After several weeks of preview released, Unreal Engine 4.12 is finally here.  Hands down the biggest new feature is the Sequencer.

Sequencer combines the power of a non-linear editor with 3D animation editing to allow you to produce in-game cinematics as well as a sequence of shots for film, television, and previsualization.

This is pretty impressive, they have basically built an entire non-linear editor (NLE) into Unreal Engine, enabling you to make cut scenes by layering several different scene elements in sequence.  If you’ve used a traditional NLE like After Effects or even Blender, you should have a pretty good idea what’s available here.

Of course the sequencer isn’t the only new feature in this release.  This release also brings the first preview of VR Editor.

This is a forward-looking feature that allows you to freely navigate your worlds in VR using motion controllers. You can select and move actors, place new objects and even access the editor's UI, all while immersed in VR. This feature currently requires either an HTC Vive or Oculus Touch development hardware. To try it out, simply turn on "Enable VR Editing" in the Experimental section of your Editor Preferences.

On the VR front, this release also adds support for both OpenVR and support for the newly announced DayDream VR standard from Google.  Another extremely interesting part of this release is the ability to cook blueprints to C++.  This is a preview only feature at this point, but could result in a sizable speed improvement for people programming using Blueprints.

Another major feature of this release is the Full Scene Importer.  This will enable you to take import an entire level created in Max, Maya or Blender and import it into Unreal Engine in on step.

These features are still just scratching the surface of this release.  From the complete release notes:


New: Ability System's attributes' v-logging is now controlled by a console variable, g.debug.vlog.AttributeGraph.

Note that this also means it can be disabled for the entire project if added to DefaultEngine.ini.

New: Added new option to Environment Query system (EQS) to do tests using depth rather than breadth.

New: Added a blueprint function to set named parameters for use when running an EQS query from blueprints.

New: Added a query count warning threshold to detect and report large numbers of queries being made in EQS.

By default this is disabled, but easily enabled through a config file value change to QueryCountWarningThreshold and QueryCountWarningInterval in Game ini files (e.g. BaseGame.ini, DefaultGame.ini, etc.).

New: EnvQueryContext_BlueprintBase no longer requires the Querier Actor to be non-NULL. It also now specifies a Querier Object (which is a UObject* and can be NULL). The new Querier Object is available through all of the blueprint-implementable functions on the context which return location(s) or actor(s): Provide Single Actor, Provide Single Location, Provide Actors Set, Provide Locations Set.

Bugfix: AI perception system stability and performance improvements.

GetHostileActors function no longer retrieves actors already forgotten by AI.

Perception stimulus of a expired actors is marked accordingly, but not removed.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug in EQS that occasionally reset the scoring equation on query asset load.

Bugfix: AI perception system no longer notifies listeners of information from senses they're not registered for.

AIController’s SetFocus function will now implicitly clear any location focus at the same priority.

EQS tests' "Sweet Spot" feature has been renamed to "Reference Value".

EQS’s "Average Instance Response Time" stat now uses milliseconds instead of seconds.

Behavior Tree

New: Added support for using service nodes directly on behavior tree tasks.

New: Behavior Tree editor will now always display nodes' execution index, rather than child index.

Bugfix: Forced stopping of Behavior Tree no longer results in failure if the active task required latent abort mechanics.

Bugfix: Behavior tree search does not skip over branch when restart request comes in while task is aborting.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was preventing "On Value Change" BT decorator observation mode from working as expected.

Bugfix: Using undo on decorators or services will not corrupt behavior tree data.

Bugfix: Execution index displayed on nodes of behavior tree now update correctly after move or undo operations.

Debugging Tools

Bugfix: EQS debugger stores data properly when a subsequent Option is the one that produces the end result.

Bugfix: Visual Log now grabs logged element's "snapshot" even if it's not an Actor.

General Visual Logger stability improvements.


New: Added acceleration-driven path following, controlled by the "Use Acceleration For Paths" flag in movement components.

New: Added support for using Tri Mesh Collision as navigation obstacles.

New: Navmesh markup for Nav Modifier Component will now combine all relevant shapes of its parent actor instead of creating simple box.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug in navigation filters that could result in differences in how navigation areas work in development versus debug builds.

Bugfix: Crowd simulation state of agent is now being set correctly.

Bugfix: Multiple blocking hits in geometry conforming for NavWalking movement mode will now be handled correctly.

Bugfix: Memory leak removed from crowd simulation manager.

Bugfix: Navigation export works correctly for destructible meshes without collision.

Bugfix: Fixed navigation updates of attachments when actor is being moved in editor world.

Bugfix: Navmesh raycasts no longer fail due to 2D checks performed on the last node.

Bugfix: Path Following Component block detection no longer results in testing against different a mechanism than requested.

Bugfix: Smart navlink initialization on map load works properly.


New: Added ability to force-reset states as they are re-entered even if they haven't completely blended out.

New: Added "Teleport To Explicit Time" option to Sequence Evaluators. Defaults to true to maintain prior behavior. If true, does NOT advance time, so that notifies are not triggered, root motion is not extracted, etc. If false, will advance time, triggering notifies, extracting root motion if applicable, etc. Note: Using a sync group forces advancing time regardless of what this option is set to.

New: Added a new node, Copy Bone Delta, that accumulates or copies the transform of a source bone relative to its original reference position.

New: Added a new version of the shader complexity viewmode that also shows quad overdraw cost.

New: Added an error message to Persona viewport when additive ref pose animations have a 0 scale.

New: Added bone name display to titles of anim dynamics nodes.

New: Added duplicate slot option to Montages.

New: Added editable fixed bounds for skeletal meshes, exposed getters to blueprints.

New: Added flag to Skeletal Mesh Component Initialize to initialize to ref pose instead of ticking the anim instance. This option reduces spawn time for Skeletal Mesh Components.

New: Added functionality for driving named parameters from animation data using the bone-driven controller.

New: Added "Test Skeleton Curve Names for Use" menu option to Persona to list all curves on all animations that don’t drive a morph target or material parameter. Helps users identify possible candidates for removal to improve performance.

New: Added processing to animation blueprint compiler and animation instance to store and double-buffer internal machine state weights on the instance. They can be queried cross-machine without issue.

New: Added retargeting for variable-referenced sequences in animation blueprints.

New: Allowed curve renaming in Curve Track to work for existing Curve Names. The existing curve will just take the new UID/Name, and preserve everything else. Added a warning when trying to rename a curve to a name already in use in current sequence.

New: Animation Retargeting supports scale and root motion.

New: Import Material Curves now has a "Set Material Drive Parameter On Custom Attribute" option which can be used to set material parameter flags automatically when importing curves.

New: The "Look At" node will now accept a socket as the target.

New: Top-level state machines are now reinitialized when they become relevant. This matches the behavior of nested state machines.

New: Retargeting a skeleton now copies sockets as well.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue with not serializing metadata in the Anim Montage or Anim Composite.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash when trying to convert curves to metadata after importing an anim sequence.

Bugfix: BlendSpace now merges the weights of identical samples. In addition to being an optimization, this fixes an issue with evaluating marker-based syncs in the same sample with different data.

Bugfix: Fixed issue with different materials with same parameter name not working in Animation Curves.

Bugfix: The "Linear" alpha blend option now returns a clamped Alpha value. Unclamped values could cause negative transition weights in state machines.

Bugfix: Animations now record off-screen correctly when using the RecordAnimation command.

ZERO_ANIMWEIGHT_THRESH conditional checks are abstracted out by new IsRelevant and IsFullWeight functions in FAnimWeight.

Added compression-related asset registry tags for anim sequences.

Added filtering to animation node asset pickers so that the wrong type of animation can not be set on an existing node.

Added indicator displayed on animation nodes when they use the "fast path".

Added invalid cached curve data test to Skeletal Mesh Component’s Refresh Bone Transforms evaluation logic so invalid cache data will not be used.

Anim graphs are now debuggable in the Persona graph editor.

Bugfix: Anim blueprint exposed value handlers no longer hold function references to TRASHCLASS.

Bugfix: Garbage collection and undo/redo issues with anim instance proxy have been resolved.

Bugfix: Fixed values not being copied correctly when layered blend per bone was accessed from a struct in the "fast path".

Bugfix: Split pins now working as anim graph node inputs.

Bugfix: Fixed a number of animation 'fast path' corner case issues:

Bitfield pins are now properly supported.

Object pins are now properly supported in cooked games.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to paste a state machine node inside the state machine itself.

Bugfix: Fixed a number of crashes when editing animation blueprint state machines and issues that could cause state machine subgraphs to erroneously get marked as read-only.

Bugfix: Bone transforms are no longer harvested from a pose when the bone isn't valid for the current LOD.

Bugfix: Fixed blendspace players only reporting normalized time when using a time getter in an anim graph transition.

Bugfix: BP notifies are now displayed in the "Add Notify" context menu when they derive from an abstract base class.

Bugfix: Merged skeletal meshes no longer crash when composed ref pose matrices are accessed before the mesh is finalized.

Bugfix: Persona animation preview tooltip no longer crashes when switching between blendspaces with different numbers of samples.

Bugfix: Custom blend graphs no longer appear inappropriately as read-only after a copy/paste operation.

Bugfix: Fixed duplicate slot names in anim slot groups.

Bugfix: Incorrect bone transforms are no longer being pushed to the renderer during Set Skeletal Mesh. This presented as motion blur artifacts in the editor.

Bugfix: Fixed INF being generated (which turned into NaNs) when bone scales were close to zero.

Bugfix: Fixed invalid state for Skeletal meshes having their mobility set to static.

Bugfix: "Prev Marker not found in GetMarkerIndicesForPosition" assert no longer triggers during marker sync animation ticking.

Bugfix: Animation objects are no longer inappropriately Garbage Collected in game. Also added an optimization to recording curves so that we don't add keys except when finishing record.

Bugfix: Cache Bones are properly called from State Machines when needed.

Bugfix: Fixed missing scaling curves when exporting an animation to FBX.

Bugfix: Notifies are now triggered correctly when the server calls Montage_JumpToSection.

Bugfix: Notifies within anim sequences within montages now correctly trigger even if the notify is at time 0.

Bugfix: Slave Component's Morphtarget works with Master Pose Component. Slave Components can also override their own Morphtarget.

Bugfix: Fixed some pins in older animation blueprints being non-transactional.

Bugfix: Fixed uninitialized baked animation object indices so writing out CDO/defaulted versions is deterministic.

Bugfix: Modifying bones in Persona that are not part of the currently viewed LOD no longer crashes.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash when trying to look up sync group indices by name on child Anim Blueprints.

Bugfix: Fixed animation blueprints getting flagged for bytecode-only recompile, which fails to reinitialize the script instance.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug in montage segment lookup where we would compare against the segment animation start time and not the segment start time.

Bugfix: Get Instance Asset Player Time no longer returns normalized time for blendspace assets.

Morphtarget DeltaTangentZ is no longer of type PackedNormal. It is now of type FVector, because values range from -2 to 2.

Removed component reregistering logic from Set Skeletal Mesh. This allows Set Skeletal Mesh to preserve the current pose across mesh changes.

Set initial position for animation playback to the end of the animation when dragging an animation with a negative play rate into a level.

Standalone games now benefit from parallel anim update if possible.


New: Added ability to get currently active reverb from blueprints.

New: Added ability to set preferred audio device in windows platform project settings.

New: Added ability to enable or disable subtitles from blueprints.

New: Added ability to set a custom trace channel for audio occlusion trace calls.

New: Enabling asynchronous audio occlusion ray tracing by default.

New: New console command "AudioMemReport" generates a detailed audio report.

New: Previewing sounds in content browser and sound-cue preview are exempt from master volume and always play at full volume

Bugfix: Fixed playing anim montage with negative scale in the level viewport.

Bugfix: Fix for 2D sounds having attenuation applied.

Bugfix: Fix memory reporting issue on PS4

Bugfix: Looping sounds no longer stop looping when none of the children are playing a sound. This could happen if a random node had a disconnected pin, for example.

Bugfix: Reverb fixed on PS4.

Improvements to ogg-vorbis decoding:

Reducing CPU hitches due to audio decompression of Ogg-Vorbis by making initial file info parsing asynchronous.

Moved real-time asynchronous ogg-vorbis decoding task management to audio device thread, fixes real-time decoding buffer under-runs.

Can now play real-time decoded audio through loading screens and other times when main-thread perf hitches.

Made multiple improvements to quality-of-life features of the SoundCue editor for DialogueWave assets.

No longer duplicating compressed AT9 audio assets on PS4.

Updated tooltip for sound concurrency resolution StopLowestPriority so that it indicates that the system will stop the oldest sound if all sounds are the same priority.

Updated Oculus Audio SDK to 1.02.


New: Added BuildPatchTool to the binary build.

New: UAT will automatically look for Build\NoRedist\Keys.txt in the project directory. If it exists, all pak files will be signed using those keys.

Bugfix: Fixes for UAT where server staging targets wouldn't have their target directories cleaned properly beforehand, resulting in redundant data being left behind.

Bugfix: UAT VersionUpdater utility now won't touch the target file if nothing was actually changed

Bugfix: Added UnrealPak location so that MakeFeaturePacks node can run correctly on Mac.


New: Added a conversion node that will allow pin connections between related struct types (routing a child struct into a parent struct pin). This also resolves a crash that could occur from direct connections.

New: Added a feature where duplicated Blueprint graphs are automatically opened and focused.

New: Added a MakeHitResult node.

New: Added a new "copy" node, for guarding reference outputs against unwanted modifications.

New: Added a warning and new name for copy pasted event nodes, to better communicate that the copy will not be triggered with the original.

New: Added collision generation for spline mesh components which are created or updated at runtime.

This is not intended for realtime collision changes while a spline moves around like a tentacle, but it should work for spline meshes that are procedurally generated or otherwise created through blueprint.

Note: Spline mesh components are "static" by default. To spawn them at runtime you may need to alter their mobility to "movable" in the details panel or the "add component" blueprint node.

New: Added a commandlet for rerunning the conversion step for all assets listed in a manifest, syntax is "-run=NativeCodeGen platformname1 platformname2", eg "C:\MyProject\MyProject.uproject -run=NativeCodeGen windowsnoeditor”.

New: Added draw time and additional color options to Blueprint "Line Trace” functions.

New: Added Is Valid Index node to Blueprint array library.

New: Added Make Plane From Point And Normal to the Blueprint math library.

New: Added new EulerInterp and DualQuatInterp options to "Lerp (Transform)" node.

New: Added nodes to convert formatted strings into Vectors, Rotators, and Floats.

New: Added Random Bool With Weight node to generate a random result based on a percent value.

New: Added the ability for users to fully expand tree views in the MyBlueprints panel by holding shift while clicking an arrow.

New: Step Over and Step Out have been added as key mappings, although no actual inputs have been configured yet. To make use of the new functionality, either review or remap the keys assigned in editor preferences to step in/step over/step out in Editor Preferences/General - Keyboard Shortcuts/Play World.

New: Asset name is now displayed in the cook log for blueprint compile errors.

New: GUIDs are now used to identify properties created from blueprints. This grants more effective retention of user values.

New: Hooked up lots of new icons for component classes.

New: Macros can now have local variables of type 'wildcard'.

New: Project Settings now includes a new Cooker option for enabling a potentially-faster path for dynamic instancing of Blueprint Actor types with multiple components at runtime.

The option is titled "Cook Blueprint Component data for faster instancing at runtime."

The option is off by default, but can be turned on to potentially boost performance in a cooked build when Blueprint Class instances (Actors) with several components are dynamically spawned at runtime.

New : Added a filter to show only replicated properties of a Blueprint.

Bugfix: Fixed editor crash during Blueprint recompilation before Play In Editor.

Bugfix: An issue preventing users from using debugging keys in blueprints to step through and debug blueprints has been resolved. Graphs no longer lose focus when stepping through blueprints.

Bugfix: Blueprints based on classes other than Actor will now correctly be detected as data only.

Bugfix: SpawnActor/ConstructObject nodes correctly update their hovertext when the Class pin is changed.

Bugfix: Scale no longer changes while drag-scaling inside the Blueprint editor's preview viewport. This is accomplished by not applying near-zero delta values.

Bugfix: Ease node properly handles interpolation between values other than 0 and 1.

Bugfix: Editing the default value of a struct variable no longer causes pins to disconnect.

Added information to the Blueprints search tool to distinguish between out-of-date and unindexed Blueprints.

Corrected inconsistent function names in Blueprint Editor.

Bugfix: The PostConstructLink chain is correctly terminated when relinking a Blueprint class.

Bugfix: Fixed a Blueprint compiler error that could occur when switching an interface function's output to an input.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could cause a crash after force-deleting a Blueprint referenced by another.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when searching Blueprints after switching the Editor language setting.

Bugfix: Using local object variables inside a Blueprint function no longer crashes.

Bugfix: Custom collision channels will no longer become out of sync with their associated names.

Bugfix: Blueprint compiler error no longer occurs when using a SpawnActor node for an actor with a struct member exposed through the node.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug that would leave collapsed graph nodes in an invalid state, after undoing the deletion of one.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug that would prevent variable references in an interface function from showing up in a Blueprints search.

Bugfix: Arrays of TimerHandles will no longer be cleared when trying to remove a single item.

Bugfix: Blueprint functions within Blueprints that implement an interface are now searchable.

Bugfix: Blueprint nodes added through keyboard shortcuts can now be undone.

Bugfix: When Playing in Editor with a dedicated server running in-process, cosmetic function calls will no longer be skipped.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where malformed variables were being created through a pin's "Promote to variable" option.

Bugfix: Blueprint function parameters now correctly display their default values.

Bugfix: Blueprints modified by a variable node's "Replace variable with..." option are correctly marked as needing compile.

Bugfix: The "Set Members in [Struct]" node now correctly handles literal structs referenced by the output pin.

Bugfix: Fixed a cook error that could occur when a Blueprint interface wasn't completely loaded before the Blueprint that uses it.

Bugfix: Fixed a cook error that could occur when collapsing a split pin with a debug watch on one of the values.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash that could occur when adding, selecting, or removing a Blueprint node.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash that could occur when applying instance changes to a Blueprint (when the Blueprint contained an array of text elements).

Bugfix: Fixed a crash that could occur when changing a Blueprint struct array to use a different struct type.

Bugfix: Fixed a hole in cyclic dependency loading, where other Blueprints could be loaded at the wrong time through the text import process (config files, etc.).

Bugfix: Blueprint classes now properly inherit "HideCategories" metadata.

Bugfix: Blueprints correctly handle promoting their functions while removing an interface.

Bugfix: Invoking Redo while transaction buffer is empty no longer causes a crash.

Bugfix: Fixed inconsistent transform scale behavior after replacing the root component via drag-and-drop in the Blueprint editor.

Bugfix: Searches for Blueprint event references now include places that the event is called.

Bugfix: Actor-based Blueprint classes utilizing one or more latent function call nodes (e.g. Delay) in the event graph no longer crash in editor after recompiling.

Bugfix: Loading a project with a struct and Blueprint that cyclically depend on each other will no longer cause a crash.

Bugfix: Per-instance customizations on an actor made from a blueprint which has severe compile errors will no longer be lost when the blueprint compile errors are resolved.

Bugfix: Property edits to inherited components no longer cause a blueprint to be non-data-only

Bugfix: The Components tree view will once again update after an undo/redo of a component attachment action in the Blueprint Editor. This was accidentally broken in the previous version.

Bugfix: Editor no longer crashes when a component with 'Within' markup is added to a Blueprint.

Bugfix: Blueprint Editor will no longer crash when renaming a component to the name of a component that was previously added and then reverted via the undo command.

Bugfix: Fixed the root cause of a potential runtime assertion when attempting to dynamically spawn Actor-based Blueprint Class instances with one or more nested default subobjects created through native parent class construction.

Removed a misleading load warning (complaining about property/value mismatches) that could occur when loading cyclic content.

Improved logic for detecting mouse clicks on pins with short descriptions, including unlabeled exec pins.

Improved "RInterpTo" and “RInterpTo_Constant” node documentation.

Improved the error message for CreateEvent nodes that wrap an event/function that no longer matches the expected signature.

Made load error messaging more descriptive for failed imports of Blueprint-owned component objects on level load.

Moderately improved Blueprint search times.

Optimized ComponentTypeRegistry startup.

Revised FObjectInitializer::InitProperties() and the PostConstructLink chain for Blueprint Class types to create a faster path for Blueprint class instancing.

Some blueprint validation logic has been moved to run after the execution graph is pruned, preventing unused nodes from blocking packaging.

The "Delete Unused Variables" feature now considers the "Get Class Defaults" node and will remove any variable output pins that are not connected.

The "Get Class Defaults" node will now update properly in response to structural Blueprint Class changes (for example, adding & removing variables).


New: Added allocation verification helpers to help with tracking down freeing the same pointers multiple times.

New: Added ChangeExtension function to FPaths to change the extension of a given filename.

New: Added memory-only output device that will be used by default in shipping configs that have logging enabled.

Added command line param -logtomemory to force memory log in other configs.

Added command line param -nologtomemory to force file log in test and shipping.

Memory log will be dumped to file on exit (in non-shipping configs) and always attached to crash reports.

New: Added SCOPE_SECONDS_ACCUMULATOR which will time its scope in seconds and record with the supplied accumulator stat.

New: Added settings to improve control over viewport behavior.

You can control if the viewport locks the mouse on acquire capture.

You can control if the viewport acquires capture on the application launch (first window activate).

New: Added some extra stats to the pakfile group.

New: Added the ability to filter out command line arguments from the logs.

New: Added the ability to limit the number of old ini files kept on disk by the engine. Currently defaults to 10 and is configurable via [LogFiles] MaxLogFilesOnDisk ini setting.

New: The 'dumpnonframe' stat command now takes an optional group name, which will be used to filter the output.

New: Non-inline bulk data can be written out to a separate ubulk file alongside the original uasset when cooking.

This stops us breaking file read contiguity when using pak files by having to skip over that unread bulk data in order to reach the next file.

Enabled with UseSeperateBulkDataFiles=True in the [Core.System] section of the project’s engine ini file.

New: Allows apps to ensure that they were run via the Launcher.

New: Changed crash reporter to respect command line parameter filtering when it is enabled via the project define.

New: Changed how FNames are serialized to remove the wasted load time costs due to previously loading FName entries.

New: FMath::FindDeltaAngle has been deprecated and split into FindDeltaAngleRadians and FindDeltaAngleDegrees. The original function used radians.

New: GitHub 2041 : Allow FMaintenance::DeleteOldLogs in USE_LOGGING_IN_SHIPPING configuration.

New: Improved performance of cancelling IO requests.

New: Improvements and optimizations to pak signing system.

Store encrypted CRCs of each 128kb chunk of the pak file in a separate sig file alongside the pak file.

Background decrypt the signatures where possible.

New: Integer properties are now properly converted when deserializing if they were saved as a different integer type, e.g. saved as int16, loaded as uint32.

New: Material expression objects that are not required in cooked build will now be stripped from cooked packages.

New: Module for games to make sure they were ran through the launcher, so they are up to date.

New: New command line switch for UnrealPak, "-TestEncryption", which runs some tests on asymmetric key signing functionality..

New: Optimizations for FBigInt.

New: Plugins for projects can now be optional. Project will not fail to load if they are not found.

New: Prevented cheating via ConsoleVariables.ini.

New: Programs will also look for plugins in the project directory if the project file is specified in the command line.

New: UnrealSync has been removed from the codebase.

New: When DirectoryWatcher fails to move a file, it will now log the remaining disk space.

New: When the graphics driver crashes, the engine will now assert so that we can send a crash report.

CrashReportClient will now attempt to initialize Slate Renderer multiple times before it gives up, in which case it will send the crash report in unattended mode.

New: Added ability to set an exit status in a UE4 program (only implemented on Linux).

New: Added server performance counters for disk space and free memory.

New: Ini overrides are now usable in Shipping builds on servers.

New: Order of XGE tasks is guaranteed in case of more than 10 builds.

New: Idle time can be excluded from from FPS charts.

New : Reflection Capture Component, Sub UV Animation, Sound Node, and Material Expression will no longer be loaded on dedicated servers.

Bugfix: Config files will no longer save out with actual game directory paths. Copying the project to another folder will no longer result in warnings and errors.

Bugfix: The cooked asset registry now contains sublevel map references in dependency graph data.

Changed the warning message when no external profiler DLLs are available into a more friendly log message (it is not an error situation).

Bugfix: Crash fixed when parsing encryption key strings.

Bugfix: Fix for a rare crash where a package linker would be freed half way through EndLoad(), but before it was actually finished.

Bugfix: Fix for an issue for cancelling package loads when there are still packages queued. (Credit to Takeshi Hida of Namco Bandai Studios.)

Bugfix: Fix for parsing of the "NoLoadTrackClear" command line parameter.

Bugfix: Recursive calls in the profiler now report correct stats.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash with saving a level >2GB in size, though there may be other crashes remaining.

Bugfix: FLinkerLoad manager fixes:

GetLoadersWithNewImportsAndEmpty function no longer empties the wrong array.

DissociateImportsAndForcedExports function imports only in non-cooked builds.

Bugfix: Corrected bad data in min/max/average inclusive times in the profiler and added min/max/average number of calls. Also fixed event graph tooltip not displaying correct values.

Bugfix: Compile button no longer disappears.

Bugfix: MD5Hash LexicalConversion::FromString now produces correct results.

Bugfix: Fixed shutdown crashes due to illegal StaticClass usage.

Bugfix: The time reported when hot reload is triggered via the IDE is now accurate.

Bugfix: Fixed UnrealHeaderTool.exe's error code when -warningsaserrors is specified.

Bugfix: The "-unversioned" flag is no longer ignored when cooking.

Bugfix: Mirroring by using negative scale on an attachment or Skeletal Mesh Component is fixed. Note that because Skeletal Mesh Components are animated, this can cause a performance hit.

Bugfix: The function NewObject<T>(Outer, ExplicitClass) will now assert if ExplicitClass is not actually a subclass of T. This avoids potential memory corruption.

Bugfix: Fixed incorrect asset loading in Cooked game data.

Bugfix: The engine will no longer display message boxes when a D3D device is removed/lost if the engine was running in unattended mode.

Bugfix: Unreal Automation Tool will no longer eat backslashes when parsing the command line.

Bugfix: Fixed loading PortalRPC and related modules on the server.

Bugfix: Fixed FPS charts being generated wrong during multiple runs.

Memory profiler loads real-world captures in reasonable time (minutes instead of hours).

Reduced memory usage by the profiler by about 50%.

Reduced peak memory usage when async loading by 5.5x to 10x.

Improved asset registry redirector resolution to account for circular dependencies.

Improved live connection handling in the profiler.

Tagged Properties that were previously serialized but are no longer (typically because they were made transient) will no longer be loaded, even if their type has also changed.

When loading an object with duplicated lazy object pointer GUID, the engine will no longer generate a new GUID. Instead, It will invalidate the old GUID to avoid non-deterministic cooked builds.

Increased server FPS cap from 120 to 1000.

When running -server, shaders will not be compiled.

Editor and Tools

New: Added a warning message when an Hierarchical LOD cluster exceeds 65536 vertices for mobile target-platform projects.

New: Added aggressive filtering to the session frontend profiler with the 'AF' checkbox next to the filter text. This rebuilds the stats tree, removing non-matching options and reparenting stats of identical names such that thread time for a particular stat is visible in a single tree row.

New: Added an option ("r.SaveUncompressedEXRFrames") to save uncompressed high res screenshots.

New: Added AssetUserData support to Animation and Texture assets.

New: Added bake and reduce selected keys or whole curve to the curve editor tools.

New: Added ScanFilesSynchronous to the Asset Registry interface, which is useful to force scan specific files that you have a TAssetPtr or StringAssetReference to.

New: Added support for a scene depth picker. It's currently used for focus depth sampling for the new Cinematic Camera Actor.

New: Added the ability to choose the world in the scene outliner.

New: Added view mode for visualizing Hierarchical LOD system behaviour.

New: Alt-Tab between multiple PIE windows should behave much closer to how Alt-Tab between standalone games would behave.

New: Made curve editor colors consistent for X, Y, and Z channels. The colors are red, green, and blue respectively. All other curves are gray by default.

New: Many improvements to the Rebuild Lightmaps automation script (map checkouts, better errors, email notifications, etc.).

New: Map text box in the editor now converts paths to long package names making them more portable.

New: Now allow AssetUserData-derived Objects to be added to assets in the editor via details panel.

New: Polished Hierarchical LOD outliner and behaviour.

New: 'Recently Used Levels' and 'Favorite Levels' now hold long package names instead of absolute paths. This makes them project relative, which means they will remain valid even if the project location changes.

New: Separated input and output snapping in the curve editor into two different toggles.

New: SplineComponents now have a debug render feature, allowing them to be visualized in-game in non-shipping builds, or in-editor even when not selected.

This can be enabled with the Splines show flag (or 'show splines') from the console.

It can also be enabled or disabled per-instance with the SetDrawDebug function on SplineComponent.

New: The editor now supports many new methods of opening new asset editors. You can choose where tabs open with a great deal more options in Editor Preferences > Appearance > Asset Editor Open Location. This will reset the 'always open asset editors in new windows' option, it completely replaces and enhances that option.

New: The eye dropper in the color picker can now be cancelled by pressing Esc, or completed by clicking the Left Mouse Button.

New: UnrealGameSync: Mouse wheel rotations no longer switch projects if the selected project box has focus.

New: UnrealGameSync: Pressing Ctrl-C with a change selected will copy the changelist number to the clipboard.

New: UnrealGameSync: Status panel now shows the currently selected stream, and clicking on it gives a menu allowing fast-switching to another stream.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where .ini files could have a double extension (.ini.ini).

Bugfix: Pasting multiple lines of text into a string or text field in the property matrix no longer leaves the "\r" character in windows platforms.

Bugfix: Fixed color properties not receiving the correct values in Sequencer.

Bugfix: Drag-and-drop preview actor now appears at the proper scale.

Bugfix: Editor no longer emits a log warning when selecting an actor while in Simulate mode.

Bugfix: Child Actors can no longer be picked for an Actor reference property in the details panel.

Bugfix: Curve editor no longer crashes when box selecting outside the bounds of the viewport.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused PIE standalone games to launch in fullscreen.

Bugfix: Trying to reset an interface array property with empty entries no longer causes a crash.

Bugfix: Viewport settings are correctly saved when shutting down the editor.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where text properties wouldn't notify or transact (for undo) correctly when they were edited.

Bugfix: Modifier keys are registered correctly on PC even if both the modifier and another key were pressed in same frame.

Bugfix: Color picker’s size is fixed to prevent it from being off-screen.

Bugfix: Crash in Curve Struct Customization when no objects were selected for editing.

Bugfix: Fixed crash which could occur when diffing blueprints if the SkeletonGenerated class for a particular revision was null.

Bugfix: Ensure no longer fires when editor mode input handlers activate other modes.

Bugfix: Fixed issue where Editor would attempt to launch on iOS if the project was both a code project and used plugins.

Bugfix: Merge Actor functionality will now combine material sections in the final mesh.

Bugfix: Fixed rare crash in FlushPressedKeys on PIE shut down.

Bugfix: Fixed rare tooltip related crash.

Bugfix: Slate numeric drop-down now updates from combo box values if text is selected.

Bugfix: Slate throttling no longer prevents viewport resizes from working properly.

Bugfix: Fixed the "Make collection from referenced assets" feature in the Reference viewer.

Bugfix: The class picker filter’s behavior now matches all other in-editor filters.

Bugfix: Fixed various crash bugs in the mesh painting tool.

Bugfix: Levels will no longer be dirtied when launching standalone from the editor.

Bugfix: Moving parent & grouped child actors no longer results in deltas being applied twice.

Bugfix: Fixed some Sequencer tracks incorrectly replaying all keys in reverse when looping forward or backward.

Bugfix: Undo/Redo after using Replace Actors no longer crashes.

Bugfix: Updated ExampleLibrary included in Third Party Plugin example so that it can be built and loaded on Mac.

Bugfix: Now only .FBX or .T3D files are accepted as importable types. Previously, an unsupported type would lead to an editor crash.

Made the Config Editor button more visible.

Bugfix" Fixed a potential crash when managing your favorite levels.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash when changing Media asset path.

Updated the VR In-Editor Tutorial.

UnmappedTexelsPercentage is now 100-based.

When a custom build step is used, if it's async, we now advance the build step upon completion. Otherwise, we just continue to work on the same async build step.

The Landscape In-Editor Tutorial now makes sure you have a Landscape before allowing the tutorial to continue to the next step.

The auto-reimport settings have been changed so that "Detect Changes on Startup" defaults to true. There is a prompt every time a new source asset has been detected, so the user can veto the auto-reimport if desired.

Added Vulkan Preview Enable to Experimental and hide it if Vulkan support is not compiled.Clarified the function of the "Import" option in the File menu. This, and “Import Scene”, have now been combined into a single option 'Import Into Level'.

Content Browser

New: Added built-in type category for Media assets.

New: Added UI action for creating new content browser folders.

New: Sorting asset type categories alphabetically.

Bugfix: Downgraded an assert in Path View’s Load Settings function to avoid a common crash when a saved path no longer exists.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash when pasting a path containing a class into the asset view of the Content Browser.

Bugfix: Fixed a rare crash re-importing a mesh into the content browser.

Disabled 'Show in Explorer' context menu option (in Content Browser) for newly created/unsaved assets.


New: Added ability to expand landscape bounds.

New: Added support for baking landscape material world position offset into collision for collision mip settings other than 0.

New: Added support for Landscape grass to use the landscape's static light/shadow maps through the "Use Landscape Lightmap" setting in the Landscape Grass Type. This doesn't look quite as good as dynamic lighting and shadowing, but it is much much cheaper.

New: Landscape can now use material world-position offset in static lighting calculations. This can be enabled via "Use Material Position Offset In Static Lighting" on the landscape actor.

New: "Random Scale" option for Landscape Grass. Works just like the random scale options for foliage.

New: PNG heightmaps are now supported in world composition's tiled landscape import.

New: You can now set a different LOD for Landscape simple collision and full detail collision. If the simple collision LOD is not set or is set the same as the full collision LOD, they will use the same collision object (as before).

Added better input filtering for "Landscape Layer Blend" material node. Now it won't allow "texture object" (etc.) to be connected, and the height inputs won't accept material attributes (only the layer inputs).

Added warnings when trying to use the Landscape Visibility Tool without the landscape material having a "Landscape Visibility Mask" node. Just add the "Landscape Visibility Mask" node to the material and link it to the "Opacity Mask" output (doesn't matter that it's disabled, and you can leave the material as "opaque" blend mode) and Landscape will handle the rest.

Bugfix: Fixed bounds calculation for landscape splines. This fixes the issue with the first landscape spline point being invisible and later points flickering.

Bugfix: Crash fix when undoing following component whitelist changes that were made with [+]/[-] + [Click].

Bugfix: Landscape components being perfectly flat no longer causes bounding size to be 0.

Bugfix: Landscape and foliage tools now work in orthographic viewports.

Bugfix: Landscape editor updates viewports properly in non-realtime mode.

Bugfix: Landscape grass now updates when using a material instance as the landscape material and changing parameters.

Bugfix: Landscape spline lines show up properly on flat landscapes.

Bugfix: Fixed layer allocation issues when undoing after a layer is fully painted away on a component This could cause multiple layers to be allocated to the same texture channel, with very bad visual results.

Bugfix: Fixed LODFalloff setting on landscape getting reset when using the "Change Landscape Component Size" tool.

Bugfix: Removed stalls when choosing layer infos in the "New Landscape" dialog by not loading layer infos that aren’t needed.

Bugfix: Fixed up broken references between Landscape Render and Collision components on load. This was causing a few issues ranging from crashes to collision not updating when sculpting.

Bugfix: Fixed a crash when calling Editor Apply Spline with a null spline component. The function also no longer does anything in PIE (it's for Blutilities, not runtime).

Bugfix: Fixed a crash when entering landscape mode with a landscape selected while simulating. Landscape infos are no longer created for PIE/Simulate landscapes, as they were empty anyway.

Bugfix: Loading landscape projects that use tessellation no longer causes a crash.

Bugfix: Fixed shader compile errors when applying a speedtree material to a landscape spline.

Grass will no longer tick in-game if there is no grass on a given landscape.

Material Editor

Bugfix: Fixed a crash which would occur when pasting a material function call node from one project into another in which it is not defined.

Bugfix: Landscape layer blend nodes now updating connections correctly when an input is changed from weight/alpha (one input) to height blend (two inputs) or vice-versa.


New: Added "Enable Group" option so that you can disable certain groups if you want.

New: You can play multiple animations at the same time if the slot nodes are in different groups.

Bugfix: Fixed incorrect audio playback when scrubbing before stopping playback.

Bugfix: Dragging a selection box outside of the Matinee window will no longer crash the editor.


Bugfix: Fixed crash when using "Convert to Seeded" in Cascade.


New: "Bone Draw" was on/off but now it has the options All, Selected, or None. The default is Selected.

New: Added CPU skinning option to Persona.

Bugfix: Pose evaluator customizations are now processed at the correct times. Properties will no longer be re-added after being removed from the details panel, which was leading to duplicate entries.

Bugfix: Reported triangle count no longer duplicates count of cloth sections when set to show detailed mesh stats in Persona.

Fixed crash when accessing selected graph nodes after doing an evaluator conversion in Persona.

Fixed naming error in rotation multiplier node.

Auto Adjust Floor to Mesh is now saved to config file.

Project Browser

Bugfix: Fixed an issue when creating a copy of a project whose version is older than the current engine version. Previously, the copy would still be attempting to access assets from the original project, and would fail to package.

Static Mesh Editor

Bugfix: "Generate KDOP Collision" will no longer generate bad collision data.

Bugfix: Fixed crash in auto-convex collision tool when running on very small meshes.


New: Added foliage scalability group.

By default the foliage scalability option will alter the rendered density of landscape grass between 0% (low) and 100% (high).

It can also alter the density of any foliage types which opt-in to the behaviour via the "Enable Foliage Density Scaling" option in the FoliageType. This is recommended for foliage which doesn't have a gameplay-relevant effect

Note: Foliage density scaling only applies in-game (including PIE), not in the editor, for both usability and technical reasons. Grass density scaling will still happen in-editor.

Note: "Low" foliage setting will remove all grass and detail foliage.

New: Added the ability to filter procedural foliage by BSP, StaticMesh, Landscape, or Translucent.

You can now specify vertex color masking rules for each color channel when painting foliage.


New: Improved parallelisation of the cook commandlet by allowing packages to be saved while shaders / textures are caching.

New: Resave lighting commandlet now supports building lighting as an option. Requires a video card installed on the machine to run.

Bugfix: Fixed deterministic cooking issues caused by StaticMesh NavCollision import, class flags which were saved into cooked packages, and UParticleRequiredModule (which was dependent on load order).

Bugfix: Content will no longer be marked as modified when garbage collecting.

Commandlet tweaks made to Fixup Redirects and Cook-on-the-fly Server.


New: Sequencer functionality unlocked in UMG.

Event Tracks are now available.

You can now call a PlayTo() function to play to a specified time in the animation.

Bugfix: It is now possible to render out 4K image sequences using Matinee or Sequencer.

Bugfix: The color gradient for color tracks now matches the colors in the color picker.

Bugfix: Scrubbing attached audio tracks no longer causes a crash.

Gameplay Framework

New: Added "cheatscript" functionality to CheatManager. This enables users to combine a set of console commands into a single script accessible via a single command.

New: Actor and Component OnClicked/OnReleased events can now be triggered by more than just Left Mouse Button.

PlayerController now contains a list of keys that will trigger a OnClick/OnReleased event if the cursor is over an Actor/Component that implements the event.

OnClick/OnReleased events now have an additional argument that specifies which key was responsible for the event.

New: Actor delegates OnTakeAnyDamage, OnTakePointDamage, OnActorBegin/EndOverlap, OnBegin/EndCursorOver, OnClicked/Released, OnInputTouchBegin/End/Enter/Leave, OnDestroyed, and OnEndPlay have all had a new parameter added to allow binders to know which Actor the event occurred on in cases where a single event entry point is bound to multiple Actors.

New: A "Strength Over Time" Curve Float parameter has been added to Constant Force root motion source for scaling constant force over its duration.

New: Added support for tag redirectors on Gameplay Tag structs. It works the same as Tag Containers using the GameplayTagRedirects section of Engine.ini. Invalid gameplay tags (which are no longer in the tag dictionary) will now warn at load time.

New: Added "Velocity Mode On Finish" setting to Apply Root Motion Move To Force ability task node. Can now choose to set character velocity to a specific value when root motion ends.

New: Added AbilityTask_WaitAttributeChangeRatioThreshold for triggering logic when the ratio of two attributes matches/stops matching threshold comparison.

New: Added AbilityTask_WaitAttributeChangeThreshold that triggers when the state of an attribute starts/stops matching some comparison threshold.

New: Added a configurable slow frame printout (prints out the length of any slow frames over a threshold of t.SlowFrameLoggingThreshold seconds).

New: Added a method called "Get Default Resolution Scale" to Game User Settings to return the desired resolution scale based on Desired Screen Height and the current resolution.

New: Added 'Get Game Time Since Creation' function to Actor.

New: Added option to allow Camera Shakes to blend out when stopping according to their blend-out time (default behavior is unchanged).

New: Added optional LineThickness parameter to HUD DrawLine function.

New: Added support on listen servers for smooth interpolation of the local view of remote characters.

CVar "p.NetEnableListenServerSmoothing" controls this. It is on by default.

Added separate tuning settings for interpolation lag on listen server (ListenServerNetworkSimulatedSmoothLocationTime, ListenServerNetworkSimulatedSmoothRotationTime).

This implementation interpolates the mesh location (similar to how clients interpolate it), but does not simulate movement of the collision capsule on intermediate frames where the server updates without a client update.

New: Added Tau to Blueprint function library.

New: Added the ability to filter DataTable Assets by their row using the metadata. (meta = (RowType="MyRowName”).)

New: All Axis keys can now have their properties edited through the Input section of the Project Settings.

New: Can now query if an Actor Is Replicated in blueprints.

New: Primitive Component delegates OnComponentHit, OnComponentBegin/EndOverlap, and OnComponentWake/Sleep have all had a new parameter added to tell binders which Primitive Component the event occurred on in cases where a single event entry point is bound to multiple Primitive Components.

New: Scene Component Snap To and the blueprint version of Attach To now return a boolean indicating success.

New: Text Render Components can now specify a vertical spacing adjustment.

New: Vertical Alignment can now be set from Blueprints for Text Render Components.

Bugfix: Component overlaps now end (triggering the OnComponentEndOverlap event) whenever an overlapping component is destroyed.

Bugfix: Child Actors of the Preview Actor being moved will no longer be collided against when snapping to ground.

Bugfix: Child Actors will no longer bleed into other blueprint thumbnails.

Bugfix: ChildActors now inherit their visibility from the owning component and actor visibility.

Bugfix: Crashes related to WorldSettings not being found after hot reload when a game specific World Settings subclass is in use have been fixed.

Bugfix: ApplyRootMotionMoveToForce ability task can now set Movement Mode to non-Falling modes.

Bugfix: Customizations applied to a child actor from the parent construction script are no longer being lost when recompiling the blueprint of the child actor's class.

Bugfix: Duplicate overlap events when moving the same component again during an overlap event no longer happen.

Bugfix: Fixed a fatal error that could occur when loading a game's default map fails. This could happen if, for example, the asset for the default map specified in the project settings was deleted, and then the game tries to connect to a server and fails.

Bugfix: Box Component, Sphere Component, and Capsule Component now update bounds when extent, radius, or capsule size change.

Bugfix: Fixed bug in Gameplay Cue Tag details customization where the Notify field wouldn't refresh properly when the selected tag changed.

Bugfix: Fixed cases where child actor component copies could be orphaned in the editor level.

Bugfix: Fixed crash when a Child Actor Component is marked pending kill and does not get destroyed cleanly until garbage collection runs.

Bugfix: A Sound Cue containing a Sound Quality node being referenced from a native constructor no longer causes a crash.

Bugfix: Fixed crash when player stands in a Physics Volume that streams out. Primitive Components with Should Update Physics Volume set to true are prevented from continuing to reference Physics Volumes in a level that is streamed out.

Bugfix: Fixed crash when tick function with a tick interval was disabled while awaiting rescheduling.

Bugfix: Fixed editing Plane Constraint Normal on Movement Component not propagating to instances in the world after some edits.

Bugfix: Geometry sweeps will now return FaceIndex if requested. This fixes foliage color masking paint mode not respecting vertex colors.

Bugfix: Child actors that have a non identity root component scale will now be scaled correctly.

Bugfix: Camera Anim FOVs are now correctly applied.

Bugfix: Fixed issue where using BugItGo would result in the player to falling through the world.

Bugfix: Fixed issues with character getting out of water when impacting objects above the surface.

Bugfix: Player Controllers spawned in Standalone always return true in Is Locally Controlled.

Bugfix: A potential PlayerState leak was fixed.

Bugfix: Widget Component materials now work properly with Opacity Mask and Two-Sided Mode.

Bugfix: Requests for a character to crouch to a half height smaller than the radius no longer call On Start Crouch with an incorrect Height Adjust value.

Bugfix: Simulated character proxies no longer get stuck in falling if velocity reaches zero while there was encroachment without further network updates.

Bugfix: When a sub-level set to be unloaded but with visibility state set to true, Is Streaming State Pending was returning the wrong value.

Bugfix: Convert Transform To Relative (in Kismet Math Library) now performs the correct operation.

Bugfix: Character Z velocity is maintained when trying to switch to default movement mode that goes through Walking but then immediately exits walking.

Bugfix: Replicated Actors with a replicated Child Actor Component will no longer result in two copies of the Actor on clients.

Bugfix: Using the Set console command during standalone games no longer crashes.

Bugfix: Undo/redo of attachment changes of an IWCE component from another IWCE component and a BP constructed component now works correctly.

Bugfix: When the console closes it now properly restores the viewport’s input state (both focus and capture).

Bugfix: Fixed a crash during garbage collection calling Destroy Component on a sub-component.

Bugfix: Crash no longer happens if the Game Singleton class specified in Engine.ini is invalid.

Actor iterators will now include results for Actors in an associating level. This means that in Begin Play of sub-levels being streamed in, Actors in that sub-level will now be returned by functions such as Get All Actors Of Class.

Actors can no longer fail to spawn due to mesh overlap with the geometry of a child actor.

Added a warning log when trying to possess a Pawn when we don't have network authority.

Added Blueprint-exposed function to get the closest one on a Skeletal Mesh to a point.

Added Set Control Rotation From Pawn Orientation flag to AI Controller to control whether it copies the Pawn rotation to Control Rotation if there is no focus point.

Added support for Character Movement being based on sockets (not just bones).

Added teleport flag to Set Actor Rotation. Improved documentation.

Destroyed child actors are always renamed.

Changed Smooth Target View Rotation (in Player Controller) to use a tunable interpolation speed, Smooth Target View Rotation Speed.

Engine Settings classes that cannot be found will now fallback to default class instead of crashing.

Exposed Primitive Component functions Get Collision Enabled, Is Collision Enabled, Is Query Collision Enabled, Is Physics Collision Enabled functions to blueprints.

FInterpTo function now treats negative values as well as zero as instant speed, consistent with other *InterpTo functions.

Get Time Down, Get Key Value, Get Raw Key Value, and Get Vector Key Value now warn if used with AnyKey.

Improved component & actor attachment API.

Replaced enum-based attachment location with new per-component attachment rules.

Fixed "Snap to Target, Keep World Scale" not working correctly when parent was already scaled.

Improved linear smoothing for character movement under realistic network conditions with variable packet lag.

Improved swimming movement behavior at water surface.

Improved in-game console.

Italian keyboards now have a usable default key for opening the console.

Key presses on unbindable keys (e.g. multimedia buttons) no longer route to the player input system.

Made walking on destructibles work correctly so that we can follow each chunk as they move.

Improved On Teleported to avoid temporary falling state when entering water, maintain Z velocity correctly, and call Process Landed when going from falling to walking.

Create Render State For Hidden Components bool is now accessible in game, not just in editor.

Optimized spawning emitters to avoid redundant transform updates before registration.

Post-Process weight in Camera Anims is now affected by scaling, including blending in/out.

Procedural Foliage Component will now use the level bounds when a volume is not present.

Removed redundant seek for world composition-related data inside the level package in cooked builds.

We now send client-side camera updates (if enabled) when the Character is simulating physics. This prevents the character from losing network relevance when simulated (or attached to a simulated object).

Static and skeletal mesh sockets now use the supplied Relative Scale. Older-format data will reset scale to (1, 1, 1) to avoid causing problems when upgrading.

Timer Handles are now 64-bit values.

Calc Radial Shake Scale (in Player Camera Manager) uses camera location instead of actor

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