For the past several releases, the Fedora Project has been pursuing what it calls Fedora Next. Essentially, Fedora Next took a step back and looked at how the distro is used and came up with editions specifically tailored to those use cases. The most notable of these are Fedora WorkStation and Fedora Server (the desktop/laptop and server versions respectively). Previous Fedora releases also had a "cloud" edition, but with the latest release—Fedora 25, a major update for this Linux distribution—that's been replaced by Fedora Atomic. Fedora Cloud, aside from having a meaningless name, didn't quite pan out. "Cloud" is just a word for "someone else's server," so it doesn't make much sense for Fedora to release a "cloud" distro. But as interesting as Fedora Atomic is, many of the highlights for Fedora 25 come from the WorkStation edition. And they can be summed up in a single word: Wayland. Read 43 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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