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  • Roll out the Renewable!
    via gobartimes

    So the climate negotiations last year did not yield much by way of a binding, emissions-cutting agreement. And rainforests around the world saw unprecedented logging in 2013. Not to mention, the many natural calamities and storms, the falling numbers...

  • “What if you could scoop the air? Scoop it and move it downward, amplifying its kinetic energy along the way, concentrate it to a single point of intensity, the way a magnifying glass concentrates sunlight to a single incendiary point?” ...

  • Drumbeat: April 24, 2013
    via theoildrum

    Egypt to issue schedule next month for gradual fuel subsidy cuts CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt aims next month to issue a schedule of gradual rises in the subsidised prices various industries pay for fuel, to bring them near to world levels in four years...

  • During August, at the peak of the campaign against the fracking for natural gas at Balcombe, West Sussex, the BBC ran a story called Dorking ‘green’ group in favour of fracking.  It stated, “One group in Surrey set up to encourage...

  • Summary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are worlds apart in their stances on human-caused climate change. Trump has repeatedly expressed doubt in the science behind climate change, and his policy proposals reflect that doubt. Clinton, on the other...

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