GVR – Drake Midweek Update 7/11/12, 6 pm


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Lady Dragon is on. Teri, too!

Pay attention (Drake)

Vatican, UK, Queen, Pharma

Teri Ambach: Hi everyone! Everyone saw quick news story, law suit in Canada being filed against crown, monarchy, big pharma. In an interview Alfred Weber did. Been pushing to listen to interview. It’s something we all need to pay attention to. Critical info that is going on. We need to have this info go viral. There have been a lot of people who have been silenced over this. Best way to prevent people from being silenced is mass exposure. We invited Alfred Weber to do a show tomorrow, to make us understand the interview.

Lady Dragon: The Founder is Jason Bowman. Spoke with him before news. Drake, please give article to everyone. He founded Citizens for ??? How this suit against Vatican, Crown and Big Pharma. They killed Indians here, and they have proof and are going after them. All sort of problems trying to interfere, but word is getting out faster than it can be stopped. We need, like Teri said, to inform everyone. Lady D will do everything she can to let everyone know. Google picked up article. No one is reporting in Canada. He’s going back to court and has backing of judges, it’s going to be massive. As news comes out, I will be first to know. This time it is going to work to sue them. (Teri, keep this in the news, in front. I am pleaing to everyone…wikileaks, white hats, do NOT sit on this anymore. Release it. Flood the internet with it. Don’t let people get picked over, let it out) Lady D: Trust me, it will get out with me. Things will go forward. Won’t be able to put this under the lid.

Teri: Same story banking stuff, Libor, but it’s the same old story. Blasting all over, smoke screen to get off looking at other stuff. I am going to start going down different rabbit holes now. My instinct is back off Libor, and more stories that aren’t being exposed enough. Hopefully I can take this somewhere and go down more holes. And that’s it for me.

Drake: I know for a fact that there are a whole lot of things that people don’t want out and there is a whole bunch of documentation that are in possession of people in the freedom efforts. People want to shoot people. Don’t go that way, not yet. ?!

Lady Dragon: Bill trying to be passed. Monsanto Rider. This is very serious. Now with this bill they will be able to plant their seeds even if they aren’t allowed. Counter act even if someone says, you can’t plant here,… would force Sec’y of Agriculture to plant genetic engineer crop, even if federal judge says no. So, basically it is saying that no law can stop Monsanto from doing what they want.

Drake: Please get that bill to me. Hard to keep up with it all. Denise, I sent you email link to the Nations Magazine, article on TPP, Nafta. Subscriber blog put in. What people don’t understand is the Shot Heard around the World. The person that pulled the trigger, didn’t really pull the trigger. When you get to a certain point, you don’t have any choice. When you are confronting someone with arms, when they don’t give you any choice, it’s actually that person who is pulling the trigger. It is a form of psychology and a form of reality. The reality starts with a thing called The Law of the Sea. George Bush, God bless his evil soul. Horse hockey, not part of the country. It can be found at : www.heritage.org research, reports the-law-of-sea-treaty. Maritime rights, legal rights, for undersea drilling, mining Legal limits of boundary.. changes that among other things. Disallows some of the presently used commercial enterprises that use the sea, to include fishing, drilling and mining. Restricts it in such a matter. It’s horse hockey that it isn’t in the best interest.

I hope it makes industrialists mad!

United Nations small arms Treaty: People haven’t read it. I read it all today. What a mess. NO semi automatic weapons. If it has a clip you have to give it up. Local, national and international. You have to register your guns with the United Nations. So, I dug, this started in 52, that the US armament commission, formed in 78, this has been in the works for awhile… maneuvering that they like to do, the UN office for arm 212-963-4587 fax same but last four 9942 rdb-unoda@un.org, SEND THEM EMAILS and fax til they die. (correction:  We have only one number and it’s a standard line and you should call 212-963-4066)

Shot heard around world, they gave us no choice and the shot was pulled. They can take anything, you can have a 6 gun if it’s registered and you are good. IF you have a shotgun for hunting, guess who is taking it? July 27 vote for ratification. The UN is a foreign entity. It’s also my opinion, you go to the website, you will find communist manifesto. Everyone needs to call the representatives. If they don’t want to hear about it, I will express to them that your vote you are taken either makes you committing treason according to the Constitutional Convention or you are signing your own death.

Anyone who doesn’t understand what this means… 2nd ammendment right to bear arms. It’s UN, and they couldn’t get it done. Recently a whole load of websites got shut down that were complaining about the govt giving out birth control. Personal decision, but 1st ammendment, I may disagree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it to the death. It is a constitutional right. They have been taking it, now they are trying to take no. 2 away.

I thought this was bad enough, something else later… This thing offers a choice, you need to call everyone in Pentagon and object and call them a treasonous whatever. I don’t personally like this at all, but if they want an uprising, the vote on the 27th will tell us which way to go. We want the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, women’s right to vote next? They may outlaw all alcohol again. I have been dealing with armed groups, a bunch are itchy. And they’ve been practicing and cleaning guns, you are going to have some in the neighborhood of millions. They aren’t going to storm DC, but they are going to take you out of your house. I’ve been already been told by large armed groups of people that they will do this. I hope the military is listening, I heard they were sitting back waiting for the reaction. There will be a fight, I won’t go out hunting, but there are a whole bunch of people who will go out hunting, unless you have an armed fortress, I would suggest you vote against this. This is the USA not US of UN.

This makes me so mad, I can hardly stand it. You send us off to war, you come back in one piece you are lucky, you come back with mental disorders, we don’t give you squat. Tell them they have to supply their own prosthesis. He got blown up… How is an unconscious soldier supposed to have his extra sox? You just don’t do that.

TPP Trans Pacific Partnership. Corporate partnership NAFTA on steroids. They take all of the rights anyone has to include soverignty to include corporate dictatorship. You interfered with our business, so you have to pay. Individuals, etc. That is being done by corporation. Monsanto rider bill that they could do anything they want. Thought NWO was dead but now TPP and Monsanto are doing the same thing. I don’t know what it takes to get people to jump up and down and scream. What does it take to do a knock knock. Bullet through window, no silencer. TPP lists the countries of the pacific rim, ours, theirs, canada, mexico, japan. The idea is that because govt and people can’t handle finances, they should be in charge. This is the “they” who are paying for our rulership now. These are the bribes and pay offs that go to our representatives to pass our bills. I guarantee that Monsanto is paying for that bill. People aren’t getting it.

This thing with Vatican, Monarch and Pharm needs to happen here. Please make the public arrests and make it public. One who is playing game with the small arms treaty. make three arrests, show us that you are for real. I know you have done things that I can’t talk about and I applaud your efforts, and you have a huge cheering section. You need to make a touch down. July 27th. Has to happen by then. These people aren’t going to sit down anymore. These people are nasty. They live in the woods, no one likes them, bears and mtn. lions leave them alone. Battle field ain’t nice. When you have experienced people doing experienced things, and when they are concentrated against 600. People are ready to decorate parks with these people. I don’t like the idea, but if they come get my guns, there is going to be a firefight, and I am going to give them the best I have got. I am going to go hunting, I know where some people live. Normally I am the voice of reason, and July 27 is the Waterloo date. If you don’t want to get wiped out, then take some action. The military will become irrelevant. If you won’t do the job, then you are irrelevant. I don’t think you are. I am just waiting to see it. I hope and pray it don’t come to the fun and games, but I don’t see any alternatives, but if it happens, the other side is pulling the trigger.

Denise, do you have a song, I need to calm down!

Drake: Calm before the storm. Same on battlefield. Bugs, birds get still.

I have a cold sweat going. Apparently we are going to get hit and slammed from just about every direction possible. tpp2012.com. Read about it. If you think the small arms treaty is bad, this is totally unbelievable.

Good news, some things are in order.

Lady Dragon: Expound about gun treaty. You said 27th. It’s on a Friday. When all the journalists have gone home. Have you noticed that they do that. Sort of like what Obama did, what people did that were illegal appointments when people were on holiday.

Here is what can happen: I have been studying this for years. China- guns are illegal, removed, removed sword, knife, then fork then screwed. Eating rice with two sticks is tradition? This is what they want to bring everywhere.

Drake: Hitler did it, Stalin did it. China did the same thing. Hitler got 15 million on his plan. Stalin got 30-50 million. China did better. They got almost 300 million dead. You aren’t going to find graves or remains. Most of the times when this happens, they would have a book or furniture burning. Guess where the bodies went? Creamated. We can even have a future and become a shining light of freedom to the world. Only two places United states and Yeman, bearing arms is a right not a privilege. Then you have corporations, they had a thing, ALEC, corporate and special interest lawyers, finished copies of legislation so that they could have their way. Lay all the debt on the individual. We didn’t make the debt. The corporate govt owes it. ALEC was a symptom, it was abandoned. Now they are using UN, and Monsanto is using corporate lawyers. When you have corporations with billions and trillions of dollars, they have sovereignty, not us. Our birth certificate has 3.5 million bundled security. Property. I can’t stand people saying, you can’t do nothing. Taking down websites of churches. Is that a right someone is trying to take away from us. Practice the state religion? Better think about that.

In simplest terms, you don’t own anything. You are a share cropper. The govt owns it. Things have to change. I would love to do some of those things. Take that treaty and stick it, that law is bogus, and it doesn’t like the Constitution, so it goes. Look at all these people who say they represent us, they don’t, they do it for money. They won’t stop. They tried to negotiate a peace deal, couldn’t.

They wanted to see all our troops get killed on the battlefield. After the 10th offensive, we could have maintained South Vietnam as a free country. Kissenger said no. Get READY, be ready for war. Tell everyone you can via fax, email, phone call. Tell them if you vote for gun bill, you are signing for treason and a death warrant for yourself. Military is watching this. If we don’t make a lot of noise, they aren’t going to hear anything and do whatever they want, like before.

Lady Dragon: Most of the people who are listening to us are in the US, but I want to give a special message to my American friends. You are fortunate. You still have the right to have guns. If someone is going to help, it’s going to be my American friends. You need to talk to the Americans. You are the only one with guns. Obama is waiting and is worse than Bush. Everyone thinks Obama is going to save them, that’s worse. Guns are not good: LD is a journalist of international reputation, VIP, been to playbay mansion, I interviewed Paris Hilton. I have never seen a celebrity without guards with guns. She has guards who are bigger than anything with guns, same with Playboy playmates. Madonna has lots of security with guns. The only people who don’t have guns the poor people and who?

Drake: Let’s open up to questions, but statement. There are a lot of people in the UK and various countries who sent me emails warning me to get the word out to not give up guns. The break ins in England used to be similar. When the guns were gone, the break ins when people were home by armed guys went up 90%, and going up.

Denise: Drake, what does this mean, and what have your sources said about is the military not going to make any moves, and is the processs that was done in February, was it unsuccessful?

Drake: Accepted paperwork, gave us the civilian authority to take actions, then they hem and hawed, and had a lot of problems with command… Lot’s of fights and arrest with people in military. Still having some problems. The problem is wanting to see what kind of reaction would be from the guns thing on the 27th. Not that many people in the military. It would be a bloody war 80-90% casualty on both sides. Why screw up the system when you can take it apart. Call them up and raise held. Do something or get out of the way. To be quite frank, the military can become irrelevant really quick in a situation like this.

Missed some content here. For about 2 minute.

rdb-unoda@un.org get on phone, fax and email

(correction:  We have only one number and it’s a standard line and you should call 212-963-4066)

Paul: Before the green light you gave, you had talk about some talk in October about the economy crash, are we looking at that period?

Drake: The situation might go past elections, if it makes it that far, my understanding is appointments of individuals to run govt at that point. October was supposed to be October surprise, that was when the attempt on Obama’s life, and the false flags attacks. They found all the false flag attacks and have them removed.

You also had a couple of things tried between now and then, they have mysteriously gone away. October surprise, is no way it can take place.

July 27 date is set. 16 days, getting tired of saying a couple of weeks. Everyone seems to think everyone is dead in the water and done. And I was thinking the NWO was done. We subjugated them with the Global Constitution. The TPP has been in the works awhile. When …. was passed, you are going to hear the sucking sound, of jobs being taken away, and they were. He may have made a good president, better than the last three. THat’s my opinion.

Paul: Can you explain why Keenan hasn’t refiled yet. It matters, it is going to be filed before the 27th. If that doesn’t happen, no one will get paid and that will break their bank. There are enough professional thieves at statehood level to float a battleship. Where does the UN get the funds it takes to do what they do, if everyone is running in the red?

Denise, JJ from Kansas City, one question only: Been eye opening experience with 9-11 been an inside job, now a year and a half later. I applaud you for your hard work. Been listening for last month, and honored and priveleged to be here. 3rd generation hispanic. You get attacked by how you speak freely about Obama. Can you bring light to the fact about an American getting killed on border. What about crime of all Mexicans being killed by the thousands. Can you bring this out? My question, is there any way we can get a log of the people who have been arrested. When I try to share info with people, if I had some proof in my hands, to prove that someone, Trump, Soros, I would love to be able to show this to people. If there was a ledger of the rests around globe.

Drake: The manner in which someone uses tactics to take apart system or opponent, generally remains secret. I have been priveleged to know some of the names and positions, and in that way I have a much better understanding. In every organizion you have gophers, in crime syndicates they are bag men. Some of the bag men aren’t there anymore. If you want a list. Go to the Bilderberg. Compared the names of those who showed up and who was absent. That’s as far as I was allowed to go with this information. There is a combination. They are here, Canada and all over Europe. The total is running in the thousands.

So it’s fair to assume we are winning this war. Yes, I am just pissed about things they are trying to pull.

Paul: What is your intel from Pentagon or is it being done? If the military is about to make an arrest, why are we worrying about gun treating. One reason they want to watch, he who votes for treason… want to find out who does. Gun treaty, military is limited as far as what they can do. Military can back up marshalls etc. TTP, lawyers and execs do need to be absconded with, that is one place to start. Several people have been doing it, theft, is acceptable. JCMorgan/Chase, light bill, went … no loss, outright theft, covered very well. Dimond knew about it, and maybe documentations that he was responsible for that. Some people might want to start digging for that. Office memo or phone call.

Military better hurry up, when you come off with you are going to take our guns and our rights on the TPP, the law of the sea, tells oil rigs they have to move. Trying to break bank, and make it regulatory to make it impossible to make a profit, so we have no money and need to be dependent.

Paul: Is cabal pulling out stops and military waiting to see all they are going to do? I am thinking so (Drake). Law of Sea should be navy, should be stopped by arresting corporate people who are doing it. Should be a treaty but it is corporate, if you are rich, this is perfect. There are problems with lots of this. 1: Dows been slowly dropping off. Euro is at 1.22 so it’s below iffy. IF it drops below 1.20, get ready for some impacts here. If Mr. Keenan has things together soon enough, we should have things coming together before July 27. Lot’s of things coming together at the same time. How do you enforce when you can’t pay someone? They are offering bogus certificate against collateral accounts just to pay bills. It’s all fraudulent. The filing by Keenan that everything comes unglued by Central banking system, then the govt goes.

Paul: That brings up three questions…. If Keenan lawsuit goes before 27th, is that the financial green light.

Drake: If you got a fraudulent account that is made up, so it never existed in the first place. SO the federal stuff, taxes, regulations don’t exist. The basic accounts of all thigns dealing with monetary… all go back to monetary accounts. They now will need to pay it back, no gold…. so they can’t pay it back. All things coming to a screeching halt. Prosperity packages are probably bogus. Freedom people access your account for money, you are trying to tap money against collateral accounts, they don’t have authority to do that. Bunch of things basically stirring the pot: TPP, law of Sea, small arms treaty, and I am looking at these things as a sort of propaganda routine, yes small arms is real, but if you don’t have means to do anything, then it doesn’t matter, plus, those who vote for it have committed treason and may will be signing their own death sentence. I have maintained control, but there are people who wants to shoot them. I’ll let them pull the trigger. If these idiots agree to small arms treaty, i will be shocked.. I hope that they aren’t that stupid.

Paul: Safe to say that the Keenan lawsuit, will that be a financial green light. You won’t know that until Terry Hinckle gives the news on that.

Denise: Glorie. I would like to share with everyone, watching for a long time. I am excited by what I see going on. When you called green light, that is when things started happening. IRS, Federal Reserve, Vatican being raided and theft is coming out everywhere, it should be obvious to everyone. I think the biggest thing now is going to take place. I am in commercial financing and work on bonds. Cities are filing bankruptcies based on libor rates. How could they have been beign offered such good terms. I predict this is going to happen in many more cities by the end of week. We have been told. We are not alone. Everyone keep that in mind, when people start worrying about things. What is your opinion .. Cobra has suggested the most important thing to meditate and focus our attention, it seems the best thing we can do. In chat perhaps a mantra, I AM FREE. If we kept that forefront in our minds, attitude of gratitude we are free. I can see it clear as day that we are. What do you think Drake?

Drake: I performed a couple when there were planetary level problems, did through humanity healing website. Any of the websites that deal with awareness, personal advancements, if they were to be gotten together at a certain time, certain person, go to each one of these groups, and light our lights at a happy meditation at the same time of day. I suggest 8 pm, again the following day at 10 am, this will give second and third shift people to join in. A sphere of influence. If someone has a bad attitude, they stink, that is called sphere of influence, and you are happy, you draw a crowd. Basis of what this subject covers. Attitude towards something depends on what happens while you are doing something. Have a good attitude, thank God. Apply that to any form of any condition of being. Always works.

Lady Dragon: On my website I have silent meditation for Cobra. Every sunday night and every day where you are.

Glorie: I’ve had personal experience in a dire straights situation, only thing that changed it was expect a miracle. And it works. Collectively the power is great.

Denise: Tony: Thanks. First Lady Dragon. I am from Canada, class action suit, on the Global Voice Canada page, July 1, 3 and 9, and today. Someone from invitation has extended invitation to LD to join. LD, said no major network. Drake, Bob Powell asked you why isn’t military arresting Obama. He’s a puppet. Cutting off fingers of puppetteers, would be damaging to Cabal. Are many people controlling same puppet, and going after Caball is not easy task, demonstrated by absense of mass arrests. Still need Obama to issue orders. It is Obama that military takes orders from… not cabal. Exposing him at illegal ??? already ??? arrest him. Major blow? What are your thoughts?

Drake: Military isn’t listening to Obama anymore. He’s made himself unusable. Cabal are money men, took a dump on them when he didn’t approve the pipe line. He hasn’t kept all but one of his promises, or inferred goodies that he was going to provide. Only thing he got through is Obama care, and it will get adjusted to do what it is supposed to do. The idea that Obama is in charge (chuckle) won’t fly with anyone who has to deal with him. They don’t shake his hand and ignore him. If Military refuses to abide by his orders, he is no longer commander in chief. He is now simply in office. He has done stuff for cabal. he is not clean, until such time as he rectifies his situation, he is going to be adjuticated along with the other crooks. There is a lot of shuffling going on. A lot of arrests going on.

CIA movie called the recruit. THe instructor explains, if you get a medal, you go in a basement and they show it to you. you don’t get it. If you are caught, you won’t even get credit for it. A lot of people in services, are in the same situation. Those people who don’t know this are those who are very inexperienced.

caller: You are quite passionate about gun treaty and TPP, doesn’t Obama have to sign off on these, and if he’s not in office, then Joe Biden takes over. Then Nancy Pelosi, but first another speaker. Irresprective, if the senate votes, it can stand on a treaty, difference between treaty and bill. These are treaty. They become the law of land. Flaw, when people and govt, oh NO YOU DON”T,,, then that is the answer. YOU DON’T. So get with disarmament affairs of the UN. I don’t like guns. But I’d rather have a gun and not need it than need it and not have one. IF someone says that the constitution doesn’t mean squat and you don’t have any rights, what are you going to do? My suggestion is wait until the 27 th thing. They will show their colors. Can detain you? Where is the due process? We need to go back to constitutional laws. Not maritime law, common law of dry land.. need to go where they belong. Need to get rid of those people. Either signing as treasonous or death warrant. No end to sight to see them give it up until they are done. I want to see Keenan see this happening. I want to see them taken down.

Paul: If military isn’t taking orders, why Libya, why ship going to persian gulf, why are things going around US

Drake: YOu have to be ready for things. Home maneuvers aren’t what they seem to be. Two way street tactic, certain elements are in place for the good guys more than for the bad guys…. will understand difference. Some complicated questions. Hope that will do. Trying to shorten my answers.

Denise: Ed from Virginia, he’s a regular: I wanted to congratulate Drake for drawing so much fire, if you hadn’t been close, no one would bother you. It’s a good thing. Drake: It’s also free advertising. Ed: Entire professional core of people who get paid to get disinformation out there. website: www.projectexposuremmxii-2012.com Opposition to these attacks. Organized response. It is to track down and identify people who are doing this, and to expose their employers, to find out who this is who has the information that they dont’ want to have out. If you have a lead to this, and you are one of the people who have given up their soul for a paycheck. You can turn yourself around and I will employ you!

Denise: Patty in Ca: Thank you and Kudos. On Sunday, July 8 that it is possible to see the big 5 banks failed, how will it affect Wells Fargo, and how will it affect treasury banks? Wells Fargo is in a unique position. Some of those changes that went on at that entity were extraordinary. Picked up people from JPMorgan. They aligned with China. China is in the process of restructuring themselves. Some old enemies aren’t enemies now. Some entities China won’t talk to. only those banks that are BOA, etc will be affected. You are going to find that the treasury is not as much per se have branch banks, in other words. You would have issues of currency on a loan basis, that needed capital for a tight period. Restructuring will be done in small independent banks. They can if they choose to form a working partnership, working together yet separate entities. Finding your soulmate, but not getting married. You can walk and not be affiliated. Agreements to be on good behavior. This will keep transparency after system is restructured.

Chase from Georgia: Meditation does really does help. Keeping the focus! Do it every single day as much as you can. Thank you Drake. All info is perfect. Cobra just posted new post and it said that the matrix is hackable. That is great news. No questions, just enjoying show.

Lady Dragon: Cobra just sent info called, The Plan. Code for people (?) Has three gifts matrix in blue, last gift white crystal, mission emmission (?)

Kari from CA: GMO’s Monsanto. Let me say, the work you are doing is great. We continue to stay our prayers for everyone to keep everyone going. You were talking about the Monsanto Rider. Regarding rider, it’s basically would give Monsanto full control and make sec’y of agriculture step aside. Would give them permits to cultivate GMO crops. One peter Defazio, pushing through amendment that would kill it. Says that we cannot as Americans grow food in our own back yard. What is going on with that that makes it illegal?

Drake: You are dealing with regulation. It comes from the FDA. Problem is that there have been issues brought up where things such as the right to water, people do not have the right to water. People do not have right to decide foods to eat and they don’t have the right to grow them. This is FDA. This is where you get gestapo raids on raw milk. Coop, goats, garden, at end of year you split it up. Overreach which is common, which I have presented in all three things tonight. Corporation and govt control. To make us fully dependent on them for everything. When you get hungry enough you come out of the woods. Part of setting country free, how would they do if all they have is a sharp knife, no one would feed them. We are going to need to clam down hard on this.

Kari: What can we do in our own community to get the word out. I talk to people like I am blue in the face.

Drake: People pay attention better to written items. If you have the original edict printed out from FDA, they will look at it. Take it down to a local place that sells plant. Give it to person managing it. Find someone who has a big garden. When they find out someone from the Federal govt. can come and stomp on their plants, arbitrarily, then maybe you will get community action. I have stressed community and militia. If they show up with guns. If fifty neighbors showed up with guns and sherriff said, want to go to jail? There is a lot of different things. I had a meeting with my sherriff. He is constitutional, doesn’t like fed govt. You need to grow a community group. Procure legal fire arms. It can be done. They will take notice. Come back with a warrant. They need to name the plants. It goes into illegalities.

Kari: Goes back to the constitution. Fine work of our country. How dare the UN tell us legal citizens we can’t bear arms.

Drake: First they took websites down. They want to take your guns, they want to step on your garden. Pretty soon they will get to your couch and beer.

Kari: President doesn’s seem to give two pins about the citizenry of America.

Drake: He’s Kenyan. We have to get to other callers.

Kari: The Ironland (??) we gave to Russia, will we get them back?

Lady Dragon: Bill is about farmer assurance provision, section 733. Flyer to print and give to everybody. Find out who is in charge of your mayor, sherriff, and you ??? and know if they are helping, give them support. Vote for someone better. You need people. Spread word. There are a lot of people who will listen to you, that is why flyers are very good.

Denise: Grammy J. Guess where I am at? In the mountains. I am in the Ozarks sitting in front seat of car, just to listen. I have no internet. My cell is limited. Outside my window are bengal tigers and lions. Largest big cat rescue in the world. I love you.

I love everyone and all the listeners. We need to stay strong and not let bad guys win.

Paul: Question comes up every time. paper work? Are we free, why aren’t we using constitutional law. Everything is in place and moving forward. Once this thing is secured, that is the time to bring the paper work forward.

Lady Dragon: SWAT team in Seattle are raiding occupied people. Big major story. Only people reporting it is Russian TV. Journalism in US and China is rubbish.

Denise: Buck from Atlanta: Drake, couple quick statements. I meditate on word of God, need to get back to that. We gotta talk about arresting, but key element. Money answereth all things. Gold and Silver. If we don’t starve the beast. Gotta cut off money. If we cut that off, then that is no. 1. We need to take over media, so the media can tell people what is going on. Military worried about treason. How many times a day does the president on down, how many times do they do treason against the constitution of the US. If they got the marching orders from citizenry, isn’t that enough to make them not worry? Isn’t that enough.

Drake: I beleive that is correct. Like I said, last I heard, they wanted to hear what people said about small arms treaty. Burn the phone lines. It dosn’t matter who you are talking to. Miilitary action.. Military has been very busy, I was briefed on some stuff. I didn’t realize how many problems they were running across maintaining their secrecy and forwarding their plans. Very hard to do when everyone is watching you. I am giving military slack until July 27. If that date rolls around and the vote doesn’t go the right way, that is war against the people of the US. I can’t guarantee their safety. That’s why they need to surrender. That’s why they need to surrender.Hanging is good to watch. Tons of stuff going on, and as I say, as I got briefed, I was quite honestly surprised. Fighting among ranks, disagreement in ranks, political ends of it, some who think it’s a game. If you have seen Heartbreak Ridge, he called it a cluster something, dealing with a mess. They are looking for our support and they want to see what is going to happen

Keenan lawsuit will starve the beast.

Paul: Clarify, wouldn’t mind seeing public hangings, after a right adjudication. But Paul, I am going to be honest. People are mad, intentional economic conditions. Take house, no jobs. I wouldln’t blame em. It ain’t the right thing to do, I agree, but some people are going to lost it. They are right at the edge. I don’t advocate lynch mob. This is the reason I suggest military should take action before lynch mobs and shooting revolution I want to see smooth revolution.

Marilyn San Francisco: I want to confirm that I heard you say, has control of the collateral control… ???

Drake: Everything you understand it based on a big lie, our currency. The US has no federal currency. We have an international not, but no currency. You have to remember all arbitrarily placed values deal with leverage, theft and borrowing. All currencies are based upon collateral with collateral accounts. Keenan is the only one with legality to deal with it. It belongs to people around the globe.

All of Soc Security and straw man accounts. Most are worthless. Most of what we have in terms of what we think has value. We have none.

Look at stock market. You will see a multiple, or earnings ratio. You divide by twenty, divide that value by twenty, that gives you real value. Most of stock market is made up of penny stocks… when you add up, they add to dollars. Most companies don’t ??? … also true of bonding. Best thing to invest in, but if you want to retire, or don’t want to pay for something that is a pie in the sky like insurance. Buy a payable annuity that is of equal value to the house…. twenty or so years, you pay an NSOP ??? .. taht is the base, it accrues interest until it matures. At date of maturity, you get the full value of what you purchased. If you leave it alone, then you start accruing value. I cashed in a savings bond. Banker was very happy. He became owner of it, and interest starts doubling and tripling.

Nice insurance. Baby pay insurance. The day of the birth of child. You buy term life. It turns into pure insurance meaning it has a cash value that it pays for itself, plus principal grows. It could cost two bucks a week, and you could retire on that.

Pete from St. Pete: Just curious, I remember reading David Wilcock saying that there is truckload upon truckload against these people. If we have evidence we should move. Couch potatoes at Pentagon, it’s time.

Drake: I agree. They are waiting to see what kind of reaction this gun grab comes out. I am going to suggest that they won’t pass that. But the more hollar, the sooner the military will get off couch. I have the utmost respect for people in the military. Some of the responsibility of the idiots they have under their command… That’s basically where it’s at. Truck loads are waiting.

Pete: My fear if UN fails, we are looking at a year before anything happens.

Drake: It will be sooner than that.

Paul: Drake, please address. Red herring story. Gen Piles press release exposing birth certificate. He is pres of CEO, rather than president of our country.

Drake: REason this is being done to show he can’t hold office that he is holding. Impeachment is not a good idea. The man needs to be removed for actions taken that are against constitution. That’s basically what that is about.

Paul: Do you have any thoughts. Is it important, or soemthing to keep masses distracted?

Drake: It’s critical. If its fraudulent, he never served legally. Not sure I would want Biden in office. He has a couple of screws loose. If something like this happens, if there is removal. That would trigger mass arrests. As soon as one if found to be found against crimes against people, then there is treasonous activity. If they take that action, my suggestion honestly would be to finish the job.

Dr. P: I’d like to throw out some cautionary notes as a scholar and international lecturer, and want to preface it by galactic free press. Major cutting edge news not getting recorded anywhere else. We should think about caution and a safer way of doing things, I know eveyrone is exhausted. There are a couple of things after driving 3600 miles. No chemtrails for last eight days. Significant. So, money is running out, we aren’t getting sprayed. The FDA which you mentioned earlier has revolving door policy. Everything is broken. No money left… have to find peaceful way. Drones could spray us with God knows what. I have been proposing is national strike. Would be fitting. Millions lost homes, millions out of work. Everyhting rigged. May work something out with alternative media. If country stopped. Hit them in their pockets, stay home. They don’t have the man or woman power to come after all of us. Maybe peaceful way would give positive military easy way to deal with that. What are your thoughts on a national strike? And lady Dragon, too.

Drake: chuckle….. I hate to say this but I like the idea of peacefulness, I agree with what you are saying, however, what they are attmepting to do is to use, UN forces to enforce the collection of fire arms and registration. Any force that shows up on my front porch under arms that is uninvited will be asked to leave. The one of the reasons I am armed becaus the second amendment is designed to keep the govt under control…. True on both local and national levels. From what I am seeing, as I said before, I don’t think the UN small arms treaty will be ratified. You still have law of the see and TPP. In terms of restraining people from taking actions, generally, reasonable people are ok. Someone totally lucid knows what they are doing, they get restrained by use of force. Someone will find I am a pretty good shot. My talk with my local sherriff. I back up him, I back up the constitutional law of order, no chaos. I don’t like to use force, however, what has happened is this: We have been backed into a corner, and the people who are doing this realize this. This is why I am issuing a notification for alert. Call everyone you know NO, vote against it. The people who vote for it, so I will have them charged for treason. If I can get them charged with treason, they will be arrested and held, and it will be safer to be in jail, rather than in home or office. This is to insure someone doesn’t mess up their karma, however it may come to that. I don’t like it may come to that. This is the part that angers me the most. I am hoping that this is all propaganda. A lot of things may be distractions to an extent. We aren’t in a position to be wasting time and playing games. If you take this right, you have no way to resist force that they can apply. Taking guns, you or your family or your food, or extracting you from your home. It ain’t nice. We are at the tipping point. We are THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. The tripping point is their actions.

Lady Dragon: PEople under estimate the power of a telephone to these offices. When Drake called Pentagon. Do it again, make sure everyone calls.

Paul: usmalitia.com How do people find their malitia? ANmilitia.com; globalvoice.com

Tina: Said he wasn’t going to remote view anymore and move to Hawaii. Said he saw many politicians and high ranking position being ?? by US citizen. Said going to be global and a lot of violence. Didn’t know if it was going to be continued with black op. Has military said anything to you? Are they paying attention to this?

Drake: Military is listening to this show.

Tina: Did they see it before he resigned?

Drake: Predictions are not written in stone. Could be a volcano that takes someone out instead of troops.

Denise Close.

Three more callers:

Michelle from Ohio: Is the Provost marshall involved in this? He is part of the military. The provost can do civilian and military and some govt functions. We had an inspector general involved in Wall STreet scandal, and this person you are speaking of agrees with that person. He lined up on Wall STreet when the fun and games happened. He takes directives, and it goes from there. Some provost activities have been removing people from Pentagon. This is good and this is classified.

Andrea from NY: I read on the White Hats report something about top members of cabal have some protective defense mechanism, and may use biochemical weapons that monitor all bodily functions, they would send an alert to the main weapons system…. and see if those weapons could use. If stardust two was to be used. Military would love to have what I know. Measures are being taken to avert that problem. That is going to be your sixth level entities. Highest is level 8 is creator. Issues directives to entities at lower levels. 6 are special messengers, 5 are where we going to go.

What level are Jesuits?

Drake: Good faction who have left Jesuit order not too long ago, and moved their body of people to secret place.

Bad ones still around:

Drake: They are running Vatican bank. They should have left, but didn’t now they are going to be caught in it. This is what the tactics of military were supposed to be. Wanted bad guys where they didn’t have any where but to expose themselves so they could be snatched.

They aren’t the Jesuits? the cabal?

Drake: Jesuits, pure satanics, illuminati, those who give illuminati info from dark force.

They may have said same thing but may have worded it differently. Can get difficult.

Drake: People are doing channeling. THat is not the correct form of communicating. Telepathy is the correct form of communicating. Intuitive, is when the meaning and feelings come through, and you don’t have to translate that.

Military trains that?

Drake: Been doing that since 40’s

Cindy from New York: My question is about individual sovereignty?

Drake: That is the state of being free.

I don’t want to be told what to do?

Drake: You will find it works when ?? We are considered as children by these entities. We need to go back to grade school. There is going to be a period of time of schooling so we don’t screw things up. People need to get their head around this. Most of what we are familiar with … supposedly I could stand on front porch, but with a different dimensional reference. Animals can talk to us. Ive been looking forward to this.

I am still confused because I guess that would give them less control over everyone.

Drake: They will have control, to prevent you from harming each other. That includes everything. People don’t understand concrete is a living entity. Everything at one point or another was a living entity. What kind of personality would you give your… Do you have enough info to make a call if something is wrong. Do you have the power to uncreate. If someone does something that makes you mad, then you aren’t aware of the powers that you have. YOu have to go back to school. BEcause of the lack of knowledge you have you need to learn it. In AStral physics… telekineses. I moved a plant (planet) once? .. the capability is in our DNA. The veil of forgetfulness, the fog that prevents you from functioning where you are meant to be will slowly become awake and aware. You will become more understanding. Knowing that the guardian of your very thoughts become critical to the conditions around you and your condition. You don’t have to be disagreeable with anyone anymore. If you have extraordinary capabilities, you have to learn now to temper them.

How come we can legally bring that ?? to terms?

Drake: Two separate thigns. The parameters of govts. Common law, the golden rule. Belief systems were designed as control system. Also designed as a collective for money control. Two way street. Common law. Constitituioin. STandard by which to conduct yourself. Second is financial. Money as root of all evil. Make it transparent and accountable. All crooks are gone.

Paul in 1933, that is when the New Deal brought forth, when look of DEc. of Independence… we have been living under that form. THey didn’t know that they consented to that.

Drake: AFter civil war. Aquiesence to Rothschilds for financing war. 1867 and 1868, then 1890… secret confirmation, then 1926 depression. Borrowed way out of that .. then created 1929 stock crash.. then reaffirmed in 1932 ,1941, 1976. We owe money, we owe money.

Would be better if we didn’t accept promise that we owed, X when we didn’t owe X.

The problem is one, the Constitution wasn’t presented to people for approval.

Why didn’t they speak the people’s language?

Drake: You can’t … you have to use international law… all the nations that were bankrupted by Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

Too many ways to go, people are too confused:

Drake: Nations states project. Small groups of people made declaration to INTL court that we were no longer a part of them… gave us our freedom, now we have to take out people who don’t agree with that.

Corporate control and Finance.

How do I get out of their corporate control?

Drake: Be a squeaky wheel.

It was said that the Founding Fathers did was prevent what happened.

Drake: NO NO. YOu gotta remember something. Babylonian prophecies…. in bible. Simple statement. My people have destroyed for a lack of knowledge. If you can understand how to discern a principle and apply it and what the impacts are, you can set everyone around you free of the constraints imposed. WE have a battle between good and evil. This evil has longtime entrenched itself.

Dieter from Nebraska: With our current administration. If Birth certificate isn’t true, then if that is true, wouldn’t the vice pres be null and void since they ran as ticket. With the principal being null and void…

Drake… No, only the individual office holder.

Dieter: If true, would any document he signed be null and void, right?

Drake… Right!

Dieter: That’s it.

Catherine: Amazed how accurate the scriptures are. Verified to a lot of Christians. I have a question. You mentioned where we could print out the controlling our food?

Paul: Would Codex Alimentarius ?

Drake: Website has list of regulations. Load of them. Two or three dictionaries worth. That is just the FDA.

Wife of Military: Wants to be anonymous: Mom and I follow you for a year or before. I appreciate everything you are doing. I haven’t had guts to call until recently. Two incidents… a lot longer than I should have…

About being deployed a lot of confusion about deployment and day this is all happening. Coincides with green light, window, a week, held off, not part of the operation?? and then two part if you think… ?? vague. Financial green light. What can I expect for military base. Talk to neighbors. I live on military base. He gets upset but a little open, want to hear your input.

Drake: Archive section address to military. I suggest you play it for your husband too.

As far as being on a base and talking to others, there’s a combination. First, I don’t know a military alive who would engage another person’s family. All the bad reputation thats been put on military. Working in combination with military in such a manner that they can work in a way that we can’t, so there is little chaos. Relatively no violence, and a smooth transition according to Founding Father’s ideology. Talking to other people is a little iffy, that is why that addresss to military gets out to everyone. WE are working in close conjunction with military and they are pretty pissed at me. I have preempted them a couple of times. I need to be in closer contact with them. I am waiting for stuff. They are sitting back, they are in the process of cleaning their ranks, they have people who aren’t to be trusted with responsibilities. Each of active duty and families, run it up the flagpole.

Anon: Guy who dissed Obama, stigma, family members, is part of that that motion that it is taboo to go … my husband was a hunter, but it’s hard to break through the training, brainwashing from day one, about ill will against country and president. I put my radio show on when he’s around, just smiles and nods… he doesn’t get into it, short temper. I won’t stop giving him updates. I listen to military update… try to absorb as much as I can.

Drake: Best alternative … when command doesn’t listen to command. They will take comprehensive look at reality of things, rather than something coming out of someone’s pie hole. Simplest way to get around, just ask which would you rather have, someone who’s qualified to command or a politician? Also, an idea to be all you can be encompasses being what you should be. Field manual covers this. You have a chain of command, and most in command are iffy. Battalion command level, some are iffy, but usually more attuned to troops. Those above them, you become a number, and less of a personal entitity. Philosophy gets into politics. When Kissinger gave away vietnam.

Paul: onefreepeople.com

Denise: I can give you my email.

closing song: Til the Last Shot is Fired.

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