Since the first person laid eyes upon it, the predilection and craving for gold runs through our veins. For its part, the precious metal has answered loyally playing diverse roles in the interest of humanity.

What makes this precious metal so transcendent?

There being no modern techniques, ancient civilizations – pre-Columbian people, ancient Egyptians, etc. - had to cope with difficulties when using metals for the manufacturing of objects of everyday use, ritual purposes, and others.

Gold's softness, ductility and malleability opened its way to become one of the most used metals, and resulted in the wonders – which owing to its non-corrodability when exposed to water or oxygen – have survived until today and can be admired in museums and galleries.

The high density of gold has contributed to facilitate mining processes and techniques, being a particular example when the California gold rush fever invaded people and anybody could find gold nuggets on the bottom of rivers. Without forgetting the advantage for large scale mining corporations when it comes to separate gold from rocks.

There are other factors, out of the public view to a certain extent, that deserve some words here. Its high thermal and electrical conductivity properties have given rise to its application in electronics. Today we can find gold in every multimedia device, calculators, connecting wires, computers, etc.

As for medicine, gold also plays a role in the treatment of certain cancers and other medical conditions. Also, radioactive gold is injected in a solution in the body for diagnosis purposes, and small amounts of gold are incorporated within medical devices, and orthodontic appliances.

In summary, down the centuries people have realized that the advantages of gold far outweigh those of other precious metals, products, and assets, becoming thus a predominant product in every sector.

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