This week has been a busy week on Twitter. Lewis Hamilton has not only been winning on track, but he's been tweeting like crazy ever since the German Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Lotus have been tweeting cartoon pictures of the Hungarian Grand Prix, 5LiveF1 have been on another #F1roadtrip and the paddock has been blaming BBC 5LiveF1's Jennie Gow for the rain. So here it is, here's what's been happening this week in F1 social media...

What the drivers have been saying:

Felipe Massa started the week at Fiorano where he was test driving the F12:

@Felipe1Massa: Test drive na nova F12 na pista de Fiorano , test drive whith the new F12 in Fiorano circuit! http://yfrog.com/h2x6oycj

Daniel Ricciardo was enjoying the British summer:

@danielricciardo: Had a great day in the english summer. Wow it finally arrived. You beauty! May have even got a tan!

Mark Webber tweeted a pic of an upgrade:

@AussieGrit: Hey boys that was a mega upgrade huh? http://twitpic.com/abciy9

Lewis Hamilton also shared a photo of a dog:

@LewisHamilton: Families dog...Oscar. Funny little dude http://instagram.com/p/Nhlge4r0wy/

Jenson Button enjoyed the fan signing session on Thursday:

@JensonButton: Great to see so many fans here at the Hungaroring for the fan signing session. Sorry we can't sign for everyone!

Following his recent love for Twitter, Hamilton was going to share his weekend with you all:

@LewisHamilton: Can't wait to drive in the morning, lets hope this car loves this track as much as i do! Im gonna take you all with me through the weekend!

He loves 'candy':

@LewisHamilton: Supermans weakness, kryptonite. My weakness, haribo cherrie candy! A fan brought me these..damn it! So hard http://instagram.com/p/NlJ6yur0xS/

Fernando Alonso found a great street in Hungary:

@alo_oficial: In this circuit, there is only one road to go in and out.... and could only have this name...;)) #HungaryAlo https://twitter.com/alo_oficial/status/228887314787627009/photo/1

Jenson Button had a birthday message for his dad on Friday:

@JensonButton: Good day at the track today and think we have good pace.. More importantly congratulations Papa Smurf on making it to 69!!! Love you Dad..

Alonso shared a photo of the view from the Ferrari motorhome on Saturday:

@alo_oficial: Good morning! Time for breakfast! This is among the few circuits we see the track from the Motorhome.. ;)) https://twitter.com/alo_oficial/status/229117866119663617/photo/1

The drivers had this to say post-qualifying:

@JensonButton: Congrats to Lewis and the whole team for pole today sorry I couldn't get up on the front row but I'll be there tomorrow don't you worry!! ;)

@alo_oficial: Happy with the qualy today! We need a good start and good strategy for tomorrow! Scoring some good points would be a great gift.. ;))))

@LewisHamilton: Just got back. Had 2 press conferences, tv's & a paddock club appearance. How was that? Felt pretty good to me;) thank you for the support!!

@H_Kovalainen: Maximum out of the car this afternoon, no mistakes and balance good. Team working on more overall performance. Tomorrow 110% effort again

@RGrosjean: Great qualifying and fantastic job from @Lotus_F1Team ! Let's have a good race tomorrow.

@danielricciardo: Today was pretty shize. Bright side is tomorrow counts and I wish it was now. Some fire in this belly will be released ;) bring it

Hamilton had an interview about his qualifying lap with Sky's Martin Brundle:

@LewisHamilton: Just finished an interview with @MBrundleF1 http://instagram.com/p/NoXr01L0-G/

Ricciardo had a message for GP2's Max Chilton:

@danielricciardo: Want to congratulate my former F3 teammate @MaxChilton_ on his first GP2 victory today. Drove a great race. Well done!

Alonso had a thank you message on Sunday:

@alo_oficial: Thank you very much for the good wishes for my birthday !!! I love to share with all of you these happy moments..!

Hamilton had a sticker of support on his helmet for race day:

@LewisHamilton: I had this made especially for today. Team GB & Team Grenada!! #teamGB & #teamgrenada 1Love!! http://instagram.com/p/NqRjuKL0xg/

The 'Random Tweet of the Week' award goes to Lewis:

@LewisHamilton: Just finished lunch, had two poached eggs & wheat toast. Now at drivers parade. It's hotter than santin's toe nails in this mug!

He had fun on the drivers' parade though, and had some banter with Alonso:

@LewisHamilton: Me, @schecoperez & @nico_rosberg http://instagram.com/p/NqWHAXL0yn/

@LewisHamilton: Me & @alo_oficial...happy birthday man! http://instagram.com/p/NqWnOAL0yu/

@alo_oficial: @LewisHamilton thanks man..!! ;))

Here's what the drivers had to say after the race:

@LewisHamilton: You guys are THE best fans, I love you all & am so grateful for the love & support!! God Bless you all

@JensonButton: Congrats to Lewis & the whole team.. Upgrades have worked a treat over the last 2 GP's. Enjoy the 2week break guys then lets get back on it!

@alo_oficial: 23 carreras consecutivas en los puntos....GRACIAS chicos! GRACIAS Ferrari..!! 23 GP in the points... THANKS all the guys in FERRARI...!!!

@pauldirestaf1: Was tough today. Lost to many places with our start. We need to improve them. Balance and pace was ok after that, track position not ideal

@SChecoPerez: Very hard weekend no pace at all , now time to disconnect from the intense season and have some holiday to come back very strong!tnk u all

@BSenna: Now very welcome holidays, with a good positive head and looking forward to Spa. Will try and keep in touch here on Twitter! Take care!!!

And finally, to end the first half of the season, Alonso enjoyed some Ferrari birthday cake:

@alo_oficial: Tarta de cumpleaños...;)) Birthday cake...;)) #forzaferrari https://twitter.com/alo_oficial/status/229618526263058432/photo/1

What the teams have been saying:

Williams went for a track walk on Thursday, and spotted this on the grid:

@WilliamsF1Team: Who says F1 isn't superstitious?! In Hungary this is 13th on the grid #WilliamsTrackWalk http://twitpic.com/abvp16

Red Bull's spy spotted a fan playing a Red Bull guitar:

@redbullf1spy: Oh look. That man's made a Red Bull guitar! Now, what tune would he play on that? https://twitter.com/redbullf1spy/status/228494810607136770/photo/1

McLaren were with Lewis Hamilton as he was challenged to draw circuit maps from memory:

@TheFifthDriver: Italian TV Mediaset challenging @LewisHamilton to draw circuit maps from memory. Hungary was perfect! How would you do? https://twitter.com/TheFifthDriver/status/228494829544423424/photo/1

Red Bull's spy was with Vettel and Webber for the fan signing on Thursday:

@redbullf1spy: Ignoring the over-zealous police, our boys storm the barricades to meet fans... https://twitter.com/redbullf1spy/status/228519180146716672/photo/1

McLaren held a #socialfriday during practice on Friday:

@TheFifthDriver: #socialfriday @SebastianS1983: "Out of all the tracks which would be the best to drive in the opposite direction?" Wow! Great question!

@TheFifthDriver: Backwards Spa would be amazing - DOWNHILL through Eau Rouge! #backtracks

Lotus spotted Natalie Pinkham doing some reading in the pitlane on Friday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Good reading matter for @SkySportsF1 @NataliePinkham #HungaroKings http://yfrog.com/h6852hzgj

Williams shared a photo from the past:

@WilliamsF1Team: Here it is... Can anyone tell us who the other men in this photo are? @TheFifthDriver might know! #20years https://twitter.com/WilliamsF1Team/status/228820810540929024/photo/1

@TheFifthDriver: @WilliamsF1Team Indeed, a year of dominance from Nigel in 1992 - hard to believe he'd wrapped it up in Hungary. Good luck this weekend guys.

As the heavens opened during practice on Friday, Sauber were discussing the season's weather:

@OfficialSF1Team: With this year's race weather we even might get wet in the desert of Abu Dhabi

Williams shared a photo of Natalie Pinkham talking to Sir Frank:

@WilliamsF1Team: Sir Frank talks to @NataliePinkham this evening! http://twitpic.com/accw0m

On Saturday, Ferrari were celebrating Italy's first gold medal in the Olympics:

@InsideFerrari: First gold medal for Italy at the Olympic Games! Congratulations from Scuderia Ferrari!

Williams shared Run That Track's image of #BOTTAS:

@WilliamsF1Team: "@RunThatTrack: Oh go on… One more for the road… #BOTTAS !!!http://bit.ly/OuejWi" brilliant one of our man!

Sauber shared a weather photo on Sunday:

@OfficialSF1Team: 08.30 on race day in #budapest - beautiful light after a thunderstorm. Interesting to see how the weather develops https://twitter.com/OfficialSF1Team/status/229465843648565248/photo/1

Lotus found another way of drying a race suit:

@Lotus_F1Team: Who needs tumble dryers? #f1 #hungarokings http://instagram.com/p/NqJJtIrkxq/

McLaren had a photo of the 5 British team principals:

@TheFifthDrivers: The five British team principals in Formula 1 get together in Hungary for French magazine Auto Hebdo. #believeinmclaren https://twitter.com/TheFifthDriver/status/229523575269380097/photo/1

They also shared a photo of Jenson's support of Team GB:

@TheFifthDriver: @JensonButton 's sporting a very special sticker on his helmet this weekend in support of Team GB! #olympics #teamGB https://twitter.com/TheFifthDriver/status/229532558856163328/photo/1

Force India were feeling the heat on the way to the grid:

@clubforce: On our way to the grid now and it's scorching hot. http://twitpic.com/ad32w0

Lotus had some live cartoons to share before the race:

@Lotus_F1Team: #F1 Live Cartoon - Pre #HungarianGP : Kimi knows how to win in Budapest... Go Kimiii #HungaroKings https://twitter.com/Lotus_F1Team/status/229543000596967425/photo/1

And during the race too:

@Lotus_F1Team: #F1 Live Cartoons - #HungarianGP : Come on @RGrosjean , let's catch @LewisHamilton !!! #HungaroKings https://twitter.com/Lotus_F1Team/status/2295523…

Williams had a photo to share from the grid:

@WilliamsF1Team: Lined up alongside each other and getting ready to go! #Hungaroring http://twitpic.com/ad39qj

What the media have been saying:

Just like Germany, 5LiveF1 had a road trip to Hungary:

@5LiveF1: 358 miles to go and @JennieGow takes over the driving duty. That means I am in charge of the music! Time for The Chain? https://twitter.com/5LiveF1/status/227359265319444480/photo/1

They spotted a hospitality unit on the road:

@5LiveF1: One sixth of one of the two Ferrari Hospitality Units! #winningtrucks https://twitter.com/5LiveF1/status/227370734345932800/photo/1

Jennie Gow shared a photo of Kimi Raikkonen falling over in Germany:

@JennieGow: In case you missed this last night - @wtf1couk put this together. Kimi Fail #F1 https://twitter.com/wtf1couk/status/227494830132035584/photo/1 Ouch!

After her wedding last week, Natalie Pinkham was back for Hungary:

@NataliePinkham: Honeymoon will have to wait...Hungary here I come! #SkyF1

Ian Parkes was discussing Jennie Gow, the rain queen:

@ianparkesf1: I can tell I'm getting closer to Budapest and @JennieGow because it's raining here in Munich for my connecting flight.  #rainqueen

Jennie Gow meanwhile, was figuring out what the Hungaroring looks like:

@JennieGow: After lunch with @F1Kate and @andystobart - it appears to me rather than a camel - the Hungaroring looks like a bucking bronco!

She had an update on Kimi on Thursday:

@JennieGow: Good news - Kimi managed to get to the track without falling over…and looks to be fine after Germany #fail! ;) #F1 http://yfrog.com/h2fs8pgj

Georgie Thompson was off to chat to Button:

@OfficiallyGT: Waiting for Mrs Wolbyoff, @NataliePinkham, to get a wriggle on then off to talk to @JensonButton about his love affair with this place!

Sky Sports were filming a track guide:

@SkySportsF1: Here's @mbrundlef1 and the Sky Sports F1 crew preparing this weekend's track guide... http://yfrog.com/kjs9irdmj

Adam Cooper was hanging around by the autograph queue:

@adamcooperf1: #F1 Lots of fans didn't get close to the front of the autograph queue. Alonso just threw his cap into the crowd, so one is happy

@adamcooperf1: #F1 Ferrari press officer is cuddling a teddy bear, presumably a fan's gift for Massa!

Jennie Gow had a quote of the day:

@JennieGow: Kimi gets my Quote of the day: WHAT HAPPENED WHEN YOU WERE LEAVING HOCKENHEIM? WE SAW SOME PICTURES… I almost fell down. It was a close one!

Freelancer Kate Walker had a bad night's sleep on Thursday:

@F1Kate: My cheap hotel win turned out to be a mega fail. '90s disco till 5.21am. I slept SO WELL last night. #someonegivemeaIVcoffeedripstat

On Friday, Natalie Pinkham introduced us to her new friend:

@NataliePinkham: Introducing my new Hungarian marshal friend and his pet badger... https://twitter.com/NataliePinkham/status/228792301877600256/photo/1

Kate Walker was busy taking photos of Ferrari's updates:

@F1Kate: Ferrari debut revolutionary new aero package in Budapest. https://twitter.com/F1Kate/status/228821326931046400/photo/1

During practice, SPEED were expecting rain:

@Formula1onSPEED: Uh Oh...looks like we may get some rain soon...@willbuxton rain gear deployment possible. #SPEEDF1

It was hot in the media centre:

@F1Kate: I am actually melting. The a/c in the press room has given up. Who wants to join me in a run to the water park?

@F1Kate: Soaking up the rain outside. Nice and cool at last!

Will Buxton tweeted a photo of Lewis Hamilton tweeting:

@willbuxton: Look. It's a tweet of @LewisHamilton sending a tweet. http://instagram.com/p/NlgR3dmEjh/

@willbuxton: It's TWEETCEPTION!!! I'm in @LewisHamilton's tweet, explaining that I am tweeting about him tweeting about me tweeting about him tweeting!

5LiveF1 shared a photo of the clouds:

@5LiveF1: Nice cloud action here in Budapest! https://twitter.com/5LiveF1/status/228872960864296960/photo/1

Sky Sports had a photo from the other side of the camera:

@SkySportsF1: From the other side of the camera as @officiallygt & @tedkravitz present the F1 Show... http://yfrog.com/obrxrdfj

Natalie Pinkham received a money-can't-buy wedding present from her colleagues:

@NataliePinkham: Our amazing wedding present... Big thank you to @CroftyF1 @SkySportsF1 and all the drivers xx https://twitter.com/NataliePinkham/status/229290680713887744/photo/1

@CroftyF1: Lovely night out in Budapest with my @SkySportsF1 friends, talking to the F1 fans in town and celebrating @NataliePinkham Wedding, top night

On Sunday morning, there was a thunder storm:

@willbuxton: 06:15 awoken by an almighty thunderclap. You know that biblical rain? It's here.

Kate Walker was discussing those Kimi to Ferrari rumours:

@F1Kate: These Kimi to Ferrari rumours? Ain't gonna happen, I'm 99% sure. KR told SD after Melbourne that he would never drive for the team again.

@F1Kate: And that he was thrilled not to be in a red race suit. It wasn't a bridge-building exercise, that's for sure!

Apparently it was hot in Hungary just before the race:

@MBrundleF1: Yes getting really wet at Hungaroring now. With sweat, baking hot and blue skies

But Martin Brundle wasn't sure how to take being called Alan Jones:

@MBrundleF1: A guy just asked me in the pitlane if I'm Alan Jones. Don't quite know how to take that.

Forget Martin Brundle's grid walk, Kate Walker found hers scary:

@F1Kate: Hungarian grid walk: slightly terrifying. Didn't realise the main straight was filled with MASSIVE cracks. Not great in heels, or an F1 car.

What everyone else has been saying:

GP2's Max Chilton summarised the German Grand Prix with a cartoon:

@MaxChilton_ The Cartoon summary of the German GP! #priceless https://twitter.com/MaxChilton_/status/227133907504615424/photo/1

Jenson Button's Performance Engineer, Tom Stallard, and Lewis Hamilton's Performance Engineer, Will Joseph spotted some fans leaving Germany with some paraphernalia:

@Tom_Stallard: “@Blondie_wdj: Fans stealing a Santander 100m brake marker board. http://pic.twitter.com/fqIg79E9” His bedroom wall will look awesome!?!

Caterham's Tom Webb noticed the rain as Jennie Gow arrived in Hungary:

@TWCaterhamF1: Am guessing @JennieGow arrived in Budapest this afternoon. Clouds started forming around 3pm....

Ahead of the race, Allan McNish was using his psychic powers:

@AllanMcNish: right, nearly time for F1 race action on @SkySportsF1, I think Hamilton for win but my dark horse is Raikkonen. But that is if it is dry...

And finally, during the race, Fake Charlie Whiting had a message from Race Control:

@charlie_whiting: Race Control: Passing is permitted. (In case this wasn’t clear) #F1

That's it for this week's bumper edition of F1 Timeline, from the Hungarian Grand Prix. F1 is now off for the summer break, however, join me again next week for more from the teams, drivers and F1 media...

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