Note to admin: I have now edited the code and created a new repo as discussed in this thread but have not had a response on how to proceed so I am just doing this as the new release thread.

Well after many months of trying to learn the basics of coding I finally have something I’m very happy to share with you guys. This add-on brings together the culmination of various html/php/python/mysql techniques that I’ve picked up from this great forum, the official wiki as well as other online sources (thank you stackoverflow!). So let’s go through exactly what the add-on is all about – it’s actually more of an ongoing project than just an add-on and is quite complex and in-depth but I’ll try and skim through basics of what you get with the add-on…

Add-on Portal

The add-on portal section hooks into a database that’s indexed all the add-ons in the official kodi.tv repository (thanks to zag for the brilliant add-on scraping code I forked). In this section of the add-on you’ll be able to do the following…

View Live Status Information: Users and developers can update the status of an add-on via a web form (mark as broken and add any useful notes that may help the end users). The developer notes will always take precedence over user notes but both can be viewed when clicking on the add-on details.

View Useful Video Guides: Users and developers can add their own YouTube video guides for add-ons via a web form, it’s currently limited to a max. of 10 videos per add-on. I think that should be more than enough but obviously some add-ons (such as skins) may require more. If more are needed it’s easy enough to edit the code. When you click on an add-on all related videos will show and you can click on them and view if you wish.

Search For Add-ons By Genre And Country: Again using the same web form the developers can update the categorisation of add-ons. I have already gone through the painstaking task of categorising all the add-ons into genres I feel they fit into but if the devs of each add-on want to contact me I’ll happily give full access so you can fully edit the genres and other info whenever needed. As an end user it means you aren’t just restricted to the standard search features of video/music/picture/program addons etc. Now you can search by much more refined searches and search by country or genres such as sports, technology, religion etc.

Filter Results Even Further: As the add-on hooks directly into a database and doesn’t use the usual web scraping techniques used by most others I’ve been able to add even more useful filter functions. Search add-ons by most popular (download count only based on add-ons installed via this add-on so it’s certainly not 100% accurate but gives a good indication), most recently updated, newest additions, and alphabetical search (A-Z & Z-A).

Install Add-ons: Why would you install an add-on via this rather than the excellent built-in kodi installer? Well really it’s entirely up to you the end user what method you want to use, I’ve left the option to install directly from the add-on so that we have a way to work out what the most popular ones are (download count in the database increases each time there’s a download). Also I’ve added the option just for user-friendliness, if you’re searching for information on add-ons it seems a bit silly to have to come out of the add-on just so you can install the content.


There’s been a few “maintenance” add-ons that have a few useful functions but lack a lot of features I wanted so here’s a list of what I’ve added:

Completely Remove An Add-on (Including Passwords): It’s been brought to my attention that a lot of users have been caught out by thinking just by uninstalling an add-on that removes all their sensitive addon_data too, of course this is far from the truth. This will delete an add-on and also delete the relevant addon_data folder too.

Make Addons Gotham/Helix Compatible: If you have add-ons that were designed for older versions of XBMC/Kodi and you know they work fine but you keep getting a popup saying it’s incompatible this will edit the addon.xml so you no longer receive that annoying popup.

Make Skins Kodi Compatible: A fix for the “no keyboard” issue when running older skins on Kodi. Thanks go to Mikey for this one, found the code in one of his add-ons.

Hide/Unhide Add-on Passwords: This will allow you to change your passwords from hidden (starred out) to visible in your addon settings.

Test My Download Speed: Allows you to download a file (various sizes available) and will work out your speed based on how long it took to download. Not the most accurate of speed tests but certainly good for a rough guide if you’re having streaming issues.

Update My Add-ons (Force Refresh): So many newbie users seem to struggle with the idea of having to force refresh a repo, as I was getting fed up continually explaining how to do it I thought I’d just add an option to call the function in the add-on!

Wipe All Add-on Settings (Addon_Data): Completely removes the addon_data folder, effectively giving your add-ons a fresh start.

Backup/Restore My Content: A lot of work has gone into this and there’s still quite a bit more I want to achieve with it. Where this differs from other backup utilities is it will do some clever bits and pieces when backing up that means you can install your backup on any device and it will work. All the paths in xml files are changed from physical to special and you also have the option of clearing addon_data and wiping thumbnails (making the backup considerably smaller).

Private Builds: You can add details of your backup to the TotalRevolution database, in here you can add full description, video guides, list the add-ons installed etc. and add up to three IP addresses that can have access to this backup via the add-on. Just enable the "show private builds" option in the add-on settings and if the IP address on that device matches one of the IP's you've added to the database there will be an option to install that backup. This is a great way of sharing setups with your friends and family and there is no limit to the amount of backups you can assign to any one IP address.

Clear Cache/Clear My Cached Artwork: I’ve found various add-ons that clear various cache but none seem to clear all known cache, more importantly none offer the ability to clear the thumbnails and textures13.db. I’ve merged all the known cache folders so it wipes all those and will also give the option to clear textures13.db and thumbnails folder, any long time Kodi users out there will know how quickly this can fill up! It was actually a lot harder to work out than I thought it would be, it’s not possible to delete textures13.db whilst Kodi is running so I had to work out how to flush the database and rebuild it, works a treat though.

Delete Old Crash Logs: Saw this on another maintenance tool and though it would be handy.

Delete Packages Folder: Will completely delete the contents of the addon packages folder. For any of you that aren’t aware of what this is it’s a folder where all the zip files of your installed add-ons are kept. It’s only real use is if you ever want to rollback to an older version of an add-on.

Wipe My Install (Fresh Start): As the title suggests it will completely wipe your existing setup, the actual install will not be affected but the contents of your hidden Kodi folder will be removed, essentially taking it back to a vanilla state.

Check My IP Address: This checks your IP address and returns details of your ISP, location and IP. Thanks go to MK for this, I found this in one of his add-ons and thought it would be a very useful addition.

Check XBMC/Kodi Version: Simple check on what version you’re running.

Convert Physical Paths To Special: As already mentioned the backup option will change the paths in your xml files from physical locations to the special:// protocol. This allows you to perform this without the need to create a backup.

Force Close Kodi: It’s rare you’re going to need this but if you’ve copied over guisettings.xml whilst Kodi is running this is the only way you’ll get it to stick.

Upload Log: Basically does the same as the official log uploader but I also added a check so if you’re running XBMC rather than Kodi it will still work

View Log: Same as above but rather than upload you get to view the log on screen.

Latest News

In here you can view all the latest Kodi information from various Kodi related websites (XBMC4Xbox and XBMC/Kodi related). I’m always open to ideas of how to improve the add-on so if anyone can recommend good RSS sources to scrape from please do let me know. I thought about scraping some facebook sites but that didn’t really work as people tend to just post up crap and often just one liners with no real content.


Again this is all community driven, I’ve created a web form where you can add your own tutorials for anything Kodi related – once you fill out the form it’s added to the database and you’ll have your name up in lights for everyone to see . In the add-on you can either manually search for keywords or filter results by a variety of comprehensive filter options. Once you find the tutorial you want you’ll have the option to either read a text based guide or watch a video guide (maybe both, depending on what’s been added by the community members).

Hardware Reviews

This is a WIP, the add-on is pretty much fully functional but there’s not really any content yet and I need to change the test content that is there. I’m working on some standard benchmarking tests we can use just to determine how Kodi will run on a device, rather than an opinionated review it will be more of a “benchmark test” review section for devices. Still working out the best way to do this but getting there, may take another week or so until I’ve come to a final decision and all ideas are welcome. I may well add a web form like on the other sections so users can upload their own benchmark test videos and text guides. Will keep you updated on this.


Download the repo zip direct from github here.

The repository location for anyone wanting to browse the source code and help improve the add-on can be found here: https://github.com/whufclee/kodistuff/tree/master

The Forms For Updating/Adding Content: Do a Google search for TotalRevolution and you'll find links to the relevant site.



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