GApps Slim/OPO Mod

This is my approach to GApps as i like it and whit the things I find essential. I included 5 apps that I usually add to any ROM that i install. Also made a bare minimal GApps whit only the essential for your phone to work.

In the main GApps:

Slim Launcher from Slim ROMS (My thanks to this team)

Slim Messenger, that to me works way better that CM Messenger (Once again, thanks to Slim Team)

OPO Camera Next

OPO Gallery Next

Task Manager from my old I9001, modded to work on AOSP.

My Extra bare minimal GApps (just the bare minimal to get a working phone)

My CM12 extra Mod GApps medium size (219Mb) Updated 11.02.2015 whit:

Calendar Google (replaces AOSP Calendar), Chrome (replaces AOSP Browser), Camera Next (replaces AOSP Camera), Cloud Print, Drive, FaceUnlock, Galery Next (replaces AOSP Galery) News & Weather, Gmail, Ears, Keep, Google Keybooard (replaces AOSP Keyboard),Slim Launcher (replaces AOSP launcher), Slim Messenger (replaces AOSP Messenger), Task Manager (a very useful app)... everything else you need download it from the Play store.

Changelog 11.02.2015

Added Task Manager, corrected the problem from Camera Next (now working fine), removed custom bootanimation.

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