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BJU Math 3 for Christian Schools Home Teacher’s Edition 2nd edition, with a bag of the manipulatives $25 / $10

Heritage Studies Listening CD-Ever wonder how to cover these songs with your child? 46 tracks of Patriotic songs, readings, speeches, music from other cultures, and more for use with American History Studies (2nd ed.), Grades 1 through 6 $20.83 retail. PLUS Heritage Studies 3 Sweet Land of Liberty Text and Student Notebook, retail $29.50 asking $10 for cd and this set -writing on a couple of pages of notebook only. Almost new. 2 sets available

Alphabet Activities $11.95/$4 This is a really fun book that offers suggested activities for learning all of the letters. my sister-in-law recommended it and we loved it!

Bob Jones university Press BJU Math grade 2, all are 2nd edition which I preferred bc/ my kids needed the extra practice it offers in the activity books. Like new/new unless noted.
Math 2 Spread Your Wings Activity Book – new, retail $13.50, my price $5 –– great for some math practice!
Math 2 Spread Your Wings Activity Book with KEY – new, retail $13.50, my price $7 –– great for some math practice!

Math 2 Home Teacher Edition, list $58, my price $15
Math 2 Tests & Answer Key $21.50/$5
Math 2 Stretch Your Mind Activity Book and Key $21/$7
Math 2 Reviews Activity Book and KEY– retail $24.50, my price $8
Math 2 Student Materials – cut and put in Ziploc – retail 11.50, my price $5 – 2 sets
Math 2 Teaching Charts, retail $24, price $6

BJU Math 3
Math 3 Spread your wings activity book – complete 36 pp out of 100 – will include free with any purchase

BJU Math 4, 2nd edition
Home Teacher’s Edition, exc cond $10 –retail 27.50

Math U See
Foundations of Mathematics Teacher Manual and video, - $5

BJU Grade 3 Literature pack https://www.bjupress.../product/028316 - Booklinks Journey into Literature Jenny Wren, Booklinks Journey into Literature These are My People Lessons and Reproducibles Peanut Butter Friends in a Chop Suey World, Jenny Wren-, These are My People-, Mice of the Herring Bone-, The Case of the Dognapped Cat- $20 for the set of these 5 books with book links from BJU. Like new

My World Science –new-Student Sheets for Weather/Astronomy/Oceans and Coral Reefs – (2 sets avail)-$13 / $4
My World Science –new- Student Sheets Cactus Dessert / Forces & Motion / Rocks & Minerals -$13 / $4
My World Science –new- Student Sheets African Savanna/Sound&Light/Electricity & Magnets/Ponds / $13 / $4
A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder - $16.95/$4

The Little Hands Art Book $12.95/ 6

Dan’s Angel – A Detective Guide to the Language of Painting – hardback. Retail 16.95 asking $8
Veritas Press items:
· Old testament to ancient Egypt teacher manual $10
· Genesis through Joshua teacher manual $24.95 / $10
· Genesis through Joshua flashcards & Genesis through Joshua memory song cd $10 One of the cards had notes on it they are crossed out to schedule the purple and green books from the veritas press catalog for VP year 1.
· New Testament Greece and Rome TEACHER MANUAL $10 with song cassette
· Judges through Kings TEACHER MANUAL and cassette $10
· 1815 to Present TEACHER MANUAL and cassette $10
Twin Sisters Productions Phonics 2 Blends Digraphs, Rhyming Words and More – cd/cd-rom. Ages 5-9. Great to teach these to an auditory child – retail $12.99 / $5

A Home Start in Reading & A Strong Start in Language by Ruth Beechick – free
Books Kids Will Sit Still For – the Complete Read-aloud Guide – an awesome guide to the best of the best books! $4

It Looked Like Spilt Milk. Hardback children’s book. $2
Moses the Kitten by James Herriot -$2 hb
Rudolph’s Second Christmas $1 hb
Critical Thinking Press - Building Thinking Skills Primary Lesson Plans & Teachers Manual plus student manual $10
Read-aloud Rhymes for the Very Young – great anthology of rhymes in like new condition $3
Subtraction Super Safari game. Retail $18.80 / $8 – like new. Ages 6-9 fun great alternative to flashcards!
Random House Children’s Encyclopedia full color. New in wrapper. Had two?! Retail sticker says $50. / $9
Free picture cards that are good for sequencing with a child who struggles with that.
Free – sequencing cards of the creation
Type it – a linguistically-oriented typing program especially helpful for learning disabled students $5
Sonlight Science K workbook 2001- free
Alphabet cards with pictures for each letter $1 for set
Sonlight Language Arts Year K Teacher Manual 2000 includes 2 sets of vowel activity sheets for 2 students (uses the core K books) retail $47. Price $10
Sonlight Language Arts Year 1 Teacher Manual 2001 (uses the core 1 books) retail $47. Price $10
It says 1 Language Arts Comprehensive Instructors Guide and Notes and it does have the student pages already inserted by day. It uses their I Can Read It readers, Put me in the zoo, ETC, Language and Thinking...

Latina Christiana Book 1 Teacher Manual and Student Manual $15
Child’s Annual Video Interview Kit – retail $30 You can hardly keep up with how much your kids are changing — and how fast. It's time to create a record that will let you see and hear them grow. You need The Child's Annual Video Interview Kit. The Kit gives you the tools to produce 10- to 20-minute interviews with your children at 12-month intervals. This easy-to-use resource offers hints on interviewing children, a script with questions that will bring out their personalities, and ways to get great results. $10

Prima Latina DVD’s, CD, Student, and Teacher complete set. Retail $88. $35 extra student book $14 / $7
Sing Spell Read and Write grade 2 - I have the school version of the the Reading Teacher's Manual ISBN 1-56704-745-9 retail $132. and the Song CD and a few of the readers $20.
Marie Curie’s Search for Radium-0812097912 $3 – used in Sonlight 2 science
Science Anytime Unit C Starbase Earth 0153061634 $4 – if you have a science lover, this is a fun book about astronomy!
Sonlight Language Arts 2 Advanced Reading with Chapter Books Student Activity Sheets, 2006 $2

Sonlight Level 2 (2TLN) Language Arts Intermediate Readers Instructor’s Guide and Notes – I have 2 copies. 2005. One is new in package. I bought it for my sister to do at same time as me and she didn’t open it. The other is in good condition. Retail 37.99. -$13. I also have 8 of the readers used in this package: Last Little Cat -$5 Paintbrush kid $3. Viking adventure $5, Tippy Lemmey $3, 3rd Gr Detectives 4 and 3rd Gr Detectives 10 $3 each, House on Walenska $3, Jake Drake $3. 3rd grade detectives in a combined book of 1&2 $4 as well as a single copy of Third Grade Detectives #1 $3, Riding the pony express $5, Keep the lights burning abbie $4, The whipping boy (sl2 advanced), Extras: Play ball Amelia bedelia (the main book is a SL2 reader) $2, Charlottes web (SL1) $2, Amelia bedelia’s family album $2, Tornado $3, Greg’s microscope (SL 2 Regular Reader) $3, Nate the great (SL2 regular reader) $3,
Would prefer to sell all the intermediate readers together.

Primary Phonics early reader The Lost Wallet $1
Susan Hunt’s Discovering Jesus in Genesis retail $16.99 / $8
Maps and Globes book ages 7-10 $6.99 / $3
Rod & Staff coloring books: Books of the Bible to Learn and Color, $2, The Lord’s Prayer To learn and Color $2, The Ten Commandments to Learn and color $2, The Beatitudes to learn and Color $2
BJU Handwriting 4 $4 a pretty italic cursive student workbook
BJU Bible Truths for Christian Schools Following Christ Teacher’s Edition Grade 3 3rd ed. $45 / $10 Audio Memory Bible Songs CD & Workbook Set-new By: Kathy Troxel $12.95 (CBD Price) Asking $5. I have 7 new sets of this available. Contains:
1. The Rich Man Lazarus
2. Matthew 7:7-8
3. The Lord's Prayer
4. No Other Name
5. The Ten Commandments
6. Matthew 7:3-5
7. Books Of The Old Testament
8. Books Of The New Testament
9. Matthew 6:14-15
10. The Apostle's Creed
11. Matthew 6:19-21
Highlights Puzzlemania $1
The Baby-sitters Club #131 The Fire at Mary Anne’s House $2
The Friendly Beasts-an Old English Christmas Carol –illustrated by Tomie dePaola -$2
Precious in His Sight: Prayers for the Children of the World-hardback, beautiful book $5
BJU Science 3 Home Education Teacher book retail 28.50, Student Book, Retail 29. Notebook retail 9 (free-some writing). Asking $20. Extra student book and packet available for free with purchase
Level 1 reader – The Bravest Cat $1
Christian Light Education Language Arts Grade 1- wall charts-colored cardstock charts of the different blends and phonogram sounds… $5
Marshmallow catapult kit –new in bag $3

Set of 4 Henry and Mudge level 2 readers $13
Henry and Mudge and the Snowman Plan
Henry and Mudge Best Friends Forever (a thick nice book)
Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble
Henry and Mudge in the Green Time
Henry and Mudge and the Bedtime Thumps
Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend

Hero Tales: A Family Treasury of True Stories Form the Lives of Christian Heroes Vol 1. Retail 14.99 Price $7
Bibliographical-Drawn from the lives of fifteen key Christian heroes, Hero Tales is a beautifully illustrated treasury of forty-five exciting and educational readings designed to help foster Christian character qualities in families with elementary-age children. This inspiring collection presents a short biography and three true stories for each hero, including:
Whether read together at family devotions or alone, Hero Tales is an ideal way to acquaint children ages six to twelve with historically important Christians while imparting valuable lessons.

Listed 4/14 Set of 8 Thornton Burgess books by Dover Press. Some of the sweetest books! Unabridged, Easy to read type. PLUS 2 new Thornton Burgess coloring books called Meet Peter Cottontail so your kids can color while you read. Classics. $16
The Adventures of Grandfather Frog
The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel
Peter Rabbit and Eleven Other Favorite Tales
The Adventures of Peter Cottontail
The Adventures of Reddy Fox
The Adventures of Buster Bear
The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse
The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat

Dr. Sears LEAN Kids – A Total Health Program for Children Ages 6-12 $2.50
Treks All Aboard Primary 1 Health Education Workbook from Singapore Math. Health ed for a 1st grader! $2
Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret Pumphrey $4

Native Americans- Projects, Games, and Activities for Grades 4-6 $2.50
Learning Mathematics in Elementary and Middle Schools $2.50
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott-older hardback. $1
Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices $2.50 – very fun for doing echoing with poem readings out loud with your children

The Moffats by Eleanor Estes – hardback older copy $1
Mixed Blessings – The story of Father Mulcahy from MASH raising his special child $2
Noah’s Ark Noah’s Flood hardback children’s book –a creation science book once used in heart of Dakota. Excellent. $3
Complete set of Christian Light CLE Bible Light Units (401-405) & Answer Key, Gr. 4 -- $15. Nice. Sunrise (current) Edition. light wear/curling of pages https://www.clp.org/store/by_course/20 We liked it and are continuing with CLE 5. ;)
Singapore Math 70 Must Know Word Problems Level 3 for Grade 4 students retail 12.99. Price $6. Very helpful to my struggling math student.
Reading for Understanding: A Guide to Improving Reading in Middle and High School Classrooms – exc condition $2.50
Elements of Literature Fiction, Poetry Drama: Awesome Compilation!!! $9
Providing the most thorough coverage available in one volume, this comprehensive, broadly based collection offers a wide variety of selections in four major genres, and also includes a section on film. Each of the five sections contains a detailed critical introduction to each form, brief biographies of the authors, and a clear, concise editorial apparatus. Updated and revised throughout, the new Fourth Edition adds essays by Margaret Mead, Russell Baker, Joan Didion, Annie Dillard, and Alice Walker; fiction by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ursula K. LeGuin, Anton Chekov, James Joyce, Katherine Mansfield, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Alice Walker, Louise Erdrich, Donald Barthelme, and James McPherson; poems by John Donne, Robert Browning, Walt Whitman, Edwin Arlington Robinson, e.e. cummings, Langston Hughes, W.H. Auden, Philip Levine, and Louise Gluck; and plays by August Wilson, Marsha Norman, Wendy Wasserstein, and Vaclav Havel. The chapter devoted to film examines the relation of film to literature and gives the complete screenplay for Citizen Kane plus close analysis of a scene from the film. With its innovative structure, comprehensive coverage, and insightful and stimulating presentation of all kinds of literature, this is an anthology readers will turn to again and again.

Listed 4/14 VHS videos $1 each. I don’t have boxes and I neatly wrote the titles on the outside edge so we could tell which was which when they are stacked up. If you’ve never seen these and you have little kids, they are fabulous. Filled with biblical truth and very fun songs.
Donut Man – Adventures of the Donut Repair Club Resurrection Celebration
Donut Man – on the Air
The Donut Man in the Donut Hole 2: Jesus Helps Us Share God’s Love
The Adventures of the Donut Repair Club Barnyard Fun
Steve Green – Hide ‘Em in Your Heart 13 Bible Memory Music Videos, Vol 1
Steve Green – Hide ‘Em in Your Heart 13 Bible Memory Music Videos, Vol 2
Magic School Bus Plays Ball
That Darn Cat! With Hayley Mills
No Deposit No Return-with Don Knotts
Pillow Talk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson
Wizard of Oz?
Little Drummer Boy

Dell Logic Puzzle Workbooks $1 each. 16 different ones available. Retail $4.99 each. Each book contains about 100 puzzles, including Sudoku, find a word, and classic logic algorithms.
Story of the World vol 1 history cards – sets of 42 cards. I printed these on cardstock and cut them. free to a good home. One set on lime and one on coral cardstock.
On Cloud Nine Cubes Stacking cubes are used in On Cloud Nine to give students a concrete experience of numbers and basic math concepts. Item No. 1663065 Retail $22.95 $10

I have paypal at this email. Please paypal with personal payment tab (hit the send money tab, then you will see the personal payment tab next to the send money tab and can choose that it is for money owed) to avoid the fees and email me your address since that method charges no fee; if you just use the Send Money tab please add the fees for paypal to your total. Thanks!
Shipping will be Media Mail.
Insurance is extra.
From a non-smoking, pet-free home.

The I Hate Mathematics! Book by Marilyn Burns $2.50
Dinosaurs by Design – hardback – Creation Science book. Awesome.

A Child’s History of the World multimedia version of the classic book by Calver School for Windows 95 and Higher. By Virgil Hilyer

Audio Cd’s $5 each:
Beethoven’s Wig 1 – Sing-along Symphonies
Beethoven’s Wig 2 – More Sing-along Symphonies
Beethoven’s Wig 3 – Many More Sing-along Symphonies
Beethoven’s Wig 4 – Dance-along Symphonies
Beethoven Lives Upstairs -Classical Kids
Mr. Bach Comes to Call -Classical Kids
Mozart’s Magic Fantasy -Classical Kids
Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery -Classical Kids
Song of the Unicorn -Classical Kids
Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage -Classical Kids
Peter and the Wolf/Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals
The Best of Schoolhouse Rock
The World’s Very Best Opera for Kids… in English!
Bernstein Favorites Children’s Classics –Carnival of the Animals/Peter and the Wolf/young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
Audio CD- The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy $3.
12 CD set- Your Story Hour Heritage of Our Country Series Album 6 retail $45. Would like $25


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