Ram Singh Chauhan from Jaipur honored by World Records India and World Amazing Record Ahmedabad for his 17 Feet Longest Mustache. Image by Paavan Solanki. Copyright Demotix (24/9/2014)

Movember—that annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues—is over. Over the next 11 months, until next year's of course, Indians will remember Movember fondly. The facial-hair phenomenon seemed to catch on particularly well in India this year, where “mo bros” were spotted all across the country—not just in major metropolises, but also in smaller cities. Indian men observing Movember were also visible in online social media, where mustachioed selfies became a trend both in India and worldwide.

Missing the #moochh in #Movember! Love what it can do when combined with a one- day hairstyle and a… http://t.co/B0Us2jsMRG

— Pronounced as Niche (@Kneeche) November 14, 2014

#Sunday #Selfie #Movember #NoShave @ Prabhadevi http://t.co/Pjgh4r8m3v — Bhawin Jagad (@bhawinjagad) November 23, 2014

@bunty_walia and was a pleasure meeting you again. Was a pleasure to finally gt clicked with you. #MoBros #Movember pic.twitter.com/iS0ejmZENz — devendra pai (@DEVenDrapai) November 23, 2014

@AXNIndia here is a fav movember selfie with a BFF #MovemberWithAXN Whattay cool contest!! #beardedmen #lovemax pic.twitter.com/B8xrwC6gsq

— रJOULE (@moshism) November 20, 2014

For obscure reasons, this picture is supposed to remind you of testicular cancer and http://t.co/D5NF6SAGnS pic.twitter.com/jT7Na27FXj

— ParitOsho (@paritoshZero) November 9, 2014

The word Movember is a portmanteau from the words “mustache” and “November.” The Movember Foundation coordinates a global effort to raise awareness about men's health issues—particularly prostate cancer. Participants in the event, known as “mo bros” encourage others to get annual check-ups, to learn about their own family's history of any cancer (for preventative care), and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. On November 1, men register at Movember.com with a clean shaven face and allow their mustache to grow over the course of the month.

Of course, Movember isn't just an opportunity for men to flaunt their mustaches; it's also a chance to raise money for men's health issues. Amal Vartak, a Mumbai resident, has supported Movember not only by raising awareness but also by collecting $1,800. Some women, known informally as “mo sistas,” are also involved in Movember efforts.

@AXNIndia #MovemberWithAXN My #Movember look ☺️ Y should boys have al the fun pic.twitter.com/E32umkrpe1

— Daal-Baati-Cђuгma•• (@FarebiAankhein) November 21, 2014

@atulkasbekar is looking more and more like a Major in the Indian Army this #movember pic.twitter.com/0lllanAZld

— Elena Fernandes (@Fernandes_Elena) November 11, 2014

Honoring great Movember achievements is the World Beard and Mustache Championship at the end of the year. Several celebrities participate in this event, including actors, cricket players, and other athletes from acros India. Indian cricketers Shikhar Dhawan and Ravindra Jadeja have been known sport mustaches, as has Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Even the India's High Commission of Canada hosted a Movember fundraiser.

Movember has been immensely popular in recent years. It's charity, it's chic, and it's both literally and figuratively changing the face of men's health.

Written by Ravi Krishnani
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