If it’s been a while since you looked a scale, you’d be forgiven for thinking of a dial scale. While kitschy in their own way now, dial scales have largely gone by the wayside. ‘Why is that,’ you’re probably wondering: since you grew up with one, and you seem to remember it working just fine. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Since technology has made such incredible leaps and bounds, it’s now extremely easy to find a digital scale that can go above and beyond replacing that old dial scale lurking in your bathroom. In fact, the best digital scales even have extra features that your old dial scale wouldn’t have dreamed of. There are digital scales exclusively made for weight loss, body fat statistics, water weight, and the list goes on! Additionally, since the technology has been around for a little while now, most digital scales are very affordable and user-friendly. If you’re imagining a scene from an 80s science fiction movie, well, you’re not entirely incorrect there. Some of these digital scales offer features that are incredibly futuristic. But experiencing a new digital scale after years and years of a dial scale? That will definitely play out more like a dream than a sci-fi movie!

The Best Digital Scales Revealed!





EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Lighted Display



Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform



EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale



BalanceFrom High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale



Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale with Large Backlit LCD



Ozeri Precision II 440 lbs Digital Bathroom Scale



NewlineNY Step On Comfort Edge



This article is designed to help you learn about digital scales. First, we’ll talk a bit about them in general, and then move on to individual digital scale reviews. By the end of this article, you’ll feel more confident than ever about finally getting rid of that old dial scale and moving into the 21st century. And remember: this article isn’t written with a biased opinion towards any of the scales that it reviews. By reading something with an objective opinion, you’ll be able to make the best digital scale purchase for you and your needs. Like so many other things that technology has made possible, digital scales are available in a wide range of prices and features. It’s now easier than ever to find the best scale for you!

So, What’s the Deal with Digital?

In the old days, a bathroom scale did exactly what you’d think: it weighed you. And while it would be completely acceptable to replace your old dial model with a digital scale that did the same thing, why would you want to do that? Today’s digital scales make it easier than ever to track your health in a multitude of ways. Why just monitor your weight when you can also keep an eye on your vital statistics and BMI? The most obvious advances in digital scales are seen in ‘smart scales.’ Smart scales, much like smartphones, are designed to work intuitively with you. Smart digital scales will often link up with a free smartphone app, providing an easy and organized way for you to track your results. Often, these apps will include software that designs charts. If you’re a more visually oriented person, these charts can be a great way to see your results! Additionally, smart scales usually measure things beyond your weight. This way, it’s so easy to see where you should fall on the health spectrum. Even regular digital scales often have extra features.

Another great thing about digital scales? Personalization. While old dial scales looked pretty much the same across the board, the new digital scales sport varied styles and looks. And even though it would be a bit silly to buy a new digital scale based on looks alone, you’re guaranteed to find something that appeals to your personal sense of style and bathroom décor.

In today’s health conscious and fitness-obsessed world, it’s more important than ever to stay on track with diet and exercise. It probably seems like everyone you know has a new gym obsession, whether it’s CrossFit, Bikram Yoga, or Tough Mudder runs, you’re probably struggling to keep up. And while that’s okay, there’s no time like the present to take the plunge and jump into fitness. With startling obesity and heart disease rates, delaying your entry into the fit world only hurts you in the long run. And it’s not just your health that you’re stifling, but it’s also probably your wallet: did you know that most employers charge higher insurance rates to employees who can’t pass a physical?

So now, we should probably address what is absolutely non-negotiable in a digital scale. For starters, you’re going to want something that calibrates automatically. In the old days, dial scales and balance beam scales had to be recalibrated by hand. This was part of the reason why dial scales got such a bad rep for inaccuracy; recalibrating the scale by yourself didn’t always go as planned, and sometimes it was costly to have performed by a professional. Since digital scales recalibrate automatically, this is something you definitely want to take advantage of. Having an accurate scale is key to weight loss, so that’s not something you’re going to skimp on.

Another necessary thing to look for when purchasing a scale is a warranty. Since this is something you’ll want to keep in working order for a long time, it’s best to look for a warranty of at least two years. Sometimes, even with routine technology such as a bathroom scale, you’ll get a ‘lemon,’ so finding a company that always wants to stand behind their products is important. Plus, since you’re going to be spending a little money on your new scale, it’s important to feel secure in your purchase.

And Just How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

By now, you’re probably wondering just how much this scale upgrade is going to cost. And no one would blame you! Thinking about dropping a lot of money on a new digital scale (especially one that connects to your smartphone) is an intimidating prospect for sure. However, you’re likely going to be quite pleased with this news: you won’t be spending too much at all. You can find a nice entry-level digital scale for under $30! Granted, that scale likely won’t have a ton of extra features, but it will still be a reliable and accurate purchase. For those looking at fancier models, well, you’re in luck too! It’s definitely possible to find a great scale with extra features for under $150. And while $150 may seem like a lot to spend, you should really think of it as spending money on your long-term health. Who could put a price on that? If you think about it, a scale purchase is much more likely to help you avoid paying more for health insurance. It’s amazing how much will change from just buying a digital scale!

The Best of the Best

Now we’re finally ready to start reviewing some of these digital scales! Even though you may feel like an expert after reading the above information, wait until you’ve gotten all the way through the reviews. You may come across a scale with a feature that you didn’t even know you needed!

When you’re reading through the digital body scale reviews, you may want to keep a couple of things in mind. Think about your exact needs and wishes for a new scale. It might not even be a bad idea to have a plan in mind beforehand regarding weight loss. Consider how active a role the scale is going to play in your life. Are you a gadget freak, always on your smartphone? If so, you may want to think about a smart scale! If you aren’t quite so plugged in with the rest of your daily life, however, an entry-level base model might be a better fit for you. Also, if you plan to use the scale with multiple people, like roommates, you might want to think about buying a more expensive scale with memory for a few users.  A fun idea that some roommates do with a new digital scale is to monitor their collective progress, and then have contests based on who can lose the most weight or fat. While things like that definitely aren’t for the more sensitive or private, contests can be a fun motivational tool when it comes to dieting and exercise.

These are some good questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new digital scale:

What will I mainly be using the scale for, weight or body statistics?

Do I absolutely need smartphone integration?

How is my bathroom styled? Will I need to update my décor?

Will others be using this scale beside myself, and if so, do they have preferences?

After considering a few of those questions and determining what you have in mind, take a look at the following digital body scale reviews. Remember to stay open to new ideas, just because you haven’t heard of a certain feature doesn’t mean you won’t become completely obsessed after using it!

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

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The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom scale is a bestseller, for many reasons. This scale uses four high precision EatSmart sensors to always provide you with an incredibly fast and accurate reading. The EatSmart Precision Digital scale has been a bestseller for over five years now, and boasts of over ten thousand positive user reviews! Can you imagine how much weight has been lost by all those people combined? One of the biggest and most recent advances in digital scales is the use of “step on” technology—no more stepping on the scale, waiting for it to calibrate, stepping off, then stepping back on to see your weight. This scale will automatically recognize you and display your weight, no need to step off first. While many scales make use of the “step on” technology, many of the EatSmart’s competitors can’t boast of the same accuracy. The Precision Digital can measure weight in pounds, kilos, or stones—it would be great for a frequent traveler or a multicultural family! In what is a pretty standard move for most digital scales, the EatSmart Precision Digital can give an accurate read of up to 400lbs. However, don’t let that deter you: with it’s extremely high ratings and phenomenal accuracy, the Precision Digital is definitely one of the best digital scales available today. For a limited time, this scale even arrives with a free body tape measure, which would be a great item for assisting you with tracking your weight loss journey! As satisfying as it is to see the numbers on the scale go down after repeated use, it’s even more satisfied to know that you’ve lost actual inches from your frame!

EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale

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Another winning scale from EatSmart is the Precision Plus Digital scale. Much like the original EatSmart Precision, this scale is a slightly more expensive model with a few extra features not found in the original. Although this scale features the same ‘step on’ technology that EatSmart touts in their Precision Digital model, the Precision Plus Digital scale takes fewer batteries and guarantees results for individuals weighing up to 440lbs. The Precision Plus also only takes two batteries, as opposed to its predecessor’s four. However, reading the digital scale reviews for this particular model is really what makes it attractive. Users reporting loving the extra wide 15” platform—much wider than most digital bathroom scales. The uniformly sleek look of this scale is one that will match any bathroom, and its low profile makes it easy to slide under a counter when it’s not in use.

Smart Weight SMS500 Digital Bathroom Scale

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Featuring memory capacity for up to eight users, the Smart Weigh SMS500 Digital Bathroom scale is a pretty powerful piece of equipment. While it looks like an ordinary digital bathroom scale, the SMS500 actually has a pretty cool trick that makes it stand out from the rest. Using the same popular step-on technology, the SMS500 will recognize you, and then display either your weight loss in green, or your weight gain in red. This would be a great scale for someone who is interested in the visualization of their dieting, or for anyone who is maybe more interested in a general trend of weight loss than a specific goal number. The SMS500 has capacity to accurately weigh anyone under 440lbs, and it takes four batteries to run. While this scale doesn’t show your BMI or any other body measurements, the visualization combined with reports of great accuracy are enough to make it a fan favorite. This digital scale is a little more expensive than your average entry-level model, but it enjoys a great reputation: in addition to the favorable reviews mentioned above, Smart Weigh has a lasting reputation for wonderful customer service. A few reviewers have even mentioned that while their original scale was not to their standards, the Vice President of the company contacted them personally, gave them a refund, and sent them a replacement scale. So even if you’re a little nervous to buy the Smart Weigh SMS500, rest assured that you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

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As far as more economically priced scales go, the Etekcity High Precision model is a great deal. This scale features standard features, including accurate weight readings up to 400lbs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have memory capacity, but what it perhaps lacks in features, it makes up for in style. The digital scale reviews for the Etekcity High Precision are nothing but glowing. Everyone loves the design of this scale, from the unusual ring in the middle to the glass construction that makes it unobtrusive in the bathroom. User reviews of the Etekcity also mention that this scale is a little heavier than it looks. While some might find this a bother, it’s a mark of a product that’s made very well, and one that looks more expensive than it really is.

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

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This incredibly stylish offering from Fitbit is one of the ‘smart scales’ that we discussed earlier in the article. Compared to the other scales reviewed so far, this one is much, much more complex. While it unfortunately carries a price tag that reflects that complexity, that price tag is certainly justified. The Fitbit Aria connects to any of the six currently available Fitbit devices, and has memory for eight users. With this scale, you’re able to see your weight charted out in the Fitbit smartphone app, as well as BMI and body fat percentage. If you don’t have a Fitbit, you’re still able to use the Aria scale, but for optimal results, it’s recommended that you use them together. Users report loving the Fitbit Aria, calling it a true five star product, and the design is another thing that makes this digital scale stand out. Unlike other digital scales with a blue LED readout, the Fitbit Aria is made of solid black or white glass, and the readout will match whatever color scale you purchase. If you pay full price for this scale, it will run you a little over $100, but the high price is completely worth it. Rest assured that with stellar customer reviews, advanced features, smartphone compatibility, and sleek design, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

WoodSam Digital Body Scale

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Priced at just under $20, the WoodSam Digital Body scale is a perfect entry-level scale for those looking to upgrade. With ability to give you weight readouts in pounds, kilos, or stones and ‘step-on’ technology, users report really loving this scale. While it’s not exactly out of the ordinary, the WoodSam Digital Body scale is very accurate, and as a fun touch, it comes in four colors. Confused about how to decorate your bathroom with your new scale? Since the WoodSam Digital Body comes in pink, purple, black, or gold, you shouldn’t have any more problems with that! The different colors really make this scale stand out, as even though most digital scales look pretty sleek, many of the chrome and glass models look the same. The WoodSam Digital Body scale comes with the ability to accurately weigh up to 360lbs, so while it’s not as high tech as some of the other models, for under $20 you’re really getting a good deal on this digital body scale.

So, That’s It?

Yup. Pretty simple, right? If you stop to think about all the amazing technology that’s available to you in a little piece of glass and metal, it’s pretty mind-blowing. Not to mention that ten years ago, most people were still using those old, unreliable dial scales or, at best, a clunky and unreliable digital model. While it can be very intimidating to think about buying a new type of technology, remember all those positive reviews that we discussed about the scales, and use them going forward on your own search. Digital scale reviews can be a great tool when doing research before a purchase. No matter how personalized your needs are, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else has had a similar problem (or question) when shopping for a scale. Reviews are also helpful because sometimes they’ll tell you things that you won’t learn from the ad copy. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Chances are, you’re not going to pick up a model similar to the Fitbit Aria for $30, or be charged over $50 for an entry-level model that only provides you with your weight. Just keep your budget safely in mind, and once you decide what features are non-negotiable, chances are that narrowing down a final scale purchase will become a lot easier.

A scale can be one of the most important items you’ll ever buy. The proper use of a digital scale has been proven to be quite effective as a weight loss tool, and using a scale can also help you develop proper nutritional habits. While the scale has often been seen as something scary, it doesn’t have to be. Part of finding the right scale for you is finding the scale that works best with your lifestyle. Keep everything that you’ve read in this article in mind when shopping for a new digital scale, and you’re bound to wind up with a great new tool in your life.

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