Austin – Live Music Capital of the World

As SXSW gets set to once again take Austin by storm, Getintothis’ Paul Higham reflects on the city’s musical status and picks over some of the city’s most cherished musical exports.

With SXSW just around the corner, what better time to celebrate the diverse musical legacy of the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world: Austin, Texas.

Austin makes much of its outsider status. Another of its unofficial civic slogans is “Keep Austin Weird”. It remains a musical melting pot of a city, one where contrasting styles sit side-by-side. The alternative and the left-field exist happily alongside more traditional musical forms. Cowboy hats, skinny jeans, alligator boots and imposing tattoos all coalesce in an easy fraternity.

Even the most casual visitor would find little to dispute that Austin is a live music stronghold. Performances assault your senses from every corner as the desert climate has resulted in many outside venues.

Notwithstanding this, it is a city that risks biting the hand that has fed it for so long. The iconic 6th street has become little more than a best-avoided tourist destination. The grimy and iconic Emo’s has been forced to close its doors in the face of relentless and soulless gentrification (sound familiar?). Nonetheless the likes of Mohawk, Red 7 and Stubbs BBQ offer unique settings in which to experience live music, while venues of historic importance such as The Continental Club and The Broken Spoke continue to thrive.

In celebrating its importance and its legacy we look at ten of the most distinctive and influential artists that have called Austin home. Reflecting the city’s breadth, a range of musical styles are covered yet in our desire to do more than scratch the surface some obvious contenders appear alarming omissions.

13th Floor Elevators are rightly renowned for the longevity of their influence on psychedelic rock, yet many words have been written already to which there is little left to add. Willie Nelson is rightly renowned as one Austin’s favourite sons to the extent that there is a recently unveiled statue smack back in the centre of downtown Austin. Another statued and celebrated Austinite not to feature is blues virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughan, whose likeness sits at Auditorium Shore on the banks of the Colorado River.

Such is Austin‘s undoubted pedigree we’re sure there will be many more of your favourites that have not made our list, but hopefully there are one or two below that you might just discover for the first time – lucky you.

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10. Dale Watson

Dale Watson in many ways embodies the spirit of Austin. A country musician railing against the countrypolitan commercialism of Nashville (check out his song, Nashville Rash), Watson revels in his outsider status and revives the electric twang of the Bakersfield sound.

Hard drinking, hard living and adorned with tattoos, Watson is not your stereotypical modern country music star yet in many ways he is “more country now than country, just like Johnny Cash“. Having enjoyed a long-standing residency at the Continental Club, Watson is a true icon of the Austin music scene.

His video for South of Round Rock, Texas affirms his love for his adopted home and contains nice archival footage of the city.

9. Golden Dawn

But for the actions of their record label, International Artists, Golden Dawn could conceivably have achieved the sort of fame enjoyed by their contemporaries 13th Floor Elevators.

Their debut album, Power Plant, was recorded prior to the release of 13th Floor Elevators 2nd album but was inexplicably held back by the label. Upon its release some time after the Elevators‘ Easter Everywhere it was derided as little more than a hastily delivered derivative copycat.

If such an assessment seemed harsh, the passage of time has proved kinder. Power Plant is now rightly revered as a lost classic and singer George Kinney has reformed what is left of the band, performing three times at Austin’s Psych Fest.

8. White Denim

Racing right back to the present brings us to White Denim, an electrifying four piece whose amalgam of diverse styles feels very much at home in Austin. The prolific band, now onto their sixth album, combine many different influences including blues, progressive rock, psychedelia, garage-rock, soul, southern rock and much more besides.

One of the most accomplished and visceral live bands, White Denim combine technical proficiency with freeform abandon and sound quite unlike any band on the circuit today. A real treasure, from the blown out garage-rock of their early recordings right through to the more sedate blissed-out sonic soothings of Corsicana Lemonade.

Guitarist and singer, James Petralli has some solo material out imminently too – that is one not to be missed.

7. The Dicks

In contrast with the rest of Texas which remains steadfastly conservative, the state capital has long been home to artists of a left-leaning bent. This was never more apparent than during the American hardcore boom of the early 80s as punk artists united in opposition to Reagan-era politics.

One of the most important artists was The Dicks, who formed in 1980 around one of the scene’s few openly gay musicians, Gary Floyd. Their first single, Dicks Hate The Police, now stands as a seminal moment of the American hardcore punk scene. Sung from the perspective of a policeman who goes on the rampage taking his anger out on civilians and minorities, its message remains depressingly relevant today.

6. Spoon

Spoon are a revered Austin-based quintet rock group, perhaps best known for being the darlings of the critics without necessarily having experienced the broader commercial success their talents deserve. Named after a song by Can, Spoon formed in 1993 and quickly became compared to the likes of Pixies and Wire.

Testament to the band’s status and longevity, they were awarded the accolade of Metacritic’s artist of the decade in the 2009, surefire evidence of their enduring appeal .

Their latest recording, They Want My Soul, shows that Spoon remain at the top of their game with all their tell-tale characteristics remaining present and correct: honed, considered and meticulous, it provides a telling reminder why they have been for so long critical darlings.

5. Stars of the Lid

Stars of the Lid are Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie and make textured ambient music, drawing influence from minimalist composers such as Henryk Gorecki as well as artists such as Brian Eno and Talk Talk.

Beatless and formless, the duo’s music is characterised by heavy use of drones as well as guitar and piano effects. Rhythmical and dynamic their music ebbs and flows with a broad dramatic tension as waves of feedback fill the gaps where drums and vocals would otherwise have been clumsily placed.

The absence of drums lends their music a classical and timeless majesty. Indeed the band’s name refers to “the personal cinema between one’s eyeball and eyelid” as their music evokes colours and patterns.

4. Butthole Surfers

With their roots in the hardcore punk scene of the early 1980s, Butthole Surfers were formed by Gibbey Haynes and Paul Leary and quickly became renowned for their eccentric and disturbing live shows.

Combining a reputation for heavy recreational drug use with a musical style incorporating elements of noise-rock, punk rock and psychedelia, the band quickly gained a cult following, particularly as a live outfit.  Frequently chaotic, the band’s live shows included burning cymbals, strobe lights, smoke machines and overlapping and disturbing 16mm films which, when all combined created a disorientating atmosphere where audience seizures were not uncommon.

The band’s landmark release for which they are most known, Locust Abortion Technician, was released in 1987 and is in many ways the band’s darkest and heaviest recording, harnessing elements of Black Sabbath through an alternative noise-rock prism.

3. Scratch Acid

Scratch Acid was the first band of David Yow, perhaps best known as lead singer of Jesus Lizard.

Likened as an American Birthday Party, Scratch Acid were a pioneering noise rock band that pushed sonic boundaries combining elements of punk and post-punk into an incendiary maelstrom of uncompromising noise. Raw and energetic, their all-too-brief career left a legacy that provided a template for others to follow.

The band has occasionally reformed in recent years, notably tearing the house down at the Jeff Mangum curated ATP festival in 2012.

2. MDC

Standing for Millions of Dead Cops, MDC were one of Austin’s foremost hardcore punk bands of the early 1980s. Sharing similar political beliefs to Dicks, the band achieved notoriety for their staunchly left-wing stance and their participation in the Rock Against Reagan tour.

The band’s debut LP, Millions of Dead Cops, is now widely regarded as a classic of the American hardcore movement. While its most famous song was John Wayne Was A Nazi, other cuts were similarly loaded in their focus. I Remember was harsh in its criticism of the police while capitalism, homophobia and right-wing American culture became focus of the band’s erudite criticism.

Closely associated with Jello Biafra, the band released material through his Alternative Tentacles label before reaching a wider audience by touring with The Dead Kennedys.

Although the band perhaps failed to reach the extraordinary heights scaled by their seminal debut, later albums retained the strong political sensibilities that so characterised them. EPs Multi Death Corporations and Millions of Dead Children were typically politically charged while South African apartheid and the US administration’s interventionist policies in central America informed their later career output.

The band rather fizzled out in the mid-1990s before reforming in the mid-2000s with an all-new line-up. While the energy and dynamism of youth could not be recaptured, this should not diminish the legacy of the band that sits right up there with the very best.

1. Daniel Johnston

Who knows, if it wasn’t for Kurt Cobain famously wearing a Hi, How Are You? T-Shirt perhaps Daniel Johnston might be a mere footnote in history. One of many singer-songwriters not to have achieved the success that their undoubted talents merited.

While the world has many other reasons to be grateful to Kurt, perhaps it is for bringing the mercurial charms of Daniel Johnston to a wider audience that we should be most grateful.

Much has been written about Daniel Johnston‘s on-going mental health struggles and in this context it is remarkable that he has remained able to write and perform. Often watching him perform his songs is a cathartic experience for both audience and artist alike. It seems that the desire to perform provides meaning and purpose and, from the audience’s perspective, the triumph over adversity and the collective will for him to succeed is an upliftingly unifying experience like none other.

However what makes Daniel Johnston so special and so unique is his songwriting, his innate musicality coupled with his ear for melody, and his seemingly complete understanding of songcraft. Like his lyrics, his melodies are deceptively simple yet emotionally complex and immeasurably perfect. So much so that it becomes difficult to explain why. They just are.

He loves The Beatles, that much is well known – heck he even has a song about it – and much of what he does recalls them without ever imitating or copying. Like all great music, there is a timeless classicism about Daniel Johnston and, much like his beloved Beatles, his music will never age.

Artists playing SXSW 2015

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60 Tigres (Monterrey MEXICO)

The 69 Cats (Austin TX)

8th Grader (San Francisco CA)

Snoh Aalegra (Stockholm SWEDEN)

ABJO (San Diego CA)

The Accidentals (Traverse City MI)

Ace Hood (Fort Lauderdale FL)

The Acorn (Ottawa CANADA)

Action Bronson (Queens NY)

Jason Adamo Band (Nashville TN)

A.Dd+ (Dallas TX)

Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys (Austin TX)

Tunde Adebimpe (Pittsburgh PA)

Adelaida (Valparaiso CHILE)

Adia (Huntsville AL)

Adult Books (Los Angeles CA)

Aero Chord (Athens GREECE)

AFC (Montevideo URUGUAY)

A-F-R-O a.k.a. ALL FLOWS REACH OUT (Fullerton CA)

A-Game (St Louis MO)

Agoraphobia (Boiro SPAIN)

Agosto (San Isidro ARGENTINA)

Matías Aguayo (Berlin GERMANY)

Lydia Ainsworth (Toronto CANADA)

Air Bag One (Paris FRANCE)

AiR DJ (Dallas TX)

Ajnascent feat. NKSR aka Cinematic Experience (Berlin GERMANY)

Guy Akimoto (Birmingham AL)

Akka (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)

Alberta Cross (New York NY)

All Cows Eat Grass (Atlanta GA)

Allegaeon (Denver CO)

ALLOY (Houston TX)

All Them Witches (Nashville TN)

All Tvvins (Dublin IRELAND)

Austin Alvarez (Austin TX)

Alvvays (Toronto CANADA)

Amason (Stockholm SWEDEN)

American Aquarium (Raleigh NC)

Amplified Heat (Austin TX)

Amsterdamn! (Mannheim GERMANY)

Hamish Anderson (Melbourne AUSTALIA)

Rick Anderson (Ft Worth TX)

Anhayla (Richmond VA)

Animal Years (Brooklyn NY)

Anonymous (Dallas TX)

The Apache Relay (Nashville TN)

Apanhador Só (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)

Ape Drums (Houston TX)

Ape Machine (Portland OR)

Apolo (Mexico City MEXICO)

Applied Pressure (Austin TX)

Ben Aqua (Austin TX)

Dave Arcari (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)

Archspire (Vancouver CANADA)

Arrows of Love (London UK-ENGLAND)

Artful (Southampton UK-ENGLAND)

Ben Arthur (New York NY)

Asian Chairshot (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

Asleep at the Wheel (Austin TX)

ASTR (New York NY)

Astronomar (Los Angeles AK)

Athletixx (Los Angeles CA)

Atmosphere (Minneapolis MN)

A-Trak (Montreal CANADA)

A-Trak x Maco (Brooklyn NY)

Atreyu (Orange County CA)

Au5 (Middletown DE)

Audio Push (Inland Empire CA)

AudyoDope (New Orleans LA)

Sophie Auster (New York NY)

Jeff Austin (Black Hawk CO)

Austin Millz (New York NY)

Austin Music Awards House Band: Charlie Sexton, Michael Ramos, Conrad Choucroun, George Reiff (Austin TX)

Autoramas (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL)

Autre Ne Veut (Brooklyn NY)

AVAN LAVA (Brooklyn NY)

Average Cock (Boston MA)

Avers (Richmond VA)

Aviateur (Austin TX)

Avid Dancer (Los Angeles CA)

Awanto 3 (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)


Ayoinmotion (Lagos NIGERIA)

B.o.B and No Genre Takeover (Atlanta GA)


(New Orleans LA)

Baby Baby (Atlanta GA)

Baby Bee (Houma LA)

Smoovie Baby (Fairfield CA)

Joey Bada$$ (Brooklyn NY)


Bad Breeding (Stevenage UK-ENGLAND)

Bad Cop (Nashville TN)

The Bad Lovers (Austin TX)

Bad Veins (Cincinnati OH)

Bad Vibes (Oakland CA)

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires (Birmingham AL)

Bill Baird (Oakland CA)

Balancer (Brooklyn NY)

Ball Park Music (Sydney AUSTALIA)

The Ballroom Thieves (Boston MA)

Bames (Austin TX)

Banditos (Nashville TN)

Show Banga (San Francisco CA)

Bangn Records (New Orleans LA)

BangNRecords / Bartholomew Boyz / Sup Crew Mob (New Orleans LA)

Bankroll Fresh (Atlanta GA)

Remy Banks (Queens NY)

Carl Barat and The Jackals (London UK-ENGLAND)

Del Barber (Winnipeg CANADA)

The Barberettes (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

Bobby Bare, Jr. (Nashville TN)

Courtney Barnett (Melbourne AUSTALIA)

Barren Womb (Trondheim NORWAY)

Julianna Barwick (New York NY)

BASECAMP (Nashville TN)

Austin Basham (Austin TX)

Marc E. Bassy (San Francisco CA)

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash (Austin TX)

James Bay (Hitchin UK-ENGLAND)

CHAD B (Newark NJ)

Beacon (Brooklyn NY)

The Beat Academy (Toronto CANADA)

Beat Connection (Seattle WA)

BeatKing (Houston TX)

Beautiful Lou (San Antonio TX)

Bebe O’Hare (Chicago IL)

Bee Caves (Austin TX)

Be Forest (Pesaro ITALY)

BEGINNERS (Los Angeles CA)

Begun (Barcelona SPAIN)

Bekele (Norfolk VA)

Bemyfriend (Dallas TX)

Benedek (Los Angeles CA)


Ray Benson (Austin, TX)

Brogan Bentley (Los Angeles CA)

Jarren Benton (Atlanta GA)

Kay Berkel featuring Daniel Romano (Ridgeville CANADA)

Peter Berkman (New York NY)

Berkshire Hounds (Austin TX)



Best Coast (Los Angeles CA)


Beto y los Fairlanes (Austin TX)

Betrayal (San Fernando Valley CA)

Serge Beynaud (Yamoussoukro CÔTE D’IVOIRE)

Peter Bibby (Perth AUSTALIA)

B.I.C (Bitches Is Crazy)

(New York NY)

Eric Biddines (Delray Beach FL)

Big Chocolate (Seattle WA)

Big Data (Brooklyn NY)

Big Harp (Burbank CA)

BIG K.R.I.T. (Meridian GA)

Big O (Newark NJ)

Big Phony (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

Big Pup (Houston TX)

Big Sant (Meridian MS)

Big White (Sydney AUSTALIA)

Big Wild (Los Angeles CA)

Ryan Bingham (Los Angeles CA)

Bipolaroid (New Orleans LA)

Scott H. Biram (Austin TX)

Birdcloud (Nashville TN)

Birdlegg (Austin TX)

Bit Funk (Brooklyn NY)

Bitter Birds (Austin TX)

Bituaya (Caracas VENEZUELA)

The Bizarros (Austin TX)

Bizzle (Houston TX)

BJ The Chicago Kid (Chicago IL)

Black Alley (Washington DC)

The Black Angels (Austin TX)

Black Books (Austin TX)

Black Butter DJs (London UK-ENGLAND)

The Black Cadillacs (Knoxville TN)

The Blackfoot Gypsies (Nashville TN)

Black Joe Lewis (Austin TX)

Black Linen (Atlanta GA)

Blacklist Royals (Nashville TN)

Black Milk (Detroit MI)

The Black Opera (Detroit/Atlanta/Chicago/New York/LA)

Black Pistol Fire (Austin TX)

Black Red Black (Austin TX)

Black Rivers (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)

Black Tiger Sex Machine (Montreal CANADA)

Black Violin (Miami FL)

The Black And The White (Los Angeles CA)

Guy Blakeslee (Los Angeles CA)

Blank Range (Nashville TN)

Blaze (Richmond VA)

Rizzo Blaze (Dallas TX)

Bleachers (New York NY)

The Blessings (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)

The Blind Owls (Corpus Christi TX)

The Blind Pets (Austin TX)

Blind Prophet (South Fork NY)

The Blind Shake (Minneapolis MN)

Blinky Bill (Nairobi KENYA)

Blitz Kids (Nantwich UK-ENGLAND)

BLKKATHY (Brooklyn NY)

Bloods Band (Newtown AUSTALIA)

Bloodshot Bill (Montreal CANADA)

Blossoms (Stockport UK-ENGLAND)

BLSHS (Houston TX)

Blue The Misfit (Dallas TX)

B-LUV (New York NY)

BOAN (Houston TX)

Bob Moses (New York NY)

BoDeans (Dripping Springs TX)

Body (Milwaukee WI)

BOE Records (Los Angeles CA)

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Boldy James (Detroit MI)

Bomba Estéreo (Bogotá COLOMBIA)

Sonny Bonoho (Tacoma WA)

Boogie (Long Beach CA)

Booher (Austin TX)

Boomerang (Montevideo URUGUAY)

Bo-Peep (Tokyo JAPAN)

Boris (Berlin GERMANY)

BØRNS (Los Angeles CA)

Borzoi (Austin TX)

BOSCO (Atlanta GA)

Botany (Austin TX)

bottoms (Brooklyn NY)

Boxed In (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)

The Boxing Lesson (Austin TX)

Boyfriend (New Orleans LA)

Boyfrndz (Austin TX)

The boy Illinois (Chicago IL)

BOYTOY (Brooklyn NY)

BP Fallon (Dublin IRELAND)

Bobby Brackins (East Oakland CA)

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires (New York NY)

Braille (New York NY)

Branzil (Houston TX)

Breakfast In Fur (New Paltz NY)

Breakout (Austin TX)

Chris Brecht (Austin TX)

Brenmar (New York NY)

Leon Bridges (Fort Worth TX)

Bright Like the Sun (San Antonio TX)


Brodie Boyz (Austin TX)

Emilyn Brodsky (Westchester NY)

Brolin (Yorkshire UK-ENGLAND)


Bronze Whale (Austin TX)

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound (Chicago IL)

Melissa Brooks and The Aquadolls (Los Angeles CA)

The Bros. Landreth (Winnipeg CANADA)

Tom Brosseau (Los Angeles CA)

Brother Ali (Minneapoils MN)

Brothers Born (Easthampton MA)

Butcher Brown (Richmond VA)

Jewel Brown (Houston TX)

Kev Brown & Hassaan Mackey (Landover MD)

Kev Brown, Hassaan Mackey, Statik Selektah, SmCity (Maryland MD)

Buck 65 (Halifax CANADA)

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks (New Orleans LA)

Mike Buck (Ft. Worth TX)

Bucky Dolla and M-Burb The Captain (Manassas VA)

Buffalo Sunn (Dublin IRELAND)

Buggs Tha Rocka (Cincinnati OH)

Built By Snow (Austin TX)

Bully (Nashville TN)


Aisha Burns (Austin TX)

Doug Burr (Denton TX)

Adrion Butler (Midland TX)

Will Butler (Montreal CANADA)

Butterscotch (Davis CA)

Buxton (Houston TX)

B.Wash (Fresno CA)

Byzantine (Charlestown WV)

Cabby (Denver CO)

The Cabin Project (Portland OR)

Cairo Knife Fight (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)

The California Honeydrops (Oakland CA)

Kirin J Callinan (Sydney AUSTALIA)

Call Me Lolla (São Paulo BRAZIL)

Caloncho (Guadalajara MEXICO)

Calvin Martyr (Austin TX)

Carolina Camacho (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)


Camp Street (Brooklyn NY)

Cancer Bats (Toronto CANADA)

Cannibal Ox (New York NY)

Cap 1 (Chicago IL)

Ben Caplan (Halifax CANADA)

Cap’n Tits (Austin TX)



Cardo (Dallas TX)

Brandi Carlile (Seattle WA)

Carmada (Sydney AUSTALIA)

Joe King Carrasco (Austin TX)

Blake Carrington (Toronto CANADA)

Bill Carter (Austin TX)

Tuki Carter (Atlanta GA)

Cartright (Austin TX)

Cascine DJs (New York NY)

Casey Veggies (Inglewood CA)

Buzz Cason (Nashville TN)

Cassette Coast (Houston TX)

Castle (San Francisco CA)

Chris Catalena And The Native Americans (Austin TX)

Nick Catchdubs (New Jersey NJ)

Catfish and the Bottlemen (Llandudno UK-WALES)

Cathedrals (San Francisco CA)

Catl (Toronto CANADA)

Dustin Cavazos (Dallas TX)

Cazzette (Stockholm SWEDEN)

Cekary (Orlando FL)

Celestial Shore (New York NY)

Celestial Trax (London UK-ENGLAND)

Matias Cena (Santiago CHILE)

Centavrvs (Mexico City MEXICO)

CEREMONY (Rohnert Park CA)

Cereus Bright (Knoxville TN)

The Cerny Brothers (Los Angeles CA)

Ceschi (New Haven CT)

Jackie Chain (Huntsville AL)

Chamothy The Great (Austin TX)

Michelle Chamuel (Amherst MA)

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment (Chicago IL)

Chancha Via Circuito (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)

Chandos (Boston MA)

Chanel West Coast (Los Angeles CA)

Chaos Chaos (Brooklyn NY)

Charlotte OC (Blackburn UK-ENGLAND)

Dillon Chase (Oklahoma City OK)

Chastity Belt (Seattle WA)

Gina Chavez (Austin TX)

Cheerleader (Philadelphia PA)

Chief Scout (Athens GA)

ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Tokyo JAPAN)

Chill Moody (Philadelphia PA)

Choze (Atlanta GA)

Cho’zyn Boy (St Louis MO)

Julie Christensen (Nashville TN)

Christine and the Queens (Nantes FRANCE)

Cheetah Chrome (Nashville TN)

The Church (Sydney AUSTALIA)

Churchwood (Austin TX)

Chynna (Philadelphia NY)


Cilantro Boombox (Austin TX)

Cinnaman (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)

Circa Waves (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)

City of Dreams (Minneapolis MN)

Civil Twilight (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)

Cj TheBest (Austin TX)

CKoolKeys (New Orleans LA)

Clairity (White House TN)

Gary Clark Jr (Austin TX)

Clean Bandit (London UK-ENGLAND)

Clemm Rishad (Tacoma WA)

Close Talker (Saskatoon CANADA)

Cloud Nothings (Cleveland OH)

The Clouds are Ghosts (Austin TX)

Clubz (Monterrey MEXICO)

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (Phoenix AZ)

Cmore Stacks (Atlanta GA)

Cobalt Cranes (Los Angeles CA)

Reggie Coby (Palmetto FL)

Codrington Pan Family (Port Of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)

Coffeehouse (Santiago CHILE)

Aaron Cohen (Queens NY)

COIN (Nashville TN)

Cold Fronts (Philadelphia PA)

Cold Mailman (Oslo NORWAY)

John Wesley Coleman (Austin TX)

Scott Collins (Austin TX)

Colony House (Nashville TN)

The Columnist (Austin TX)

Andrew Combs (Nashville TN)

Comforter (Austin TX)

Compass (Mexican Institute of Sound + Toy Selectah)

(Mexico City MEXICO)

Complete (Fort Worth TX)

Computer Jay & Orfeo (Los Angeles CA)

Comrade Question (Columbus OH)

Con Brio (San Francisco CA)

Congo Sanchez (Washington DC)

Adrian Conner (Austin TX)

A. G. Cook (London UK-ENGLAND)

Cool Nutz (Portland OR)

B.Cooper (Nashville TN)

Dillon Cooper (Brooklyn NY)

Ross Cooper (Nashville TN)

The Copper Gamins (Mexico City MEXICO)

Corduroi (Austin TX)

Corners (Los Angeles CA)

Ryan Corn (Cape Girardeau MO)

Keith Corona (Austin TX)

Country Cousins (formerly V.I.P)

(Austin TX)

Count This Penny (Madison WI)

Ray C (Host)

(San Antonio TX)

Crayon Pop (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

CREEPOID (Philadelphia PA)


Crew54 (Killeen TX)

The Cribs (Wakefield UK-ENGLAND)

Chris Crofton (Nashville TN)

Elsa Cross (Austin TX)

Crosss (Toronto CANADA)

Croy and the Boys (Austin TX)

Crucial Conflict (Chicago IL)

CRUISR (Philadelphia PA)

Ryan Culwell (Nashville TN)

Curren$y (New Orleans LA)

Denzel Curry (Miami FL)

Curtis Lee (Austin TX)

D33J (Los Angeles CA)

Daddy Issues (Nashville TN)

Daddy Long Legs (New York NY)

Daedelus (Los Angeles CA)

Daisyhead (Nashville TN)

Anthony D’Amato (New York NY)

The Damned (London UK-ENGLAND)

Erica Danea (Kansas City MO)

Dark Time Sunshine (Seattle WA)

Dark Waves (Santa Barbara CA)

Da T.r.u.t.h (Philadelphia PA)

Dave Owen (Indianapolis IN)

Davido (Lagos NIGERIA)

Delaney Davidson (Lyttelton NEW ZEALAND)

Marie Davidson (Montreal CANADA)

Dawn and Hawkes (Austin TX)

Andrea Dawson (Austin TX)

Rocky Dawuni (Koforidua GHANA)

Andra Day (San Diego CA)

Dixie Daye (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)

Jesse Dayton (Austin TX)

Zella Day (Pinetop AZ)

D’Banj (Zaria NIGERIA)

dCc (Dallas TX)

D.Chamberz (Coney Island NY)

DC Loves Dilla feat Oddisee, Asheru, Maimouna Youssef, Kokayi & The Players (Washington DC)


Dead Earth Politics (Austin TX)

Dead End Boyz (Houston TX)

Dead Leaf Echo (New York NY)

Deadman (Lockhart TX)

Dead Sara (Los Angeles CA)

Idgy Dean (Brooklyn NY)

Dear Boy (Los Angeles CA)

Death By Unga Bunga (Oslo NORWAY)

Death Valley Girls (Los Angeles CA)

Decorations (Los Angeles CA)

Deebs (Mississauga CANADA)

Deerhoof (San Francisco CA)

Cleopatra Degher (San Diego CA)

DeJ Loaf (Detroit MI)

Delhi 2 Dublin (Vancouver CANADA)

Delicate Steve (Fredon NJ)

Dellacoma (Austin TX)

Della Mae (Boston MA)

Robert DeLong (Los Angeles CA)

DeLorean (Houston TX)

The Delta Riggs (Melbourne AUSTALIA)

Delta Spirit (Brooklyn NY)

deM atlaS (St Paul MN)

Demplz (New Orleans LA)

Demrick (Los Angeles CA)

Dent May (Oxford MS)

Deraj (Orlando FL)

The Deslondes (New Orleans LA)

Dessa (Minneapolis MN)

Marcel Dettmann (Berlin GERMANY)

Kevin Devine (Brooklyn NY)

Sam Dew (Chicago IL)

Kristin Diable (New Orleans LA)

Hannah Diamond (London UK-ENGLAND)

Diarrhea Planet (Nashville TN)

Alvaro Diaz (San Juan PR)

Irene Diaz (Los Angeles CA)

Mike Díaz (Aguascalientes MEXICO)

DiceSoho (Houston TX)

Luther Dickinson (Hernando MS)

Amber Digby (Houston TX)

Sonny Digital (Atlanta GA)

The Digital Wild (Austin TX)

Dilated Peoples (Los Angeles CA)

Dillinger Escape Plan (Jersey NJ)

Eric Dingus (Austin TX)

Dinner (Copenhagen DENMARK)

Dipset (New York NY)

Dirty Fences (Brooklyn NY)

The Dirty Nil (Dundas CANADA)

Dirty Shoes Music Crew (Atlanta GA)

Dirty South Rydaz (Dallas TX)

Disco las Palmeras! (Madrid SPAIN)

Marianne Dissard (Paris FRANCE)

The Districts (Philadelphia PA)

Ditch Witch (Austin TX)

Diwan Saz (Yodefat ISRAEL)

DJ Arsnik (Houston TX)

Dj Aye Ally Bea (New Orleans LA)

DJ Baby Roo (Houston TX)

DJ Bandcamp (Youngstown OH)

DJ Brimlo (Austin TX)

Dj Buddha (Missouri City TX)

Dj Buddha (FL)

(Orlando FL)

DJ Burn One (Atlanta GA)

Dj Champ (Indianapolis IN)

DJ C.Wade (Dallas TX)

DJ Dana Lu (Old Bridge NJ)

DJ D-BesT (Austin TX)

DJ Dirrty (New York NY)

DJ Discipline (Little Rock AR)

DJ D-Lite (Austin TX)

DJ Drama (Atlanta GA)

DJ dTrain (Dallas TX)

DJ Earl (Chicago IL)

DJ EFN (Miami FL)

DJ Grip (Austin TX)

DJ Halo (Oakland CA)

DJ Hella Yella (Austin TX)

DJHerShe (Peabody MA)

DJ Holiday (Decatur GA)

DJ HVAD (Copenhagen DENMARK)

DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (Austin TX)

DJ J-Que (Houston TX)

DJ Mr. King (Akron OH)

DJ Mr. Rogers (Houston TX)

DJ PAUL (Memphis TN)

DJ Princess Cut (Atlanta GA)

Dj Q (Dallas TX)

DJ SCHEMES (Washington DC)

Dj SNIPE (New Orleans LA)

DJ Sound Culture (Chicago IL)

DJ Spinn (New York NY)

DJ Spoko (Atteridgeville SOUTH AFRICA)

DJ Taye (Harvey IL)

Dj TiGa (Newark NJ)

DJ Top Shelf (Denver CO)

DJ TRE (Chicago IL)

DJ Windows 98 (Montreal CANADA)

dLo (Austin TX)

DLOW (Chicago IL)

Doc Frank (Dayton OH)

The Dodos (San Francisco CA)

John Doe (New Orleans LA)

Doeman (Houston TX)

B. DOLAN (Providence RI)

Domo Genesis (Los Angeles CA)

J.R. Donato (Chicago IL)

Donmonique (Brooklyn NY)

Doomsquad (Toronto CANADA)

Doomtree (Minneapolis MN)

Do Or Die (Chicago IL)

Dorothy (Los Angeles CA)

Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta (Chicago IL)

Dosti Music Project / Produced by Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation (Brooklyn NY)

Dotan (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)

Dott (Galway IRELAND)

Doughbeezy (Houston TX)

Dougie F (Orange NJ)

Doug Sahm Tribute Band Featuring Charlie Sexton, Denny Freeman, Mike Buck, Jack Barber, and Julie Christensen (Austin TX)

The Dove & the Wolf (Paris FRANCE)

DownBeat Keys (New York NY)

DoWrong & Eric Dingus (Austin TX)

DP (Virginia Beach VA)

Drastik (Austin TX)

Dreamend (Savannah GA)

DREAMERS (Brooklyn NY)

Dream Koala (Paris FRANCE)

Dreams in Static (Los Angeles CA)

Dreezy (Chicago IL)

Dre Prince (Austin TX)

Dre Sinatra (Los Angeles CA)

Dre-T (Sacramento CA)

Drivin N Cryin (Atlanta GA)

Dry the River (London UK-ENGLAND)

DSGNS (Austin TX)

Dual Core (Austin TX)

Dubb Sicks (Odessa TX)

DJ Duffey (Dallas TX)

Andrew Duhon (New Orleans LA)

Zeke Duhon (Tulsa OK)

The DuPont Brothers (Burlington VT)

Dwagie (Tainan TAIWAN)

Dwolo (Chicago IL)

Dylan C (Austin TX)

E-40 (Vallejo CA)

Steve Earle (San Antonio TX)

Earl Poole Ball (Austin TX)

Earl Sweatshirt (Los Angeles CA)

EarthGang (Atlanta GA)

EAST 35 (Austin TX)

Anderson East (Athens AL)

East Cameron Folkcore (Austin TX)

Dave East (Harlem NY)

The Eastern Sea (Austin TX)

Eastern Sidekick (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

East India Youth (London UK-ENGLAND)

easyFun (London UK-ENGLAND)

Echo (Taipei TAIWAN)

EchoSlim (New York NY)

EDF (Pearland TX)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Los Angeles CA)


EE.Clark (New Orleans LA)

El B (Havana CUBA)

El Conjunto Nueva Ola (Los Angeles CA)

Elder (New Bedford MA)

El Dusty (Corpus Christi TX)

ELE (Madrid SPAIN)

ELEL (Nashville TN)

Elephant Micah (Raleigh NC)

El Extraño (Quito ECUADOR)

El Freaky (Bogota COLOMBIA)

El General Paz & La Triple Frontera (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)

Elliott BROOD (Toronto CANADA)

Elliphant (Stockholm SWEDEN)

Ellis Dodi (Brooklyn NY)

Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado (La Plata ARGENTINA)

El Tule (Austin TX)

El Ultimo Vecino (Barcelona SPAIN)

Elvis Depressedly (Asheville NC)

Avalon Emerson (San Francisco CA)

Nubia Emmon (Austin TX)

Emmy The Great (London UK-ENGLAND)

EMPIRE Hosts (San Francisco CA)


ENFERNO (Washington DC)

Alfred English (Detroit MI)

Enjambre (Zacatecas MEXICO)

Epik High (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

EPROM (Portland OR)

Eptos Uno (Mexico City MEXICO)

The Era Footwork Crew (Chicago IL)

Eric Moore & Resonate (Austin TX)

Javier Escovedo and the City Lights (San Diego CA)

eSenTRIK (New York NY)

ESG (Houston TX)

ESTA. (Temecula CA)

Et Aliae (London UK-ENGLAND)

E-TRAIN (Chicago IL)

Et Tu Brucé (London UK-ENGLAND)

Euroz (Las Vegas NV)

The Everymen (Tuckerton NJ)

Excessum (Theodore AL)

Ex Cops (Brooklyn NY)

EX-CULT (Memphis TN)

Seymour Exklusiv (New Orleans LA)

Experimental Aircraft (Austin TX)

Ezrakh (Newark NJ)

F1 (New Orleans LA)

Fabolous (Brooklyn NY)

Fabryka (Bari ITALY)

Failure (Los Angeles CA)

The Fairfield Four (Nashville TN)

Jad Fair (Coldwater MI)

Alex Faith (Riverdale GA)

Dana Falconberry (Austin TX)

Falcons (Los Angeles CA)

Fred Falke (Toulouse FRANCE)

Fallujah (San Francisco CA)


Famasloop (Caracas VENEZUELA)

Fame School (Brooklyn NY)

The Family Crest (San Francisco CA)

Family and Friends (Athens GA)

Family of The Year (Los Angeles CA)

Famos Amos (Baltimore MD)

Fantastic Negrito (Oakland CA)

Deniro Farrar (Charlotte NC)

Fashawn (Fresno CA)

Fast Forward Austin (Austin TX)

Father (Atlanta GA)


Fatherson (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)

Fat Nick (Miami FL)

Fat Trel (Washington DC)

Ronnie Fauss (Dallas TX)

Felicita (London UK-ENGLAND)

Felipe El Hombre (Mexico MEXICO)

J Fernandez (Chicago IL)

Fetty Wap (Paterson NJ)

Fictionist (Provo UT)

Fielded (New York NY)

Field Mouse (Philadelphia PA)

Fight Like Apes (Dublin IRELAND)

The fin. (Tokyo JAPAN)

Orenda Fink (Omaha NE)

Five Eight (Athens GA)


Flaamingos (Los Angeles CA)

Flagship (Charlotte NC)

Flash Boys (Austin TX)

Flatliner (Austin TX)

Flesh Lights (Austin TX)

Rosie Flores (Austin TX)


CJ Fly (Brooklyn NY)

Flying Turns (Austin TX)

Fogg (Fort Worth TX)

FOH NOISE (Ocean City MD)

Foot Patrol (Austin TX)

Foreign Fields (Nashville TN)

Forgiato Blow (St. Pete FL)

Guy Forsyth Band (Austin TX)

Fort Knox (Atlanta GA)

Fort Lean (Brooklyn NY)

Fort Romeau (London UK-ENGLAND)

Fotogramas (Valparaíso CHILE)

The Foxery (Louisville KY)

Francisco The Man (Los Angeles CA)

The Franklin Electric (Montreal CANADA)

Kirk Franklin (Ft Worth TX)

Andy Frasco & the U.N. (Los Angeles CA)

Freda and the Firedogs (Austin TX)

Freedom Fry (Los Angeles CA)

FREEWAY (Philadelphia PA)

Free Weed (Los Angeles CA)

Chaz French (Washington DC)

Fresh Kils (Toronto CANADA)

Friendly Savages (Austin TX)

Frnkiero and the Cellabration (Passaic NJ)

Frog Eyes (Vancouver CANADA)

From the Airport (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

Max Frost (Austin TX)

Marcelo Fruet & os Cozinheiros (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)

Jessie Frye (Denton TX)

Diana Fuentes (La Habana CUBA)

Full Of Hell (Ocean City MD)

Funkmosphere Party w/ DJs Dam-Funk, Peanut Butter Wolf and J Rocc (Los Angeles CA)

Future (Atlanta GA)

Futurebirds (Athens GA)

Future Death (Austin TX)

Future Islands (Baltimore MD)

G-Eazy (Oakland CA)

GABI (Brooklyn NY)

Alex G (Philadelphia PA)

Gal Pals (Austin TX)

Gang Of Four (London UK-ENGLAND)

Gangsta Boo (Memphis TN)

Gant-Man (Chicago IL)


Gap Dream (Akron OH)

Dylan Gardner (Pasadena CA)

Jacco Gardner (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)

Jack Garratt (London UK-ENGLAND)

Kevin Garrett (Pittsburgh PA)

Orla Gartland (Dublin IRELAND)

Gabriel Garzón-Montano (Brooklyn NY)

Kevin Gates (Baton Rouge LA)

Gateway Drugs (Los Angeles CA)

Amerigo Gazaway (Nashville TN)

Gemini Club (Chicago IL)

Genevieve (Los Angeles CA)

Gengahr (London UK-ENGLAND)

Geographer (San Francisco CA)

George Maple (Sydney AUSTALIA)

Get Cryphy (Minneapolis MN)

Get a Grip (Rutland VT)


GF SOLDIER (New Orleans LA)

Greg G (San Antonio TX)

Ghetts (London UK-ENGLAND)


Ghostface Killah (New York NY)

Ghost Magnet Roach Motel (Tijuana MEXICO)

The Ghost Wolves (Austin TX)

Giant Sand (Tucson AZ)

Freddie Gibbs (Los Angeles CA)

Gifted |007 of RAW (Houston TX)

Giftz (Chicago IL)

Gillie Da Kid (North Philadelphia PA)

Colin Gilmore (Austin TX)

Girl Band (Dublin IRELAND)

Girl Pilot (Austin TX)

Girlpool (Los Angeles CA)

GITCHII (Los Angeles CA)

The Giving Tree Band (Yorkville IL)

G-Jet (Austin TX)

Jess Glynne (London UK-ENGLAND)

Goast Smoke (Las Vegas NV)

God Damn (Wolverhampton UK-ENGLAND)

GO DJ JB (Austin TX)

GoDJKnowledge & The Trendsetters (Austin TX)

Gold Beach (Austin TX)

Golden Dawn Arkestra (Saturn TX)

Golden Fable (Mold UK-WALES)

Goldfish (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)

GoldLink (Washington DC)

Gonzalo Silva (Hillside NJ)

The Gooch Palms (Newcastle AUSTALIA)

Good Field (Austin TX)

Good Harvest (Falun SWEDEN)

Gorgon City Live (London UK-ENGLAND)

Gorgon City DJ Set (North London UK-ENGLAND)

Fraser A. Gorman (Melbourne AUSTALIA)

Go Wolf (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)

Grabbitz (Buffalo NY)

Malia Grace (Austin TX)

Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)

Graham Reynolds: Marfa Triptych Part I – The Country & Western Big Band Suite (Austin TX)

The Grahams (New York NY)

William Harries Graham (Austin TX)

Fede Graña & Los Prolijos (Montevideo URUGUAY)

Grand Analog (Toronto CANADA)


Grandmilly (Hempstead NY)

Grand Puba (New York NY)

Jenn Grant (Halifax CANADA)

Grape St. (Austin TX)

Jonny Gray (Austin TX)

Great Caesar (New York NY)

Greenbeard (Austin TX)

Jackie Greene (Sacramento CA)

Milo Greene (Los Angeles CA)

Green River Ordinance (Fort Worth TX)

Greighwolfe (London UK-ENGLAND)

Grey Lands (Toronto CANADA)

Grieves (Seattle WA)

Gringo Star (Atlanta GA)

G.R.I.T. BOYS (Houston TX)

Grits (Nashville TN)

GRiZ (Detroit MI)

GRMLN (San Francisco CA)

Grounders (Toronto CANADA)

Groundislava (Los Angeles CA)

Ground Up (Philadelphia PA)

Group of the Altos (Milwaukee WI)

Grupo Fantasma (Austin TX)

GTA (Los Angeles CA)

GT Garza (Houston TX)

Guantanamo Baywatch (Portland OR)

Tommy Guerrero (San Francisco CA)

Rob Gullatte & Rock Show (Houston TX)

Steve Gunn (Brooklyn NY)

Tim Gunter (Austin TX)

Gurufish (Atlanta GA)

Gus Gus (Reykjavík ICELAND)

Gustave Tiger (Budapest HUNGARY)

Gutta (Vauxhall NJ)

GYMSHORTS (Providence RI)

Gyptian (King Western JAMAICA)

Clareta Haddon (Detroit MI)

Hag Face (Calgary CANADA)

Haioka (Tokyo JAPAN)

Halsey (New York NY)

Knox Hamilton (Little Rock AR)

Baptiste W. Hamon (Paris FRANCE)

Hand Job Academy (Brooklyn NY)

Handsome Ghost (Boston MA)


Happyness (London UK-ENGLAND)

Hard Girls (San Jose CA)

Hard Proof (Austin TX)

Danny L Harle (London UK-ENGLAND)

Haroon (Islamabad PAKISTAN)

Brett Harris (Durham NC)

Jesse Harris with Star Rover (New York NY)

JP Harris (Nashville TN)

Harsh Toke (Oceanside CA)

HARTBEAT (Los Angeles CA)

Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)

Harvest Thieves (Austin TX)

Danny B. Harvey (Austin TX)

Mekaal Hasan Band (Lahore PAKISTAN)

Hashback Hashish (New Delhi INDIA)

The Juliana Hatfield Three (Cambridge MA)

Haust (Oslo NORWAY)

Hawthorne Heights (Dayton OH)

Christy Hays (Austin TX)

Haywyre (Minneapolis MN)

HBK Gang (Bay Area CA)

Headcrusher (Austin TX)

Heartless Bastards (Austin TX)

Ronnie Heart (Fort Worth TX)

Heat (Montreal CANADA)

Heat (Berlin GERMANY)

Heaters (Grand Rapids MI)

Heathered Pearls (Brooklyn NY)

Hector Bizerk (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)

Heems (New York NY)

Heeney (Brooklyn NY)

He is Legend (Wilmington NC)

Dana Hemphill (Dallas TX)

Ryan Hemsworth (Toronto CANADA)

Richard Henry (Austin TX)


Hermitude (Sydney AUSTALIA)

HeRobust (Atlanta GA)

Ellie Herring (Lexington KY)

James Hersey (Vienna AUSTRIA)

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers (Lansing MI)

Hey Chica! (Zapopan MEXICO)

Hey Marseilles (Seattle WA)

Heyrocco (Charleston SC)

Lilly Hiatt (Nashville TN)

Hiatus Kaiyote (Melbourne AUSTALIA)

The Hickman Dalton Gang (Fort Collins CO)

Hidden Ritual (Austin TX)

Highly Suspect (Brooklyn NY)

High Rollaz (Accomplice & Word Life)

(Dallas TX)

Hikes (Austin TX)

Marian Hill (Philadelphia PA)

Hinds (Madrid SPAIN)

Hippo Campus (Minneapolis MN)

Deante Hitchcock (Atlanta GA)

Hitchhiker (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)

Ho99o9 (Newark NJ)

Hodgy Beats (Los Angeles CA)

JP Hoe (Winnipeg CANADA)

Greg Holden (Brooklyn NY)

Holiday Mountain (Austin TX)

Reuben Hollebon (Norfolk UK-ENGLAND)

Hollis Brown (New York NY)

Holly Miranda (Los Angeles CA)

Holly Waxwing (Huntsville AL)

Holt (Chicago CA)

HOLYCHILD (Los Angeles CA)

Holy Esque (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)

Holy Wave (El Paso TX)

Homeboy Sandman (Queens NY)

Homeshake (Montreal CANADA)

Honeyblood (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)

Hoodboi B2B Promnite (Los Angeles CA)

Hooka Hey (Austin TX)

Shaun Hopper (Tampa FL)

Hopsin (Panorama City CA)

The Horrorist (New York NY)

Hospital Ships (Austin TX)

Hot Panda (Vancouver CANADA)

Hot Sugar (New York NY)

Houndmouth (New Albany IN)

Hour Band (Austin TX)

Howard (Brooklyn NY)

How I Quit Crack (Bertram TX)

HSY (Toronto CANADA)

Ray Wylie Hubbard (Wimberley TX)

Hugh Masterson (Milwaukee WI)

Huichol Musical (Nayarit MEXICO)


Estereo Humanzee (Quito ECUADOR)

Humble The Poet (Toronto CANADA)

Humming House (Nashville TN)

Hundred Visions (Austin TX)

Hundred Waters (Gainsville FL)

HxdB (Vancouver CANADA)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Chicago IL)



IAMSU! (Richmond CA)

Ian “Mac” McLagan Tribute featuring The Bump Band, Patty Griffin, Alejandro Escovedo, Scrappy Judd Newcomb, Tameca Jones (Austin TX)

Ibeyi (Paris FRANCE)

Ice Prince (Lagos NIGERIA)

Icky Blossoms (Omaha NE)

Tunji Ige (Philadelphia PA)

Ikonika (London UK-ENGLAND)

Illenium (Denver CO)

ILoveMakonnen (Atlanta GA)

Incubus (Calabasas CA)

iNDEEDFACE (Atlantis GA)

Indevotion (Oskarshamn SWEDEN)

In-Flight Safety (Halifax CANADA)

Inner Oceans (Denver CO)

Insects vs Robots (Venice CA)

The Inspector Cluzo (Mont De Marsan FRANCE)

Institute (Austin TX)

Insvrgence (Austin TX)

In Tall Buildings (Chicago IL)

In the Whale (Denver CO)

Intocable (Zapata TX)

DJ iPod Ammo (Houston TX)

Iris P (New Oleans LA)

Irontom (Los Angeles CA)

Irv Da PHENOM! (Kansas City KS)

Mac Irv (Fridley MN)

iStandard Producer Showcase – 10 Year Anniversary – SXSW Edition (New York NY)

Jabo (Birmingham CA)

Jack + Eliza (New York NY)


Jacuzzi Boys (Miami FL)

Jaill (Milwaukee WI)

Jake&Papa (Los Angeles CA)

Jason James (Texas City TX)

Mitch James (San Antonio TX)

Shawn James (Fayetteville AR)

Jamestown Revival (Austin TX)

Jameszoo (Den Bosch THE NETHERLANDS)

Jared & The Mill (Tempe AZ)

Jasmine Solano (JSMN)

(Brooklyn NY)

Jawws (Nashville TN)

Jaybee (Tampa FL)

Jazz Mills (San Angelo TX)

J-BLEV (Pensacola FL)

J. Cole w/ Bas, Cozz, & Omen (Fayetteville NC)

J-Diggs (Valejo NV)

Olivia Jean (Nashville TN)

Wyclef Jean (New York NY)

JEFF the Brotherhood (Nashville TN)

Je’kob (San Diego CA)

Mick Jenkins (Chicago IL)

Tobias Jesso Jr. (Vancouver CANADA)

Jet Life Recordings (New Orleans LA)

J Hustle (Atlanta GA)

J.I.D. (Atlanta GA)

Jitterbug Vipers (Austin TX)

JLD (Hillsboro TX)

Marcus J (Austin TX)

J-nice the Kingdom Builder (Austin TX)

Job Jobse (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)

Joefreshgoods (Chicago IL)

Joey Fatts (Long Beach CA)

John Mills Times Ten (Austin TX)

Johnny Cinco (Atlanta GA)

Mark Johns (Singapore SINGAPORE)

Sean C. Johnson (Oklahoma City OK)

Canton jones (Atlanta TX)

Chad Jones (Memphis TN)

The Jones Family Singers (Bay City TX)

Rochelle Jordan (Toronto CANADA)

Will Jordan (Tacoma WA)

Joseph (Portland OR)

Joy (San Diego VT)

JoyCut (Bologna ITALY)

Joywave (Rochester NY)

Jo’zzy aka Dopebyaccident (Memphis TN)


J Rythm (Los Angeles CA)

J’son (St Louis MO)

JSTJR (Boston MA)

JT (Houston TX)


Wynonna Judd & The Big Noise: Stories & Song (Nashville TN)

Jukebox the Ghost (Brooklyn NY)

July Talk (Toronto CANADA)

JUNE (Memphis TN)

Junk Riot (Tallinn ESTONIA)

Max Jury (Des Moines IA)

Just A Band (Nairobi KENYA)

Just Blaze (Paterson NJ)

Rayven Justice (Oakland CA)

Justin Sherburn and Montopolis (Austin TX)

Jutty Ranx (Los Angeles CA)

K.Flay (San Francisco CA)

Ka$h Akbar (New Orleans LA)

Kabaka Pyramid and the Bebble Rockers (Kingston JAMAICA)

Kadence (Oklahoma City TX)

Kaleo (Mosfellsbær ICELAND)

Kali Uchis (Pereira COLOMBIA)

Fritz Kalkbrenner (Berlin GERMANY)

KANEHOLLER (Venice Beach CA)

Kane West (London UK-ENGLAND)

Kap G (Atlanta GA)

Kari Faux (Little Rock AR)

Karma Jonze (Austin TX)

The Karma Killers (West Paterson NJ)

Vordan Karmir (Vanadzor ARMENIA)

Ka’Ron (Houston TX)

Kastle (Los Angeles CA)

Kataztrofee (Fort Worth TX)

Kate Boy (Stockholm SWEDEN)

Jorma Kaukonen (Pomeroy OH)

Kawehi (Eudora KS)

Joe Kay (Los Angeles CA)

Kay Odyssey (Austin TX)

Kayoo (Tulsa OK)

Kaytranada (Montreal CANADA)

K Camp (Atlanta GA)

Robert Earl Keen (Kerrville TX)

Keeper (Austin TX)

Kehlani (Oakland CA)

Bridget Kelly (New York NY)

Cory Kendrix (Denver CO)

KEN mode (Winnipeg CANADA)

Rascal F. Kennedy (Houston TX)

Dustin Kensrue (Orange County CA)

Eddy Kenzo (Dallas TX)

Kero Kero Bonito (London UK-ENGLAND)

Key! (Atlanta GA)

Key Nyata & Mackned (Seattle WA)

Mikal kHill (Charlotte NC)

Khumariyaan (Peshawar PAKISTAN)


The Kickback (Chicago IL)

Kid Dakota (Minneapolis MN)

Kidnap Kid (London UK-ENGLAND)

Killa Kyleon (Houston TX)

Kill! Kill! Pussycat! (Ange SWEDEN)

Kim and The Created (Los Angeles CA)

Victoria Kimani (Nairobi KENYA)

Kin4life (Mount Vernon NY)

King Chip (Cleveland OH)

Allan Kingdom (St. Paul MN)

Kingdom Muzic (Abilene TX)

Elle King (Brooklyn NY)

King Hendricks (Houston TX)

King Kanja (Kensington MD)

King Kyle Lee (San Antonio TX)

King Lil G (Los Angeles CA)

Luke Winslow King (New Orleans LA)

King Mike (San Antonio TX)

King Parrot (Melbourne AUSTALIA)

King Tuff (Brattleboro VT)

King Tut (Dallas TX)

Kink Ador (Nashville TN)

KINKY (Los Angeles CA)

Kevn Kinney (Atlanta GA)

Kinto Sol (West Milwaukee WI)

Bill Kirchen (Austin TX)

Kittens (Los Angeles CA)

KITTY (Los Angeles CA)

Klangkarussell (Salzburg AUSTRIA)

Jess Klein (Austin TX)

KLEVA (Houston TX)

K-Lew (Dallas TX)

Natasha Kmeto (Portland OR)

Kirk Knight (Brooklyn NY)

The Knocks (New York NY)

Koa (Nashville TN)

Kodak To Graph (Pensacola FL)

Kode9 (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)

Hanne Kolstø (Oslo NORWAY)

Kool John (Richmond CA)

Kopecky (Nashville TN)

Korma (Seattle WA)

K-os (Between Sets)

(Vancouver CANADA)

Kosha Dillz (Los Angeles CA)

Kranium (Queens NY)

The Krayolas (San Antonio TX)

Krill (Boston MA)

Krypol Haze (Austin TX)

Hosted by Ktown Cowboys (Los Angeles CA)

Kurupt (Philadelphia PA)

Dex Kwasi (Accra GHANA)

Kydd (Austin TX)

Kyleeil (Austin TX)

La’Rixkie (New Orleans LA)

La Banda Bastön (Ciudad Constitución MEXICO)

Jake La Botz (Beacon NY)

Lace Curtains (New York NY)

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders (Blue Mountains AUSTRALIA)

La Guacha (Santiago CHILE)

La Inedita (Lima PERU)

Laleh (Stokholm SWEDEN)

La Luz (Seattle WA)

Landau (San Francisco CA)

Gill Landry (Lake Charles LA)

Megan Lane (The Woods CANADA)

Tory Lanez (Toronto CANADA)

Jon Langford (Chicago IL)

LANY (Los Angeles CA)

La Orquesta Vulgar (Ciudad De México MEXICO)

Sam Lao (Dallas TX)

Camilo Lara (MIS)

and Toy Selectah DJ Set (Mexico City MEXICO)

Marit Larsen (Oslo NORWAY)

La Sabrosura Dura (Bogota COLOMBIA)

The Last Bandoleros (San Antonio TX)

The Last Bison (Chesapeake VA)

The Last Year (Baltimore MD)

Nina Las Vegas (Sydney AUSTALIA)

Late Night Radio (Denver CO)

Late Ride (Monterrey MEXICO)

LaToria (Dallas TX)

L’aupaire (Berlin GERMANY)

Joel Laviolette and Rattletree (Austin TX)

Lazer/Wulf (Athens GA)

Lazerbeak (Minneapolis MN)

Lazyeyes (Brooklyn NY)

Leaf (New York NY)

League of Extraordinary Gz (Austin TX)

Leather Corduroys (Chicago IL)

Howie Lee (Beijing CHINA)

Murphy Lee (St Louis MO)

The Lees of Memory (Nashville TN)

Left & Right (Philadelphia PA)

Left/Right (Dallas TX)


Hamilton Leithauser (New York NY)

The Lemons (Chicago IL)

Lenka (Sydney AUSTALIA)

Le$ (Houston TX)

Jasmine Le’Shea (Atlanta GA)

Letts (Los Angeles CA)

Levallois (Killeen TX)

Ivy Levan (Los Angeles CA)


The Levites (Austin TX)

Library Voices (Regina CANADA)

Lido (Live)

(Forresfjorden NORWAY)

Lieutenant (Los Angeles CA)

Lifted Bells (Chicago IL)

The Lighthouse and the Whaler (Cleveland OH)

Lil Bibby (Chicago IL)

Lil Data (London UK-ENGLAND)

Lil Debbie (Los Angeles, CA)

Lil Durk (Chicago IL)

Lil’ Flip (Houston TX)

Lil Herb (Chicago IL)

Lil J (Austin TX)

Lil Uzi Vert (Philadelphia PA)

Line Upon Line Percussion (Austin TX)

Liquid Stranger (Scottsdale AZ)

LITE (Minato-Ku JAPAN)

Little Simz (London UK-ENGLAND)

Livin Epistlez (Sheboygan WI)

Vic Lloyd (Chicago IL)

Locksmith (Richmond CA)

LODRO (Brooklyn NY)

Jeff Lofton (Austin TX)

Loki (Austin TX)


Amber London (Houston TX)

Grace London (Austin TX)

The London Souls (New York NY)

The Lonely Wild (Los Angeles CA)

David Longoria (Austin TX)

Look Vibrant (Montreal CANADA)

Jeremy Loops (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)

LooseTemper (Dallas TX)

Lord RAJA (Red Hook NY)

Los Alumnos De San Juan (Couva TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)


Lost Midas (Los Angeles CA)

Loteria (Austin TX)

Alice Phoebe Lou (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)

Loud Lary Ajust (Montreal CANADA)

Demi Louise (Boronia AUSTALIA)

The Love Junkies (Perth AUSTRALIA)

Al Lover (San Francisco CA)

Low Cut Connie (Philadelphia PA)

Lowell (Toronto CANADA)

Lindsay Lowend & Jonah Baseball (Washington DC)

The Lowest Pair (Olympia WA)

Lowkey (Austin TX)

LUA PROC (Pittsburgh VA)

Austin Lucas (Bloomington IN)

Lucette (Edmonton CANADA)

Lucky LOC (Hillsboro TX)

Luke Sweeney (San Francisco CA)

Luluc (Melbourne AUSTALIA)

Ava Luna (New York NY)

Lust for Youth (Copenhagen DENMARK)

Dave Luxe (Montreal CANADA)

L-Vis 1990 (London UK-ENGLAND)

Jayson Lyric (Dallas TX)

Lyric Michelle (Houston TX)

Macaco (Barcelona SPAIN)

Colm Mac Con Iomaire (Dublin IRELAND)

machineheart (Los Angeles CA)

Adrienne Mack-Davis (Rochester NY)

Mac MacIntosh (Austin TX)

Mac McCaughan (Chapel Hill NC)

Meg Mac (Melbourne AUSTALIA)

OG Maco (Atlanta GA)

Mad Classy (Austin TX)

Made Violent (Buffalo NY)

Madlib (Los Angeles CA)

Lauriana Mae (Red Bank NJ)

Magic Giant (Los Angeles CA)

Magic Island (Berlin GERMANY)

The Magnettes (Luleå SWEDEN)

Mahousyoujo-ni-naritai (Tokyo JAPAN)

Mai Dhai (Thar Parker Sindh)

(Thar Parker PAKISTAN)

Tkay Maidza (Adelaide AUSTRALIA)

Main Attrakionz (Oakland CA)

Makthaverskan (Gothenburg SWEDEN)

Mallory Knox (Ely UK-ENGLAND)

Daniel Maloso (Monterrey MEXICO)

Mandolin Orange (Carrboro NC)

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith (Vancouver CANADA)

ManManSavage (Atlanta GA)

Mannie Fresh (New Orleans LA)

Manolo Rose (Brooklyn NY)

Mansionair (Sydney AUSTALIA)


Mao Loading (Bogota COLOMBIA)

Maracuyeah (Washington DC)

Marina and the Diamonds (London UK-ENGLAND)

Marineros (Santiago CHILE)

Laura Marling (London UK-ENGLAND)

Marmalakes (Austin TX)

Felix Martin (Los Angeles CA)

MARTIN $KY (Chicago IL)

Massive Scar Era (Cairo EGYPT)

Master Blaster Sound System (Austin TX)

The Mastersons (Austin TX)

The Matinée (Vancouver CANADA)

Matrixxman (San Francisco CA)

Matthewdavid (Los Angeles CA)

Mau Mau Chaplains (Austin TX)

Maxo Kream (Houston TX)

Elias Mazian (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)

Sean McConnell (Nashville TN)

The McCrary Sisters (Nashville TN)

MC Frontalot (Brooklyn NY)

Carson McHone (Austin TX)

MC Jin (New York NY)

MC Lars (Oakland CA)

James Vincent McMorrow (Dublin IRELAND)

Curtis McMurtry (Austin TX)

Elizabeth McQueen/EMQ (Austin TX)

Keath Mead (Columbia SC)

Meatbodies (Los Angeles CA)

Meat Market (Oakland CA)


Melanie Martinez (New York NY)

Mélat (Austin TX)

Melié (Santiago CHILE)

Scott Melker (New York NY)

Nick Melons (Los Angeles CA)

MeLo-X (Brooklyn NY)

Meltybrains? (Dublin IRELAND)

Memorecks (Toronto CANADA)

The Memories (Los Angeles CA)

Memories In Broken Glass (San Antonio TX)

Memphis Dawls (Memphis TN)

Vic Mensa (Chicago IL)

Bonnie Mercer (St Kilda AUSTALIA)

Merchandise (Tampa FL)

Metro Boomin (Atlanta GA)


Mew (Copenhagen DENMARK)

Mexican Slang (Toronto CANADA)

M.I.C. (San Jose CA)

Michna (New York NY)

Mike Mictlan (Minneapolis MN)

MICXSIC and The Freestyle Experiment (Atlanta GA)

Mideau (Salt Lake City UT)

Midnight Masses (Austin TX)

The Mighty Jones (Brooklyn NY)

Mighty Sparrow (Diego Martin TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)

Migos (Atlanta GA)

Mike G (Austin TX)

MikeQ (New Jersey NJ)

Mike WiLL Made-It (Atlanta GA)

Mild High Club (Chicago IL)

Milk & Bone (Montréal CANADA)

Milky Chance (Kassel GERMANY)

Marie Miller (Shenandoah Valley VA)

Milo (Los Angeles CA)

Milo & Otis (Los Angeles CA)

Rainy Milo (London UK-ENGLAND)

Mini Mansions (Los Angeles CA)

Derek Minor (Nashville TN)

Mise en Scene (Winnipeg CANADA)

The Miseries (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)

Missio (Austin TX)

Missound (Monterrey MEXICO)

MisterWives (New York NY)

Chris Mitchell (Houston TX)

MKRNI (Santiago CHILE)

MLKMN (Laredo TX)

Mndsgn (Los Angeles CA)

Mob Figaz (Bay Area CA)

Modern Chemistry (New Brunswick NJ)

Hudson Mohawke (London UK-ENGLAND)

Victoria Monet (Sacramento CA)

Money Makin Nique (Atlanta GA)

Mon Laferte (Mexico City MEXICO)


Machel Montano (Port Of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)

Moodie Black (Minneapolis MN)

Mookie Jones (Houston TX)

Moon City Boys (Stockholm SWEDEN)

Moon Duo (Portland OR)

Moon Honey (Los Angeles CA)

Moonlight Towers (Austin TX)

Moon Tooth (Long Island NY)

Ian Moore (Seattle WA)

Jesse Moore of East Cameron Folkcore (Austin TX)

Katie Moore (Montreal CANADA)

John Moreland (Tulsa OK)

Morenito de Fuego (Monterrey MEXICO)

More Than Conquerors (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)

Mia Moretti (Los Angeles CA)

Dennis Morgan (Morvant TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)

Laza Morgan (Springfield MA)

Whitey Morgan (Flint MI)

T. Hardy Morris (Athens GA)

Sam Morrow (Los Angeles CA)

Mothercoat (Fukaya JAPAN)

Mother Falcon (Austin TX)

Moumoon (Tokyo JAPAN)

Moving Panoramas (Austin TX)

The Mowgli’s (Los Angeles CA)

MPeach (Caracas VENEZUELA)

Mr.Kitty (Austin TX)

Mr Play (Host)


Mr Vegas (Kingston JAMAICA)

MS MR (New York NY)

The Mud Howlers (Mexico City MEXICO)

Mumiy Troll (Vladivostok RUSSIA)

Muneshine (Toronto CANADA)

Dre Murray (Tulsa OK)

Keith Murray (Brentwood NY)

MURS (Los Angeles CA)

Music Band (Nashville TN)

Mustafa Rocks/Sean Mac (Chicago IL)

My Body Sings Electric (Denver CO)

My Education (Austin TX)

My Education/Theta Naught: Sound Mass (Austin TX)

My Jerusalem (Austin TX)

The Mynabirds (Los Angeles CA)

My Nu Leng (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)

MYRONE (Los Angeles CA)

Mysonne (New York NY)

The Mystery Lights (Brooklyn NY)

Mystery Skulls (Los Angeles CA)

My Ticket Home (Columbus OH)

Nadus (Newark NJ)

NameBrand (Long Beach CA)

Nano (Houston TX)

Israel Nash (Dripping Springs TX)

Jay Nash and Josh Day are The Contenders (Los Angeles CA)

Native Children (Sacramento CA)

Natural Child (Nashville TN)

NDO Radio (Atlanta GA)

Willie Heath Neal (Atlanta GA)

Tim Ned (Houston TX)

NEEDS (Vancouver CANADA)

Sarah Bethe Nelson (San Francisco CA)

Neon Cobra (Austin TX)

Neon Hitch (London UK-ENGLAND)

New Beat Fund (Los Angeles CA)

New Fumes (Dallas TX)

New Madrid (Athens GA)

New Myths (New York NY)

New York City Queens (Houston TX)

Jared James Nichols (Los Angeles CA)

Night Drive (Austin TX)

Nightmare Air (Los Angeles CA)


Night Riots (Templeton CA)

Night School (Oakland CA)


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