4.5 Has just been released with loads of additions, improvements and bug fixes.

Check the release notes.

Please remember to back-up your projects before upgrading! You can install multiple versions of Unity, here’s how

We’ve introduced a module manager for all mobile add-ons, from now on you will be able to update iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 & Blackberry add-ons without downloading the full editor installer.

Unity Remote 4 has been upgraded, there is no more WiFi latency when playtesting on iOS devices, we’ve also added support for the full range of iOS device inputs including accelerometers, gyroscopes and camera images. This is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

We’ve massively improved shader importing, it’s now much faster. We’ve added support for Sparse Textures and added stereoscopic rendering on DX 11.1. We’ve also introduced OpenGL ES 3.0 support on iOS devices (starting with A7 devices) & Support for 3D textures in OpenGL ES 3.0. Check the release notes for more on this.

There’s new Hierarchy Window sorting where sorting of elements is now based on transform order instead of name. There’s new 2D Joint Gizmos and a 2D physics component; WheelJoint2D.

There also a boat load of bug fixes, if you find some of these bugs aren’t in fact fixed, please report them again.

As always, keep general discussions about this release within this thread. If you encounter issues or need help then post those in the correct forum. ENJOY!

Bugs Fixed

See release notes for more details about this release. The list below is a raw dump of the bugs that have been fixed.

361896 Choosing a directory from the Project Wizard to create a new project brings up the wrong type of file browser

376090 Docs: HingeJoint-spring.html script error

384785 Documentation language conversion error (missing cast)

395125 Parsed example scripts should include comments in C# and Boo

397294 Docs: 2nd Code example for GUILayout.HorizontalScrollbar is not parsed to C# and Boo

404178 Mscorlib deploy fail and also deploy of unused assets

405849 Project Wizard does not scale up its width according to the most lengthy project name

413347 Improve default demo discovery

418960 Bad Code in Code Example for Coroutine

428398 Wii examples don't convert properly

430334 Unity's special folders should all be documented and documented in one place

430738 Resources.Load conversion incorrect.

431662 DOC: C# code example for CollisionFlags throws error when

431948 Project selection screen (on editor launch) doesn't remember last window settings (size and position)

434592 Time.RealTimeSinceStartup C# example won't compile

436951 LightProbes-coefficients.html C# version of the script has no comments

438148 UNDO doesn't work when changing a character controller

445808 incorrect translation of examples "as GameObject" erroneously included

446049 a script converts to empty class in C# if defines are used

459986 CollisionFlags.Below C# example fails to compile

474431 The project wizard in Unity 4 always opens near the lower lef corner of the screen

479497 Newly created label tags not updated in Project Browser

479714 Tab key does not work in New Project Window

482290 Project Wizard on PC is not resizable

489776 extra "as GameObject" in Input.GetButton

496529 Combining namespaces MBs with default params break

498149 Native plugins cannot be run in the iOS Simulator

500770 Mac window does not resize to fit specified resolution after leaving fullscreen

502445 Field name that contains lowercase 'guid' causes errors

504414 In WaitForEndOfFrame example void Start() should be changed to IEnumerator Start().

506068 Converter takes a for loop in JS into a while loop in C#

507630 Documentation converter fails if defines are used in example script

512423 Conversion errors from JavaScript -> C#

517068 Holding ALT on editor startup no longer opens the project wizard

519678 Error when trying to open a custom EditorWindow

524179 Mistranslated Snippet if "as" keyword used in Javascript

525242 Wrong counter in Build Settings when over 100 scenes are in the project

532002 "-e" on Bug reports

532699 Script converter from JS to C# needs to be improved to initialize objects in C#

532924 AnimationClip is a subclass of Motion, but Motion docs cannot be found

533574 Problem with per-material shader keywords

535981 Image Effect Documentation button not working

537221 "m_PausedSources.empty()" error when resuming game

537548 Replaced skinned mesh renderer stops animation

539278 Microphone does not work on BB10

540700 Oculus Rift Skybox issues

541594 [Win Store] Some shaders not working on Intel HD Graphics

543166 web player will not run in Windows XP, if Terminal Services is disabled

545166 IsOpenForEdit doesn't lock editor

545625 Custom quality settings not shown on Mac standalone

545814 Error: "Heightmaps above 4096x4096 in resolution are not supported" after Import Height Map Raw

546220 Unity automatically unpauses the AudioListener when a built is restored

546302 Error in Snippet

546872 After script caused a crash in Unity, an unsaved broken prefab causes a crash

549971 NullReferenceException on Mac when Ctrl+Click on outgoing changeset in VCS

550428 Blur effect works incorrectly with the gles3 graphics level enabled

551654 webplayer build option "autoconnect profiler" doesn't autoconnect

552140 Web Player installers does not work on IE11 64 bit

552590 Dictionary's Keys ICollection is sometimes returned as string on iOS

552677 Unity crashed when adding a component to any GameObject that sets enabled=false in constructor

553354 LODGroup.SetLODS switch statement garbled for C#

553531 Scroll bar overlaps the gear icon when adding multiple effects in the new audio mixer

553767 Mac: During installation we will see old information about supported platforms

553788 Typos in the License Agreement installer

553856 Initialization errors with prefab instances

553895 The unitypackage import window does not show the folder hierarchy correctly

554629 OSX 64 bit build throws GL errors when going fullscreen

555080 The terrain texture is not visible in the built project

555642 crash on selecting webcam

555939 The selection is not moving when move item in Hierarchy

556061 Joystick Input and KeyCode don't work correctly

557098 C# translated script is missing enum

557289 64bit standalone player crash on collision

557417 API History is missing in scripting reference docs

557740 CacheServer bogus data always written to Editor Console file

557777 PostprocessBuildPlayer script will return "Unsupported build target"

557781 While building another copy of the player is made

557847 Issues with the JS to C# autotranslation

558470 If you have spaces embedded in the file name when trying to

558607 Alpha transparency is not the same in the scene as in the preview of sprite

558716 On scene load the material tiling values appear to be set to 0

558900 Profiler.AddFramesFromFile() Crashes Editor when loading Xbox 360 data

559022 TexGen generates unexpected results for GLES mt-rendering

559092 hideFlag.DontSave crashes the editor

559524 Audio sample rate on the Android doesn't get set correctly

559733 AnimationClip.EnsureQuaternionContinuity has no documentation page

560257 Input.GetKeyUp, GetKeyDown, and GetKey do not behave properly on OSX build

560595 GetPixels from ETC and PVRTC textures doesn't work

560931 Sub-blendtrees don't get default parameters initialised correctly

561169 HideFlags.DontSave causes crash when parenting

561350 Moving of carved obstacles affects occupied OffMeshLinks

561547 Inspector shows incorrect name of script in asset with ScriptableObject in namespace and function with default parameter

561589 [Win Store Apps] Underscore character is not supported on Win Store Apps

561647 Setting Bypass Effects to false mutes audio

561684 Documentation C# example is not correct for AudioSource.SetScheduledEndTime

561829 [Win Store] Profiler.Begin/End Sample does not work

562002 Joystick (Xbox360) input does not work on OSX 64bit build

562027 Preset libraries needs a 'Reset default to factory settings' option in the popup menu

562035 Mouse Offset after Screen.SetResolution() on OSX standalone

562093 Splash image is not visible on newer OS versions than gingerbread

562116 White flashes are visible during the image effects testing

562129 Comma, plus and minus is not visible in the edit field

562135 Scripts Execution Order list doesn't recognise script extensions

562136 Can't normally close ASCIICapable keyboard when the input is hidden

562139 Can't delete any character when the input field is hidden

562160 Unity for Windows Phone 8 has no possibility to tell calibration status for compass

562857 Unity crashes when importing terrain asset

562879 Applying prefab while an animation frame is selected causes model and textures to mess up

562900 Transform information is not applied to the Wind Zone direction

563048 Recreate Context issues

563057 Multithreaded Renderer

563211 [Win Store] Crash when trying to Instantiate a gameobject

563346 Errors returned or Editor crash when AddComponent is called in Awake()

563879 Windows x64 standalone build crashes when using MeshCollider.sharedMesh

563962 Unity should not allow the creation of scripts that have the same name as existing Unity class names

564122 Win Store App crashes when creating two submeshes

564667 No example in "GameObject.AddComponent" C# script reference

564697 Prefab revert does not register an undo state

564925 OS X Lion-style fullscreen mode spits out OpenGL errors during transition

564927 -e Prefix labels in the inspector do not highlight when they

564946 Android warning message has a typo in word "attribut"

565169 ProjectSettings.asset is in binary no matter what Asset Serialization mode is chosen

565179 Unity Crashes because of mixed mode assembly

565441 Undo doesn't work with Avatar mapping - when mapped using the body image

565466 Undoing changes to layer (in Animation Controller) results in double undo

565617 Undoing Addition of Motions to a Blend Tree doesn't work

566761 -e CRC mismatch error is confusing

566775 user submitted bug

566787 Serializing array of AnimationCurve corrupts WP8 app

566794 Crash when the first keyframe is set to 'Is Active' '0'

566823 Virtual Keyboard only shows Num Pad on BB10

566830 Linear Color Space is available on free version

567164 Orientation issues on the Q10

567804 Drag and drop prefab under parent doesn't zero out new child's position

567952 Application crashes after some time on the Nexus 7 FHD

568180 You can still edit a polygon collider even if it's disabled

568605 Selection-objects.html Example only in JS

568667 Joints 2D don't have any gizmos in scene view unlike 3D ones

568759 Application freezes on the Kindle Fire (first generation)

568904 Undo works unreliably for Optimize Transform Hierarchy

568946 With 64 bit platforms, Unity crashes when a raycast hits a quad

569402 [Win Store] New APIs docs are not in Scripting reference

569426 Can add script that requires component that is conflicting with object's existing components

569524 Redo doesn't work properly for Undo.RegisterFullObjectHierarchyUndo()

569556 "Error occurs while connecting the polygon contour" when building navmesh with Height mesh enabled

569817 Keyboard stuff

570352 Using Terrain.AddTreeInstance when no tree types are defined causes crash

570722 Example Conversion Error for AndroidJavaRunnable

570916 Script Execution Order not checkoutable in VCS

570917 Can't replace an existing folder when creating a new project on Mac

571340 OnEnable / OnDisable call ordering broken i.r.t. assembly reloading when reimporting scripts

571450 Linux custom Cursor Alpha Issues

571514 Animations have a small twitch at the end and beginning

571522 the GUI in Angry Bots is flickering

571541 "Auto-connect Profiler" is missing from Build Settings

571549 Script debugging in all players is broken

572150 Using OpenGL ES 3.0 with more than 6 textures makes the model appear black

572335 NavMeshDisplay is not shown

572352 OnApplicationFocus doesn't work

572356 MaterialPropertyBlocks doesn't work properly

572422 FBX positioned underneath the floor plane when Y is zero

572552 GLSL shaders don't generate gles3 subprograms

572579 "Bloom" image effect documentation needs a before and after screen shot

572650 [Win Store] Current orientation returns "Portrait" on PC

572799 Shaders: LogLuv encoding shader fails on iOS, hlsl2glsl const matrix problem

572900 Changing layer in collision event to not interacting one only takes effect after initial collision finishes

573031 Windows Store App example MetroNativePlugins1 should include

573035 Windows Store App example XAMLUnityConnection doesn't

573036 Monodevelop do not dismiss autocomplete when the cursor is moved down

573167 Bad undo.RecordObject performance with large number of changes

573438 Marking with red colour both the animated properties and the curves with missing properties is confusing

573446 Once the project is built to standalone PC, Unity crashes

573448 Crash in MonoScript.GetClass() when calling the method

573571 DOC: Numerous common doc entries have "stub for C# example"

573663 Inspector transform GUI isn't updated

573852 TouchScreenKeyboard.area returns wrong portions

573949 Stepping out while debugging causes the standalone player to freeze

573982 Missing image on file:///Applications/Unity/Documentation/

574133 Android: MTRendering ON brokes AB rendering on KindleFire 1st gen.

574149 Butterfly Demo causes Unity webplayer to hang in Firefox

574380 Undo/redo text in menu is incorrect when creating an object and adding component

574464 Screen.orientation doesn't work correctly on tablets

574485 Need to call Animator.Update twice to work

574716 GUI input issue when using non english keyboard layouts

574749 Input.multiTouchEnabled reports incorrect values and does

574926 Platform Dependent Compilation does not have description for UNITY_WINRT platform define

574965 Camera with image effects throws error when certain game view aspect ratios are used

575050 The GUI.PasswordField behaves wrongly on BB10 devices

575199 This page has a few broken image links

575201 Dual Display Mavericks: Popup disappears if on different screen than main Unity window

575520 Sprites don't support shaders with normal mapping

575637 Calling Undo.RecordObject(null,"") causes Editor to crash

575708 Serialization error thrown after changing Player settings and saving a project

575758 OnTriggerStay2D is called not properly

575885 Unable to move sprite when zoomed very far

575905 Editor freezes when animation is playing

575955 Crash due to invalid TransformInfo

576061 OnSelectionChange() not called in Two-Column-Layout

576167 Normal doesn't change when CircleCollider2D rolls down the edges of a PolygonCollider2D

576270 Unity crashes when clicking an animation transition for a disabled object

576290 Crash on using this script with any object

576303 Initial splashscreen is aligned incorrectly on HTC 8X

576396 Placing/removing trees after deleting a "Missing" tree causes crashes

576426 DOC: EditorStyles docs still reference EditorGUIUtility.LookLikeInspector

576539 Holding right mouse button and switching to 2D mode does not switch to the right perspective

576574 Using Handles.Slider() slightly changes the position numbers

576855 The built-in EncodeFloatRGBA() and DecodeFloatRGBA() functions contain a typo that leads to reduced precision.

576946 Undo.RecordObjects isn't working for objects referencing

577020 DOC: "undocumented" EditorWindow.OnDidOpenScene() appears in docs

577061 2D physics objects 'drift' despite being attached by a HingeJoint2D

577205 Animator "Trigger Parameter" is not cleared after triggering

577245 Sprite packer causes a crash due to out of memory exception

577313 NullReferenceException when selecting game objects in the Hierarchy

577361 [Win Store] Custom cursor lag ~.5 seconds

577687 Saving a scene after changing terrain data in debug mode revers the change

577814 [iOS] TouchScreenKeyboard.hide input doesn't work correctly

577872 Erasing a tree causes a crash

577945 Can't access SortingLayer values from script

578080 -e Example project folder for577245

579573 This problem is already being investigated under report

578304 -e Follow Case 577205, more files attached

578338 Crash when when the AnimationFinished() method is called

578340 Event is not triggered at the last frame of the animation

578477 Animator.GetBoneTransform() causes crash when there is no avatar

578506 Sprites with Mip Maps enabled do not get packed

578526 Clicking on a font resource causes Unity to crash

578924 AudioClip.getData returns zeroes if used with compressed audio types

578992 "Prerendered Icon" setting is not passed to Xcode

579096 When you slice up a sprite sheet, the resulting sprites are not in alphabetical order

579112 Bad URL in the Script Reference for Network View

579120 Screen.dpi always reports zero on Windows Phone 8

579134 SkinnedMeshRenderer starts flickering after resuming an app

579136 Typo in License Management window

579186 "Error occurred in occluder data computation" thrown when trying to bake occlusion culling

579507 Scene view search string becomes empty if GO is selected

579517 Unity shader compiler process shouldn't be shown in debugging list

579522 Shadowgun animations are all broken and enemy avatars not shown

579543 Using "Step into" to go through update function makes Unity unresponsive

579546 Dragging object from project to hierarchy always parents it to above GO

579554 Crash when manipulating terrain with trees that have no prototypes

579569 Rotating video doesn't update video aspect ratio and position

579572 no hits being registered for player in uberstrike

579582 Attaching project for Case 577245 (Ugnius

579612 Inconsistent behavior between 2D and 3D collisions in parent directory

579737 "QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(x);" in C# will crash build

579738 OnTriggerExit2D is not functioning with overlayed sprites

579760 OpenGL ES3 performance is worse than OpenGL ES2

579776 PropertyDrawer documentation is missing two c# examples

579786 DisplayVersion not set correctly by Windows installers

579953 Crash when playing an animation that ends with an animation event when an object is inactive

579996 Audio Clip Component documentation seems to be missing

580143 Collision doesn't change to trigger, when it is shifted durring a collision in play mode

580202 I upgraded to Unity 4.3.1 from 4.3.0, built and deployed my

580289 Deceit in the documentation on StaticOcclusionCulling.Compute

580299 Typo in Quaternion scripting reference

580394 Missing image and link in the Material Property Drawer docs

580395 Docs: no mention of ALT key for channel switching

580430 non square texture fails to be made into a sprite

580448 Dragging animation onto a scene object causes crash

580549 WWW.progress returns only "0" or "1" values

580605 Generated AOT code is wrong when building for iOS on Windows

580641 Editor shows misleading information window while attaching script to game object

580726 No shadows on Samsung Galaxy Note3

580747 The SpriteRenderer Material field component in the inspector can be deleted

580824 [Win Store Apps] Device watcher error. Can't run WSA apps

580830 RC Mini Racers shows Development Console with NRE errors and black screen

580843 Sprite texture with GLES3.0 graphics level is always white on device

580916 Many requests are made to the cache server with an empty hash

580964 The Editor reports modifications on Physics2DSettings.asset

581459 Sprite should always be selected when opening sprite editor in single mode

581469 Unity crashes upon removing rect transform with sprite renderer

581490 Double border for top and right sides of rect transform with sprite renderer

581535 When I try to remove trees from the terrain, unity crashes

581541 creating prefab from interactive cloth in the scene crashes the editor

581623 "PostProcessBuildAttribute" link is broken

581648 Cursor.SetCursor does not hide system cursor

581842 Animation Documentation broken URL

581900 The yellow warning message Automating slicing of

581913 Sprite Editor and Unity editor freezes when Minimum Size is set to 1x1

581984 Editor hangs when placing tree on terrain

582006 Removing RigidBody2D in play mode disables the 2D collider

582025 Failed to load Sprite Packer window after restarting Unity

582027 Crash: Deleting the AtlasCache while Unity is running, then repacking

582029 Minimum size in the Sprite editor is hard to understand what it covers

582036 Importing a package causes a hang/crash

582048 Sprite packing policy that is too constrained will freeze

582065 Packing textures bigger than atlas limit will result in infinite loop

582079 Applying texture import settings for 2 pixel high image throws exception

582092 New Hierarchy - Customized scripts break Hierarchy

582103 Dropdown in New Hierarchy is not sorted alphabetically

582106 Shortcut 'F' for frame selection in Project Browser is not not explained

582140 Touch screen keyboard doesn't appear on selected GUI.TextField and GUI.TextArea input fields

582225 project hierarchy: alphanumeric ordering no longer works after 1st moving of element

582232 when you have too many children objects in hierarchy you cannot access some of them

582274 Documentation has "contain contain"

582275 Fast shifting between the sprite area and non-sprite area makes the Sprite Editor slow

582278 Documentation for Sprite Editor has not updated image

582293 Weird graphic drawings on sprite when going in/out of Play mode

582302 Crash on moving and resizing Sprite Editor window

582307 Changing mipMapBias does not affect sprite renderer because MaterialPropertyBlock does not set it

582316 Particle system animation doesn't work

582320 It's impossible to snap pivot to vertex

582420 Broken link in the Scripting Reference

582594 Broken table, etc. on Lightmapping In-Depth documentation

582608 Branch Group Properties documentation update needed

582611 Table format error on How To Import Model documentation

582612 Terrain documentation page lacks links

582971 Mesh-blendShapeCount documentation has a broken link

583162 Child Rigidbody2d does not follow the rotation of a parent rigidbody2d

583372 Graphics Settings page is not complete

583446 Standalone build launched in windowed mode appeared to be just black

583535 Building to iOS on Windows deletes the files inside the target folder

583636 Application with OnAudioFilterRead implementation always crashes when it is resumed from the background

583699 -source 1.6 -target 1.6 options must be used when compiling Java plugins with jdk7

583748 Rigidbody2D inertia scales with collider's area

583783 Undo does not work in assets (prefabs)

583839 UnityEvent documentation has inconsistencies between c# and javascript

583855 Build and Run causes Unity editor to hang

583898 When folding out prefabs Unity freezes

584039 Input.compensateSensors doesn't work on Windows Store Apps

584233 Memory leaking when moving terrain

584243 Linux: CPU usage increases over time

584454 Unity documentation manual is missing

584458 High light goes over the multiline text field borders on component

584597 Camera.Render doc missing call to Texture2D.Apply

584599 RaycastHit2D is a struct so it can not be null

584801 Unity hangs when running AssetDatabase.ExportPackage with ExportPackageOptions.Interactive flag

584840 Loading Asset Bundle leaks memory

584901 OpenGL ES 2.0 emulation is not available in the editor when it is started with "-force-opengl" flag

584926 SystemInfo.systemMemorySize returns negative value on devices with more than 2GB RAM

584968 Lights flickering after using Occlusion Culling

585079 [Win Store] App crashes when resuming from suspend

585243 "Invalid portal index" in console, and occlusion does not work.

585393 Crash, when adding a box collider, then reverting to prefab

585416 uberstrike: character animations don't always play

585429 Adding a script to a game object when any of the scripts contain errors cause Unity to crash

585512 The Animation window does not enable/disable scripts in the WSA/WP8 players

585567 Sprite vertex transformations dont use NEON code path

585683 Input.GetJoystickNames() contains disconnected controllers

585695 Sometimes enter is not called when 2D collision happens

585742 The Cursor.SetCursor changes the cursor for half a second in editor

585773 Recursive reflection rendering in Water4

585776 Input.GetJoystickNames() returns an empty name of wired controller

585796 Incorrect resolution after snapping application's window

585938 Shader bug on device with feature level 9.3

585963 Sending application to background at the time when splash screen flickers causes it to crash on resume

585986 Project fails at AOT cross compile for iOS on Windows when "Script Debugging" is enabled.

586079 When creating a Scoreloop Social client from the BlackBerry

586095 A mistake in the NavMeshPath.corners example

586226 Editing a Polygon Collider 2d in 3d view is broken when z position is not 0

586729 EditorWindow scripts can be attached to any game object

586742 GUI functions cause crash on 64 bit standalone build

586743 OpenWindow doesn't work if a layout has not been changed

586783 Unable to close the window inside the editor if the script is deleted

586846 Unity Web Playerquits with the message: "The content was stopped because a fatal content error has been detected."

586959 Polygon collider generator generates unwanted shapes

587044 SurfaceShaderLightingExamples page has a number of errors

587126 A few Gingerbread devices freeze after the app is closed or sent to background

587149 Collider2D behaviour is not the same as Collider when Rigidbody2D Interpolation is turned on

587214 OS Freeze (sometime reboot

587223 OS Freeze (and sometime reboot)

587247 App crashes on Kindle Fire HDX 7" (2013) due to shaders caching in OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics mode

587345 WWW object in Unity Editor cannot communicate with servers that compress their data streams

587379 Profiler.logFile doesn't work on Win Store Apps

587642 Animation window freezes when user selects animation event

587766 AddComponentMenu has separate examples for C# and JS

587780 The padding is missing on the top part of the Color window

587784 headless Angrybots crashes

587844 ArgumentException error when creating a new Tree using TreeCreator package

587848 Palm tree prefab doesn't have a preview

587985 m_Body == NULL error after disabling a game object that is attached to HingeJoint2D

587986 Profiling is broken

588025 Under properties section in the sphere collider manual, Radius and Center should be switched

588031 "max distance only" is missing from the manual docs on distance joint 2D component

588064 UnityObject JS param options don't work with IE

588069 Scene view has to be focused so that Frame Selected would work

588101 Rich text documentation appears with tags escaped out.

588159 "Set up defaults for 2D" doesn't work when creating a new project

588183 transform.position assign attempt for 'X' is not valid. Even after leaving play mode and reentering.

588192 java installer fails silently

588193 Chinese language bar is printing Western letters

588209 Objects with rect transform cannot be dragged around

588214 "Layout" button does not display the layout name

588236 extra file execution prompt for plugin updater on IE

588282 [Win Store Apps] URI issue

588301 There is no way to use both platform-specific and editor plugin DLLs in the same project

588393 Touch trace to GUITexture is broken

588394 Crash when opening Unity via Command Line with -force-opengl

588395 Player Settings page is outdated

588421 Changing frame range of a clip throws warnings

588457 Can't highlighter.highlight gameobjects in project or hierarchy

588460 Acceleration DeltaTime often is equal to 0

588486 Documentation page contains an old screen shot of Preferences window

588489 -e The code example for the TextGenerator class only displays as JS

588492 Text has a different font style - please see attached screen

588499 docs about Model Importer are broken

588500 extra ">" on manual page

588501 Table header broken on manual page

588502 "Disable audio" function is not documented

588503 Missing documentation on features in Editor Settings window

588506 markup left in list items

588515 table completely broken

588526 # symbol missing in example

588529 Sprites are not packed when platform is set to iOS and format to "Compressed"

588530 Physics Manager page needs to be updated

588533 broken link in flash docs

588535 page under wrong section

588565 Crash when some components are visible in the hierarchy

588611 I was removing trees with the terrain editor and Unity crashed

588632 Unity crashes when an animation is triggered

588695 Can't define custom packingpolicy

588720 Graphics Settings documentation page needs a new screen shot

588724 Render Settings page needs information about "Flare Fade Speed" parameter

588727 I was removing the last tree from my terrain and Unity crashed

588730 Script Execution Order page needs to be updated with a new screen shot

588733 Text on "Tags And Layers" page needs to be updated

588740 Script debugging is broken

588746 Time Manager page needs to be updated - grammar issues and new screen shot

588921 HingeJoint2D.jointAngle inconsistent

588976 JS convertion to C# doesn't work properly

588983 Clicking a link in the docs collapses all expanded classess

589071 Expanded hierarchy causes lag in play mode

589181 JS -> C# converter is not working for generic types

589217 Project view sorting order differs from the hierarchy sorting order

589223 [Win Store Apps] s_Device->QueryInterface(&debug) failed

589281 Non-monobehavior classes break the script execution order window

589292 Mark-down / Translation error in 4.5 docs

589339 Standard asset Water Reflections (Pro) does not reflect objects while app is in landscape orientation

589434 Native plugin rendering does not work since Unity 4.5b1

589442 This is a repro project for case:589071 589212 HingeJoint2D Anchor flickers terribly when changing position

589616 File endings supported by TextAsset are not listed in scripting documentation

589678 Linux Library Issue

589706 Bugs with Transform.SetSiblingIndex API

589765 Memory Area - spelling mistake: 'explored' should be "explore"

589790 If you try to set an index bigger or equal to parent childCount, it will hang unity

589791 You can set a sibling with index 0, if you try to set it to 0 it sets it to childCount-1

589792 SetAsFirst actually moves it to the last position (index childCount-1), and SetAsLast moves it to the first position (index 0)

589811 WebCamTexture freezes the Editor in Play Mode

589812 Deploying application through Visual Studio or Application Deployment tool causes error

589823 Location Service does not respect desired accuracy on WP8

589824 Screen shot on page about AudioListener needs to be updated

589826 "The GameObject-Component Relationship" page - Both screen shots on this page needs to be updated.

589829 "Using Components" page - all screen shots needs to be updated

589832 Screen shot on "Deactivating GameObjects" page needs to be updated

589869 Use of System.Security.Cryptography.CryptoStream() causes errors to be thrown

589882 Can't build Android app when environment variable "_JAVA_OPTIONS = Xmx8192M" is set

589959 "Using the Inspector" page needs a new screen shot and the Settings Manager link leads to an empty page

589963 Three top screen shots needs to be updated on "Assigning References" page.

589964 Screen shots on "Multi-Object Editing" page needs to be updated

589965 Screen shots on "Inspector Options" page needs to be updated

589974 Screen shots on "Prefabs" page needs to be updated

589982 Screen shot on "Instantiating Prefabs at runtime" page needs to be updated

589985 Screen shots needs to be updated on "Transform" page

590038 Texture Combiners command sections format messed up

590115 Typos in Occlusion Culling documentation

590120 ShaderLab documentation grammar and format items

590130 Non-link to Scripting Tutorials in documentation

590366 Undo.DestroyObjectImmediate causes data to disappear after relaunch

590487 Screen shot needs to be updated on all Audio pages

590492 Page is missing a link to the Scripting Reference, where user can write a script for the Microphone function.

590494 There is no documentation on wheel joint in the manual

590503 GameObject page has several issues

590504 Transform page - screen shot needs to be updated

590511 Bullet point numbering in text is wrong

590514 Screen shots need to be updated for section on Mesh Filter and Mesh Renderer pages

590520 broken headline formatting

590524 "Kind-of" text in Hardware Requirements table is too vague

590548 Application crashes after several screen lock-resume operations in development build

590635 Rotating a Parent gameobject rotates the child's sprite, but not collider

590672 [Win Store Apps] Mouse events are not detected while touching the touchscreen

590686 Move Threshold doesn't work if active Rigidbody is attached

590767 [Win Store] App crashes when snapping on startup

590850 Parent 2d rigidbody causes child collider to move out of place

590946 When loading an asset bundle that contains a SpriteRenderer, the sorting layer for the sprite renderer gets reset to default

591014 Sprite packer only packs the first slice of a sprite correctly

591036 Split sprites always look like the first slice of the sprite.

591120 a sprite breaks when entering play mode

591362 plugin freezes due to logspam of unitialized animator

591801 Mondevelop crashes when clicking on any line in a boo script

591846 URL in Application.Quit documentation is not correct

591870 OnApplicationFocus and OnApplicationPause are not called on

592013 Editor crashes after trying to call a method of a destroyed object

592047 Wrong order in Parameters section of Microphone.Start

592166 Specific custom outline shader does not work in landscape application orientation on WP8 device

592177 Memory is never released in GLES 3.0 graphics level when using RenderTexture.ReleaseTemporary

592279 No shadows are drawn in Editor when platform is set to Windows Phone 8

592280 [Win Store] FPS dros on RT device

592413 I get the error Unable to find suitable jdk installation

592440 Reverting a prefab causes it to duplicate

592455 Typo "attribut"

592499 Sprites do not function correctly when game is built

592500 Nav Mesh Agent has corrupted scene display in Mecanim demo project

592509 Collider separates from child object after the parent object is resized by -1

592511 Using Sprite.Create does not seem to work

592522 Animated script variables don't work properly when same script used multiple times

592669 Animation manual is missing next/back buttons on some pages

592694 [Win Store] POST data is lost

592822 Unity crashes if a script containing a custom inspector class is deleted

592894 Sprite.Create causes Unity to crash

593099 Undo.RegisterFullObjectHierarchyUndo deparents the target gameobject

593115 Unity crashes when selecting graphics emulation to 'Shader model 3' with some shaders

593159 Texture2D.ReadPixels returns white texture on Windows Phone 8

593252 Error when importing a 1025 px width and 50 px height sprite

593262 Unity hangs when instantiating primitives

593436 [Win Store] Ambiguous reference compiler error

593570 Video plays upside-down, not full screen and the app crashes instead of canceling video on Kindle Fire

593980 Minimum Size of Automatic slicing has been removed

594081 Input.inputString doesn't work properly with unicode characters

594083 Soft cursor goes outside of screen on Windows Store Apps

594096 [Win Store Apps] Screen.SetResolution function does not affect mouse position

594121 Windows Phone development mode application crashes after specifically timed pause-resume while loading

594141 We have the same issue as a lot of users here

594425 Project wizard related bugs

594432 Unity Manual page about Searching needs to be updated

594495 When using Scoreloop API in current release, it crashes on

594521 Empty project crashes when built with gle3

594530 NaCl support removed in 4.5, needs to go from docs too

594553 fake auto-update channel shows in channel menu

594557 Juicecubes game won't load on IE10/11

594652 DX11 standalone on dual screen always runs on the same screen

594789 Motorola Droid X hangs after calling Application.Quit()

594946 The dependence of sprites in AnimationClip is lost when the game object with sprite Animation is loaded from Assetbundle

595162 NavMesh is generated incorrectly if HeightMesh is enabled

595421 Profiler behavior on Web Player platform needs to be updated

595511 Agent snaps to polygon edge and not terrain

595797 Application crashes on ART runtime with script incompatibility

595960 Multiediting textures causes inspector to break

596205 Switching dx11 on/off causes a crash with no bug reporter

596262 Values not updating in the inspector until you force a repaint

596442 OnGUI Text Rendering won't show chinese characters on BB10

596774 plugin maxes out cpu/core with game

597230 Cannot drag Hierarchy children to be first child of parent

597406 Animator.GetCurrentAnimationClipState on iOS returns length of 1

597449 Editor issues with dx9 and Intel HD graphics

597496 Crash when switching FBXImport tabs

597923 Selecting a diffuse and a normal map texture causes exception

597957 Windows Phone applications are set to render in smaller resolution than possible on Nokia Lumia 1520

597989 NetworkReachability always returns ReachableViaLocalAreaNetwork on WP8

598131 Renderer properties do not contain any documentation

598329 An item from the hierarchy search results does not get selected with the arrow down key

598350 4.5: Shader compiler throws "Empty program string'' error on missing property declaration

598355 Undo does not work in curve editor

598379 Filter does not reset after selecting an object in a scene view

598389 cmd+D does not duplicate an array in the Inspector

598487 ANR on OUYA console under heavy gamepad activity

598641 Sprite renderer sorting layers don't work

598815 Terminal freezes

599128 Web Player crash in firefox

599247 "called unimplemented OpenGL ES API" error on Galaxy Nexus

599290 Mouse events are not detected

599744 Unused texture data is not freed from memory on WP8

599796 The engine crashed when using a Texture2D field in a field in a Serializable struct

599880 Font.RequestCharactersInTexture crashes the Android App

600169 Getting a build error when building the project for iOS while the "Google Android Project" is enabled on Android

600235 GUILayout ArgumentExceptions when multi-selecting audio clips

600267 Format errors on MonoBahaviour page and links

600514 Application crashes when game is run on some android devices with OpenGLES2.0, because of shader

600893 Spotlight is rendered incorrectly in landscape mode of Windows Phone 8

600929 Hierarchy collapses after maximizing a tab

601174 NullReferenceException when switching FBXImport tabs

601194 Master configuration will show Development Build if project was exported with Development Build checked

601640 Awake methods of generic class children are not called

601940 NavMesh documentation is arranged in the wrong order

602012 5.0 Docs switch language button not working for code sample

602018 Black screen between splash image and the first scene content

602137 WSA projects do not handle forbidden file name chars in product name

602628 Ctrl + A does not work correctly in hierarchy

603187 GetCharacterInfo() fails to retrieve specific symbols on WP8

603708 Application crashes after Unity logo on Windows Phone 8

603900 Can't get the microphone working on BB10

603973 Slider Joint face different direction in 4.5.0 in comparison with 4.3.4

603981 Angry Bots crashes on WP8 when paused/resumed on level restart

604007 Unity crashes when trying to undo layer deletion in Animator

604009 index < m_FloatCount is shown when running a scene with a blend tree without a paramater

604189 WP8 app touch and mouse input positions are incorrect on WP8.1 Lumia 1520

604218 Can't build WSA when project contains "Unity Test Tools"

604250 Crash when opening with -force-opengl

604450 Game objects cannot be renamed if at least one game object in a scene has its layer manipulated

604928 Dragging a rigidbody 2d into the editor GUI elements causes it to remain kinematic

604945 Angry Bots with all image effects crash when resumed on WP8

605178 Crash when changing the BlendTree parameter to Speed and hit Play

605236 Screen.SetResolution has no effect in fullscreen

605304 Slider joint gizmo visualization is incorrect (doesn't account for rotation)

605407 -e Random crashes on ART. Works perfectly fine on Dalvik

605409 Unity crashed while attempting to use Shader Forge

605453 Setting Physics2D.IgnoreCollision does not always work

605468 Android does not resume properly when coming back from an activity on samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0

605476 Cannot add multiple Slider Joint 2D components to a rigidbody

606370 "Trickalized" crashes plugin

606394 "Iamplayr" game suffers severe slowdown

606893 InvalidCastException in WinRTBridge

607701 Scale curves in generic animations aren't previewed

608060 OnTriggerStay2D gets called only when enabling Rigidbody2D.isKinematic while the moving object is inside the idle one

609901 Standalone player crashes when using "Step Over" while debugging

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