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Despite its humble beginnings as a small fishing village, Dubai has fast become one of the most dynamic international destinations. With a versatility unlike many other world-class cities, Dubai offers visitors the opportunity to hike rugged mountains, enjoy fantastic shopping, sunbathe, or simply take in the breathtaking natural scenery that is unique to this part of the world.

Dubai has long been a major trading hub in the Middle East, and today stands proudly as a retail paradise for those in search of a bargain. Whether you are planning your adventure to Dubai for a vacation or your business dealings are taking you to this dessert jewel, you will find that the airfare rates offered by First Business Flights are beyond competitive.

The booking professionals at First Business Flights take advantage of industry leading tools that allow exclusive access to some of the best unadvertised rates you will find. By allowing First Business Flights to take care of your travel needs, you’ll be able to travel in the style you are accustomed to, at the price that works best for your budget.

Dubai’s Airport

Dubai is served by the Dubai International Airport. This airport serves as a major hub for all of the Middle East, and is in fact the primary airport in Dubai. It is the base for the international airlines that call Dubai home, including Emirates, Fly Dubai, and Emirates Sky Cargo. It also serves as the secondary hub for Qantas, and is the primary stopover point for flights that are traveling from Australia or New Zealand to Europe.

This vast airport holds the distinction of being the 3rd busiest airport in the world, even surpassing the ever-busy Hong Kong International.

With multiple terminals, serving an estimated 7 million passengers per year, First Business Flights will have no problem finding you the perfect route to your Dubai destination.

For those looking to travel in the luxurious manner that you deserve, you will find that the numerous exclusive lounges at the Dubai Airport will meet all of your needs. Terminal One alone offers five lounges that are not affiliated with a particular airline; these comfortable lounges offer a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the airport. Terminal Three offers several lounges, including the world-famous Emirates Lounge. This spacious lounge is staffed around the clock and includes topnotch gourmet dining, along with a juice bar and a spa offering the pampering treatments that you so richly deserve.

Your first or business class tickets will permit you access to the lounge that best suits your needs, or you can enjoy the exclusive lounge offered by the airline you are flying with.

You deserve to thoroughly enjoy your trip to Dubai. Not only will First Business Flights ensure that your seats are comfortable and affordable, but the travel experts handling the details of your flight can ensure that all of your questions are answered and that your travel arrangements are completed without fuss. You deserve only the best, so why settle for anything less?

Getting Around Dubai







When the expert staff at First Business Flights handles all of the details of your travel itinerary, you’ll be able to rest at ease, knowing that everything about your trip to Dubai is going to go off without a hitch. Once you have arrived safely in Dubai, you may be concerned about how you will get around this vast and beautiful city.

While it does not have an underground subway system like other major international hubs, Dubai does offer some great transportation options that will ensure you get around the city without much trouble.

Taxis are available without much trouble, all around the city. Private car services with a knowledgeable driver are also available. But perhaps the most efficient way to make your way around Dubai is to take the Dubai Metro. This automated metro rail network offers the ability to easily navigate some of Dubai’s hottest tourist spots, and can also help to reduce the stress that can sometimes accompany traveling in and around a new city.

There is of course also a very efficient bus system that includes open top sightseeing busses.

For those who feel confident navigating the streets of Dubai, there are numerous rental car services that will put you in the driver’s seat of your vacation and time spent in Dubai. They drive on the right-hand side of the road in Dubai, so the majority of international guests will have no problem getting behind the wheel.

What to do in Dubai







Bring your bathing suit when you visit Dubai. There are countless beaches that offer plenty of opportunity for sunbathing and watersports. Enjoy tranquil sandy beaches and shimmering blue waters. The pristine sands are ideal for spending some quality time unwinding from your busy life, and they offer a great retreat from the busy city.

If watersports are your ideal fun activity, then you’ll find a range of great opportunities for adventure along the coast. Waterskiing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, fishing, parasailing, and even the opportunity to rent a yacht for a day of tranquility out on the sea. There is endless opportunity to explore the sparkling waters that surround Dubai.

Get your tickets to Wild Wadi Water Park, which is the ultimate destination for families with children. The world-renowned Atlantis Hotel also offers a great water park that is an absolute blast for kids of all ages, or for the young at heart. With a great water slide that sends adventurers straight through a glass tube in the shark tank, this is an amazing experience for all. The Atlantis also offers an exclusive aquarium that is absolutely breathtaking. This aquarium is a must-see for every visit to Dubai. The Atlantis also offers dolphin encounters that are said to be truly phenomenal.

Dubai is famous for the shopping opportunities that it offers. The Dubai Mall has to be seen if you are to believe its reputation. It offers something for everyone, even if you are just looking for a cool respite from the Dubai temperatures. The mall offers an indoor aquarium that is incredible to behold. There is a large cinema boasting 22 screens and the latest blockbuster hits. A full-sized indoor ice skating rink is an absolute treat, so be prepared to ice skate in the middle of the desert. With every retail outlet you can imagine, and then some, the Dubai Mall also offers great numbers of eating opportunities for all taste buds.

Ice skate in the Dubai Mall and then go skiing in the Mall of the Emirates. With an incredible ski experience, you can rent the gear that you need and take to the slopes. This is a great place for kids and adults alike, with slopes that are kid-friendly and offer inflated inner tubes.

Enjoy people-watching and so much more with a visit to the Jumeirah Beach Walk. Consisting of 36 residential beach-front towers, there is an incredible promenade that boasts shopping opportunities, cozy cafes, gourmet restaurants and so much more.

Get a taste for the traditional with a day trip that could take you on a tour of the rolling Dubai dunes or even on a camel ride through the desert. Enjoy a traditional Arabic meal and take in an amazing belly dancing show. A taste of the traditional Bedouin life can truly make your trip to Dubai spectacular. Dubai also offers camel races, along with horse race tracks where you can see their breathtaking Arabian horses competing.

Must-See Dubai Landmarks









One of the most incredible landmarks in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, which is also the tallest manmade structure in the world. It is almost impossible to miss, as it soars above Dubai just like a needle-shaped spacecraft. Don’t miss your chance to take in the panoramic views of the city from the observation deck that is an astounding 134 floors up. Whether you go during the day or at night, you will be wowed by the experience.

Burj Al Arab is considered to be one of the top hotels in all of the world, offering unmatched extravagance and luxury to guests. It boasts the reputation of being the first hotel in the world to be a 7-Star hotel. The unique design of the hotel itself makes it a must-see Dubai icon for your trip. While a stay in the hotel might not be within your budget, you will find that a visit to one of the hotel’s gourmet restaurants to also be wholly satisfying and a true Dubai experience.

The Palm Islands is one of Dubai’s most famous manmade landmarks. The islands have been designed in a manner that resembles a palm tree, which is of course where they get their name from. The world-famous Atlantis hotel is situated on the Palm Islands.










Get a feel for the history of Dubai with a visit to the Deira clock tower. This Dubai landmark has born witness to the ever-changing façade of Dubai since 1963.

Beautifully illuminated at night, the clock tower is a great opportunity to simply appreciate the evolution of this world-class city.

Your time spent in Dubai is certainly going to be immensely rewarding. Make the most of your time in this spectacular city by ensuring that your travel arrangements are completed hassle-free. First Business Flights is committed to ensuring that your flights are books with ease, ensuring that you travel in the comfort and luxury that you deserve. Let First Business Flights take care of your travel needs.


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