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Unit Studies, Parenting, KLUTZ

The following are in very good condition unless otherwise noted. Price is per item, e-mail me libertyacademy@myfairpoint.net Please cut & paste the items you are interested in & I will weigh & e-mail you back the shipping cost (I only charge actual shipping cost.). I accept paypal, money orders & checks (w/appropriate time held to clear). Insurance recommended, I pay for delivery confirmation.

Hope you can help me clean off my shelves of some books we enjoyed. Please check my other posts to consolidate purchases & save on shipping. Thanks for looking. Barbara in NH

History & Geography

Coyote School News, Joan Sandin. Beautifully illustrated story about students who lived on ranches & attended a one-room school house in 1930 in southern Arizona. $2.00

Greenleaf The Ocean of Truth, The Story of Sir -- $3. Nice. Isaac Newton, $2.00 w/other purchase.

Question and Answer Encyclopedia -- $5. Good. Over 1000 questions & answers to things you want to know. Contents: The Universe, Lands & People, History, Science, Animals, Plants, Planet Earth, Human Body, Quiz questions & answers. Vast amount of information in this book, made engrossing & accessible by the Q & Q format & lavish use of realistic illustrations. Hours of fascination that will encourage learning & exploration. orig. $15.00, hdbk w/dj $4.25 w/other purchase

Underground, David Macauley. Hdbk David Macaulay takes us on a visual journey through a city's various support systems by exposing a typical section of the underground network and explaining how it works. We see a network of walls, columns, cables, pipes and tunnels required to satisfy the basic needs of a city's inhabitants. orig. $18.95, $6.00, $5.50 w/other purchase.

Family Flip Quiz -- $5. Nice. Perfect way to sharpen the wits & improve the general knowledge of your entire family. Its self-standing flip-chart design allows you to do the quizzes on your own, w/a partner or in teams. Over 2000 questions & answers in more than 150 quizzes. 4 levels of difficulty to suit all the family. 6 different subject categories in every quiz: history, geography, science & math, English, natural world & general knowledge. orig. $18.95. $4.00 w/other pur

So You Want to be President? -- $5. Nice. orig. $17.99. Hdbk w/dj. Cladecott-winning classic. Hilariously illustrated by Small, this celebration by St. George shows us the foibles, quirks & humanity of forty-two men who have risen to one of the most powerful positions in the world. Perfect for this election year--and every year! $4.00 w/other purchase

AmericanGirl Samantha's Mystery Party -- $7. Nice. Game & Book. 1904 Book Samantha Mystery The Stolen Sapphire. Book is still in original wrap in box, box has some wear, game like new. Missing 1 invitation for Party. $6.00 w/other purchase

If You series by Ellen Levine-- -- $2. Nice. various titles. If you lived with the Iroquois or Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620, or Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake. Last one is slightly smaller books they are $1.25 w/other purchase. RL. 3

National Geographic Society Titanic -- $2. Good. Color pictures of the sunken ruins of the Titanic. $1.00 w/othe

882 1/2 Amazing Answers to your -- $3. Good. questions about the Titanic. Here is the one book w/all of the answers to your questions about the TITANIC! This is the heart-stopping story about the legendary ship--from the building, maiden voyage, & tragic sinking, to its high-tech discovery on the ocean floor. Include the true-or-false quizzes, & real-life stories of the young people who sailed on the fateful journey. Illustrated w/dozens of paintings, diagrams, & rare photos $2.00 w/other

Exploring the Titanic, A Time Quest -- $2. Good. Book. Fasinating look at what happened! $1.00 w/other purchase

On, Board The Titanic, I Was There -- $2. Nice. book. Young readers can travel back in time to the fateful maiden voyage of Titanic in this compelling narrative. Told through the eyes of 2 young survivors & beautifully illustrated w\breathtaking paintings & diagrams, this dramatic account vividly re-creates the night she sank to the bottom of the icy Atlantic. Sidebars explain interesting facts & details & a cutaway offers a visual replica of the massive liner. $1.00 w/other

Usborne Introduction to the Second -- $3. Good. World War, Internet-Linked. Excellent! $2.00 w/other purchase

Abraham Lincoln, Famous Figures of the -- $3. Nice. Civil War Era. 80 pgs. Well Done! $2.00 w/other purchase

Six Brave Explorers -- $4. Nice. Triangular-shaped action pop-ups in rhyming verse about explorers who went to Egypt. Really neat, unique book that will fascinate! $3.00 w/other purchase

**John Henry by Julius Lester -- $4. Nice. Caldecot Honor book. Beautifully illustrated hdbk w/dj about this African-American folk hero. Fun to read, it peaks into history & captures the listeners attention. orig. $17.95, dj has small tear at spine & shelf wear, book in vg condition. $3.00 w/other purchase

Casey at the Bat, A Ballad of the -- $4. Nice. Republic Sun in the Year 1888. Beautifuuly illustrated hdbk w/ dj, that will become a favorite. Read or sing along with this memorable book. $3.00 w/other

A Home for Lady Liberty -- $5. Nice. Story, History, Activites, Fold Out, Brain Teasers, Game, Word Find & more. Totally fun way to learn about the Statue of Liberty. Wonderful addition to your Geography or American History study. hdbk. $4.00 w/other purchase.

A Series of Unfortunate Events--hdbks -- $3. Nice. Titles: The Bad Beginning #1, The Reptile Room #2, The Miserable Mill #4, The Austere Academy #5, The Ersatz Elevator #6, The Vile Village #7, or The End #13. $2.00 w/other purchase or buy all 7 for $12.00.

AmercianGirl Chapter Books--various -- $2. Nice. $1.50 w/other purchase. Titles: Meet Caroline (1812), Meet Kit (1984), Josefina Learns a Lesson, Josefina's Surprise (1824), Meet Kaya (1764), or Lanie's Real Adventures (pesticides and finding your voice to communicate her concern).

Adele & Simon in America, Barbara McClintock. Best Children’s Book of the Year. Adèle and her younger brother, Simon, have just arrived in New York City to visit their Aunt Cécile and prepare for a grand train trip around America. “Please try not to lose anything on our trip,” Adèle tells her brother with a sigh. But how can Simon remember to keep an eye on his belongings when there are so many wonderful distractions and astounding sights to take in?

Adèle & Simon returns in a cross continental adventure that reflects the vitality of early twentieth-century America, from the Boston Public Garden to San Francisco’s Chinatown. Stunning pen-and-ink-and watercolor illustrations are filled with innumerable hidden treasures, and endpapers featuring a period map of America extend the fun. Hardback w/dj. Orig. $16.95, $4.00, $3.00 w/other purchase.

Sky Dogs, Jane Yolen & Barry Moser -- $4. Nice. Hdbk w/dj. Splendid, sweeping watercolors & a poetic story that draws on both historical & legendary material combine to remind us of the dignity, grace & wonder of life on the American plains--long ago, but unforgetable. orig. $15.95, $3.00 w/other purchase

Christian Liberty Press The Robinson Crusoe Reader, Hdbk -- $3. New. Julia Darrow Cowles. $2.00 w/other purchase

**Radio Boy, Sharon Phillips Denslow. Brought to life by Alec Gillman’s superb period paintings, this fictionalized account of inventor Nathan B. Stubblefield’s childhood invites young readers to investigate the history of science & technology, to envision what may not be imposible…& to look at something as everyday as a bird in the sky , & wonder. Ages 5-8, orig. $15.00 hdbk w/dj, dj has small rip at edge. $3.00

Sarah Morton’s Day, A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl, Kate Waters. With photos of what Sarah’s day is like. IRA Teacher’s Choice, Notable Childrens Trade book & Blue Ribbon book, RL 3, Excellent. $2.25, $1.50 w/other pur

Chicken Sunday, Patricia Polacco -- $1. New. themes of honesty, multigenerational friendship & cross- cultural understanding

Timelines Entertainment Screen, Stage & Stars. Jacqueline Morley, Timelines books bring together the past, the present, & the future w/fact-filled text & exciting illustrations. This hardback book traces the story of entertainment from prehistoric ritual dance & medieval religious drama to the silver screen & beyond to the future. Wonderful! $5.00, $4.00 w/other purchase.

Handy Homework Helper, study reference -- $2. Nice. guide. Grade 3-6. U. S. History, geography & using the web. Research, study skills, test taking, report writing, projects, online reference sources & much more. Into to Geography, location, physical environment, human geography, interacting w/the environment++. American beginnings, search of the east, Spanish America, French & English exploration, colonies & so much more. $1.00 w/other purchase

Tallinn Medieval Capital -- $2. Nice. Photos, maps, timeline, beautiful look into another time $1.00 w/other

Communication Means & Technologies for Exchanging Information, Piero Ventura. Hdbk w/dj, from Hieroglyphics to Satellites & so much inbetween. Orig. $16.95, $4.00, $3.00 w/other purchase..

Austria, 24 Task Cards from the Social -- $2. Nice. Studies Leaning Center & Austria Music of the 20th Century Learn about Austria through projects with research, listening, writing, creating, etc. Includes geography, music, language (words from), culture, art, history, famous people & more. Fun & Discovery! $1.00 w/other purchase

Scholastic Unit Studies, Grades 4-8, orig. $12.95 each, $3.00 each, $2.00 w/other purchase.

**Ancient Rome—Includes Background Info, a play, writing & word Study activities, art projects

**The Civil War—Literature Units, Projects, Play & Activities.

Teacher Created Materials, Thematic Unit, Challenging, Literature-Based, Across the Curriculum, Writing Activities, projects & more. $2.00, $1.50 w/other purchase.

**Civil War

**World War II

Teacher Created Materials, Election, Grade 4-8. Info & practice activities to familiarize with terminology, practices and traditions of American Elections. A Game that challenges students to recall & apply what they learned. A simulation activity to give students an opportunity to experience the election process first hand. Also research ideas, bibliography and answer key. Great year to do this study! Orig. $11.95, $3.00, $2.00 w/other purchase.

The Story of Texas, A History Picture book, Betty Warren & Martha Ingerson. This picture book tells you about some of the great events of Texas history and the kinds of people who made the events. From the Indians who were the first people to come to the area known as Texas, then the first Europeans in 1519, then a group of Spanish. A picture history book of the settlement of Texas. Pages can be colored too, think Dover. $2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.

First Ladies of the US—Youth Publications, The Saturday Evening Post co. Portrait, and short bio on Fist Ladies. Great information. $2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.

American History Projects—Focusing on Multiple Intelligences, Grades 4-8. What a fun and stimulation way for all students to learn about important topics in American history! this book features an endless variety of activities students can choose from to learn about such topics as Native Americans, famous explorers, the U.S. government, the Civil War, the Depression, the presidents, the states, and so much more! — The activities included for each topic are divided into seven categories--verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, visual-spacial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. These are the seven ways of learning based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences. This book provides you with easy-to-follow directions you can use to simply implement a system based on this theory in which students are given the opportunity to choose activities that interest them in order to make learning meaningful and fun. $2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.

50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet, Dennis Denenberg & Lorraine Roscoe. Include founders, teachers, artists, scientists, would leaders & others. You Don’t have to be a big star to be a hero. Real Heroes are often those who quietly do what is right—especially when everyone else seems to be doing something else. You’ll be inspired by the people & stories included in this book. We need heroes more than ever! Orig. $14.95, $4.00, $3.00 w/other purchase.

The Historical House Books-Ann -- $2. Nice. Turnbull. Discover the extraordinary lives of those who have lived throughout history at No. 6, Chelsea Walk. Titles: Josie Under Fire, 1941 (moving account of one girl's quiet courage); Lizzie's Wish, 1857 (compelling story of one girl's determination to defy the stifling conventions of Victorian Life); Mary Ann & Miss Mozart, 1764 (enchanting story of dreams & determination) or Andie's Moon, 1969. $1.50 w/other purchase.

The Romans pop-up, A pop-up book to -- $5. Nice. make yourself. This do-it-yourself pop-up has 6 scenes from the Roman empire to cut out and make. They include the City of Rome, the Forum, and Ostia, the Port of Rome. This book is accompanied by lots of ideas and information to help bring an ancient civilization to life. Awesome! slight crease on corner. orig. $15.00, $4.00 w/other purchase.

Elijah's Violin & Other Jewish Fairy -- $3. Good. Tales. Throughout this richly illustrated collection which brings to life the quests & riddles of the traditional fairy tale along with the divine intervention that characterizes the Jewish fairy tale. Skillfully translated, these stories will captivate children & adults alike in which romance & magic become enchantingly entwined with faith, duty, & wisdom. $2.00 w/other purchase

Cornerstones of Freedom, The Space Race, hdbk in vg condition. Fun to read highly factual & support history curriculum. In addition, the series effectively enables students to acquire critical research skills. $3.00, $2.00 w/other purchase.

Question and Answer Encyclopedia -- $5. Good. Over 1000 questions & answers to things you want to know. Contents: The Universe, Lands & People, History, Science, Animals, Plants, Planet Earth, Human Body, Quiz questions & answers. Vast amount of information in this book, made engrossing & accessible by the Q & Q format & lavish use of realistic illustrations. Hours of fascination that will encourage learning & exploration. orig. $15.00, hdbk w/dj $4.25 w/other purchase

Abraham Lincoln, Famous Figures of the -- $3. Nice. Civil War Era. 80 pgs. Well Done! $2.25 w/other purchase

Egyptology Code-Writing Kit..From the Desk of Miss Emily Sands. If your aim is to master hieroglyphics, this ornate writing kit includes everything you’ll need. Inside are simple instructions as well as writing paper, envelopes, postcards, and sticker sheets, all in a handsomely designed slipcase.Includes: Code-making instructions, 12 sheets of notepaper, 14 envelopes, 6 postcards&- 2 sheets of stickers (2 stickers were removed—48 are on the 2 sheets.) orig. $9.99, $2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.

Egyptology. Who can resist the allure of ancient Egypt — and the thrill of uncovering mysteries that have lain hidden for thousands of years? Not the feisty Miss Emily Sands, who in 1926, four years after the discovery of King Tut's tomb, led an expedition up the Nile in search of the tomb of the god Osiris. Rich with information about life in ancient Egypt and peppered with Miss Sands's lively narration, EGYPTOLOGY concludes with a letter from the former Keeper of Antiquities at the British Museum, explaining which parts of this unique tale may be accepted as fact, which are guided by legend, and which reflect the author's delightful sense of fancy. orig. $21.95, $6.00, $5.00 w/other purchase.

We the People, hdbks various titles -- $5. Nice. 3-6 grade. Series presents key events in US history through engaging text & historic photos & engravings. Each book features a glossary, listings of important dates & people, A Did you Know? section, Want to Know More? resources & an index. Titles: The Declaration of Independence, The Thirteen Colonies or The Battle of Gettysburg. Nicely done! orig. $28.00 each, $4.00 w/other purchase

Pictorial History of the American Presidency. Hdbk w/dj (through George Bush). Simple profile of each man, includes many pictures, political cartoons, paintings, posters, photographs & more. Hours of fascinating information! $3.00, $2.00 w/other purchase.

Early American Crafts you Can Make. Suggests over 25 projects inspired by crafts popular in America between 1620 and 1899. Each craft is accompanied by dates & short explanation about it. $2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.

The Story of King Arthur, Retold by Robin Lister, Kingfisher. Beautifully illustrated book. In the best Arthurian tradition Lister draws on a wide range of sources in this brilliant retelling of a great legend. A dramatically illustrated retelling that will delight enthusiasts & captivate young readers discovering this magical tale for the first time. Orig. $13.95, $5.00, $4.00 w/other purchase.

American Girl, Kit’s Friendship Fun. Enjoy Kit’s favorite crafts, food & games with your friends. 1930’s. orig. $12.95, $6.00, $5.25 w/other purchase.

Conspiracy, The Lady Grace Mysteries -- $3. New. hdbk. Maid of Honor to Queen Elizabeth I, $2.00 w/other purchase

Heraldry The Story of Armorial Bearings, Walter Buehr, hd bk. Great book, includes a do it your self Heraldry. Great book or addition to a unit study! $3.00, $2.00 w/other purchase.

The Barefoot Book of Knights w/full length Story CD, John Matthews. Includes: The wolrdl of Knights & Chivalry, The Knight of the Kitchen (Britain), The Knight of the Gwan (Germany), The Three Journeys of Ilya Murom (Russia), Perronik the Fool (Brittany), The Tale of Bushtasp (Persia, Yogodayu & the Army of Bees (Japan), Sir Cliges & the Cherry Tree (France) & more. Origl; $15.99, $7.00, $6.00 w/other purchase

Books for Mom—Unit Studies, Teaching Helps, Field trips, Parties, Art, Fun Activities,

Travel, Vacations

A to Zoo Subject Access to Children's -- $5. Nice. Books. Homeschool Mom's primary go-to reference for picture books for all studies. Offers a user-friendly format that supports quick and easy discovery. This versatile tool organized by Subject headings, subject guide, bibliographic guide, title index and illustrators index. This book will save you hours of trial and error, makes lesson planning a breeze! Have a child who is fascinated by a subject--exploring made easy. $4.00 w/other

Totally Fun things to do with your dog. Games & activities for kids & canines Here's a great way to teach a dog some new tricks. With the super ideas & activities in this book, there's no end to the fun you'll have playing with your favorite four-legged friend. an amazing array of activities you can share. Discover new variations on playing catch & fetch, or teach your dog to play hide & seek. Basic training tips are also included along with fascinating facts about dogs. Good cond. $2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.

Spinner Stories for articulation drill -- $6. Nice. 12 game boards provide humorous stories that target 12 sounds. Fill in the blanks of the story w/items on the spinner dial. This spinner feature allows stories to change each time. Phoneme: S, S-blends, S-clusters, Z, R, R-blends, L, L-blends, TH, SH, CH and J. $5.00 w/other purchase.

Spinner Sentences for articulation -- $6. Nice. drill. 12 games with spinners, these humorous sentences target 12 sounds. Students complete the sentence w/items on the spinner dial. This spinner feature allows sentences to change each time. Phoneme: S & Z, R, S, Z, & R, L & S, L, L & R, SH & R, CH, J, TH, K & G and F & V. Communication Skill Builders. $5.00 w/other purchase

The Original 21 Rules of this House -- $4. Good. Teaching the Basics of Good Behavior. Well Done & easy to implement. water wavy cover & bottom of book, no color stain, slight waviness on early pages. $3.00 w/other purchase

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Nurturing -- $5. Good. our children from birth to 7. What kind of play stimulates imagination, Healthy rhythms in home & school. Sensible ideas for creative discipline, how to create birthday stories, knot dolls & puppets plus more. crease on front cover. orig. $17.95, $4.00 w/other purchase

The Little Book of Big Reasons to -- $2. New. Homeschool. $1.00 w/other purchase

Night-Night, Settle-Down Activities -- $4. Nice. Easy Bedtimes. Ease your child to sleep w/out tantrums, whining, or endless requests. Storytime activities, quiet games, & playful songs & rhymes will soothe your child into sleepiness, encouraging them to think calm & happy thoughts. Fosters a closer bond between you & your child & most importantly, it makes bedtime special & pleasant so you can all get to sleep. $3.00 w/other purchase

The ABCs of Homeschooling -- $2. New. Great book, enables you to decide what method of schooling best matches the needs of your children. orig. $14.99. $1.00 w/other purchase

Bright Start Activities to Develop -- $6. Nice. Your Child's Potential. Awesome book! Filled w/a great variety of activities that incorporate this special combination of enjoyment & education. They incorporate--learning to learn, the most important lesson of the early years, horizontal as well as vertically learning, & educational activities are greatly enhanced by enthusiastic & conscientious parental involvement. $5.00 w/other purchase

Have a New Kid by Friday workbook -- $3. Nice. How to change your child's attitude, behavior & character in 5 days, Dr. Kevin Leman. $2.00 w/other purchase.

The Educated Child, A Parent's Guide -- $3. Nice. from Preschool through Eighth grade, hdbk w/dj, orig. $30. 00 Chapters include: Fostering a Love of Learning, Getting Ready for School, Character Education in the Early Years, Day Care & Preschool, English, History & Geography, Art & Music, Math, Science, Helping Your Chilld Succeed in School, Special Needs & Special Gifts, School Problems, Along with Academics, Temptations & Troubles,& More. $2.00 w/other purchase

The Perfect Party Planner--The -- $2. Good. Complete Guide to Children's Parties. 12 Different Party Themes! Planning Calendars, Shopping Lists, Menus & Recipes, Craft Ideas, Games & Activities. Take the stress out of children's parties, have a spectacular party & really Enjoy the occasion. orig. $19.99, $1.00 w/other purchase

The Penny Whistle Party Planner -- $2. Nice. 23 unforgettable, goof-proof ideas for parties for kids of every age. A step-by-step schedule, from choosing the themes to preparing the food Ideas & instructions for invitations, decorations, & even party favors Activities and games to reflect the theme of the occasion. Delicious recipes for refreshments, including the best birthday cakes ever Ways to adapt any party to space, time, & budget considerations. $1.00 w/other purchase

4 Moms on the Move Books--Practical Solutions for Busy Lives--$2.00 for all 4, $1.00 w/other purchase

**Family Vacations Made Simple-- trip options & info for families of all ages, how to make the trip memorable & stress free, perfect souvenirs

** Family Meals in minutes--make-ahead & pantry necessities, cost cutting tips

**Simple Celebrations--Easy & affordable ideas to make your event unique, recipes, decorations & organizational tips

**Keeping Little hands busy-creative projects, rainy days & those for outdoors+++

Yankee Magazine Guidebook Set -- $3. Nice. Favorite Daytrips and Coastal Daytrips in New England Great ideas for field trips, staycations, fun family adventures, vacations and more. $2.00 w/other purchase

DK First Meals, hdbk -- $2. Nice. Fast, Healthy, & fun foods to tempt infants & toddlers--from baby's first food to favorite family feasts. Strategies for Reluctant eaters, Introducing solids, menu planners, advanced preparation tips, nutritional guidelines, healthy fast foods, packed lunches, finger foods, snacks & more. Great book! $1.00 w/other purchase

Barron’s Cooking Wizardry for Kids. Approximately 200 recipes, experiments, concoctions, magic potions & projects and glossary of techniques. There are also projects that teach fundamentals of food-related chemistry, nutrition, & making window gardens. What makes breads & cakes rise, taste bud experiments, mysteries of home-grown herbs, quick kitchen science experiments, what a food’s color has to do w/its taste & much more. Orig. $14.95, $4.00, $3.00 w/other purchase


POC4U--Person Optimized Curricula -- $2. Nice. For you. Concise Learning Styles Assessment--one of the of the unique qualities of the learning styles inventory is its feature of determining the learning style preferences of your child based upon his or her own responses rather than making the determination based upon a parental questionnaire. $1.00 w/other purchase

Recovering The Lost Tools of Learning -- $4. Nice. An Approach to Distinctively Christain Education. $3.00 w/other

Home Schooling at the speed of life w/ -- $8. Nice. CD. Balancing Home, School & Family in the Real World. Offers In touch w/the real world demands on today’s double-duty homeschool mom, this friendly, all-in-one resource will help you focus on what is most important & show you how to: make wise choices about priorities, de-clutter your home, tame the paper monster & teach your children important life skills & more. Invaluable resource! $7.00 w/other purchase

Games and Puzzles

All games and Puzzles are in very good condition and in original boxes with all pieces and instructions, unless otherwise noted.

In The Pictures--The Kids' Art Game -- $8. Nice. Get ready to watch a new wold come to life! But wait! A picture is missing from the museum's painting gallery! It's up to you to find clues that lead to the missing picture. Excitement and fun await you in this unique art adventure. Two Creative Ways to Play! Kids learn about art while having fun! Produced w/the cooperation of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, & the National Gallery of Art, Washington. 2-6 players, ages 6 & up. $7.00 w/other purchase

Family Flip Quiz -- $5. Nice. Perfect way to sharpen the wits & improve the general knowledge of your entire family. Its self-standing flip-chart design allows you to do the quizzes on your own, w/a partner or in teams. Over 2000 questions & answers in more than 150 quizzes. 4 levels of difficulty to suit all the family. 6 different subject categories in every quiz: history, geography, science & math, English, natural world & general knowledge. orig. $18.95. $4.50 w/other pur

Bingo Multiplication facts game -- $5. Nice. A fun way to practice facts & increase speed. Includes 36 Bingo Cards, calling cards and markers. in original box, ages 5 and older. $4.00 w/other purchase

Brain Quest the game -- $6. Nice. Ages 6-12, 2-4 players, children of different ages complete on equal terms, stimulates imagination & creativity. The game teaches & reinforces, with questions that challenge kids to compare, contrast, visualize, interpret & solve--in other words, to actually think! Covers key subjects Math, English, Social Studies, Science & Grab Bag. $5.00 w/other purchase

Rummy Roots--Vocabulary Building Games -- $8. Nice. Teaches 42 Greek & Latin Roots, Increases Word Understanding, Improves Dictionary Competency, Fun and Challenging, 4 Games in 1. Ages 8 to Adult. $7.00 W/other purchase.

Bible Quiz Cards -- $5. Nice. 2 or more players. Includes: Animals, Plants & Birds; Strange but true; Fascinating Facts and Exciting Stories and Heroes & Villains. Fun game for the whole family. Nicely done! $4.25 w/other purchase.

Visual Brain Storms -- $6. Nice. 100 of the World's Best Brain teaser questions. Guaranteed to Challenge, Entertain, Puzzle & Amuse You! Bonus question on each card. Teaches logic, deductive reasoning, and abstract thinking. Includes logic puzzlers, twisted mazes, coded messages, 3D Befuddlers, and brain conundrums. For ages 8 years and above. Great for hours of entertainment--great for travel or home. $5.00 w/other purchase.

Know Your Audience Set--study + game -- $12. Nice. 18-week study in Listening & Persuasion Skills & Know Your Audience: The Game. Teaches listening & persuasion as well as a bit about entrepreneurial success! Students create a product/service (the more outrageous the better!) & then learn to present their invention to different audiences using different methods of communication. Perfect for kids who are shy or have ADD because it is so much fun! $10.00 w/other purchase.

Typo Game, Vocabulary Fun for All Ages -- $4. Nice. Ages 8 & up, 2-6 players. $3.00 w/other purchase

Avalam Super Stacking Game -- $7. Nice. An exciting game of strategy, It's fast, it's simple & it's fun Take turns stacking a piece, the color on top scores a point, most points wins. 15-30 minutes playing time. 2 players, ages 8 & up. The player with the highest score wins. Winner of the Mensa Select Gold Seal Award (One of five best new mind games). $6.00 w/other purchase

Elevator Eddie Game -- $4. Nice. Fast-flipping Family game, ages 6 to adult, $3.00 w/other purchase

The Easter Activity Book , Gr. K5 -- $2. New. Games*Crafts*Stories* Puzzles*Recipes, plus 4 pull-out pages $1.00 w/other purchase

Memory Madness Game -- $6. Nice. The Word Game that jobs your memory! Grab some friends & dive right in to a game of memory & wits. Memory Madness is a fun & easy-to-play memory game where you must go around all players & provide a word or phrase that works with the given category. The first player to say an incorrect, duplicate, or unacceptable answer loses a point.Ages 12 & above, 3 or more players. $5.25 w/other purchase.

The Amazing Game Board Book -- $4. Good. More thaqn 50 games & activities. Perfect for travel, waiting rooms, hours of entertainment. Dominoes, Capture the Flag, Secret Codes, magnetic Checkers, Write/Wipe-off Drawing board, Mazes, brain teasers; Two-sided Jigsaw puzzle, Geography game, tangrams, Language Game, Optical Illusions, Cosmic Science Games, Math game all w/instructions. Missing pegs for 1 game. $3.00 w/other purchase

Spooner's Moving Animals -- $3. Good. An assortment of printed paper patterns, all w/moving parts, accompanied by instructions for cutting and assembling a variety of animals and machines capable of movement. pages are detached from spine, patterns have never been cut out. Hours of creating fun! $25.00 on Amazon. $2.00 w/other purchase

Penguin Pick-up Card game -- $4. Nice. Ages 4 + , 2-4 players, 5 different games. $3.00 w/other purchase

Bible Quiz Cards -- $5. Nice. 2 or more players. Includes: Animals, Plants & Birds; Strange but true; Fascinating Facts and Exciting Stories and Heroes & Villains. Fun game for the whole family. Nicely done! $4.25 w/other purchase


KLUTZ Make Your Own Music Video -- $2. Nice. orig. $19.99. Music video tips, tricks & ideas. $1.00 w/other

Klutz--Explorabook, A Kids' Science -- $3. Good. Museum in a book, book only. Parent's Choice Award. Activities in: Magnetism, Light Wave Craziness, Illusions, Hair Dryer Science, Biology, and Ouchless Physics. $2.00 w/other purchase.

KLUTZ The Body Book, Recipes for -- $4. Nice. Natural Body Care. A Cookbook of simple, natural recipes for treating hair, skin & nails. For tweens & teens, this book is a natural. Winner of Canadian Toy Testing Council Children's Choice Award, & the DiscoverySchool.com Award of Excellence. Great for gifts, slumber parties, Girl's Beauty Day or pampering yourself! $3.00 w/other purchase

KLUTZ Book of Magic--book only -- $3. Nice. We nagged 5 of the country's most respected magicians until they gave us the stuff they're not supposed to: 31 tricks, all of them knock-your-socks-off good. Klutz-proof instructions, super-clear illustrations and top-secret props are all included. When was the last time you were Truly Amazing? $2.00 w/other purchase..


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