WASHINGTON — One day final winter, unfortunate as his son fought for his life opposite a torpedo mind cancer, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his family reached out to one of America’s many famous, and controversial, doctors for help.

The doctor, Patrick Soon-Shiong, a billionaire medical businessman and financier who finished a happening building an critical cancer drug and now has broader ambitions for fighting cancer, flew to Washington from California to accommodate with a clamp president’s family. That would open a array of meetings over time with a clamp boss as good as with Beau Biden, a bum son.

In a end, Beau Biden died of his cancer in May. But a clamp boss and a cancer alloy have grown a attribute that is powering a subsequent theatre of Mr. Biden’s open life. Having resolved that he did not have adequate time to improved Hillary Rodham Clinton for a Democratic presidential nomination, Mr. Biden is instead embarking on a debate maybe some-more daunting: finally defeating cancer.

“I trust that we need a moonshot in this republic to heal cancer,” Mr. Biden pronounced in his debate in a White House Rose Garden final month announcing that he would not run for president. “It’s personal. But we know we can do this.”

In describing this “moonshot,” Mr. Biden was adopting denunciation used by Dr. Soon-Shiong to report his finish for cancer research. The dual met for an hour in a White House usually a few weeks ago, and Dr. Soon-Shiong gave a clamp boss a two-page outline of what he had in mind.

“We need to find a totally opposite proceed to change cancer caring in this country,” Dr. Soon-Shiong pronounced in an interview. “Vice President Biden could play an extraordinary purpose in origination this happen.”

His status and personal knowledge give Mr. Biden a singular event to move together Republicans and Democrats, a alloy added. “He’s unequivocally ardent about it.”

For a politician whose career has been built on passion, this is when Mr. Biden is reckoning out what comes next. He turns 73 this month and faces contingent retirement in Jan 2017 after 44 years as a senator and clamp president. After focusing on perplexing to save Beau and afterwards on either to run for president, Mr. Biden is usually now commencement to combine on his remaining 15 months in bureau and beyond.

Friends frequency design him to while divided days in retirement. “One thing we can contend about Joe Biden is he won’t go sensitively into a night,” pronounced former Senator Ted Kaufman, a Democrat from Delaware and longtime help who stays one of his closest advisers.

While friends ruled out another elective bureau or post like secretary of state, they pronounced Mr. Biden could offer as a university boss or special attach� for specific general missions. The family has determined a Beau Biden Foundation for a Protection of Children, and a clamp boss attended a initial gift golf contest in Wilmington, Del., final week.

The transition could be tough for a male accustomed to a action.

“He’s had this implausible life during a unequivocally core of a good issues surrounding a republic and a destiny — fight and peace, we name it, he’s been during a core of that stuff,” former Vice President Walter F. Mondale said. “When he walks out of that bureau during a finish of their term, he’s going to consternation what in a ruin is he going to do.”

Mr. Mondale, who spent time with Mr. Biden in Washington final month, pronounced there was life after a clamp presidency. “He’s still got a lot of zip in him,” he said. “He’s healthy, and he’s got a outrageous name around a world.”

For now, a cancer thought has engrossed Mr. Biden, though he is usually starting to arrange by how to proceed it.

“It unequivocally captures so many of a policies and ideals that make a clamp boss special,” pronounced Robert Hoopes, a former help to Mr. Biden. “It’s personal. He brings an power to it that unequivocally resonates with people. He knows how to get things done.”

Federal cancer appropriation has been comparatively prosaic for some-more than a decade solely for a $1.3 billion detonate from President Obama’s impulse module in 2009 and 2010. For a 2016 mercantile year, a National Cancer Institute asked for $5.8 billion, and Mr. Obama pared that to $5.1 billion in his due budget, roughly a same as in 2010.

The two-page paper Dr. Soon-Shiong gave Mr. Biden, patrician in partial “The Moonshot Program to Develop a Cancer Vaccine,” advocates an stretched use of genome sequencing to know particular cancers improved and tailor treatments depending on their genetic characteristics. It forecasts a origination of patient-specific cancer vaccines that strap a person’s possess “natural torpedo cells” to provide and forestall a regularity of cancer.

The paper, performed from an associate of Mr. Biden’s, proposes behaving full genomic sequencing of 100,000 cancer patients in a subsequent 400 days to emanate a immeasurable database for supercomputer analysis, nonetheless no cost tab is mentioned. “With 16 months to go, it is a ideal impulse for a administration to broach on this final mile, cementing this health caring mutation into a fabric of health care,” it says.

Dr. Soon-Shiong, 63, a son of Chinese immigrants flourishing adult in apartheid-era South Africa, complicated medicine and eventually changed to a United States, where he worked as a surgeon. He invented a cancer drug Abraxane in a early 1990s and has turn a vital financier in medical businesses and part-owner of a Los Angeles Lakers. With his NantWorks health empire, he has amassed a happening estimated by Forbes during $12.5 billion, and he was featured final year on “60 Minutes” as a male perplexing to interrupt cancer.

But he has been in a core of conflicts. A brawl with his possess hermit resulted in a lawsuit. A New York Times review in 2002 questioned a financial attribute between a drug association he headed and a sanatorium drug purchaser. Some cancer researchers perspective him as a “blowhard” with a “deep strain of P. T. Barnum showmanship,” as Forbes put it. His companies are for profit, and researchers contend he infrequently oversells his ideas.

“I’ve listened him make claims that are clearly furious exaggerations,” pronounced Steven Salzberg, a highbrow of biomedical engineering during Johns Hopkins University.

Mr. Biden should find mixed voices, a highbrow added. “I would titillate him to be clever about putting all his eggs in one basket,” he said. “If he says Patrick Soon-Shiong is it, afterwards of march I’d be discreet about that.”

Mr. Biden’s aides emphasized that he is reaching out to an array of experts. Among them is Dr. Wai-Kwan Alfred Yung, a co-director of a mind growth core during University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, who treated Beau Biden and has remained in tighten touch, exchanging emails with a clamp boss after his proclamation final month.

Dr. Yung pronounced in an speak that Mr. Biden should not rest exclusively on Dr. Soon-Shiong. “He positively has a argumentative name and is polarizing,” he said. “I consider he was consulted during Beau’s illness, and he was pulling a clamp boss flattering tough to sell his program.” But Dr. Yung pronounced Mr. Biden “has to be careful” to be thorough and not demeanour as if “you’ve already been sole by one or dual parties.”

Still, it is easy to see because Dr. Soon-Shiong might interest to Mr. Biden. If both might occupy exaggeration during times, Dr. Soon-Shiong’s expanded speak about insubordinate change can be infectious. He is no incrementalist, and for a politician in a final theatre of elective life, there is no time like a benefaction to make a mark.

“I’ve never been some-more carefree in my life about a possibility of changing a march of this disease,” Dr. Soon-Shiong said. And Mr. Biden can make that happen. “Here’s a male who enveloped himself during his son’s illness and got to know a excellent intricacies of this illness and is a chairman who could cranky a aisle and work with Republicans and Democrats.”

If it works, he said, “this whole universe could change.”

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