Worst Customer Service ever. The analyst could not provide me with any information or switch my service to what I wanted.  Can no one help resolve this issue? Are all chat representatives the same? I contacted support to resolve my issue not guide me to a number.

Admir > Hello KHADIJAH_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Admir. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Admir > Hi! I appreciate you taking the time to chat with us. I hope you're doing well.

KHADIJAH_ > My Issue: I would like to cut my bill, and I am thinking about switching companies

Admir > I understand you want to cut your bill. No worries I will check this one for you,Khadijah. You reached the correct department. Allow me a minute to pull up your account. Thank you.

Admir > Please be assured I will do my best to help resolve your issue today.

KHADIJAH_ > ok thank you

Admir > I see you have logged into your account so there is no need for us to verify security thank you for doing that.

Admir > May I ask a few questions that would help us better understand how to address your concern?

Admir > You are most welcome.

KHADIJAH_ > sure. My bill has increased significantly

KHADIJAH_ > I will not be able to afford such a hi bill

KHADIJAH_ > high

Admir > Oh I see. I noticed here that your bill high for this month because you are billed for Rectivation fee of $18.00.

KHADIJAH_ > Why would there be a reactivation fee?

Admir > This is a fee when your service was interrupted.

KHADIJAH_ > It was never interrupted

KHADIJAH_ > The current bill is around 170 and that is too much compared to Verizon Fios charging 79.

Admir > I checked here in order for us to lower the bill by removing HBO subscription and it lower the bill for $10.00.

Admir > No worries about the reactivation fee I will remove this one now for me to lower the bill, Khadujah.

Admir > Khadijah*

KHADIJAH_ > Is there anyway of lowering the over all bill more than that?

KHADIJAH_ > 170 dollars a month is high for a monthly bill

Admir > We can downgrade your service for us to lower the bill. may I know if you are open to lower the bill?

Admir > may I know if you are open to downgrade the service to lower the bill?

KHADIJAH_ > I can move to verizon fios with more channels

KHADIJAH_ > are you not competitive with the competition?

KHADIJAH_ > May I have your EIN?

Admir > I understand that but we have a restriction of the promotion that our Sales Department can discuss it further to you. Also I checked here on your account and it shows here that your service is still under promotion.

Admir > May I know why would you like to have my EIN?

KHADIJAH_ > What promotion and what is it supposed to be?

Admir > Our Sales Department will be the one to discuss the eligibility of the promotion.

KHADIJAH_ > Because I want to inform the Sales department of our discussion and further to the disconnect department if your unable to help me. So may I have your EIN?

Admir > My employee i.d is AdmirBCBL 34273. What I can do here to lower your bill is to downgrade your service.

KHADIJAH_ > That is not helping me. That is removing service. I can obtain a better deal without losing service with another company.

KHADIJAH_ > You have not been able to tell me what promotion I am on or lower my monthly bill at all without taking away services.

Admir > The promotion you have right now is Preferred Triple Play for $129.99 per month.

Admir > I offered you to remove HBO subscription to lower the bill. How can I lower your bill if we will not downgrade or cancel some of your service.

KHADIJAH_ > Ok what would it be if you cancel the phone service

Admir > You have the option to do that but you need to call our Customer Solution Team at 1-800-XFINITY(934-6489) because they are the one who can cancel your service.

Admir > No penalty in cancelling the phone service because your service is not under contract

KHADIJAH_ > how much would my bill be if I removed the phone service

Admir > Checking on the price now.

Admir > I suggest you may keep the price you have because your service is still under promotion. If you want to cancel your Phone service you will be billed for regular rate of the cable $87.90 and Internet for $53.95. Total of $141.85 excluding the equipment charges and taxes.

KHADIJAH_ > lol your increasing my bill if I disconnect my phone.

Admir > That is correct. I strongly suggest you may keep your current promotion for Triple Play.

KHADIJAH_ > My promotion was for 89.99. How did it jump to 129.99

KHADIJAH_ > and still be a promotion?

Admir > I will check this for you. Please bear with me because I experience latency with our tools. Please stay on line.

Admir > I noticed here that your promotion of your service is good for 24 months, the first 12 months of the promotion was for $89.99 for 13-24 months the promotion is for $129.99

KHADIJAH_ > Is there anyway of getting it back to $89.99?

Admir > I really love to apply it on your account for me to help you in lowering the bill but there is a restriction of the promotion. Also that promotion is no longer available on your account since your service is still under promotion.

KHADIJAH_ > Can you switch me to the Preferred Sure Price Double Play for 89.99?

Admir > My apology but I can't do that because the eligibility of the promotion will be check by the system and it can't be applied on your account. I suggest you may call first with our Customer Solution Team 1-800-XFINITY(934-6489) to cancel the phone service and check what available for Cable and Internet package, Khadijag.

Admir > Khadijah*

KHADIJAH_ > So you cant switch my service?

Admir > Sad to say yes but please do consider calling them to check what available for Internet and Cable package.

KHADIJAH_ > Are you not customer service?

KHADIJAH_ > I feel like you are shoveling me off to a 1800 number

Admir > Hope you understand as to why I can't apply the one you requested. You are routed in chat billing department we are trained to explain the bill only. Actually I can transfer you to our Sales Department but you need to pay the past due amount first before I can transfer you to them.

Admir > I advised you to call our Customer Solution Team because they are the one who can assist you in cancelling your phone service and check what good deals available for Cable and Internet.

Admir > Cancelling your phone service here cannot be done through chat.

KHADIJAH_ > Just say you cant help me lower my bill or change service.

KHADIJAH_ > My last question is I heard from other military members that there is a military discount but I have not seen that on my bill.

Admir > Checking on the Military discount. concern

Admir > For Military Service discount inquiry you need to call 1-800-XFINITY(934-6489) because they are the one who can assist you for this concern.

KHADIJAH_ > What is the discount amount?

KHADIJAH_ > Is it a percentage or an amount?

Admir > No information found here on our end about the Military Discount, Khadijah. You may call them for this concern.

KHADIJAH_ > Are you not the billing department?

KHADIJAH_ > Are you telling me that you do not know how much comes off a bill for military discount?

Admir > I am from billing department but we don't have information about how much is the Military discount.

KHADIJAH_ > If your billing then you would know how to apply a military discount off the bill.

KHADIJAH_ > or at least know how much it is

KHADIJAH_ > Who is this really?

Admir > The discount code for Military is not available in Billing Department that is why I can't provide you information about it. All you have to do is to call 1-800-XFINITY(934-6489) to check how much is the Military discount.

KHADIJAH_ > I am not asking about the discount code. I am asking how much it is.

Admir > No information about how much will be applied for this discount. If there is information about this I will provide this to you right away it is just no information about it. I hope you understand, Khadijah.

KHADIJAH_ > I don't understand how billing doesn't know how much of a discount comes off a bill.

KHADIJAH_ > Where are you physically located at?

Admir > I am located in the Philippines. We have a dedicated people who is in charge for the said discount that is why I advice you to call.

KHADIJAH_ > Roger so your not really billing just someone to keep me tied up for a while so then you can give me another number to call?

Admir > That is the number you need to call once they will tell you what is your concern they will transfer you to the correct department.

KHADIJAH_ > You have not helped me out at all and kept shoveling me to a 1800 number. Thanks but no Thanks. I will be posting this conversation to the Comcast Forum and calling BBB. Have a good night.

Admir > I am guiding you on how to help you with your concern. The information I provided you will help you fixing your concern, Khadijah.

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