Here is my problem and here is how they NOT solved it!!

I am i little bit ..... (you may full in the dots your self).

Let this be a warning for other players that buying spending gold is a BAD thing.


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My german tanks who are changed with te patch have lost their equipment. The equipment disappeared completly, it is not in my depot as well and i dit not get any credits. Please fix it. it cost me alot of credits and gold.


  Irena Brokh 12 September 2013 15:17

  Hey Dutchreaper,
    Thank you for contacting Wargaming support.
    Having checked this for you now, I cannot find that you have lost any equipment. Please note that if the tank is changed with the patch, the equipment will be de-mounted and placed in the depot, it wont be destroyed. There are few items since the patch that was sold but it seems that you were also gaining credits by selling few things such as:
    Dutchreaper 2013-09-11 Sell --- 100000 Equipment: Camouflage Net

    Dutchreaper 2013-09-11 Sell --- 250000 Equipment: Binocular Telescope

    Dutchreaper 2013-09-11     Sell --- 500000 Equipment: Coated Optics
    Everything that was sold, you gained credits from, which is why we cannot consider anything to be lost.
    I hope this clears things up, and if you need anymore assistance, please contact us again.

Kind regards,
    Irena Brokh

    WG Customer Support EU



  Dutchreaper 12 September 2013 16:32

    I had Tank Gun Rammer also Enhanced Gun Laying Drive and Vertical Stabilizers on my Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger, Pz.Kpfw. Tiger II, Jagdtiger. the equipment i sold is correct, but i told you that i have lost equipment on my tanks shown above and that those equipment did not get in to my depot. Why would i drive a Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger, Pz.Kpfw. Tiger II with GOLD camo without any equipment. i also bought some of the equipment back and put it from a tank to another tank. I have another tickit open and have send you tickits in the past having problems with Wargaming and i never get a right answer on my questions and problems. Now you are saying that i am a liar and did not have the equipment. Some of my clan friends have the same problem. Also with german tanks. I hope you wil get to a suitable solution. i paid real money to transfer gold to credits to buy stuff. Do not make me go posting al over the net my problem of you stealing from players.


Dutchreaper 13 September 2013 08:42

I play WoT as it was a closed beta. I regularly spent money to convert XP, converting gold bought for cash and premium. And do not forget to buy premium tanks. as a regular customer of you I was hoping for more confidence. I do not ask much of you. I just want my equipment back or the credits. It involves the following equipment:

    tank name   Equipment Name Cost (credits)

    Jagdtiger                               Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer     500,000

                                                  Enhanced Gun Laying Drive 500 000

    Pz.Kpfw. Tiger II                    Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer     500,000

  Enhanced Gun Laying Drive 500 000

                                                 Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2                       600 000

   Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger    Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer 500,000

  Enhanced Gun Laying Drive     500 000

total cost: 3600.000

    It takes me hours to get this back. It takes a lot of gold to buy it back. I'm not buying gold for now until my have confidence in WoT (Wargaming) back.

    Dutchreaper 13 September 2013 08:46

Also i got an critical error after the patch. I had to download the game again and had to reinstall it to get it workin again. The error told me that it could not find ./res/packages/hangar_premium_15aug.pkg

    Might this be the problem that my equipment is gone?


Jorge Nial 15 September 2013 17:09
    Salutes again Dutchreaper,
    Thanks for contacting us.

No, that's not the reason. All the items that there were sold, were compensated not only for you but to all the players. This changes were published at the official patch notes, which you will find the link just below.


We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this might to you.
    Kind regards and looking forward to hear from you.

Jorge Nial

    Wargaming EU CS


Dutchreaper 16 September 2013 16:05

    "All the items that there were sold, were compensated not only for you but to all the players." That is what you are saying, but i still do not have any thing? When wil i get the compensation?


Dutchreaper 21 September 2013 09:35

    This is a reminder:


Irena Brokh 22 September 2013 16:40
    Hey there Dutchreaper,
    Thank you for contacting Wargaming support.
    Engines HL234 and HL230P45 engines are removed and I understand that you may be frustrated of the changes, but they are modified to improve the game experience for everyone. Developers strive to balance the game by modifying certain items or game mechanics. I am sorry if this affected you, but we are unable to offer compensation for intentional game changes.:( If the tank went through a change during 8.8 patch, it is highly likely that equipment you had was de-mounted and placed in your depot, apart those that are removed from game.
    Despite this, I hope you will have a nice day ahead!

Kind regards,
    Irena Brokh

    WG Customer Support EU



Dutchreaper 22 September 2013 19:24

    I see you (Wargaming) did not chance any thing, still geving answers on things what is not on topick and not helping and trying to solve anything. Juist geving answers out of the bleu. I LOST EQUIPTMENT AND IT IS NOT IN MY DEPOT. Read the dam problem and give me what i have lost so we can close this for good. I am a customer you know and i am thinking verry hard on placing this problem on a website for consumers letting them see how Wargaming treats his customers.


Irena Brokh Yesterday at 16:43

Hey there Dutchreaper,
    Thank you for contacting Wargaming support regarding the recent game changes.
    I can fully understand the frustration regarding this issue as this also impacted me as well so I can relate to the problem at hand, but the truth is if no compensation has been offered by developers on the patch date, it is unlikely this can be granted by Customer support. So, yes for some changed things players were compensated but for some no compensation was decided on, therefore not offered. In this case, we will not be able to help you further as its not us who decide upon the compensations given, this is done by development team and they usually make this type of decision before the patch is  even deployed.

I am sorry we are not able to help you in this matter, but wish you a pleasant day ahead!

Kindest regards,
    Irena Brokh

    WG Customer Support EU

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