I have been using and slowly evolving this script for a while now and I thought someone might be interested in using it as well.

It is a general information display that I prefer to the usual transport because I find it easier to quickly check properties and names of minimized items and tracks.

The left portion shows properties for the selected Track/Item. It also shows the name of the hovered item or track so you can easily navigate projects when completely zoomed out.

The center contains information about where the mouse is currently pointing at, where the edit cursor is, where the playhead is at and the length of ongoing recordings.

To the right of the position information there are two customizable nudge values (n1 and n2) which can be used for a wide variety of functions using the bundled actions. I just always find the native nudges a bit clumsy to quikly check and adjust to use, so this allows me to quickly make trims and moves.

To the far right there is a small loudness meter that uses the information provided by the amazing EBU R128 JSFX (not included) which can be downloaded here: http://www.tb-software.com/TBProAudio/download.html

The top square button freezes the display so you can keep the values from changing and the bottom green one is a temporary menu for you to set the target levels and alert ranges.

The bundle includes a few time input scripts such as the GoToTimecode which are an optimized "jump to" window. When using it typing "+" will enter addition mode and typing "-" will enter subtraction mode, while pressing the spacebar will clear the default time.

It is seriously lacking as far as design and documentation but I thought I'd share to see if there is any interest in developing it further.


Download the scripts here: http://stash.reaper.fm/29716/Top%20Display.zip

Download and install the loudness jsfx from here if you wish to use the meters:http://www.tb-software.com/TBProAudio/download.html

You only need to load and install the CS_Top Display Installer.lua script. That will install all necessary scripts and update the command ID's for them to work together.

Let me know if anything breaks or if you have any questions.

I should be thanking a whole lot of people for bits and pieces and parts of this script which I've cannibalized from others I found here in the forum. The main ones I remember are Lokasenna, eugen2777 and mpl but I'm sure there were others.

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