Doolami Dessert is located in the Marpole area serving up delicious Chinese desserts. They pride themselves with using the best ingredients possible in their desserts. Everything is made in-house and they do not use any concentrates, preservatives, or sweeteners.

I came here with some awesome foodies and we ate through the menu. I’ve been to Doolami before and enjoyed their desserts, so it was good to have a revisit to see whats new.

Glutinous rice balls with peanuts and sesame seeds is a warm dessert and can be messy to eat. You may end up with a few crumbs on your shirt. It was ok, but the other desserts on their menu are a lot better.

Hot House Special Grass Jelly has handmade taro ball, yam ball, matcha ball, red bean, lotus seed, and peanut. They grass jelly is pretty good and you can taste more of it in the hot version.

Cold House Special Grass Jelly is a lot larger than the hot version. The grass jelly is cut up into cubes with the rest of the toppings surrounding it. I think I prefer the cold version over the hot. I usually prefer cold desserts over hot.

Purple Yam and Taro Paste has a very vibrant colour of bright purple. It may look artificial, but it’s not. It’s the true purple colour of the yam.

The taste of the paste is very deep in flavour without being too sweet. Definitely very unique. I’m not a fan of warm desserts, so I wouldn’t normally order this, but I’m definitely more open to it now.

Durian Sago Cream is an interesting item to order. It’s pungent in taste and smell for those who are unfamiliar with durian. M hates me eating this since my burps end up smelling like onions. The rule is that I can eat it when he’s not around.

Black Sesame and Walnut Paste had a really good black sesame taste. Warm desserts are good for the winter months.

Chilled mango sago cream with pomelo is one of the most popular items here. If you don’t order this, someone at your table will order it. It’s not too sweet and is so addictive.

One of their most expensive items on the menu is the Golden Dragon Fruit Snow Ice. The reason why it’s so expensive because the dragon fruit is imported from Ecuador.

I love the milky shaved ice and the dragon fruit tastes sweet and yummy. A lot better than the ones from the store. it’s not a super popular item since it is around $20 for this dessert. Great taste, but it is very expensive.

Fresh Strawberries with strawberry shaved ice is topped with strawberry juicy balls. If you love strawberries, you’ll enjoy this strawberry explosion.

Australian Mango and Mango Shaved Ice is good as well. Another favourite.

They use a lot of mango too, not just a few pieces on the side. Of course, you get what you pay for, so you are getting quality, but it is more expensive than other shaved ice places.

Papaya with milk shaved ice is another version that they have. I really liked the milk shaved ice, but with papaya added into the mix, its pretty good.

Durian Ice Cream in a waffle bowl isn’t for everyone. It’s a popular flavour, but it can be a hit and miss depending on your taste buds. To me, it tastes like onion ice cream. I can tolerate it, but others will fall head over heals in love with this flavour.

Vanilla Earl Grey Ice Cream is one of their newer flavours. They use real Tahitian Vanilla beans, so it really takes a lot of effort to extract the paste from inside.

Blueberry and Lavender Ice Cream is a unique flavour, but it’s not my favourite choice. Every time I think of lavender, it reminds me of soap or some cleaning product.

Green Tea Ice Cream in a waffle bowl. It’s creamy and smooth like the other flavours but has a strong matcha taste. It’s not too sweet and has a slight bitter taste to it. I actually like it this way.

If you don’t want to eat the ice cream in the store, they have their Take Home Pints for $11.99. They also do free delivery across the Lower Mainland.

If you’re ever craving their dessert, you can order it without jumping in the car or bus to grab some. I was pretty impressed by this service.

Fresh Young Coconut is cracked open and its one of my favourite drinks. I find that most of the coconut waters out there can’t even compare. When you’re done drinking, you can grab a spoon and start scooping the coconut meat out.

Overall, I did enjoy Doolami and it’s a very popular place to go at night. Their prices are higher than most dessert places but they work really hard to ensure the quality is there. The desserts are catered towards an Asian palette, so its not too sweet. I would recommend the sago desserts and the shaved ice. If you can’t wait in line to get a seat, grab a pint to go as an alternative.

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8030 Granville Street, Vancouver

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