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Survivor is a comprehensive compilation mod focusing on restoring the light-hearted horror atmosphere of Killing Floor, scaling back some of the daffy insanity of recent patches, removing grind, adding real diversity to perk choices which don't rely on locking them into a single playstyle, enhancing mechanics, providing massive variety and strategy in player squad composition, and above all encouraging team-oriented play by promoting synergy between players. With 17 new perks, over 60 weapons, tons of new gameplay features and audio, and 8 new Zeds, Survivor provides a refreshing change of pace from Killing Floor's descent into ToonTown while, more importantly, delivering enough new features to keep people interested and engaged in a much more brutal, but rewarding, team-based experience. Survivor is a reflection of the Killing Floor modding community's accomplishments over the years since its release.

Survivor Mod

This mod requires, and is packaged with, ServerPerksX v1.32 or later

Key Features

StoryGame (Objective) Mode Support

60 Guns, 8 New Throwables (Grenades, Knives, Axes, Bombs)

8 New Zeds

17 New Perks

1 New VoicePack (more to come), Custom Voice Events

Synergistic Perk Composition, promoting intelligent perk choices

Ammo Scarcity and Limited Healing Supplies, to promote "survival" atmosphere

Enhanced Firing mechanics and recoil

More accurate, much more powerful firearms

Enhanced hit detection and head-shot detection

Poisoning system

Very few goofball weapons

Enhanced Zed AI, and Patriarch behavior

Enhanced Veterancy system allowing for wildly expanded perk mechanics

No "right weapon" for most perks, which now have mostly universal bonuses

No leveling up, at all. Diversity is achieved through having so many perk choices, not time-sink rewards.

Installation and Setup

Extract to your killing floor directory. Any overwrites you're prompted for you should safely be able to say "no" if you'd like, as this mod implements some other assets floating around out there. All versions are current, however, so if you'd prefer to overwrite your local files go ahead. This should only occur for commonly used weapon textures/animations/meshes/animations, and should not affect your game adversely.

The ServerPerksX.ini and Survival.ini files contain a good deal of on-the-fly customization options including spawn wave manipulation, zombie definitions, and more. Like ScrNBalance, you're able to set the auto-reload option on your server in the Survival.ini file (bAutoReload is set to False by default, set it to True if you want automatic reloading when you fire an empty gun). In Survival.ini, you may also adjust the patriarch's health scale, as well as the GLOBAL damage multiplier. This will affect damage from ALL weapons, and is set to 1.22 by default.

This mod is presently BALANCED AND INTENDED FOR Friendly-Fire environments only! Playing without friendly fire not only reduces the teamplay aspect of the game, it makes explosives incredibly powerful in contrast to their intention. In future updates this will be addressed by globally reducing damage output of explosives, and other weapons, as friendly fire modifiers are reduced. However, as of v0.5b this is not in the mod. While I'm very confident in saying that this mod is very difficult in general, I am not at all confident in claiming that to be the case with friendly fire turned off. At least not yet. I'd suggest a GlobalDamageMult setting of 0.75 if playing with no friendly fire, but explosives will not scale correctly yet.

I also suggest playing it on "Normal" difficulty, or "Hard" if you're feeling adventurous. If you can beat this thing on HoE with 100% Friendly Fire, with any number of players, I'll be ****ing impressed.

New Perks

Perks are now selected at the start of the level, and cannot be changed except on death. Perks are balanced around the idea of giving players strengths which synergize well with others and limit the "one man army" aspect of most base perks. All players are far more fragile now, limited to 3 charges on the Med-Syringe, and are required to work with others to advance.

While perks may specialize in certain aspects of combat, most bonuses are global. For the vast majority of perks, all weapons are viable options. Using a rifle, for instance, on a Conventional Soldier is actually an exceptional choice for some one seeking to hold out with limited supplies because of his global ammo bonus.

The new VoicePack is active only for the Beefcake perk. More VoicePacks should be coming in later releases.


Crap Shoot

Players may choose to let the game select a perk for them and receive some extra starting money and body armor.


Gettin' swoll is surprisingly easy in the apocalypse, as the entire world has been converted into your personal gymnasium. Robust and extremely strong, the hulking Beefcake excels at hefting around herculean loads with ease, and brutalizing specimens with his powerful melee attacks. He is, however, quite slow and uncoordinated.

Voiced by Michael Tsarouhas

The Beefcake is a bulky, slow, melee class who also excels at using very heavy weapons due to his massive carrying capacity.

Heavy Weapons Specialist

The deafening sound of the Heavy Weapons Expert mowing down fields of specimens is anything but subtle. Slow, and mostly deaf, he uses machine guns and explosives to hurl as much death towards his enemies as rapidly as possible. The Heavy Weapons Expert's ability to saturate a field of fire is unparalleled, but feeding his insatiable appetite for ammunition can be tedious.

The Heavy Weapons Specialist is useful with both explosives and heavy assault rifles/machine guns, but moves rather slowly.


When the specimen outbreak happened, not everyone in the country was flung into a desperate fight for survival. Sometimes, though, even the privileged get stuck in a tight spot. Greed is the Banker's primary motivator, and while he may be required to work with others to survive this incursion, he's never completely on anyone's side but his own.

The banker has a lot of money, but can't give it to anyone. Nor can he drop guns.


The Prepper can throw ammunition packs to his squadmates, is useful with a welder, and can carry a little extra. Otherwise, he's quite unremarkable.


When in every face you see the object of your affection, that is love. While the Pyromaniac may not see fire in everyone's face at first glance, he aims to remedy that problem forthwith.

The Pyromaniac fires incendiary rounds out of EVERY weapon in the game, including healing darts, rockets, grenades, and more


One shot, one kill. That is the Sniper's creed. A silent assassin who is never seen or heard, he lurks among the shadows. He waits to strike with inhuman patience. As quiet as a panther, as clever as a fox, and as quick as a snake, he is both an elegant and sadistic portrait of the hunter. These qualities, while romantic, are of little advantage in the dense and well populated chaos that is the apocalypse, but the Sniper manages.

The Sniper is a specialty class who isn't very worthwhile most of the time, and can be a burden to the team, but he is exceptionally useful in certain situations.


The Exterminator is a former Horzine employee specialized in dealing with the problematic Crawler specimens during their frequent containment breaches. He has advanced knowledge of specimen anatomy and is a master of utilizing poison to kill them. Using his poison cloud grenades, the Exterminator is especially useful for containing large groups of specimens.

Exterminators are very good at controlling crowds of enemies with their poison cloud grenades, and can eradicate crawlers like no one else. They are not, however, capable of sustaining high-damage firepower. Instead, they rely on poison to slow and damage Zeds over time.

Secret Man

Beginning in 1981, the USSR's "Secret Man" program aimed to turn select SPETSNAZ soldiers into special agents skilled in subterfuge, infiltration, and assassination. Secret Men were trained in the use of poison ammunition, throwing knives, close quarters knife tactics, and suppressed weaponry. The program's name sounds better in Russian.

Secret Men are very fast, and exceptional with the starting knife. They can also poison enemies in a limited capacity, and throw reclaimable knives instead of grenades. This is a finesse class that can weave in and out of zombies very rapidly, dealing damage in a variety of ways, but who is somewhat weak and can't do much to support teammates.

Storm Trooper

Trained to quickly close in on and eliminate targets, the Storm Trooper is agile and skilled with all manner of firearms. His light armor affords him the ability to sprint much more quickly, but reduces his durability in prolonged battles

The premiere damage-dealer of SPBeta. Storm Troopers deal a great deal of damage, and can sustain their damage with only the limitations of their carrying capacity and ammunition.


Medical training is among the most prized possessions in the apocalypse, but combat skills and medicine rarely go hand in hand. Luckily, the Medic's ability to heal can also severely harm specimens. Never one to turn his back on the hippocratic oath, while the Medic may not pack as much punch as others he is extremely diligent about avoiding friendly fire.

Medics gain large bonuses to medical application, and can carry a ludicrous amount of healing supplies. Still, he can't be everywhere at once, and with the severe limitations to healing supplies in SPBeta, it may be a good idea to have more than one medic in large squads.

Special Ops

Trained for a variety of indirect operations, the Special Ops is adept at carrying large loads, administering basic medical aid, and possesses simple welding skills. In addition to utilizing armor piercing rounds, the Special Ops is an expert in survival situations requiring soldiers to adapt to their environment and make use of their surroundings.

Special Operators aren't really all that special, as it turns out, in the apocalypse. SpecOps players will find themselves in a "Jack of All Trades" role, more than anything else. The SpecOps is remarkable for being the only other Perk besides the Medic to get healing bonuses, and also is decent with a Welder.

Conventional Soldier

Trained for combat in the military, the Conventional Soldier is quite unremarkable. Equipped with superior body armor and carrying pouches, this well trained soldier is capable of operating most firearms with great skill. The heavier body armor and ammunition load slows him down, however.

Conventional Soldiers are defensive gunfighters who can hold positions far longer than most thanks to their better body armor and superior ammo supplies, but dealing with emergency situations is not his forte.


When the moans of specimens are cut off by a cacophony of pistol fire cracks, it isn't a mob of hastily armed villagers fighting back against the menace, it's a storm. A bullet storm.

The Bulletstorm is the only remaining bullet-spam class in SPBeta, but his bonuses are limited only to pistols. Very strong in early waves, the Bulletstorm mortgages his future survival for early firepower. He also throws empty shell casings instead of grenades.


Once a hard working hardware store clerk, the Handyman has reinvented himself for the apocalypse. Now he deals in pain, and by the gallon. With an extensive knowledge of home repair appliances and a can-do attitude the Handyman dispenses deconstruction advice at the end of a chainsaw. Free of charge.

If any one word describes the Handyman, it's Nails. He throws nail grenades, nail bombs, and wraps his body armor in nails. Nails are extremely powerful in close quarters, but far less useful in open terrain. The Handyman is a hybrid support/melee class who relies on finesse and special abilities.

Action Hero

A pile of owed alimony, the IRS breathing down his neck, and a few recent box office bombs conspired to ensure that the Action Hero would welcome the apocalypse with open arms. With all of his problems disappearing down the gullets of freakish monsters, the Action Hero was afforded a clean slate and the opportunity to realize his dream: live out his movies for real by blasting the crap out of a whole lot of things.

The Action Hero is SPBeta's Zed-Time perk, getting large bonuses during Slow-Mo and extending Zed-Time up to 10 times. Very strong in the "perfect" situation, but just an average joe otherwise. An average joe with 2x magazine sizes for all guns, including the double-barrelled shotgun.


Here we are in the zombie apocalypse. Fighting to survive, this is where the Highlander belongs. He has inside him the blood of kings. No man is his equal. His power in his hand, with sword and head held high, he will go far. Fighting and free, he'll make his stand. Bring on the monsters, for the Highlander was born to be the prince of the universe.

Highlanders are probably the most unique class in SPBeta. They gain power for lopping off the heads of Zeds (in fact, it's the only way they can heal), eventually becoming very strong. They also throw axes instead of grenades, which is their only ranged method of scoring a life-draining kill (Thanks to Whisky for making the model)


When the Gangster first joined the family, he was met with guffaws and get-outta-here's. His slick suit, slicker hair, and outdated weaponry were all relics of an era that only really existed in the movies. Much to the chagrin of the few uneaten members of the syndicate hiding in their New Jersey houses, the Gangster's style proved to have a certain exuberance to it, as well as a primary weapon caliber that could really make a clot's head pop.

The gangster gains bonus damage to burning targets, and is the only perk in the game who can use the 50-round drum Thompson. He can also throw some molotov cocktails, but they aren't enough to get him through a full wave.

Weapon Mechanics/Balance Changes

Weapons which have an alternate firing mode but also have selective fire (like the M4 with an M203 launcher, or most medic guns) now toggle their firemode on alt-fire press, and will fire their alternate firing mode after holding down the alt-fire key for 0.35 seconds.

New firing system gives penetration to all high-velocity ammo types, and all weapons now support (but don't necessarily utilize) penetration.

Tube-Fed weapons (Pump Shotguns, Winchester) MUST be racked (pumped/cocked) after they've been fired dry, but you can interrupt the reload animation after loading a single round now.

The only default weapon is the Knife. Your sidearm, welder, and syringe must be purchased. The syringe also has limited ammunition.

Weapons have much more realistic recoil, and a new algorithm was developed for spreading damage/penetration on all weapons, and Zeds are thus much easier to kill - but with lower ammunition supplies, waves are much more difficult.

New Weapons/Changed Weapons

All of the default killing floor weapons have had their weapon names changed to their real life counterparts since this isn't a commercial project. While most guns function SIMILARLY to their original, I believe every weapon has had some changes since I completely redid the firing system. For instance, the Desert Eagle recoils like a monster now.

Furthermore, due to new weight restrictions, ammo restrictions and realistic gun weights, having a pistol sidearm is very appealing. Sidearms generally have unremarkable damage, but they are the perfect weapon to fill your loadout when you have only one or two blocks (KGs) left.

Weapon ammunition is much more scarce. Pistols carry 4 spare mags, Low Caliber Assault Rifles and SMGs carry 3, High Caliber Assault Rifles and Rifles carry 2, and Machine Guns carry 0. Explosive spares are dependent on weight. Revolvers are a special case which carry 6 spare loads, and gain 2 loads from an ammo pickup rather than the standard 1.

You never have to worry about losing ammunition from dropping or picking up dual handguns. These weapons will always retain exactly how much ammunition they should. You will, however, drop half of your current ammunition with any single handgun you toss out.



Syringe - Must be purchased now, limited to 3 charges. Heals for 35 (is not more effective if healing others, there are plenty of teamwork-oriented mechanics in this mod that we don't need this). Can be used to poison zeds.

Welder - Must be purchased now, works basically the same as before. Perks without bonuses to welding will have very poor welding skill, however.

Machete - Other than the Katana, the best head-shot melee weapon. Function is similar to vanilla.

Fire Axe - Realistic weight, otherwise functions identical to vanilla.

Chainsaw - Sawing with the primary fire is much more rapid and damaging. Alternate attacks also do more damage. Otherwise, function is similar to vanilla.

Katana - Identical to vanilla

Claymore - Realistic weight, otherwise functions identical to vanilla.

Scythe - Realistic weight, otherwise functions identical to vanilla.

Battle Axe - (Dwarfs?! Axe) Reduced knock-back effect for living zeds, high damage, similar to vanilla.


PB Pistol - Extremely cheap silenced gun. Does little damage and has limited ammo capacity. The Secret Man perk can poison enemies with this gun, but it's otherwise pretty ****ty.

Beretta M9 - (9mm Tactical) Function is similar to vanilla, though its damage is up significantly in line with all other weapons. No longer useless, a good, cheap, high capacity side-arm. It weighs 1kg now, and can be sold/dropped.

Glock 18C - Similar damage to the M9, slightly larger capacity, an option for full auto, and a higher price tag. If you find the 9mm round to be good enough, you may want to consider this upgrade to the M9.

HK MK23 - (HK23) A light weight side-arm with better damage, but lower capacity, than the M9.

S&W Model 29 - (44 Magnum) Great rate of fire, good ammo capacity, and great damage. All while boasting a low weight. Only downside is the very small cylinder capacity of a revolver, and the obvious reloading disadvantages.

IMI Desert Eagle .50 - (Handcannon) Kicks like a mule, hits about as hard. With decent reload speed and firepower approaching that of a rifle, the Desert Eagle is a very useful sidearm if you're willing to shell out for it, and have the extra weight available.

Flare Revolver - A slower, heavier Model 29 that fires flares. Not really the best weapon in most cases, but it can be useful for some. Pyromaniacs fire slower-moving, higher-damage projectiles from this, making it much more appealing.


HK MP5SD - Silenced version of the MP5 which has damage similar to the M9 and other 9mm weapons, along with the pitiful penetration.

HK MP5A4 - The standard MP5 from all the movies, with semi-auto, full-auto, and a tactical flashlight. Has slightly higher damage, and slightly less accuracy than the SD.

HK MP5-M - (MP5M) An MP5A4 with a dart launcher instead of flashlight. Medical darts can be used to heal allies or poison enemies. Darts have very limited capacity on everyone but the medic and exterminator.

Ingram MAC-10 - (Mac10) Fires .45 caliber ammunition and, as such, has similar damage to the MK23 and other .45 weapons. Higher muzzle velocity means a bit more damage than .45 pistols, but not enough to write home about. Very high rate of fire, however, and the suppressor provides a bit more accuracy.

AKS-74u - Firing 5.45x39mm ammo, this light SMG boasts very good penetration but fails to really impress in the damage department. Great for spraying loads of weak enemies, though.

L2A22 Carbine - (Bullpup) Firing 5.56 NATO, this light, fast-reloading weapon is quite similar to the AKS-74U, but has slightly higher damage and slightly less penetration. A good option when Assault Rifles are outside of your price range.

Thompson M1A1/M1921 - The Thompson M1A1 is quite heavy for an SMG, but provides great stopping power and efficient ammo consumption. For stronger perks, this is definitely a viable weapon, but fails to impress for its weight usage. The Gangster, however, gets the 50-round-drum M1921 which makes the Thompson a much more appealing option for him since he can carry 3 spare drums.

Kriss Vector - (KrissM) A .45 caliber SMG boasting the highest rate of fire of all SMGs, with a high caliber round to back it up. Putting a healing dart launcher on this guy makes it an even more appealing choice. Great all-around SMG

XMk5 Exterminator - Another .45 offering, but a weird and expensive one. This weapon can toggle between firing .45 ACP rounds and Mini-Darts, in both single and full-auto firing modes. Mini-Darts are rapid fire healing darts with a smaller healing/poisoning effect. Great for medics who can't stand their targets moving on them. Just saturate the entire field with darts! Predominantly, however, this is an Exterminator weapon which allows Exterminators to pump their targets with poison very rapidly. Mini-Darts can be fired while reloading the .45 magazine.

Assault Rifles

AK-47 - (AK47) Probably the most similar gun to its vanilla counterpart, the AK47 now boasts a realistic rate of fire and much higher damage/penetration. Like all assault rifles, its damage and penetration both outclass weaker, shorter-barreled guns. A great entry-level assault rifle.

StG44 - (Mkb42) A slightly cheaper, lower penetration counterpart to the AK47.

AS Val - This silenced assault rifle fires heavy subsonic rounds that can do a good deal of damage with decent penetration. Somewhat weaker than the AK47 and StG44, it makes up for its loss in damage with very controllable fire and good penetration.

Colt M4A1 - Firing the same 5.56 NATO round as the L2A22 Carbine, the M4 has a higher muzzle velocity (and thus damage) and rate of fire, making it a fantastic weapon for spraying large groups of specimens, or sniping heads off of priority targets THROUGH other enemies.

Colt M4A1 M203 - A colt M4 with a grenade launcher. No longer forces you to reload the grenade launcher after firing it, allowing you to quickly follow up an M203 grenade with rifle fire. Also has full and semi-auto modes.

FN SCAR Mk17 - (SCARMk17) Very high damage and penetration, this 7.62 NATO assault rifle can really devastate Zeds. Its ammo capacity is lacking, however, and controlling it in full auto can be difficult.

FN FAL - (FNFAL ACOG) Slightly higher damage to the SCAR, this weapon is also a bit heavier and harder to control due to its slightly higher rate of fire.


Winchester Model 1894 - (Lever Action Rifle) Based on the original center-fire cartridge, this rifle does superb damage but somewhat lacks penetration compared to other rifles. A great weapon for just about anyone looking for high damage single shots to stun husks or pop the head off a siren in a single shot.

Remington 700 - Great damage and penetration, the Remington 700 is the cheapest "sniper rifle" type weapon in the game, but fires rather slowly.

Single Pistol Longmusket - For now, this thing just has damage similar to the Winchester M1894. I'll either remove it in future versions or retexture it and give it new audio.

VSS Vintorez - Identical to the Val, but with a 4x PSO scope.

Mk 14 EBR - (M14EBR) An M14 with an updated chasis and single-fire only. This weapon is analogous to the SCAR or FAL with its damage and penetration, but doesn't have fully automatic fire. A great weapon, regardless.

L96 Arctic Warfare Magnum - Heavier and more expensive cousin to the Remington 700. Can also be used as a bludgeoning weapon in close quarters to knock back zeds. The lapua magnum rounds can blow the head off just about anything in a single shot, and it has a massive amount of penetration to back it up.

HK 417 - Similar in damage to the SCAR/FAL/Mk14EBR but is also equipped with a high magnification scope, this is a great option for snipers who also want the luxury of full auto fire.

Barett M99 - (M99) This weapon's damage has gone up according to the same algorithm used for all other guns in the game, making it do absurd damage and penetration to just about everything. It is, however, extremely heavy for a rifle which prevents all but the strongest perks from lugging it around. Very limited ammunition as well. But if you're rich and can carry a ton, it's not a bad choice.


Serbu Super-Shorty-M - This medic shotgun only has a 2 round tube, but can also fire darts at the click of a button instead of holding alt-fire like other weapons. It's not a bad weapon for supportive types like medics, but can't sustain its damage output very reliably. Weighing only 2Kg, it makes a decent replacement for a sidearm.

Model 1897 Trench Gun - (Trenchgun) A great all around shotgun with good damage output and a cheap price tag. Like all shotguns, though, ammo pickups only provide a few shells.

Sawn-Off Ruger Gold Label - (Boomstick) Has had most of the bugs from vanilla fixed, and otherwise is a great, light weight weapon for dealing with a situation that requires a single, powerful shot to save the day. Equivalent to firing 2 shots from a trenchgun at once, which (with the new damage algorithm) is quite potent. Limited ammunition, like all shotguns.

Remington 870 Express - (Shotgun) Fires slugs instead of buckshot, otherwise it would be practically identical to the Trench Gun. Great for single-shot damage, or stunning specimens, with a low price tag.

Kel-Tec KSG - (HSG) A mag-fed pump shotgun with spread-selection modes. A great, light weight shotgun that can be utilized by almost anyone.

Benelli M4 Super 90 - (Combat Shotgun) The fastest firing tube-feeder in the game, this shotgun can really smash large groups of enemies, but is slow to reload.

Nail Gun - (Nailgun) Alt-fire now rapidly fires single nails. Damage isn't all that spectacular, but with a 100-nail magazine and the option to fire 20 nails at once in primary fire, it can really clear out cramped spaces where the nails can bounce around. Good for anyone, great for the Handyman.

AA12 - (AA12) Similar to its vanilla version, but with realistic weight and limited ammunition (like all shotguns). Still, much more powerful than its vanilla counterpart since, unlike vanilla, each shot from the AA12 is now equivalent to a shot from any other 12-gauge.

Machine Guns

RPK 47 - The RPK was updated to be a companion to the AK74 in the 80s. This is not that updated version. Thus, its damage remains consistent with the older 7.62x39mm soviet round used by the AK47. Essentially a giant assault rifle, the RPK is a great weapon for anyone willing to sacrifice weight for firepower (which is everyone). Carrying 3 spare magazines, like low caliber assault rifles, the RPK boasts an ammo capacity bested only by the XMk5 and Thompson M1921, but with greater firepower.

FN M249 SAW - This high rate-of-fire light machine gun fires 5.56 NATO, which makes its single-shot damage the lowest of all the machine guns. In fact, it is quite similar to the M4A1 in this regard. But with a 200 round box magazine and great firing rate, it's more than capable of slaughtering specimens in large quantities very quickly, or taking down big targets in short order. Careful, though, with no spare magazines you're going to be dependent on a Prepper to resupply you.

PKM - This general purpose MG fires 7.62x54mmR rounds found primarily in sniper rifles like the Dragunov, making its damage output and penetration absolutely phenomenal. Limited only by its 100 round box and heavy weight, this weapon dishes out death like it was going out of style. Ridiculous.


Pipebomb - Almost the same as the original pipebomb, but like grenades can have its projectile type replaced based on perk (the handyman throws nailbombs, for instance)

M79 - (M79) Similar to vanilla, but with much higher damage (like all explosives)

Milkor M32 MGL - (M32) Similar to vanilla, but with much higher damage

LAW - (LAW) far more devastating than the vanilla LAW, and much lighter, but only carries 2 rounds.


Flamethrower - Identical to the vanilla flamethrower, but lighter.

Husk Cannon - Will probably be removed unless I can think of something to do with it. For now, Identical (but lighter) to the vanilla version

Crossbow - This thing is a total piece of crap now. It does poor damage and doesn't penetrate very far. Sort of useful for Pyromaniacs, but otherwise a weapon to avoid. I will probably be making this fire explosive-tipped bolts at some point, instead of keeping it as a sniper weapon.

Crossbuzzsaw - Functions similar to vanilla, but does 2x "head damage"... all zeds have independent "head health" which doesn't count towards their hitpoints, and when depleted their head is removed. This leads to some zeds still being alive, briefly, without a head. Well, this weapon does extra damage to that independent head health pool, increasing its ability to decapitate.

Grenades/Thrown Weapons

MedicNade - Identical to the vanilla medic grenades

Frag Grenade - The basic KF grenade, has far greater damage congruent with other explosives

HE Grenade - No shrapnel, higher blast radius and damage.

Nail Grenade - Low damage explosion, but slings nails all over the place. Fantastic in tight areas, lackluster otherwise.

Poison Cloud Grenade - Releases a poison gas cloud that lingers for quite some time, moderately poisoning zeds and, more importantly, dissuading them from traveling through the area.

Molotov Cocktail - Bursts into flame on contact, setting everything in a small area on fire and doing some nominal damage. Much weaker than the Incendiary Grenade, but exploding on contact has many advantages

Incendiary Grenade - A fused, flame-based grenade that engulfs a large area in flame. Identical to the vanilla flame grenades.

Throwing Knife - Moderate damage, high headshot multiplier. Can be retrieved from walls, corpses, and still-alive zeds.

Throwing Axe - High damage, low headshot multiplier. Can be retrieved from walls, corpses, and still-alive zeds.

Zed Mechanics

Zed Hitpoint scaling is reduced significantly for number of players and difficulty, but base zed health is increased a little. Higher difficulties merely increase zed speed, damage and number. As this mod's difficulty focus is on "surviving" and not "pumping tons of rounds into tougher enemies," this doesn't serve to make the game much easier.

The maximum number of Zeds spawned at once is 50% higher

The sine wave which regulates the "ups and downs" within each wave (making spawning much more intense at certain intervals) has had its frequency reduced significantly, causing much more apparent breaks in the action, and longer waves of intensity. Coupled with the increased zed spawn limit, this can make every wave get pretty desperate.

Tougher zeds show up much earlier, and all waves have been significantly modified with an array of new zed types.

New Zeds/Changes to Old Zeds

Bloats - No longer a "pop the head off and ignore" enemy. If their head is blown off, bloats now spew bile out of their neck hole perpetually until their bodies decay. Gross!

Snatcher - This little guy is similar to a clot, but moves more quickly, is a little tougher, and steals money from players he attacks. Prioritizes Banksters as targets.

Monkey Scrake - A miniature monkey version of the normal scrake. About as tough as two gorefasts, and gets angry from taking ANY damage.

Scrake - Gains nominal damage resistance while charging, restoring the usefulness of sniping their heads which was otherwise a little less important given the damage output of most guns now.

Big Green - A big, fat, green crawler who poisons those he attacks. Slow, and quite useless at range, Big Green is a menace in close quarters.

Ghost - The Ghost is a stalker/crawler hybrid who turns incorporeal rather than invisible, rendering it immune to damage. It only pops out of its incorporeal state briefly while in mid-leap towards targets it attacks. Very distracting, but also very easily killed if timed correctly.

Siren - Throws a hysterical fit when she sees an Action Hero, causing her to scream rapidly and move quickly towards him.

Stalker - Prefers to stalk the Action Hero, and will not break attention from him once he has it.

Foghorn - A siren who spews smoke screens, but otherwise has no mechanism to damage players. Typically spawns with Husks, Sirens, and Rocket Husks.

Rocket Husk - For those familiar with the popular Mad Husk zed, this will seem very similar. In fact, it uses the Mad Husk's model. However, its AI and Rocket programming has been altered to fix some of the bugs with the original (such as the problem with rockets doing zero damage to players sometimes). Its rockets are powerful and leave a lingering smoke trail, but he doesn't fire nearly as often as his Husk counterpart.

Arachna - A new zed based on the latest mod from WPC, "Arachnophobia". This more powerful crawler, which utilizes the Hillbilly stalker model, can climb on walls and ceilings, and is a bit tougher to kill.

Megapound - This giant fleshpound (using the elephant man model from the Circus event) boasts tremendous hitpoints and damage, will enrage at the slightest provocation, and will not have his rage abated by simply hitting a player. He's rather slow compared to his smaller brother, but requires coordination and combined fire to take down. Only shows up on Wave 10, a bit of a mini-boss.

Patriarch - The patriarch now utilizes all of the tricks from the PyHardPat mod, allowing him to fire multiple rockets, shoot his chaingun while walking, and flank players more regularly.

Other zeds behave much the same as vanilla, with only minor tweaks and changes to them to bring their hitpoints and behavior in line with the new "very minimal hitpoint scaling" system.


This mod would not have been possible without the asset creation of the Killing Floor modding community. I've tried to be as diligent as possible in creating this list, but if I've missed anyone please send me a PM and I'll add it to the list.


Original Hard Mode Patriarch code (Patriarch)

"Arachnophobia" wall climbing code (Arachna)

ServerPerks v6 (ServerPerksX)

Contributing more to the KF community than any other one person I can name

Whisky aka Gartley

Throwing Axe model (Throwing Axe)

MediShot model/animation/sound (Serbu Super-Shorty)


Mad Husk textures (Rocket Husk)


Hunting Rifle model/animation (Remington 700)

MP5 gun pack (HK MP5SD, HK MP5A4)


PB Betta model/sound (PB Pistol)

Операция Ы

M249 model/animation/sound (M249)

AS "Val" model/animation/sound (AS Val)

VSS "Vintorez" model/animation/sound (VSS Vintorez)

PKM model/animation/sound (PKM)

AKS-74U model/animation/sound (AKS-74U)

Glock 18C model/animation/sound (Glock 18C)

L96 AWP model/animation/sound/code (L96 AWP)

Zedek the Plague Doctor

XMk5 SMG port from UT2k4 Ballistic Mod (XMk5 Exterminator)

Feel free to use anything packaged in this mod (like the throwing knife/axe code which works better than anything I've yet seen on any custom servers) for your own projects with or without credits. But do try to credit any of the original content provided by anyone in the above list.

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