I did not want to do this so last minute but my buyer fell through. I have exactly 8 days left of service in the Army and on April 25th, after receiving my honorable discharge, I will be hitting the road in my freshly TDI swapped Eurovan. The jetta was supposed to be sold this weekend but now its on the market again. Ideally this sale would go through on monday or tuesday. I'm asking 4800 OBO. Its a 2001 silver Jetta GLS TDI with 223k on the clock and 5 speed manual transmission. Black leather interior with every option available including heated seats. I bought this vehicle in march of 2013 with 186,000 miles. The fellow I bought it from has been a TDI guy for awhile and had quite a few in the family which he did the maintenance on himself. The maintenance record as far as I know:

121,000 - Timing belt

169,000 - 2/29/12: Both Tie rods and the 3rd injector replaced

176,000 - 9/21/12: 4 tires 195 65 15 affinity tour s4 89h

xxx,xxx - 11/05/12: Battery

186,000 - 03/15/13: I purchased; oil change with rotella t6, air filter, fuel filter, all 4 wheels brakes and rotors, pioneer head unit and polk speakers (paid $800)

xxx,xxx - 5/29/13: EGR valve

194,000 - oil change rotella T6, trans fluid change with VW OEM spec fluid from dealership

201,000 - 8/13/13: dropped number one valve. following done to get it back to life: TB and tensioner, waterpump, cam and crank seal, serp belt, AMC cylinder head, #1 piston, oil change. All work done by Volksdoktor in louisville and I have receipts

202,000 - 8/30/13: Rotella t6 oil change

206,000 - Oct/13: rear axle beam bushings, power steering rack, control arms w/bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, struts and bushings, rear shocks, e brake cables, all proper TTY bolts replaced (parts from metalman) and alignment

208,500 - Nov/13: head bolts, rod bearings and bolts, hybrid oil pan, VNT-15 turbo rebuilt by xsboostturbochargers, steel braided feed line, oil change rotella t6, air filter, fuel filter, diesel purge, vacuum lines

210,000 - 12/02/13: front pads and rotors

217,000 - 02/01/14: oil change rotella t6, checked IP timing and adjusted to 60 (middle of blue and green lines), replaced center console and shift boot, hood and trunk struts

223,000 - 04/16/14: FOR SALE!

Known issues: glove box handle broke (can still open it), climate control back lights went out, headliner a little saggy in the back, paint is not perfect, will need tires before next winter.

Mechanically this vehicle is as solid as a 223k TDI gets. with all the suspension work i just did, this thing will be solid for the next 200k. I have put 23k on it since the upper engine work without a single hiccup or anything. Does not eat oil. I suspect it might have a tune on it just because its much peppier than other stock TDIs i have driven but I cant verify that.

Clean title. no wrecks. she looks a little dirty in the pics (which she is) but she cleans up very nice. I just dont have the time to get it detailed before doing all this. she needs to go and I need gas money for my trip! Thank you for looking. First come first served; cash in hand talks!

More pics here: http://s2.photobucket.com/user/njt1rider/library/jetta

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