.5 SP in Steamworks, and 1.5 SP in Mechanical Kinetic Energy [Gabe][Hiero]

diagrams for making packs from four-legged animal skins - 12 CP needed, gains 1.2 SP in Reading, 1.0 SP in Leatherworking, 1.0 SP in Sewing

Anatomy Comparisons Between Humanoids - 25 CP needed, gains 2.5 SP in Learning, 1.5 SP in Anatomy, 1.0 SP in Dissection. [Gabe] [August][Ziou][Enoch]

diagram of a sewing pattern for a jacket - 13 CP needed, gains 1.3 SP in Learning, 0.8 SP in Sewing, 0.5 SP in Textiles, 0.4 SP in Leatherworking [August]

Raw Materials :

coil of hemp rope, 25m

knotted leather strap

square of good quality linen

thin glass rod

thin silver rod

Bars of Soap - 2

Clean Rags - 8

Cloth Bags - 2

used up stubs of thin candles, 13

used up stubs of thick candles, 11

flask of sporadically burning low strength fuel - 1L

flask of clean burning low strength fuel - 0.90 L

jug of high quality high strength fuel - 4L

small patchy pelt

medium ratty leather

medium supple leather

large thick leather

small stiff patchy leather

large thick ratty pelt

medium supple pelt

crate of large gears

one very large gear

two medium gears

set of dented iron fan blades, small

two clean rags

used up stub of a thin candle

flask of oil

leather strap with a buckle

wide diameter battered steel tubing, coil - 4.5 m

metal table top

Junk Shelf :

a dull blade

dry rotted backpack with a broken strap

singed leather scrap

unlocked manacle

worthless leather

battered glass

rejected liquid

rejected liquid

filthy glass

rejected leather

battered leather

filthy device

broken device

broken liquid

rejected glass

broken leather

battered fabric

block of granite, failed statue

dirty fabric

low quality liquid

low quality glass

worthless wood

broken leather

worthless fabric

worthless glass

crank drill handle (missing chuck, shaft)

tin scraps

Assorted Containers of Stuff :

bag of buttons

ball of thread

box with a chunk of chalk and a chunk of rock salt

shallow box with assorted spools of thread

stick of brown sealing wax

tin of sulphur

tiny cracked glass container

wet clay in oiled canvas - ~98kg

box of small gears

box of assorted nuts, bolts and washers

small tin pill case


Pantry shelves

bag of walnuts - 0.9kg

bag of travel rations - thumb shaped sticks, 14

stoneware jar of pickled cabbage - 3.7 L

box of dried corn - 5.0kg

basket of shelled hazelnuts - 0.5 kg

dried apples - sliced, about 2.25 kg

large sack of oatmeal - 22.0 kg

tin of fish jerky - 27

sack of dried beans - 9.8 kg

garlic - 9.1 bulbs

tin of hardtack biscuits - 6

box with paper packets of assorted powdered herbs and spices

Wheel of sharp yellow cheese - 2.6 kg

Sack of flour - 8.4 kg

Bag of potatoes - 2.0 kg

Clay Pot of Honey - 0.21 kg

Salt Pork - 1.3 kg

Dried Mushrooms - 0.08 kg

leather bladder with future honeywine fermenting

Tin of loose leaf tea - enough for 194 cups

Canister of “Crazy Cathy’s Coffee Crystals” - enough for 375 cups

Fresh milk - 3.4 L

spiced lamb jerky - 3.0 kg

leg of ham - 5.8 kg

crate of ear corn - 15 ears

fresh berries - 0.2 kg

Orang-pple - 8

Dehydrated travel food - 3 kg

brown eggs, packed in straw - 10

jar of lard - 1.8L

Prepared Meal:

Omelet: 2 servings
Hot tea: 2 cups

Kitchen scraps

gnawed on corn cobs (8)

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