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I use Inline Frames... a lot.. but one thing has been worrying me about this.. Most times I have a lot of great text in those frames and I am worried that someone searching for my information might land on the content of the Inline Frame without landing on the site itself.. I am positive there is some kind of script for this which instantly redirects to the parent page.. but I am not a coder so I came up with an older trick.. I recall seeing at least the use of links which can only be seen when on the frame's content page.. so I incorporated that in to my current site. But then masked the reference to that link so that it's not visible when viewing it properly.

Here is a site I am working on.

This is the page with the Inline Frame as it should be viewed:

This is the content page itself for the Inline Frame

Note the red text at the top (not visible on the main page)

What I did was very simple.

In the page view for this page, I simply put a white image over the area where the Link text on the content page is located. Made sure that it was arranged to the front of course. But I left just enough space on the right side of the Inline Frame so the slider would not be covered.

Now, if someone lands on the content page, they can see (and hopefully select) the link at the top without it disturbing the normal view..


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