Are you talking about the phpBB software on which the forum is running?
If so, frankly, my personal idea would be to stick to it. I don't know anything about licensing costs, maintenance, whatsoever.
At the bottom it says "Powered by phpBB © 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group "
Don't know the version number, but think phpBB is at 3.1.16
Nowadays companies very often use different forum software and ever so often such software is far from userfriendly,
it is lacking features, requires too many clicks to accomplish things, use wayyy too much white space, i.e. require a lot of
scrolling, no way to edit / delete the post after sending, no autosave, etc.etc.

phpBB has been around for many years and have built up a lot of experience, so, if I were to decide I would stick to it.
I think it has a lot of features that can be configured?
One of things I would like to see (if availabel)
1) Autosave
2) Edit (after sending)
3) Delete (after sending and as long as there no reply)
4) Insert inline image, see below. (attachement, upload, place in line)
5) And .. if possible... have an option to show the image as a thumbnail, instead of full screen: when users click on it, it will display it as full screen.

BTW right now forum is responding fairly fast, it was drama a while ago.
no clue what has been changed.

oh, ... I don't know whether or not a log-on session time has been set, but set it to 1 or 2 hours or so.
it is really frustrating having written a log post, doing some checking on other websites at the same time, but when sending the post
discover that one has been logged out and the post has gone. Often I create clipboard copy of the text, but not always...

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