It breaks my heart to do this, I have owned the car since 2009 and built the car with Dave (Jeebus) @CO when it was over my head (turbo and engine build). Super fun car to drive, really fast. But life change, got my little boy the other day and I'm looking for another new GTI, but this time 4 doors!

Car makes 340whp at the moment (went on the dyno a few times), so just around 400hp. Can make more if you are willing to upgrade the LPFP (probably hit 400whp), because this is what we maxed out on the last dyno day when we wanted to hit the 400whp, so we put it back at 23psi and made 350whp uncorrected. But since my last dyno run, the car now have 400rpms more, might make a little bit more.

The car turned exactly 170 000 km (oil changed every 5 000 km at my dad's shop), but has a freshly rebuilt engine with stronger internals, so that we could crank the boost when needed, around 10 000 kms ago and there's a long list of mods, here's what I can think of at the moment:

CTS turbo kit with a GT3071r with external wastegate

RS4 injectors

Autotech high pressure fuel pump

Eurodyne tune with maestro 7 and dyno tuned by JD Racing. It comes with the full program, you can datalog, customtune everything, erase codes, etc.

ClutchMaster FX350 clutch

Godspeed intercooler

Crank polished

all new race bearings

all ARP fastner (head stud kit, main stud kit, camshaft tower bolts, flywheel bolts, IE/ARP crankshaft timing gear bolt and EKagrip flywheel/crankshaft friction shim disc) Did not cheap out here!

IE connecting rods

AEM watermeth injections, a really good kit!

AEM electric boost controller


Eurojet Racing catback

Eurojet Racing aluminuim valve cover (powder coated black)

Eurojet Racing oil catch can powder coated and anodized black

Eurojet diverter valve relocation kit

FK coilover Sport edition plus

OEM Porsche Boxster twist wheels (17×7 and 17×8.5) with H&R adapters (ET35 with them in the rear) 215/40/17 all around. New OEM Porsche center caps and a "no valve" valve (sits flush to the wheels).

Powerflex poly bushing (front and back) for the front control arms

ECS Dogbone bushing

Aluminium skidplate

OEM garage door opener

Votex replica lip (cracked, but it comes with the original OEM lip in good shape)

Open fog light grill to help the cold air intake breath

Smoked sidemarkers (mirror and bumpers)

OEM VW R32 taillights

Stubby antenna

Badgless grill

Leather seats with sunroof

Brand new batterie (1 week old)

The car was inspected a couple months ago

The bad:

No more AC (would need a new compressor pretty sure)

Cracked front lip (but I have the sotck OEM one that I can install or give with the car it's up to you that is perfect)

The rear bumper has melted (on the side) because I ran no exhaust tip for a while, you can see it in the photo were I have the "storage" wheels on.

Brake pads are good, but the rotors could be changed (brake still good, but it's the next thing the car will need at one point).

Check engine is on because I run without the MAF sensor, but Dave @CO or Daniel @JDRacing could put it off in the MAFless tune, or you could just put back on the MAF sensor and clear the code (with Maestro Eurodyne 7 program that comes with my car), but I like the way the car run like this whitout a MAF.

Also airbag lights is on, I could get it fix when we workout the price, it's the wire VW changed under a recall underneath the passenger seats that makes it go on and Brown's VW wont repair their mistake and it never bothered me anyways.

The car is located in PEI Canada, but I can bring it to the borders from New-Brunswick or Québec, even drive a bit in the states if needed. Can deliver the car in the Maritimes, Québec and Ontario with the correct arrangement (a deposit).

The car can be sold on audi 16inch wheels for cheaper, they are the wheels I store the car on in the winters.

I'm willing to trade for a newer generation 4 doors VW (don't have to be a GTI, but needs to be 2010+).

Asking 14 000 $ with the porsche wheels.

Sorry for my English, I'm French ;)

I'm not often on here, so if you are interested PM me an email to respond, or a phone number if you want me to call (but my English when I speak is not the best, lol), that way it might be easier.

Last Dyno I have, now rev up to 7200, so maybe a few more whps.

Went to see what it runs at the track, I suck at racing and it was on street tires. Ran 13.503 at 110mph

When it's clean, it looks pretty good

Just out of storage, you can see the melted bumper

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