As mobile app developers continue to get creative and technology becomes more streamlined, mobile software platforms have emerged that allow people with little coding knowledge to create an attractive app. As reported by Mashable, there are three platforms that stand out from the crowd. Whether creating an app for fun or as a part of your business’ mobile strategy, these three tools make the process surprisingly simple.


If you want to build mobile apps in the cloud, Appery is a great tool. This program allows developers to create dynamic apps for iPhone, Android and Windows devices. For developers new to the field, the user interface enables the placement of app components through a “drag and drop” process. Between the ability to connect any REST API to the platform and the myriad of available plug-ins, Appery is a unique mobile app development platform. With the ability to start building apps for free, Appery is a low cost solution for developers on a budget.

Another great thing about Appery is the additional services that can be added to the original tool set. The Flex Pack option allows the user to bring an Appery expert on board to help with several aspects of the project, including design, development, testing and consulting. Flex Pack can be purchased in increments of 40 hours and provides a streamlined process for a quick start. If you need something more comprehensive, the Custom Development Project service is a great option. Appery will provide you with design and development services throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. These include defining use cases, gathering requirements, testing, project planning, deployment and more.

If you would like to tackle the project yourself, Appery provides tutorials, videos and documentation for free. Custom training onsite or online can be purchased as an additional service.

Mobile Roadie

If you’re willing to make a monthly investment in app development, Mobile Roadie offers a few unbeatable features. Through a free add-on, it enables developers to preview their mobile app just as it would appear once it’s live. It includes functions that allow developers to exchange content between the app and their official website, streamlining the integration of branded content. With support for all forms of media, Mobile Roadie’s top benefit is the ability to create media-rich apps integrated with social media and RSS.

To learn more about the advantages of Mobile Roadie, check out their case studies. They have worked with many famous brands, organizations and celebrities including the San Diego Zoo, Washington Redskins, Harley Davidson, Adele, Cristiano Ronaldo and others. Mobile Roadie apps integrate with a wide range of other sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Soundcloud, Songkick, Vimeo and YouTube. If you’re trying Mobile Roadie for the first time, don’t forget to check out their documentation for tips on getting started.


With TheAppBuilder, developers can make a range of mobile apps designed for use by customers, employees and event attendees. Additionally, this platform makes it easy to create brochure apps and custom apps, offering a versatile solution for individuals and businesses. Though this platform can be used to make simple apps, its tools are designed to enhance functionality for enterprise clients as well. Since the platform first launched, it has become known for its security, reliability and flexibility.

The suite of features provided by TheAppBuilder gives users additional design capabilities. Both public and private apps can be created. This allows companies to create in-house applications that only their employees can use, such as customized apps for time tracking, project management and any other task or function. A private app is also a great way to interact with customers or implement a loyalty program. TheAppBuilder is compatible with Google Analytics, which makes it easy to see how users are finding and using your apps. This information is crucial for making improvements, fixing issues, and enhancing the marketing of your apps.

For security and privacy, TheAppBuilder encrypts all enterprise data on their servers, the device itself, and whenever the data is in transit. Additionally, the apps are cross platform compatible and can be integrated with Microsoft Share Point and Active Directory.

Dynamic Mobile Solutions for Enterprises

If you need more than a DIY solution can offer, Kony mobile app software is ideal. Whether you’re creating a mobile app for customers or employees, Kony’s robust tools ensure your completed project accurately meets your needs and provides a one-of-a-kind user experience. Using future-proof technology, Kony allows businesses to remain mobile despite future changes and updates. Regardless of your businesses’ unique purpose, these development platforms provide the features needed to create a stunning app.

Author: Paige Bixler has a background in mobile application development and has a passion for anything technology related.  When she’s not researching or reading tech blogs, you can find her at the dog park with her Labrador, Macey, or (attempting) to play her guitar.

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