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-- Industrial Control \Design and Simulation Integrated Development Platform VC++/MFC Source code solution and Web Control for .NET

"U_CanCode Software Inc. is a leading provider of HMI & SCADA, CAD, GIS and Data Visualization Graphics for software developers more than 40 countries around the world!"

E-XD++ graphics system for development of various sectors of industrial configuration software, simulation systems, coal, petroleum, chemical, building and other industries. Images than the software developed better, more modular, easier to maintain. There are already more than 1,000 companies around the world are using E-XD++ for building many kinds of industrial applications.

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An overview of the choices in HMI and SCADA software and services offered by U_CanCode Software

It’s our goal to give users of our HMI and SCADA software every tool they will need to create a competitive, engaging application. U_CanCode Software provides not only a comprehensive SCADA software package, but the complete source codes to create your own "Full - Customized" HMI & SCADA Applications, all the features of U_CanCode HMI & SCADA Solution are designed from start to make everything can be full customized.

E-XD++ HMI & SCADA Visualization Solution is an Award winning HMI and SCADA software development tool designed for building supervisory applications quickly, and deploy them easily on any supported device. It is the world - only 100% complete open - source C/C++ HMI & SCADA Visualization Solution.

Creating Construction Professional Industrial, Simulation Platform is a very hard work, to use E-XD++ source code visualization component library will save you more than 70% of development time. In order to more clearly show how to complete this hard work, we specialize in the original solution carried out detailed development, built on all Industrial Development Process Variable, Screen, Script And other integrated management solution. The solution involves the construction and project management, product release to the final exe file generation and other aspects. Construction Engineering and Management is mainly HMIBuilder to complete the operation and interpretation of the works mainly responsible for the HMIPlayer works.

Interface <HMIBuilder>

HMIBuilder Example:

Player Interface <HMIPalyer>:

Product basic functions:

1. Creating a new project:

Invoke the following dialog box, create a new HMIBuilder projects:

In the above settings dialog box, users need to enter the project name, project location path. Subsequently, the project manager will be automatically selected to create a working directory, the directory name is the project name entered by the user. This new generation of projects has included a lot of information inside, including the default user, and the default configuration information, the user can modify the application process.

Note: The user-generated new works will be added to the project list.

When the project file its inception, will also create a master screen file and a system script file, the file names were main.xdg and system.dcp.

2 to open an existing project

Select menu "File / Open Project" menu, the pop-up "File Open" dialog box, select the path where the existing project. Click "OK" button to open the project file.

If you add the project name and the current project list works the same name already exists, then the path where if two projects are the same, will project a list of projects that already exist in coverage; if different from the path where the two works, works will add a list of works the same name.

You can also open the file menu, select the dcp file formats directly to open the project file.

3 Save an existing project

Select the menu "File / Save Project" menu, the system will automatically save the current project file and save all modified documentation.

4 close an existing project

Select the menu "File / Close project" command, the system will automatically save all documents had a good open and then close the project file.

5 most recent project file list

The system automatically works to recently opened files are listed in the bottom of the menu, any one of the names by clicking the submenu to open the project file.

6 window manager

In the Window menu in a series of sub-menu on the canvas so that you can easily switch between any sub-menus and other operations.

7 Project Tree

Tool box on the left there is a project tree, the tree is listed in the project all the screens of the current project documents and Script File resources. Click the right mouse button you can add new screens or to add new Script file.

Additional Script File will be automatically placed in the specified folder to save. Double-click the picture of the tree or the script file you can open the file for editing.

The following diagram:

1), Project Setting: set for the project, for example, the default screen size, background color and so on. You can also set the main screen.

2), Parameter Manager: System variables to add, delete, and edit.

3), Screens: System of a list of all the images, double-click to open design.

4), Scripts: the system calls the script file list, a script can be placed on any number of the calling function.

5), Application Publisher: Published application, generate an executable file.

6), Explore Project Folder: Open the project folder. ,

8 add new screen picture

Tool box on the left there will be a project tree, the tree control in the right-click option to add new screen sub-menu (you can directly select the main menu "Project | &Add new screen...") to add new pictures. The new screen will automatically increase the use of works in default settings on this screen.

If you want to modify the properties of the screen, use the right mouse button menu or the main menu to carry out.

9 Add a new script

Tool box on the left there is a project tree, the tree control in the right-click the option "Add a new script," sub-menu (you can also directly select the main menu "Project | Add new script...") to add the new script file. Added a new script file will automatically use the project-related settings. Project tree by double-clicking icon of the script file to edit this file. If you need to call the system editing functions, you can function in the right list, double-click the icon where the function to increase.

Note: Any additional functions can be invoked, there must be similar with the main function of the parameters of the structure, nothing else, this is the default approach, the official version of the active code can be customized on their own.

10 set the project startup screen

When the initial splash screen is the Application into the running system, run the system automatically opens the specified image file. Specific operation as follows:

1), select "Project | Project Settings" menu.

2), in the following dialog box, set the start screen display.

11 initial script to set the screen

For any picture file, if you need to pre-screen display to the screen to do something, you can run the script by setting the initial way to set it up. The script can run the script file from the list of direct selection. Java Script and VBScript scripting support two languages.

As follows:

1), select "View | &Screen Setting..." submenu to open the Settings dialog box screen.

2), set the initial run Script:

Function by double-clicking on the right list of the function of any function can be added to the script.

E-XD++ HMI &SCADA Visualization Kit? is a comprehensive platform that includes all the tools you’ll need to make SCADA and HMI applications that have real power behind them. This HMI, SCADA and OEE/Dashboard development software was specifically designed to allow for deployment anywhere. E-XD++ HMI &SCADA Visualization Kit? supports all Windows runtime platforms, ranging from Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Vista, Windows Server and Windows 7 (including 32 and 64 bit), along with built-in support for local or remote (web) based visualization. All the complete source codes are full compatible with all Visual Studios (From Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2012).

The leader in visualization component -- FULL VC++ Source Code Shipped!

XD++ Diagrammer Suite is the the world’s leading VC++ and .NET visualization component. Renowned for incredibly rich graphics, XD++ helps thousands developers build applications that offer unparalleled functionality. Outstanding productivity lowers project risk and reduces maintenance headaches. With 10 years of dedicated research and development, U_CanCode leads the market for visualization technologies, providing outstanding customer support.

Powerful, flexible, and easy to use Diagram Components.

Powerful and flexible enough to create diagrams exactly the way you want them to appear. So easy to use that you will be able to prototype your application in just a few minutes.

Feature rich.

With features such as automatic layout, multiple layers, collapsible sub-graphs, snap-to connection points, XML, SVG, and more, E-XD++ Have the power and flexibility you need to create sophisticated diagrams, quickly and easily. Events such as click, double-click, hover, select, rubber-band select, copy, delete, resize and move are supported. Operations such as drag-and-drop, unlimited undo/redo, and clipboard operations are common and complex, and are expected by today's sophisticated users. it full supports importing ArcGis, SVG and DXF File format.

Performance and Scalability.

U_CanCode E-XD++ Capable of handling many thousands of nodes and edges, up to hundreds of thousands depending upon the complexity of the nodes you wish to draw and the operations you wish to allow. Our graphical classes are extremely lightweight objects enabling outstanding performance.

Save Time and Money and gain Reliability.

A diagram is worth 1,000 words, and E-XD++ is shipped with more than 500,000 lines of well designed and well tested code! It is used by hundreds of the world's most quality conscious companies. It will saves you thousands of hours of complex coding and years of maintenance.


E-XD++ Industrial solutions integrated development environment is not a complete development environment, we provide the environment for the purpose is to give you an idea of the development and organization of resources to complete the formal version of the integrated development environment, source code be provided, you can need to improve.

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