IAS Freedom Medal Winner Wendy Honnor offering NON-Scientology Personal Coaching.

The history:

First, by letter dated June 24, 2012, IAS Freedom Medal Winner Wendy Honor left the Church of Scientology and became an Independent Scientologist.

Next, by comment dated October 3, 2013, IAS Freedom Medal Winner Wendy Honor left Independent Scientology, stating: "Scientology – the entire thing, from “Day One” up to and including the “Day You Realise The Entire Thing is a Crock”, is brainwashing."


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NEW Spring Release from Wendy Honnor

"Life Essentials Series - Short Coaching Courses on Skype"

Helping you have the life you want, much faster than you think.

"How To Be Free of a Toxic Person" – 5 Skype Sessions

This exciting Coaching Course is a lot of fun and essential for everyone and will teach you all about the two types of people who can trigger a lack of confidence, helplessness or powerlessness in you and ruin your life. They are the angry person who puts you down very loudly, and the more sly one who smiles but stabs you in the back. This second type of person can seem so nice a lot of the time, but can then be very critical and sarcastic about your achievements, roll their eyes when you are speaking or are doing something you are proud of. You will learn how to spot them fast, how to tell if they are chronically toxic or just having a bad day; how to develop your own immunity to their toxic behaviours and actions so that they cannot harm you at all, and also learn about how to tell whether they can change or not. Once you have this training and understand your own reactions to their presence in your life, and use what you have learned, it will be as though you have a force field around you that no toxic bully can penetrate. Your confidence will steadily improve and you will no longer feel like a deer in the headlights when they suddenly strike you. You will be able to tell Wendy about your own situation and ask her any questions you like. This course usually has many big light bulb moments. Wendy will recommend two wonderful books by 2 renowned psychologists that you can download from Amazon as e-books or buy in paperback. They will become your reference books for life. The ups and downs of life will even out when you understand what truly causes them.

"How to Be Free of a Toxic Person", Part Two - 5 Skype Sessions

This optional module is available to clients who have completed Part One and wish to learn more about this fascinating subject or who would like coaching on their own specific situation in their personal or professional life.

Special Spring Introductory Discount Price of $500 including GST for this 5-Session Course. Normally up to $1,000. All enquiries welcome. Phone our office: 03 63981145 or email Wendy: contact@wendyhonnor.com

You have one Skype session per week x 5 weeks. Ask for a Tax Invoice if this coaching is related to your business or profession.

Major Credit Cards accepted, including American Express

Get yourself our of the woods and into the sunshine with some education about the people who are influencing your life.

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