Hello all - long time lurker but first time poster.

Just wanted to say hi and to say thanks for the huge archive of information you have created and how much I have enjoyed learning about this fascinating subject.

A little about me - got into watches a few years ago but stuck to the lower end - hence the four Seiko's. Started with the solar chrono, added the cocktail time then the monster then the 7002 for a bit more colour.

I was happy with these but always dreamed of going a little higher end.

I then inherited enough to indulge a little. I know Bremont is a little bit Marmite on these pages but I fell in love with the alt1-c and bought this as my first expensive watch. Bought second hand from watch finder.

This just whetted my appetite and the speedie pro followed soon after. All I can say is thank you to you all who have praised the speedie as this is just the most versatile watch. Have had it on the bracelet, on one of eddie's two piece NATO's and just changed to one of his rally straps. Having been a little underwhelmed at first I just love this watch.

My budget was spent when I happened to be outside a dealer on Black Friday who had 30% off omegas. I walked past several times staring at the seamaster. Always loved these but had 3 divers so went speedie first.

Then my wife turned to me and said the words I never thought I would hear - "if you want it just buy it!"

Needless to say I was their like a shot.

So this is where I am now - I have a wish list and fantasy watch box that I have filled a thousand times.

Currently looking to fill one of my empty slots - currently having the debate - 1 watch for £1000 or several. I do wear suits but rotate the speedie seamaster and cocktail time at work, the bremont when out or weekends and the others as beaters. Considering a grey market new quartz Aqua terra (budget won't go automatic) or longines conquest gmt or some combination of Hamilton khaki and dress.

Anyway enough rambling thanks for reading - excuse the rather poor iPhone photo and sotc.



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