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bill4gr wrote:Adobe stopped supporting flash player on Android 4.1+... you have to go back on 4.0

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They stopped support on 4.0 as well. You have to go back to HC, download, backup, upgrade, and install the backup flash player.

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No need to do that.

Just go to:
http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/ ... sions.html

Get the latest apk for "Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives" list.

Good luck getting it to do anything, Skyfire Browser is better for flash videos then Flash Player itself

Now that many web sites are being updated to full HTML 5, which doesn't use flash to play videos among other things. But for web sites that still use flash, of which there are still unfortunately many, you will have no choice but to have flash installed or that content will just not work.

Again the Google party line that you can't install flash on JB is just not true. If only Google had not cut ties with Adobe I'm sure they could have fixed the god forsaken flash player for JB. I really think the Adobe people have easy fixes for JB but because of the bad blood they just let the player stay as it is.

its not that you CAN'T install it on JB, its that it is utterly useless. Skyfire seems to run anything flash-wise i throw at it. So the flash player app no longer has any place. obsolete.

I still think you don't understand that flash content requires that the Adobe Flash core be installed or NO flash content will run. Again many web sites are running HTML 5 code and don't need flash but the browser can not show flash content without the Adobe Flash core player installed. What your missing is that Skyfire can run HTML 5 code but without Adobe Flash installed it won't be playing flash content.

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