Pompano Beach Crash Sends Four to the Hospital

A crash in Pompano Beach on December 15 sent two cars into a ditch and four people to the hospital. Witnesses reported that the cars landed in an area surrounded by trees. According to the Pompano Beach Fire Rescue, the accident occurred just before 10 p.m. on Sunday night off Interstate I-95 in the northbound exit of Sample Road.

The Sunday night auto accident in Pompano Beach is one of about six million such crashes that happen each year in the United States. That statistic gets more staggering when you add three million people who are injured, more than half of those with permanent injuries, and some 40,000 deaths as a result.

Auto accidents are usually caused by one of these conditions:

* Negligence. This number one cause simply means that the driver wasn’t paying

attention to the road or road conditions.

* Misconduct. This is often charged as reckless misconduct, and it often involves

alcohol. Someone might be driving too fast, for instance, but just doesn’t care.

* Product liability. In this case, the car itself may cause an accident, such as a

defective tire that blows. The tire manufacturer may be held liable, even though

there is no intent to harm.

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