What a crazy busy week or two. Then again things are always with me and the world of FromPage2Screen. As the search goes on for some sort of income to help me keep going, I did find myself with a couple of potential leads and projects which might drop something into the bank balance. Sadly one of those turned out to be a back end deal IF the project ever got off the ground next year. But to take on taht role now would mean that 80% of everything else I do would be shelved as I would have to focus on ‘the new thing’, so it was something I declined with thanks. I do need something semi soon in order to get myself into 2015. But something will either come up or it wont. Such is life. The other potential project I have lined up is a somewhat bizarre one and whilst Id love to share details of that with you. Sadly I cant, because I dont know them yet. But theres something interesting (to say the least) on the horizon.

It has been a very tough yet wonderful year since moving from the middle of the map to nearer the South of the map. Its somewhat isolated where I am and I do miss the daily interaction of a whole host of people, I do miss fast internet and I certainly do miss having an income which enables me to actually go out and do things. But as I said previous. That will either come or it wont. If it doesnt, its certainly not because I am not putting in the hours.

The podcasting side of things has been steady. Recently I had the chance to speak for an hour with filmmaker James Plumb, who talked about what he does, how he does it and shared some fun stories about the films he has been involved with including his latest film Kerb Crawlers. Really enjoyed chatting with James. Last night I spoke for some time with my friend Fraser Coull (from Cops and Monsters), we generally have a chat at least once a month on the actual phone (instead of an actual keyboard) and put the world to rights. He made me feel better about a few things and I hope I do the same with any issues he has. (He is still looking for a Sound Recordist in Glasow for Octo 11th 2014 by the way)

Its just such a crazy busy time at the moment and unlikely to go quiet. My world is complete cept for that one missing piece. Yes, an income. But other than that, life is good. I spend my days either reading about films (and those who make them) or writing about them and on occassion, actually watching films.

We are into October now and September was a busy month for me. Over 30 days I watched 25 films. Starting the month off with Kick Ass 2 which I had heard negative things about on its cinema release. But I really liked the film. It was a fun film which for the most entertained me a lot.Whether there is a Kick Ass 3 is another matter but I would recommend watching Kick Ass 2, even if its just for the scenes involving Hit Girl (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) beating the snot out of people.

The Jim Carrey role which people made a song and dance about is minimal. This film belongs to Chloe Grace Moretz and Aaron Taylor Johnson (as Kick Ass). So dont let the fact you arent a Carrey fan put you off, but also dont watch this film purely because you are a Jim Carrey fan.

Shifting on from Kick Ass 2 which as I said, opened the month for me. I also had the chance to watch such films as Up In The Air (starring George Clooney) which I really enjoyed. I had been looking for a feel good film but for some reason my Jerry MAguire DVD had vanished so I thought id give Up In The Air a chance. Im so glad I did. If you need to refocus your life, or perhaps work out an issue or two or just need to give yourself some perspective. Then I cant recommend this film highly enough.

Even if its just for the ‘Whats in your backpack’ speach which George gives a couple of times in the film. Get this one watched. Its simplistic, its funny, its well acted and just a great film. So much so, that only a week after I watched it for the first time. I sat Annette down and put it on for her to watch. (Annette also enjoyed it)

Its a 2009 film so should be easy enough for you to track down.  Up In The Air.

September saw Annette and I head up North for a few days and whenever I see my friend Bob (his real names Andrew, we just call him Bob) I always sit him down and get him to watch some British films. A short while ago he had been recommended a film which turned out to be Shane Meadow’s Dead Mans Shoes, So that was the first one we watched. He loved it (of course. Who doesnt) but then I found myself flicking through Netflix and saw that Tower Block (2012) (by James Nunn & Ronnie Thompson) was on there. Bob hadnt even heard of this one (thats me not doing my job eh) so we decided to sort that out there and then and pressed ‘play’

I love Tower Block. I think ive seen that one perhaps 4 or 5 times since release (including the viewing I just had) Its again a simplistic plot that relies on characters and the performances they give. Jack O Connell, Russell Tovey, Ralph Brown, Sheridan Smith, Nabil Elouahabi are just some of the cast in this film and all names I was and am familiar with.

For those who like thrillers and I guess semi action films. Head onto Netflix and check out Tower Block.

Whist it does have it dark moments its not quiet as grim as the Michael Caine starring film Harry Brown (also on Netflix) which tells of, well basically hoddie scum bags picking on nice old pensioners with violent consequences. Highly recommended film and a wonderul way to end up a fantastic triple bill of UK gems. I really enjoyed watching them all again and Bob claimed he really enjoyed watching them all for the first time. Ill take his word for it. I am up there again in a couple of weeks so need to work out which film to get him to watch. Should I drag him into the world of Ill Manors or go for something a little lighter. I have time to work that one out.

Looking at the list of films I watched in September (yes I do keep a list) I really id watch some gems over those 30 days. A lot of them I had seen previously, such as 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1987’s Lethal Weapon, 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and the 1979 version of Scum (yes there are 2 versions of that, the other being from 1977). You get my point. I watch a lot of new films and a lot of films I have watched before. Its just the way I roll.

Jen and Sylvia Soska directors of See No Evil 2

But the new viewings I had were just as much fun, well at least most of them were. See No Evil & See No Evil 2 was a very creepy double bill which I will be chatting more about on the up and coming episodes of FromPage2Scream:The Horror show (find that on Itunes) and have also been working on a great emai linterview with Lee, who is in the film.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 wasnt as bad as Planet Earth made out. Sure it wasnt the best film of the year but most certainly wasnt the worst. Although it does have one of the worst advertising campaigns of the year, thats for sure.

So without going down the entire list of 25 films I watched in September, I just wanted to go over a few of the films just to perhaps give you an idea of what I watch and what I thought of them. As the month opened with Kick Ass 2, the month closed with a film that couldnt be much different. No comic books heroes, no costumes (although balaclavas are involved) I finally managed to track down a DVD of the BRitish crime drama Looters, Tooters and Sawn off Shooters. A film that I feel I have been mentioning for the past two years. Realistically I think I have only been talking about it for a year and a half, but whos counting.

The brain child of Darren and Paul King, Looters, Tooters and Sawn Off Shooters seemed like it would be yet another gun toting, baseball bat thumping cockneymentary when I first heard about it 18 months ago (and theres nothing wrong with that, I like those sort of films). But as time went on and I was given glimpses at the cast list, behind the scenes photos, and then trailers, poster art etc. The film showed what it was. A storyline, set around people, families, history and futures. It was wonderful to be able to press play on a film that I had been waiting a while for (it sold out in a lot of places) So what were my thoughts on it.Well its a pretty cool film. Does it bring originality to the world? Does it have to be a new genre? No it doesnt. It it what it is.  A crime drama set in the real world, lots of characters (some nice, some not so nice) mixing their lives together with pretty violent results in most cases.

It doesnt pull any punches, it tends to crack you right on the nose with most of them.Well worth checking out if you want some violence but also some well crafted characters wrapped up in a well written storyline (by Darren and Paul)

Whilst someone jokingly said ‘Looters Tooters 2 please’, I would somewhat agree with that, but to be honest I would rather see a prequel/sidequel film with Mickey Savage (played by Dave Courtney) and Charlie Thompson (brilliantly played by Steve Brunton) in their own film. The scenes they had in LTSS worked wonderfully and Id love to see those two heading onto the road to get into some trouble along the way. Shooters at the ready. So Steve and Dave. Get on it. The Savage Road. There you go, you can have that title for free. Great work by all the cast and crew, especially because I heard this was their first film. I hope your second one is coming soon.

So thats a very quick overview of my month. How was your September?

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