Thursday is GURPSDay. We're entering the last day of the Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter. It fully funded during Day 16, about four days ago, and is still going strong. It looks to be pushing to around $155,000 plus another $30K from W23 sales, which gives us the 180,000 stretch goal of a month of Pyramid (one issue) for all backers who pledge $50 or more.

Below you can find the blog activity for the last 10-25 posts for every blog that has posted. This is a lot of posts - the GURPS blogging community has picked up rather a lot of steam recently, a phenomenon I hope that GURPSDay has helped with to a small degree.

I can only offer this exhortation: back the Kickstarter. Blog more. Create more. Refine your writing technique and participate in the community-driven submission process that is writing for SJG. They're a tough crowd, and their standards are high. But if you can write for them, you can probably write for anyone.

Even yourself.

As always, if you're interested in having your blog consolidated here, navigate over to The Instructions Page and drop me a line.

Save vs. Hollowing (Anton L.)

GURPS Melee Damage pt. 3.5 (7/20/16)

GURPS Melee Damage pt. 3 (7/13/16)

GURPS Melee Damage pt. 2.5 (7/01/16)

GURPS Melee Damage pt. 2 (6/26/16)

“Max 20” Draft for GURPS (6/17/16)

Status Update (6/13/16)

GURPS Melee Damage (6/08/16)

50-point One-Shot Kill Attack in GURPS (6/01/16)

Me and GURPS (5/31/16)

Stats for Darkest Nights Imps (5/09/16)

The Gaming Musings of a Mad GM (Ken DeLyzer)

GrimWyrd, Session 1: Introductions (5/20/16)

GrimWyrd:A dark fantasy (5/18/16)

An Introduction (5/02/13)

Rindis.com (Rindis)

Deadly Protection (8/28/16)

Thoroughly Social (8/20/16)

Dungeon Sorcery Part 1 (8/01/16)

Elemental Channeling (7/12/16) - The outline of a new magic elemental threshold syntactic magic system.

Full-Spectrum Powers (7/08/16)

The Magic of Points (6/23/16)

Studying Magic (6/11/16)

Holy Powers (7/08/15)

The Advanced Set (1/05/14)

The Best of Books, The Worst of Books (9/18/10)

Ravens N' Pennies (Christopher R. Rice)

GURPS101: Dungeon Fantasy Sensory Power-Ups (9/29/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: The Ecology of Giant Spiders in Dungeon Fantasy, Part II (9/29/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: The Ecology of Giant Spiders in Dungeon Fantasy, Part I (9/28/16)

GURPS101: A Whole New World (of Dungeon Fantasy) (9/27/16)

Carpe Blogiem: Thoughts on the Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter (9/26/16)

The Hurt Locker: Forging in the Dungeon, Part II (9/25/16)

The Hurt Locker: Forging in the Dungeon, Part I (9/23/16)

GURPS101: Dungeon Fantasy Sharpshooter Power-Ups (9/22/16)

Aeon A-Team S01E03 - We Are Everywhere (9/21/16)

The Hurt Locker: Mana Bucklers for Dungeon Fantasy (9/20/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: Dungeon Fantasising III (9/19/16)

The Hurt Locker: Iron Rations - A Compleat Guide to Victualing in Ye Olde Dungeon, Part II (9/17/16)

The Hurt Locker: Iron Rations - A Compleat Guide to Victualing in Ye Olde Dungeon, Part I (9/16/16)

Boil and Bubble: Incantation Magic - Mirage Maimer (9/15/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: Beyond the Hack n' Slash (9/14/16)

The Hurt Locker: Fusion-Powered Chainsaw (9/13/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: Dungeon Fantasising IV (9/12/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: Dungeon Fantasising II (9/12/16)

Boil and Bubble: Incantation Magic - Rainbow Spray (9/12/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: What Makes Dungeon Fantasy Special, Part II (9/11/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: What Makes Dungeon Fantasy Special, Part I (9/09/16)

Carpe Blogiem: It's not you Dungeon Fantasy, It's Me (9/07/16)

Aeon A-Team S01E02 - And We Are Watching (9/06/16)

The Hurt Locker: Dungeon Fantasy Duelists (9/05/16)

Gamemaster's Guidepost: Dungeon Fantasising (9/05/16)

Cursed -75 Points (BowToChris)

unknought: I’m starting to learn a bit about economics, and some of what I’m finding is kind of... (9/14/16)

Mechanics: How to Build a Resistance Group (9/14/16)

Session 1: House Special (8/18/16)

therealshandor: PSI Force begins! We are psychic investigators... (8/14/16)

Project VERITAS (8/14/16)

Let's GURPS: Review: GURPS Powers (7/03/16)

Combat Reflexes (5/27/16)

Dr. Edmond Swift: The Eight of Cups (5/23/16)

Empathy (4/30/16)

canwefixitnoitsfucked: GPOY (4/20/16)

Afflictions (4/05/16)

Afflictions (4/03/16)

Jerico Epirus (4/02/16)

Duchess Meriel Venmarch (3/30/16)

Sahara (3/25/16)

The Jester (3/22/16)

Modular Abilities (3/21/16)

Skills For Some (3/21/16)

rpgs-are-neat: weareadventurers: Tarek Al-Amir, the Paladin I... (3/21/16)

GURPS Iconics TODO (3/20/16)

Dice and Lives (Joel Sammallahti)

Fight Analysis: Fellowship of the Ring (9/21/16)

Fight Analysis: Conan the Barbarian (9/10/16)

Sleepless Nights, Session 1: The Rite of the Wolf (9/09/16) - A prehistoric prologue session, with witchraft, violence, an arrowhead with a forbidden sign, a monster in a cave, and future shock at TL 0.

Sleepless Nights: Magic House Rules (2 of 2) (8/27/16) - More additions to the standard magic system: magic circles, decanic sigils, and using Thaumatology to add temporary enhancements to spells. Plus applications for Alchemy, Autohypnosis, and more!

Sleepless Nights: Magic House Rules (1 of 2) (8/26/16) - Additions to the standard magic system: Temporal mana variations rather than spatial ones, reasons to spend more than 1 point on spells, and Ritual Magic as a versatile supporting skill for spells.

Sleepless Nights: Vampire Killing Martial Arts Style (8/18/16) - A martial art style for killing vampires. Includes two new techniques, one of them banned - banned by Kromm! For Sleepless Nights.

Gonzostan: Initial Plans (8/17/16)

Alternative Alchemy for Gurps (Part 2 of 2) (8/16/16) - A homebrew subsystem for Gurps: what you need to know to play an alchemist.

Alternative Alchemy for Gurps (Part 1 of 2) (8/15/16) - A homebrew subsystem for Gurps: turning advantages into alchemical concoctions.

How I Play: Dice and the Game Master (8/06/16) - Some thoughts on why I'm against GMs fudging dice rolls.

Code by Clockwork (Jeff Demers)

GURPS Calculator: GCA Import Functionality Development Starting! (9/04/16)

GURPS Calculator New Server! (8/21/16)

Gencon - Meeting Steve Jackson (8/04/16)

GURPS Calculator Future Plans (7/10/16)

GURPS Calculator 2.3.2: Character Sharing (6/30/16)

GURPS Calculator 2.3.2 Character Sharing Update and Developer Help Needed (6/14/16)

GURPS: Ascension Campaign Living World Document (Power Templates, Kits, Races, etc) (6/07/16)

GURPS Calculator: 2.3.1 Released! (6/02/16)

GURPS Calculator - Enhancements, Character Sharing, and GCA Importing (5/24/16)

GURPS Calculator 2.3 has been released! GCS Importing for all! (5/12/16)

GURPS Calculator - GCS Importing launch on May 12th! (5/04/16)

GURPS Calculator WIP 2.3 and Alpha Testing (4/07/16)

GURPS Calculator - Character Screens and GCS Importing Continues (3/10/16)

GURPS Calculator - Character Screens and GCS Importing (2.3 Work in Progress Update) (3/02/16)

GURPS Calculator 2.2 release (2/11/16)

GURPS Calculator 2.2 Work In Progress Update (2/04/16)

GURPS Calculator 2.1.1 Released (1/28/16)

GURPS Calculator 2.2.4 Released (Old Android App) (7/22/13)

Set Adrift on 3D6 (Conner)

No one is an atheist in the dungeon… (6/07/16)

These are the people in your neighborhood 2: Electric Hullabaloo (6/02/16)

Dungeon Fantasy Interlude – Rude, Crude, and maybe a third thing, but probably not: A barbarians guide to arms & armor! (6/01/16)

Who says murder hobos cant be pretty? (5/27/16)

Dungeon Fantasy Interlude: Is that a wand your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? (5/25/16)

Dungeon Fantasy Interlude: One bourbon, one scotch, & one beer. And for my 2nd course, I’ll have… (5/18/16)

Dungeon Fantasy S01E04: Apprenticing, for fun and profit! (5/17/16)

And now for something completely different! (5/12/16)

These are the people in your neighborhood (5/08/16)

All that glitters is not gold.. Sometimes it’s a mixture of gold and silver! (5/06/16)

Shooting Dice (Hans-Christian Vortisch)

Shopping Spree: Peter von Frantzius (1927) (8/23/16)

Tactical Shooting: Predator (8/16/16)

High-Tech: The Mummy (8/02/16)

Tactical Shooting: Breaking Bad (7/26/16)

Gun Fu: Last Man Standing (6/30/16)

Book Review: The Cthulhu Wars (6/19/16)

High-Tech: Auto-Ordnance M1928A1 Thompson (6/15/16)

Tactical Shooting: The Sopranos (6/02/16)

Tactical Shooting: Justified (5/24/16)

Gangster Gats: Cleaver Gang (5/17/16)

Chain Link and Concrete (M. Eversberg II)

Generic Ballistic Vests - US NIJ Ratings Converted to GURPS DR (9/03/16)

GURPS Tiberian Dawn: Campaign Concepts (8/28/16)

The Brotherhood of Nod's Militants (Tiberian Dawn Era, c.1999) (8/23/16)

GURPSHammer: Wrap-Up and More Things (8/15/16)

GURPSHammer: Vagir's Campaign Session 7 (8/07/16)

GURPSHammer: Vagir's Campaign Session 6 (8/06/16)

GURPSHammer: Vagir's Campaign Session 5 (8/05/16)

GURPSHammer: Vagir's Campaign Session 4 (8/04/16)

GURPSHammer: Vagir's Campaign Session 3 (8/03/16)

GURPSHammer: Vagir's Campaign Session 2 (8/02/16)

GURPSHammer: Vagir's Campaign Session 1 (8/01/16)

GURPSHammer 0: Campaign Basis and Concepts (7/31/16)

Thinking on Dungeon Fantasy Games (7/29/16)

The Visceroid (7/21/16)

Pool-cue Spear Technique (Shoot the point!) (7/20/16)

The ArmaLite AR-10 Rifle (7/18/16)

The M-1952A and M69 Fragmentation Protective Body Armors (7/15/16)

The Vest, Armored, M-1951, M-1952, and M-1955 (7/14/16)

Multiple Attacks and Retreating Opponents (6/23/16)

Overwhelming Active Defenses with Multiple Attacks (6/22/16)

The GAU-3 "Eliminator" Assault Rifle (6/17/16)

Technique: Airbursting Hand Grenades (6/09/16)

Playing with Fragmentation Grenade Variables (6/08/16)

The M26A2 / M57 Fragmentation Grenade (and the M26A1 / M61) (6/07/16)

When in doubt, FRAG OUT! (Throwing and Resolving Damage on Fragmentation Grenades in GURPS) (6/06/16)

RPG Snob (Jason Packer)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy - Bringing the Hack and the Slash (9/03/16)

GURPS: Perception (8/12/16)

Leaving It Up To Chance - On Fudging the Dice (8/11/16)

RPG Litmus Tests (7/04/13)

Thoughts on GURPS and Skill Levels (5/14/13)

GURPS Melee Academy : Circling like Sharks (5/09/13)

Shieldless - the merits of Two-Handed Weapons (4/11/13)

Magic in the world of Krail's Folly (4/07/13)

Decoupling Attributes in GURPS (4/05/13)

Lessons learned in Ludus Batiatus (4/02/13)

GURPS Pact Magic - another alternative system (3/29/13)

Alternative magic for the Dungeon Fantasy faithful (3/27/13)

The Ugly Disadvantages (3/26/13)

Ritual Path Magic for Fantasy Gaming (3/24/13)

Filling a Fantasy World (3/22/13)

Dungeon of Graves AP report: Marat meets new friends (3/19/13)

Campaign Notes: Updating Traveller for GURPS 4E (3/18/13)

Update re:House Rules (3/18/13)

Road Testing "The Last Gasp" for GURPS (3/16/13)

House Rules and Me (3/12/13)

I've always had a thing for the underpowered, mish-mash characters (2/21/13)


Orbital Vagaries (Christian Blouin)

IW 10 - Orbital decay (8/12/16)

IW 9 - Diffuse danger (7/30/16)

IW 8 - Sake at Gonpachi (7/16/16)

IW 7 - Big in Japan (7/02/16)

IW 6 - Human trafficking (6/18/16)

IW 5 - Blue Jungle (5/20/16)

IW 4 - Hunters (5/07/16)

IW 3 - Two thousand miles per second (4/09/16)

IW 2 - King Saud's ice paradise (3/25/16)

What I changed as a GM in the last few campaigns (3/21/16)

IW1 - Advertising faux-pas (3/12/16)

Finance 101 for free traders (3/10/16)

IW0 - Inception (2/26/16)

PK's Game Recaps and Tidbits (PK Levine)

After the End: Week 19 (8/25/16) - The wastelanders are attacked in the night by a strange robot who seems truly sentient. Is this the first actual AI? The uploaded brain pattern of a scientist? Or something else?

After the End: Week 18 (8/16/16) - The team learns (the hard way!) that the hidden underground corridor is protected by nanoburn-armed drones. But quick thinking, fast reflexes, and a bit of technical know-how keep them alive -- for now.

Madness Dossier: Week 19 (7/31/16) - With help from out of town, the remaining agents track down and rescue their kidnapped teammates, but their surprisingly well-trained foes manage to escape.

After the End: Week 17 (7/05/16) - The group discovers an underground bunker and tries to figure a way to get in without having to fight robot drones. Meanwhile, Randy embarks on a quest to get their mutant teddy stoned, and Twitch gets harassed by a pack of feral dogs.

After the End: Week 16 (6/21/16) - The wastelanders head into the "chaos fog" forest, alert for exploding fruit and other nano-based weirdness.

Madness Dossier: Week 18 (6/13/16)

Madness Dossier: Weeks 16-17 (6/10/16)

After the End: The First 15 (?) Weeks (6/10/16)

After the End: Adventuring Through the Wastes (6/10/16)

After the End -- Mutated Hulk Bruiser (4/18/16)

Post-Apoc Options for our After the End game (6/01/15)

Shane Plays (Shane Stacks)

How To Create A GURPS Character (6/07/16)

GURPS! – Radio Show / Podcast Ep. 40 (3/09/16)

RPG Jutsu (Merlin Avery)

Dungeon Fantasy – Powered by GURPS (9/02/16)

Dungeon Fantasy – Why I think it’s D20 for GURPS! (5/26/16)

Combo – The Killer Instinct in Advantages (5/20/16)

Dark Fantasy – The Horrific End to Heroes (2/15/16)

Computers – The Digital World Primer (2/10/16)

GURPS – Vampire the Masquerade (2/08/16)

Death – How to Deal With Immortal PCs (2/04/16)

Future Jutsu – Coming Soon to a Site Near You (2/04/16)

Cinematic Reality – Armor of the Big Screen (2/03/16)

Rules Lawyer – GMs are Self Destructive (2/02/16)

Don't Forget Your Boots (Mitch French)

Duppies (9/24/16)

Rituals for Pirates: Gunplay (9/09/16)

Pirates! Session #1 (9/03/16)

Pieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight! (9/03/16)

Playing With Dolls (8/31/16)

Cast and Crew (8/31/16)

Rituals for Pirates. Also, grenades. (8/26/16)

Rituals For Pirates: “Keep Your Powder Dry” (8/23/16)

Not Every Pirate Can Sing A Shanty (7/29/16)

Link to back up the word-of-mouth (7/28/16)

Fragments of the Last War (Bryan Timms)

Its Hour Come Round at Last 7 (9/15/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last 6 (7/18/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last 5 (7/01/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last 4 (6/13/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last - Doctor Thomas McKinley (6/06/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last - Trahaearn Taliesin (Tali) (6/06/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last - Harris Benjamin (6/03/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last - Reginald Smythe III (6/03/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last 3 (6/01/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last 2 (5/20/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last 1 (4/27/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last - Patronage and Espionage Agencies (4/12/16)

Its Hour Come Round at Last 0 (4/11/16)

Fragments of the Last War 24 (3/02/16)

Fragments of the Last War 23 - A Game for Knights, part 4 (2/15/16)

Fragments of the Last War 22 - A Game for Knights, part 3 (1/27/16)

Fragments of the Last War 21 - A Game for Knights, part 2 (1/08/16)

Fragments of the Last War 20 - A Game for Knights, part 1 (12/25/15)

Fragments of the Last War 19 (11/12/15)

Fragments: Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Fate (9/18/14)

Issues, Places, Faces (8/11/14)

Game Geekery ("Warren ""Mook"" Wilson")

Quiz: 30 Years of GURPS (9/28/16) - This week, enjoy a special 30-question quiz to celebrate the 30th anniversary of GURPS this year! How well do you really know the game we all love? Leave those books and PDFs closed and try your hand at guessing... I mean, knowing more than your fellow GURPS fans!

Scattershot – September 2016 (9/22/16) - In this week's post, I ask for more reader questions for the next audio 'cast; plug the uber-cool Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter; point out a couple of places to chat about GURPS in real time; and share some useful GURPS resources I found in my travels this week. Enjoy!

Hell on Wheels, Post-Con Wrap Up (9/15/16) - In the final look at the "Hell on Wheels" convention game, I talk about how the game played out at the table with three different groups and post all of the game notes and characters for download. Also, shout-outs to the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter and the upcoming hardcopy version of "How to Be a GURPS GM"!

Two Important GMing Lessons (9/07/16) - Two things I (re)learned GMing at last weekend's convention - The Players Want To Have Fun, and Let Her Be A Werewolf!

Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter! (9/01/16) - A new Powered by GURPS Kickstarter?! OMG YES!!!

[Audio] Answering Reader Questions 01 (8/25/16) - Hopefully, today will see the upload of the first ever Game Geekery podcast, in which I answer a few questions posed by readers of the blog.

More Thoughts on Hell on Wheels (8/18/16) - My next convention game, Hell on Wheels, is slowly shaping up! I also offer some thoughts on balancing characters by spotlight time instead of by point totals.

Hell on Wheels (for Gateway 2016) (8/12/16) - After falling asleep and missing yesterday's GURPSDay deadline, today I look at my brainstorming process for deciding on a new game to run at the Gateway 2016 convention in a few weeks.

PCs as Ship Crew, Part Two (8/04/16) - A follow up to the recently popular post on establishing your game so that the PCs are the crew of a ship, whether on sea, across the aether, or in space.

GM Convention Tips, The Sequel (7/28/16) - Since I run a lot of convention games, and a lot of people ask about convention games... seems like a topic worth covering! Here are general thoughts on running demos, one-shots, and convention games.

Southern Style GURPS (Chris Bower)

Magnificent Samurai - Session 9 (9/28/16)

The House of Conti - Session 3 (9/19/16)

Magnificent Samurai - Session 8 (9/13/16)

New Spell: Fire Darts (9/09/16)

The House of Conti - Session 1 and 2 (9/07/16)

Magnificent Samurai Session 7 (8/30/16) - The party defeats a character's sworn foe in a tough battle.

Thoughts on Adapting Published Magical Styles (8/19/16)

The Brotherhood of Mages (8/16/16)

Magnificent Samurai Session 6 (8/15/16)

Around the Blogs: Point Costs (6/22/16) - My two bits in a multi-blog discussion of point values.

Magnificent Samurai: Session 3 (6/13/16)

Artifacts: The Bronze Arrow (6/08/16) - An Artifact from my fantasy campaigns.

My Notes on GURPS Magic Enchantment (6/01/16)

Review: Pyramid 3-91: Thaumatology IV (6/01/16)

Magnificent Samurai: Session 2 (5/24/16)

Magnificent Samurai: Session 1 (5/16/16) - The Campaign Log for Session 1 of the Magnificent Samurai.

Primary Sources in Fantasy Gaming (5/10/16) - What would "Primary Sources" in fantasy gaming be other than sourcebooks?

Magnificent Samurai: Session 0 (5/05/16) - Notes on the beginning of a new campaign.

Review: Pyramid 3-90: After the End (5/03/16) - A review of the April Pyramid.

A Note and an NPC (4/27/16) - A light posting week.

How I Made Death Matter Again (4/20/16) - Making death matter in a fantasy game with resurrection present.

Alchemy Styles (4/18/16) - Alchemical Styles, inspired by martial and magical styles.

Review: GURPS After the End 2: The New World (4/18/16) - A review of After the End 2.

Making Diseases Effective in Fantasy (4/08/16) - Notes on diseases in a fantasy gameworld.

Review: Pyramid 3-89: Alternate Dungeons II (4/04/16) - A review of the March Pyramid.

Yore (Martin Ralya)

The GURPSening continues: S. John Ross’ recommended GURPS book list (6/23/16)

GURPS Time Travel’s four mini-settings (6/22/16)

GURPS Creatures of the Night offers up some creepy gems (6/16/16)

Time Corps: A brilliant time travel setting in 13 pages (5/26/16)

GURPS Time Travel is neat (5/25/16)

A blast from the GURPS: Warehouse 23 and Illuminati (5/20/16)

The Collaborative Gamer (Joseph Linden)

DF Kickstarter reaches stretch goal 5! (9/27/16)

Three cheers for the new obvious! (9/26/16)

DF Kickstarter destroys stretch goal 4! (9/26/16)

DF Kickstarter reaches stretch goal 3! (9/21/16)

The Return of Temian Fell! (9/21/16)

Dungeon Fantasy RPG Smashes Stretch Goal 2! (9/19/16)

DFRPG Kickstarter succeeds! (9/17/16)

Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter! Amazing! (9/02/16)

Gazetteer: The Wistwilds (5/04/16)

Temian’s New Loadout (4/29/16)

MoeLane.com (Moe Lane)

New Martial Art: Full-Contact Wellness Care [GURPS 4e] (9/27/16)

GURPS Advantage/Package: Shoggie-Ridden [GURPS 4e] (9/23/16)

GURPS Discworld [4E] and Mars Attacks! now on pre-order. (9/17/16)

GURPS Martial Art: Python Strike Thesis Defense Kung Fu [GURPS 4E] (9/17/16)

Annnnnd the ‘Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Powered by GURPS’ Kickstarter funded. (9/17/16)

The Problematic Jerry Moore. [GURPS 4E] (9/16/16)

GURPS disease/package: Garish Tattoo. [GURPS 4E] (9/14/16)

Tweet of the Day, GURPS Mars Attacks Coming Soon! edition (9/12/16)

Lagoon-2 (Quantum 6) #gurpsday (9/08/16)

An adaptation of Nikola Tesla’s GURPS Who’s Who 1 stats for 4e. (9/02/16)

The ‘Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Powered by GURPS’ Kickstarter. (9/01/16)

GURPS Disadvantage: Quinzel’s Syndrome [GURPS 4e] (8/25/16)

hoploblog (V)

Skills: Exorcism, Part 1 (5/30/16)

Partial Visual Magnetism — How To Only Be Slightly Handsome (5/21/16)

Come Fly With Me – Part 2: Know Your Subraces (5/10/16)

Come Fly With Me – Aarakocras and You – Part 1 (5/10/16)

The GURPS Point Profile – v5.5 (5/09/16)

Short Post – Fallout Power Armor Test (4/24/16)

Introducing the Reinard Parkour (4/18/16)

No School Grognard (Mark Langsdorf)

Nu World Session 8 (8/21/16)

Nu World Session 7 (8/17/16)

Nu World Session 6 (8/10/16)

Nu World, Sessions 3, 4, and 5 (6/19/16)

Nu World Session 2 (5/26/16)

After the End: Scouting the Scavenge Sites (5/10/16)

Nu World Session 1 (5/05/16)

After the End: Non-generic bullets (4/26/16)

Easier Armor Design (4/23/16)

After the End: Skill Cheat Sheet (4/20/16)

GURPS: After the End and Gamma World, 2nd Edition (3/19/16)

After the End and the problem of Armor Stats (3/17/16)

Castle of Horrors Session 17 (2/04/16) : The PCs hunt down the vampire and engage it in a confused melee when they are attacked in turn by the crazy axeman!

Castle of Horors Session 16 (1/29/16) The PCs meet the gnomes on the 3rd floor again and discover they're bound to a vampire! The vampire attacks and is forced to flee, but the PCs still need to find the lair and finish it off.

Castle of Horrors Sessions 14 and 15 (1/26/16)

Castle of Horrors Session 13 (1/07/16)

Castle of Horrors Session 12 (1/06/16)

Astral Diamonds, Magic Items, and Dungeon Fantasy (12/23/15)

Castle of Horrors Session 11 (12/17/15)

College Ritual Book Magic: Some playtest results (12/13/15)

Castle of Horrors Session 10 (12/10/15)

Castle of Horrors Session 9 (12/09/15)

Castle of Horrors Session 8 (11/20/15)

Castle of Horrors Session 7 (11/12/15)

Castle of Horrors Session 6 (11/05/15)

Just Roll 3d6 (Colin)

Why GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Is Awesome (9/07/16) - In light of the Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter, this post discusses why dungeon fantasy is so popular—and why GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is a great way to play the genre.

Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter Announced (9/02/16)

Character Creation Options (8/30/16) - Point buy may be the default way to create GURPS characters, but it's far from the only option. This post examines several methods for building GURPS characters and explores which mechanism make the most sense for different player and GM needs.

Aborting Combat in GURPS (8/23/16) - Balancing GURPS combat is tricky for new GMs. This post discusses strategies to abort an unexpectedly dangerous encounter without leaving the players feel cheated.

Power-Ups 7: Wildcard Skills Review (8/16/16) - This review of GURPS Power-Ups 7: Wildcard Skills looks at how GMs can balance wildcards in their games, as well as how players can find ideas for wildcard skills to use with their characters.

Understanding Reaction Modifiers (8/09/16) - What does a +1 reaction bonus mean in practice? How severe is a -2 reaction penalty? This post will interpret reaction modifiers so players and GMs can anticipate the consequences of gameplay choices on their characters' social interactions.

Ballparking Fatigue Costs (8/02/16) - Fatigue is the odd stat out in GURPS. This post will present a rules-light way to ballpark fatigue costs so GMs can easily incorporate fatigue into their campaigns.

Thematic Character Creation with Template Optimal Concepts (6/15/16) - By using character-driven traits, players and GMs can quickly create characters that fill specific roles, embody particular backgrounds, or have unique motivations.

How Broad is Your Wildcard Skill? Using Inventory Rolls to Model Skill Breadth (6/01/16) - This post explores a house rule for determining whether marginally-related skills are really included within a wildcard skill. This approach adapts the inventory roll technique (rolling to see whether a character has a particular piece of equipment) to create a "wildcard breadth check."

Template Toolkit 1: Characters Review (5/25/16) - This review of GURPS Template Toolkit 1: Characters looks at how templates can be used to speed up character creation, as well as how players and GMs can use the templating process to learn more about what makes characters effective.

Game in the Brain (Justin Aquino)

Finished The Long War: Killer of men, Marathon, and, Poseidon's Spear (9/19/16)

Hard Mode 60-80 Part 2 (7/04/16)

Hard Mode: Rule 60-80 (6/27/16)

Adventuring Skills Part 2: Physical Skills (6/20/16)

Random Character Gen update: Life Event Table (6/15/16)

Adventuring Skills part 1: Problem Solving Skills (6/13/16)

Professional vs Technical (6/08/16)

My notes on Organization in TRPGs (6/06/16)

GURPS Lite Character Creation May 31 Report (6/01/16)

My notes in using Zones (5/30/16)

Leadership and Teamwork in TRPGs (5/23/16)

Crosspost: GURPS Day Impact on Game in the Brain (5/16/16)

GURPS day cross post - Appreciating the Work (5/11/16)

Running GURPS more narratively Part 3: implications (5/09/16)

Profession Skill Scope (5/02/16)

Running GURPS More Narratively Part 2; Faster GURPS Combat April 2016 Update (4/27/16)

Merchant Skill decoupled in GURPS (4/20/16)

Collaborative Gamer's Solo Campaign is a GMing Practice Session (4/15/16)

Running GURPS more Narratively (4/13/16)

GURPS Lite Constructive Review (4/07/16)

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