A large number of IT help desk tickets… A series of repetitive tasks... Many different support teams... Multiple workflow dependencies... A perfect recipe for a chaotic and underproductive work environment.

In situations like this one, the ability to manage all your tasks seamlessly with a single help desk solution is critical. One that not only helps with ticketing automation but also with scheduling and prioritizing the tickets, and assigning them to the right teams based on the workflow requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common and recurring tasks in an IT environment, such as re-imaging hard disks every week, provisioning of IT services, new employee induction, and so on that can be managed most effectively with the right help desk tool.

Each of these tasks can be scheduled to run at a specified date and time, or triggered manually.

When tasks are created and assigned to the respective teams/personnel, your help desk system should automatically track the assigned ticket to log subsequent activity and the eventual outcome of the task or event.

Simplified Task Management

SolarWinds® Web Help Desk™ software streamlines IT ticketing and task management with user-friendly, customizable features allowing individual tasks to be defined by task elements and governed by event-based workflows. Web Help Desk is 100% Web-based and eliminates the need to install separate instances on clients’ or tech’s computers.

Customize multiple tasks using task Elements

If a single repetitive task involves multiple request types, it can be defined by task elements. Web Help Desk software gives the flexibility to customize each of the task elements, all of which can be executed in series or in parallel.

When these task elements are assigned to multiple teams, the technicians can start addressing the tickets in an organized manner, enabling an efficient and productive help desk environment.

Action Rules & Workflow Integration

Tasks can also be associated to a certain action rule, simplifying complex processes such as conditional ordering of task elements and approval workflow integration.

With Web Help Desk, you can set a priority for each action rule. When multiple criteria are met at the same time, these priorities kick in to determine the action rule that has to be triggered. This flexible customization of the action rule priority and criteria makes it easier for help desk professionals to define the best action item, which could be any one or all of the following:

Running a task

Assigning tickets

Changing ticket priority/status

Modifying a ticket

Sending email

Including approval process

So you see, task management can be streamlined and simplified with SolarWinds Web Help Desk software. Its well-designed features let you have complete control when automating a series of tasks, clearly taking into account all related dependencies.

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