Hi there guys! Just released my own project. Wanted to share it with you

Yes, you’ve read right. We are pleased to announce The Ultimate Free Web Hosting Experience, from now on also known as OneSite.

We are providing absolutely free of charge unlimited web hosting, with no ads and with cPanel. OneSite is part of EVERY LLC, a company that aims to make a true difference; and we really mean it. With a huge investment, we are able to provide the most demanding web hosting, absolutely for free.

You’ll get Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL databases and a cPanel control panel. No limits, that’s right. We are running an Invite system at the moment, to control initial demand. You can request an invite within less than a second at https://onesite.co/ If you have a website, OneSite is definitely the place to be. No downtimes or payment concerns any more.

Everything a webmaster, designer or programmer needs on a shared web hosting, we have it! So, where’s the trick here? Well, there’s simply no trick! We plan on growing within the same quality guidelines. We may provide VPS or Dedicated servers at some point, but as for now, the big initial investment is covered, so there’s nothing to worry about. We would like this to be more of a web hosting made by people, for people.

A hosting that you can contribute to. We started a Community where you can leave us your thoughts or requests, and we’ll try to apply them in order to improve the web hosting. In principle, we really have no plans to get rich on this, so we’re looking for motivated people who are willing to help moderating the community, or giving a hand on anything else.

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