Welcome to the forums here at The Show Nation. We know you’re super eager to get in there and start talking about The Show, but we think it’s a good idea you familiarize yourself just a few dos and don’ts before you get started.

Please do:

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Post content in the correct area.

Report or flag any inappropriate things you may find here.

Keep feedback thorough and constructive.

Keep discussion focused on the The Show.

Please do not:

Be rude or insult others.

Use racial slurs or other offensive language in your posts.

Discuss or engage in cheating or illegal activities.

Violate someone’s privacy.

Personally attack or harass someone.


Spam or advertise.

We will not hesitate to flag, edit, censor, or even ban you from this website (or the game) if we feel it’s necessary - so consider this a forewarning. Just try to follow the points above and we shouldn'’t have a problem.

Mini FAQ

I was banned. Can I make another account and contact someone about it?

No - Do not make another account to circumvent moderator activity. Doing so may put you in a worse situation! If you want to talk to someone about your ban, please email (EMAIL@TBD), and provide the information you feel is necessary.

Can I send the developers a private message?

You sure can, but don’t be surprised if they don’t respond. They’re very busy. You might have better luck contacting a Moderator instead.

Terms of Service Agreement

By registering at The Show Nation, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service that the site administration has put into effect. With this agreement you, the user, agree that any post deemed inappropriate by the staff may be removed, and corrective action may be taken. We reserve the right to monitor the boards and delete any postings that don't adhere to these rules, our standard site terms and conditions and our privacy policy. This includes postings that disrupt or interfere with our technical operations. The staff also reserves the right to revoke membership privileges at any time without notice or reason. In short we reserve the right to ban you for anything if you violate the TOS agreement. The following is a list of items that are deemed inappropriate and will not be tolerated at The Show Nation. If you break any of these rules, corrective action will be taken, and can be as severe as deemed necessary by the staff.

1. So does our privacy policy (see footer).

2. We’ve promised to respect you and we need you to respect others. That means that we will remove any phone number, address or other personally identifying information posted in the Bulletin Board section if it violates someone's privacy, is harassing or could lead to harassment or is otherwise inappropriate. Also, any posting of your own phone number, address or any other personally identifying information is prohibited.

3. Offensive material is also prohibited. Offensive is a pretty broad term, but we think you know what we mean. (You're going to have to trust our judgment, if you don't.) This includes any messages or material that is ethnically, racially, religiously or sexually offensive, insulting or demeaning. It also includes messages that are harassing or threatening to others. In other words, if you wouldn't like it said about you, don't say it about others. We don't want to be censors, but non-constructive negative comments may be inappropriate.

4. Don’t discuss any illegal activities. This includes piracy and other forms of intellectual property infringement! The guys who work here and spend most of their waking hours trying to make great games for the PlayStation game console get really bummed out when they read that kind of stuff.

5. This board is being put up so we can be social and talk about one of our favorites things – MLB The Show! It is not intended to help anyone start up a new business. Any advertisements, solicitations or promotional materials of a commercial nature are prohibited.

6. We reserve the right to monitor the boards and delete any postings that don't adhere to these rules, our standard site terms and conditions and our privacy policy. This includes postings that disrupt or interfere with our technical operations.

7. Finally, because we can't think of everything offensive or inappropriate that may be said, we reserve the right to immediately delete any posting or ban any user at our sole discretion.

The Policies

In addition to the Official Rules of Conduct, the PlayStation.com Forums Moderating Team may choose to implement additional forum policies at their discretion for day-to-day matters which are not explicitly covered by the Official Rules of Conduct. These policies are usually posted on the forums and are most often floated for All Users as to make them known to all members. All information contained within this New User Guide is considered Forum Policy unless otherwise specified in the Official Rules of Conduct or in the PlayStation.com Terms of Service. Posted Forum Policies may be enforced similar to how the Official Rules of Conduct are enforced and at the discretion of the The Show Nation Moderation Team. Before participating in a forum, please read any applicable floated threads to become familiar with any additional posted Forums Policies.


Flaming refers to posting insulting comments towards other users. These comments may be direct (e.g.: "you're an idiot!") or indirect (e.g.: "are you an idiot?"). Flaming has no place in the community and should not be done for any reason. In short, if you wouldn't like it said about you then you shouldn't be saying it about others.

Flame Wars

Everyone appreciates a good heated debate. It could be about anything, the weather, a certain type of food, computer parts, a game, a car, or what have you. Debates are a wonderful aspect of communities. That's what makes up a community, enthusiasts discussing the finer points of a hobby or an interest. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for these debates to degrade into something that isn't welcome in most communities and that is a "Flame War". A flame war is a situation in which a group of users are flaming each other or a group of other users.


Spamming refers to many different things. It can include, but is not limited to, making off topic or redundant threads or replies, posting multiple times in a row, and adding nothing of value to the thread. Whatever the form of spam may be, it's just plain disruptive at the end of the day. Those looking for legitimate content will have a harder time finding it and spam generally is not appreciated by just about everyone.

This especially applies to posts that do little or nothing to contribute to the forums. Some examples of this may include:

Bumping - Bumping is the act of posting to a thread with the purpose to bring it to the top of the thread listing. Bumping pushes down other legitimate discussion and disrupts the natural flow of the forum. If you're going to reply to a thread, please make sure that you're contributing something relevant to the discussion.

In Before The Lock - This is the act of posting things such as IBTL, IBL, IB4L, and so on, in a thread that you believe will be locked. Even if the thread is going to be locked, posting in it helps nothing and only serves to bring more attention to it. Please refrain from such actions, and instead use the "Report Inappropriate Content" feature so that a moderator may take care of it. This applies to cases where you think a member may be banned, or their message deleted/moved, as well.

Quote For Truth - This is the act of posting things such as QFT or other 1 or 2 word posts that are intended simply to express your agreement. Please try to avoid such posts as they don't do much to contribute to the discussion. Instead, perhaps try to explain why you agree or try to add something relevant to the discussion.

Poll threads - Polls can be a good way to jump start a discussion. However, the original post needs to start things off. Poll threads that do not encourage any type of discussion may be edited, locked, or deleted at a moderator's discretion. Save everyone the time and ask why people feel the way they do!

Inappropriate Content

Please keep in mind that this community is intended for users of all ages. Inappropriate content can take many forms, from language to references to images to videos. When it's all said and done, none of them really have a place in a community with both younger and older viewers. Note that the below also applies to in-game content posted on the community. A few things to steer clear of:

Language - The community has an automated language filter that will replace certain words with a **bleep**. However, please do not assume that just because the language filter does not **bleep** a term that it is appropriate. Try as we might, we cannot think of everything that might need to be filtered. Additionally, please do not try to evade the language filter. Using alternate spellings, characters, spacing, partial censoring, abbreviations, and whatever other means you may come up with to evade the language filter is not permitted. Disagreeing with a particular term being filtered does not mean you are free to evade the language filter as you please. Evading the language filter can lead to the loss of your posting privileges. Inappropriate language isn't really necessary anyways. True wordsmiths can think of a more appropriate way to express the thought!

Images - Images can be inappropriate in varying ways. From containing inappropriate language to nudity, images that feature inappropriate content are not permitted in the community.

Nudity - Images featuring nudity, whether it is real or drawn, have absolutely no place in the community. Any user who posts an image featuring nudity will be banned immediately for a period of time to be determined by the moderating team. It should go without saying, but this content has no place in a community accessible by such a wide variety of users, especially many that are younger. Women and men should both be wearing an appropriate bottom that adequately covers them. Women should be wearing an appropriate top that adequately covers them. Please note that intentionally posting images in which an animal's genitalia are the focus of the image may also lead to the loss of your posting privileges. If you're not sure if your image is appropriate, ask a member of the moderating team. The final call on what is or is not appropriate belongs to the moderating team.

Graphic content - This may include, but is not limited to, images depicting blood and gore. In short, this community is accessible by younger viewers and images featuring blood and gore are not appropriate for that audience. We realize that many games feature this kind of content, but they also feature ratings that make them inaccessible by younger viewers. Please note that posting extremely graphic content will immediately lead to the loss of your posting privileges for a period of time to be determined by the moderating team.

Language - If the language filter **bleeps** a term then an image featuring that word has no place in the community. And as noted above, a term's absence from the language filter does not necessarily make it appropriate to post. This applies to images as well. If you're uncertain, ask a member of the moderating team. Please note that partially censored words in images are not considered appropriate. Additionally, blocking out the term yourself may still lead to the removal of the image.

References- Some images do not feature any of the above, but still may be considered inappropriate. These references might be to drugs or intercourse or other subject matters that are not appropriate for an all ages community. That does not mean they are appropriate to post.

Video - Like images, videos can also feature inappropriate content. Please note that all policies related to images apply to videos as well (see above for more information).

Prejudicial Content - This may include prejudiced statements about others based on their race or heritage. It should go without saying that these kinds of statements have no place in the community. Anyone found making prejudicial comments towards others based on race, heritage, or other factors that are deemed inappropriate by the moderating team will be banned immediately. It's not cool or funny to make generalized statements about others - it's just hurtful. Additionally, please note that using racial slurs may also lead to the loss of your posting privileges, regardless of the context.


Threats of physical violence have absolutely no place in the community. Nothing makes a good day go bad like someone stepping in and taking things way too far. Anyone found making threatening remarks will be banned immediately for a period of time to be determined by the moderating team. However, threats don't stop at physical threats. It can also include threats of hacking, threats of theft, and so on. These kinds of comments aren't necessary, even if they are made in jest.


Trolling is an act of intentional disruption. Someone who is trolling is generally looking to cause problems in the community by doing things like posting content that is entirely false, knowingly posting content that will upset others, intentionally spoiling the plotline for a game, being intentionally hostile or rude towards others, using veiled insults to provoke others into flaming, and so on. Trolling is disruptive, unnecessary, and just plain not appreciated. People who are trolling may have their posting privileges revoked without warning. This includes this game sucks or fix your game posts. We have given everyone an avenue to have their voice heard about any and all frustrations you might have about the game. So those threads and posts will be removed and you will be banned.

Controversial Topics

There are a number of topics which are too controversial for this community. These topics will often degrade into flame wars with no productive content resulting. These topics include but are not limited to topics such as religion, politics, and sexuality. These topics may be restricted from posting at our discretion, especially when a thread is getting out of hand. Please try to avoid such controversial topics when possible. Remember, this is a PlayStation forum after all!

Advertising and Soliciting

Advertising and soliciting can take many forms. However, all of those forms are prohibited by the Rules of Conduct. Advertisements or solicitations of a commercial nature are not permitted. Please note that in addition to commercial advertisements and solicitations, the following things are not permitted:


Referral links (commercial or otherwise)

Arranging of boycotts

Asking others to visit a site to vote on a poll.

Advertising your personal website in a post or thread. Please note that everyone is welcome to place a link to their personal website in their signature, provided it is not commercial in nature and otherwise abides by forum rules/policies.

Other Platforms

This is first and foremost a PlayStation community. As such, discussions on our gaming forums should be PlayStation-oriented. Topics related to other gaming platforms may be deemed off-topic and removed at our discretion. Furthermore, platform vs. platform threads never end well, often resulting in a flame war. Please refrain from creating such threads on the forums.

Online Cheating

The discussion of cheats, glitches, hacks, or other types of activities that may give an unfair advantage in online gameplay is strictly prohibited. These types of activities detract other gamers' online experiences and are not appropriate for discussion here. On the same token, it is not appropriate to accuse others of cheating on the forums. Please use the appropriate means for your respective game to report suspected cheaters. Please note that this does not prohibit the discussion of cheats, codes, and easter eggs that are used exclusively offline.


When conversing on the forums, please be sensitive to the fact that other gamers may not yet have gotten as far in a game as you have. No one wants to have the entire plot of their favorite game told to them before they play it! If you're going to be discussing important pieces of the game's story on the forums, please give your fellow gamers a heads-up that your post may contain spoilers.

MLB the Show Development Team

You will notice we have members of the MLB the Show development team post here, designated by their name in a purple color. They are to be respected at all times, and any disrespect or attacks will be met with an instant and permanent ban. If you want to interact with the developers, you are to keep the discussion mature and in a professional manner. Any type of attack will not be tolerated.

Circumventing a Ban

If you are banned from The Show Community for any reason, DO NOT create another username. If you wish to have your ban looked at, please e-mail us at (EMAIL@TBD). These e-mails are looked at by the site administration, and will be researched on a case by case basis. Creating a new username will render you ineligible for any type of appeal.

Controlled Topics

In order to curb the posting of duplicate threads for the same topic, the PlayStation.com Moderating Team may from time to time designate a topic as a "Controlled Topic". When a topic has been designated a "Controlled Topic", we ask that you refrain from creating additional threads on the same topic, and instead post in the thread that has been designated for that topic. Such threads are usually designated by the "One and Only" prefix in the title and/or being floated at the top of the forum. As such, we ask that you refrain from using this prefix in your posts. Discussion goes a lot better if everyone is in one central location rather than a dozen different places, so we ask that you please comply with this policy. Duplicate topics may be locked or deleted at our discretion.

"Agenda" Posters”

Agenda posters refer to posters that go to multiple threads and post the same thing over and over, normally in a negative manner. In many cases they have an ax to grind against a company. This will no longer be tolerated. You can and will be permanently banned for this type of posting.

Punishment Process

When you break the rules of this TOS, we institute a system much like that of soccer "cards". A "Yellow Card Warning" is issued as a warning, and is normally used for your first infraction or if you have had a minor issue with the TOS. A "Red Card Infraction" is utilized most of the time when you break the TOS. If you accrue a number of red cards, you may also be placed in "The Cell", which will take away your access to the main forums for a portion of time to be determined by the moderator handling your situation. Also, if it is determined that you have had enough infractions or your situation is deemed serious enough, you can be permanently banned from The Show Nation as a result of your actions.


Each community you participate in is going to have rules to abide by. Some will be different than others, but generally all of the rules can be observed by showing some common sense and courtesy towards others. Making the effort to do so will make your experience as well as other members' experiences much more enjoyable. The PlayStation.com Rules of Conduct can be found below.

By registering at The Show Nation, you are agreeing to the Terms Of Service that the site administration has put into effect. With this agreement you, the user, agree that any post deemed inappropriate by the staff may be removed, and corrective action may be taken. We reserve the right to monitor the boards and delete any postings that don't adhere to these rules, our standard site terms and conditions and our privacy policy. This includes postings that disrupt or interfere with our technical operations. The staff also reserves the right to revoke membership privileges at any time without notice or reason. The following is a list of items that are deemed inappropriate and will not be tolerated at The Show Nation. If you break any of these rules, corrective action will be taken, and can be as severe as deemed necessary by the staff.

Report a Rule Infraction

If you feel a thread or post violates forum policies or the Rules of Conduct, then please report it to a moderator. Reporting a post gets you noticed by the moderators. Those who help out around the community are more likely to be handpicked for special activities such as beta testing new forum features & programs, and it'll give you some pride in knowing that you help to keep the community a fun & clean place for everyone. To report a rule infraction, please follow these steps:

2.0 Introduction to Netiquette

What is this "netiquette" I keep hearing about? Well, netiquette is just what it sounds like: "network etiquette". The way you behave in a public forum, the way you treat others in a chat room, the way you act and the way you carry yourself while online. Quite simply, it is all about behaving properly online. Netiquette is no different than real life etiquette and common courtesy. When participating in an online chat or in a forums conversation, a little common sense goes a long way.

There are a lot of netiquette articles online for you to peruse, some more advanced than others. This is just a basic overview. If you are new to the Internet, or more specifically forums and chats, then this is for you. If you're a bit of a net veteran, then well... read it any way! You might pick up something you didn't know before. What this document will aim to do is give you a brief introduction to the best ways to go about conducting yourself online, how to become involved in the best possible way and above all else keep things fun and interesting.

Everyone's Human


Everyone's human. Respect and treat others in the same manner that you'd like to be treated. People who frequent a community and gain ranks based upon their experience on the forums demand a certain amount of respect. They've been there for quite some time; they know their stuff and are an integral part of the community. "Insulting the elders" does not go over well. Treat them with respect and they will show you the same courtesy in return. This is not to say that members with higher ranks have special privileges. All members are held to the same rules and policies of the community.


Everyone makes mistakes. People post things on a forum or a chat that may be inaccurate, or said in the heat of the moment. Be forgiving when it comes to these mistakes. Flaming a person or laughing at them doesn't do anything except anger someone else; it's not productive. The day will come when you make the same mistake. It will pay off in the long haul to be polite and go easy on the mistakes others make.


Everyone has their own opinion. The people you interact with in a community come from all walks of life, many different religions and beliefs, different family income levels, different points of view on many of today's hot topics of discussion. In a nutshell, each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. Discussion about it is the best thing to do, after all that's what communities are for. If it turns into some kind of sparring match, agree to disagree and move on.


Everyone has the right to privacy. Posting personal information about another member in a public forum is completely inappropriate. Private issues between two people should be left as that, private. Discussion of these types of things should be taken to the instant messenger or somewhere else that is not viewable by the public.


ASCII Characters and Capitals

Using ASCII characters in either your login name or your posts is considered childish by many. It makes it difficult to type out the username; it is a headache for admins to do routine tasks with such characters in place. Typing your messages in all capitals is along the same lines. Online, all caps is considered shouting. Doing so will annoy others in the community.

Share some Wealth

Everyone has something to contribute. After all this is the point of an online community! Do share ideas, thoughts and points of views with many others. Don't be afraid to share what you know, it may be a lot more valuable than you think.

Proper Posting Habits

The forums are structured such that they provide specific gaming discussion forums for a variety of popular games. These forums are meant solely for discussion about the game in the forum title. Discussion of these games should only be done on these forums. If they're done in the "General

Discussion" areas of the forums then your post will be moved to the appropriate location or deleted. If you see a post that is on the wrong forum, please report it to a moderator by using the options menu and choosing "Report Inappropriate Content".

Also note that the Board Rules extend to all areas of the The Show Nation Message Boards system, including but not limited to Private Messages, Chat Rooms, and e-mails to the staff. The Show Nation is not responsible for messages posted on the The Show Community Boards or the content therein. Unless expressly stated otherwise. The Show Community reserves the right to reveal the identity of or whatever information we know about any user in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by said user. The Show Nation has the right but not the obligation to monitor and/or moderate the The Show Nation Boards. The Show Community reserves the right to change any or all other parts of this User Agreement at its sole discretion and without notice, including but not limited to implementing Rules of Conduct, Terms of Service and/or other measures. By using this site and its message boards, you signify your assent to.

The Show Nation Message Board Rules of Conduct

If you do not agree to these rules, please do not use our message board. Please check back from time to time to ensure that you are aware of these changes. Your continued use of our sites will signify your acceptance of these changes.

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