Gmail Sign On and get yourself a free email address. A free email service by Google Inc. which is called ‘Gmail’

There are many email service you can chooses from like Yahoo Mail, (To know how you can create Yahoo Mail Account you can click here), Hotmail.com and the most famous one Gmail.com. Gmail Sign On –  is a very easy all you need is to follow instruction given below. With one Gmail account you can have many Google Services like you can also login into Youtube.com and post and share your videos. Not only this but you can also use other facilities like Google Play, if you are a android mobile user you’ll have to have Gmail Sign On Account, by which you can download many apps as well as games. By, Gmail Sign On – will not only give you one access to email account but also more services like Google Drive and Picasa Web where you can store you documents; likewise with Picasa Web you can also store all your precious photos online. Never having though of losing it. Best thing is you don’t have to pay for any of these services.

Here’s an instruction on how you can get Gmail Sign On:

Make sure you have this page opened all the times as you follow the instructions.

Open a new window and resize it so that you can see both this windows side by side.

On your new window and its address bar type-in ‘gmail.com’ and click go or enter key (For windows based computers) or return key (for Macintosh based computers)

After that you will get into the page that must looks like the image below.

Please look for where it says ‘Create account’, its in blue color letters and is located right under the light grey box.

Right after you click on the ‘Create account’ next page loads and would look like the image below:

On this page, try looking at the right corner of this page where you’ll see a bluish box in which it says Sign Up if not you’ll be directed to the page called “Create your Google Account” which looks like the image below:

In this page, all you’ll have to do is to fill up the form very carefully with accurate details.

I would recommend you to grab a pen and paper and write your username and password and the date of birth you have entered as well as the phone number and your current email address. Why? Because sometimes when you forget your password you’ll have to all the data that will be required to retrieve your Gmail password. Beware! Where you keep this piece of paper? Your only yours hiding place.

If you want to fill up the form step by step you can check our another post where I have explained each steps on how you must fill up the form to Create your Google / Gmail Account.

This is how you can have an Google / Gmail Sign On account to enjoy and use all the services of Google Inc.


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