The best online marketplace sites like eBay Australia.

Searching for an auction website alternative like eBay.com.au that offers you heaps of rare, boutique or personalised items? While eBay might be your dedicated go-to, there are other sites like it that are just as good – if not better – because they specialise in merchandise and services.

If you’re looking for event tickets, you might be in luck with Viagogo. This ticket reseller marketplace is a reliable, world-renowned outlet that sells hot and sometimes sold-out tickets at varying prices. Or perhaps you’d like to see what other independent labels and budding designers are selling online? Custom product and artwork website, Zazzle or custom phone cover retailer, The Dairy might just have the answer.

Whatever you’re after, there’s a bunch of alternative websites like eBay that can meet your needs. And while you’re at it, why not check out if we have a coupon code with them to save you even more? Couldn’t hurt, right?

Alternatives like Bay








The Dairy

ASOS Marketplace






1. Amazon

Perhaps the site most like eBay is Amazon. This online marketplace lets its users sell their unwanted goods at a set price, meaning you can snap up a bargain for less.

Amazon is part department store, part marketplace. While you can purchase goods directly from them, such as Kindle eBooks, you can also purchase items off its users. Amazon is well regulated, with some sellers choosing to use Amazon itself to fulfil their orders by sending their items to an Amazon fulfillment store where the company will pack and ship the item for them. With so many items on offer, you’re bound to find just what you’re searching for at a competitive price.

Amazon is a trusted and secure website that offers payment fraud protection for its buyers

The sites’s A-to-Z Guarantee Program means if you’re unsatisfied with your product you can make a claim for reimbursement, just like eBay

Gift messaging service allows customers to write notes on packages that are to be sent as presents to others

Go to the Amazon website

View coupon codes for Amazon

2. Etsy

Designed to be just like your local neighbourhood market online, Etsy is also made up of tonnes of individual sellers — most of which make their own goods.

One of the great things about Etsy, is that the majority of items are unique, handcrafted and one-of-a-kind and are usually designed by the seller themselves. While you won’t find any big brands here, you’ll definitely find something special. It is a great alternative to eBay.

Etsy is a secure marketplace, so you shouldn’t have to worry about providing your payment details here

Browse through millions of unique items that you likely won’t find anywhere else

Gift cards are available

Go to the Etsy website

View current offers for Etsy

3. Viagogo

A similar resale and auction site to eBay, specialising in the resale, exchange and purchase of event tickets.

Avoid ticket scalping and scams when it comes to buying your entry to events with Viagogo. This online marketplace provides ticket holders the opportunity to sell their unwanted tickets for a set price. Viagogo acts as the mediator and monitors all transactions to ensure all sales are fulfilled and you get to that concert / game / festival / musical that you have your eye on.

Every transaction guaranteed by Viagogo

Tickets delivered by world-class courier services

Tickets are guaranteed to be valid and received on time. If this is not the case Viagogo will step in to replace or refund your purchase

As a seller, you’re guaranteed to receive payment for your item on time

Go to the Viagogo website

View coupon codes for Viagogo

4. Zazzle

A innovative company that provides young designers a marketplace to sell their products, similar to how eBay does it.

As an online marketplace, you can also open a virtual store with Zazzle (for free!) and sell your designs through the platform. Or, if you’re not the creative type but love to buy boutique, you can purchase a one-of-a-kind piece from an emerging designer.

Volume discounts available – the more you buy, the more you save!

30 day returns or exchanges (this does not apply for phones and some phone accessories)

24 hour production time (does not include delivery time)

Free online store creation to sell your designs through

Go to the Zazzle website

View coupon codes for Zazzle

5. CQout

An alternative site very much like eBay, CQout is an online marketplace for many that specialises in trading the more weird and collectable pieces that are harder to find online.

CQout is an auction site and online marketplace with registered sellers in over 80 countries worldwide. The site has a huge range typical of an online marketplace, offering anything from collectable comics and musical instruments, to new and secondhand clothing, electronics and more.

Dedicated support and helpline staff online

Sellers aren’t charged to list, however a commision will be taken from each successful auction

Trusted customer feedback system to regulate quality

Go to the CQout website

View coupon codes for CQout

6. GraysOnline

Consider this an all-Australian alternative version of eBay. GraysOnline is an online retail and auction company that sells everything from electronics to jewellery direct from the manufacturer and distributor.

GraysOnline is an online auction site that sees manufacturers and distributors auction off their items for you to purchase. Just like eBay, you can expect there to be all manner of products available to bid on, from office chairs and construction equipment to necklaces and cases of wine. Yup, there’s nothing too large or too small to be auctioned off on GraysOnline. And with over 120,000 items being listed every month, there’s plenty to purchase.

Over 120,000 items listed monthly for both industrial businesses and everyday consumers

Trusted Australian company

30 day returns

Some items allow you to purchase extended warranty

Go to the GraysOnline website

View coupon codes for GraysOnline

7. DesignCrowd

Like eBay, DesignCrowd allows you to wander the marketplace of creativity in search of the right product for your needs.

DesignCrowd is a website service like no other. It doesn’t offer physical items for purchase like eBay, but instead offers design services for anyone seeking to have their logo / website / promotional item designed. Their pool of creatives is over 400,000 strong, so your design needs are in good hands. Just send out a brief and watch as potential employees respond with their concepts for you to choose and purchase.

Over 400,000 professional designers at your fingertips

Logo and website design

30 day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the designs proposed for your project

Set your own budget for your projects

Go to the Design Crowd website

View coupon codes for Design Crowd

8. The Dairy

Similar to speciality iPhone shops on eBay, The Dairy allows you to customise your iPhone case with a design that suits your personality.

So you’ve just bought a new iPhone? Perhaps you’re just after a new look for your wonderful iPhone? All can be achieved with The Dairy. Not only do they sell iPhone cases, they also offer a “Create A Case” service. Hop onto their site, choose the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy version you’d like to create a case for, upload your image, design, purchase, and wait for your new case to be delivered. This Aussie owned alternative to eBay is the answer to all your telephone dreams.

Easy customisation of your iPhone case

Excellent quality and superior protection for your iPhone

Returns within 30 days

Delivery to an Australian address within 3–5 business days

Free standard shipping anywhere in the world

Designers are welcome to submit their designs to be featured on the website

Go to The Dairy website

View coupon codes for The Dairy

9. ASOS Marketplace

Shopping for boutique and vintage wears has never been easier than with ASOS Marketplace. Like ebay.com.au it’s a great place to find your new favourite outfit.

Searching for a unique piece? Vintage perhaps? That’s where ASOS Marketplace comes in. It provides independent labels and vintage boutiques a platform to sell their items to all of ASOS’s customers. Everything on offer is guaranteed to be the genuine item (in abidance of ASOS’s Fashion Not Fakes campaign) and like eBay, it works on a feedback system. What’s more, similar to eBay’s auction model, stores can opt to provide a “Make an Offer” option – so if you think the price is a little too dear, you can suggest a more affordable price and try to nab that fashion-find for less.

Guaranteed Fashion not Fakes

Make Me An Offer option allows you to ‘haggle’ for a better price

Paypal payment only, assuring you of Paypal’s payment protection

Feedback system to build confidence in stores

Returns within 14 days

Go to the ASOS website

While ASOS Marketplace generally doesn’t offer discounts or accept ASOS coupon codes, ASOS advises us that its Marketplace shops do have the option to set up and accept promotional and discount codes so keep your eyes peeled. You never know when you could snip some dollars off those new threads.

10. Gumtree

A very similar alternative to to eBay, Gumtree is an online classifieds and community website that lets users post ads for anything from cars and concert tickets to jewellery and jobs online absolutely free.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, the Gumtree community aims to provide. Just like a classified in the newspaper or a noticeboard at university, it’s a place to post up items for sale or services you’re able to provide. There’s even a community section for lost and found notices and rideshare opportunities.

Free to list

Not only offers products, but services as well

Gumtree Scam Security Centre implemented to regulate advertisements and keep users safe

Go to the Gumtree website

11. Fishpond

Looking for the best price on a range of items? This Australian site buys and sells everything from home and sporting goods to books, DVD’s and music.

Fishpond aim to have Australia’s lowest prices and offer items from sellers around the world. As they never hold the goods themselves, shelf space is limitless, meaning you can find all sorts of items you never knew you needed.

Shipping is included in the price for Australia and New Zealand deliveries

Get a full refund on your goods for up to 30 days if you’re not satisfied

Huge range of stock and sellers from around the world

Go to the Fishpond website

12. Bonanza

Like eBay, Bonanza is an online marketplace that provides a platform for individuals and independent retailers to meet with buyers, browsers, and collectors from all over the world.

Bonanza was actually named as the ‘Best eBay alternative’ by the eCommerce Guide. We’d recommend checking out the fashion section (where items vary from one day to the next) in addition to scouring for hidden gems in the art and collectibles section.

Bonanza promotes itself as ‘seller friendly’ and has a very user-friendly business platform, meaning sellers don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty

Bonanza has received many awards and positive feedback, including being named best overall online marketplace (ahead of eBay and Amazon) by EcommerceBytes in 2014 and making it into the Times Top 50 Websites.

You don’t need to have an account to shop with Bonanza, no sign up is necessary

Go to the Bonanza website

13. AliExpress

Like eBay, you can buy anything from electronics to jewellery, apparel, automotive products, entertainment appliances and much more from AliExpress.

Founded and managed by AliBaba, AliExpress has international reach – meaning you can purchase goods from anywhere in the world.

The refund policy is all about protecting the buyer from cheap products and fraudsters.

A massive, diverse range of products, giving you an impressive choice

AliExpress works with different sellers and they offer a seller guarantee that all orders will be delivered – those that aren’t will be fully refunded

Go to the AliExpress website

14. Auction4Free

The name says it all: like eBay, you can buy and sell items – only this site is all about getting to do it absolutely FREE.

Yup, even adding your listing to the Red Hot Deals section is a free service. Because really, why shouldn’t both sides benefit with cheaper prices and more profits to the seller? No reason whatsoever.

Free to list and to buy

Business can create their own online store for free (ABN or ACN required)

International selling options available

Go to the Auction4Free website

14. Lightinthebox

Selling just about everything you can imagine, Lightinthebox features thousands of items at a range of prices.

Lightinthebox’s specialties are apparel, small gadgets and accessories, and home and garden, so if you’re in the market for any of those items, it’s a good place to start.

Many items ship for free

30-day refund policy

Go to the LightintheBox website

Which websites have auctions like eBay?

eBay offers both auction-style and buy-it-now options for customers. Similarly, GraysOnline, BidMate, CQout, Quicksales and Auction4All offer auctions and buy-it-now options on their items. In a similar vein, ASOS Marketplace offers fashion-finds from boutiques and independent labels that you can “make an offer” on to set your own price – or can purchase the item at the advertised price. While DesignCrowd doesn’t let you “bid” for its services exactly, it does let you set your own price/budget for its design services, so you can decide how much your purchase is worth.

Alternatively, while they’re not auction sites, Viagogo, Amazon, Craigslist and Gumtree offer same/similar items at different prices (depending on how much the seller wishes to charge) so, like eBay, you have the chance to shop for the best price on these websites.

Which sites offer boutique stores like eBay?

While sellers can choose to sell their unwanted items on eBay, registered companies can also open their own personal shops to sell their stock through eBay. As a boutique seller, this is a great way to create a virtual shopfront and access a large customer base without having to purchase a personal website and market it independently.

Alternative websites such as Zazzle, ASOS Marketplace, Amazon, BidMate, Auction4Free and Quicksales provide shop-owners this outlet to sell their items online with dedicated accounts and storefronts. Although The Dairy doesn’t provide designers and creatives with a purchasable and guaranteed store, they will accept designs for their iPhone cases. If they’re up to scratch, they’ll feature them in their Collections section where the artist/designer will be recognised and their contact/website details displayed.

Which online marketplaces offer similar delivery timeframes to eBay?

Due to the nature of eBay – being individuals selling and fulfilling their items independently – delivery time frames will be dependent on what delivery options the seller offers and how much you’re willing to pay to have your item expedited. The same goes for Amazon, Grays Online, CQout, ASOS Marketplace, Gumtree, Craigslist, Auction4all, Quicksales and BidMate purchases.

In short, eBay and ASOS Marketplace purchases can be delivered as quickly as 1–2 business days if the offer for express/overnight delivery to Australia is available. Amazon estimates that expedited purchases will be received within 3–7 business days or 3–6 weeks for standard delivery. GraysOnline estimates a timeframe of 2-14 working days due to the bulk and variable locations of its items. As ALLBIDS works with bulky items and lots, it’s preferential (and cheaper) to pick your items up. This must be done within 72 hours, or there may be penalties placed on you. Alternatively, they will freight for a fee.

Items from The Dairy can be expedited via Australia Post Express Post for a fee, otherwise you can expect your item within 3–4 days. Zazzle aims to ship your item within 24 hours of purchase, however, as they’re based in the US, your purchase might take a little longer to arrive. Either way, you’ll be advised of an estimated delivery time upon purchase. Viagogo does not provide a timeframe for its ticket fulfillment, but does guarantee that they’ll be received in time for your event.

As DesignCrowd is a service that provides you with a virtual, graphic product, its delivery means and timeframes is different. With DesignCrowd, you can choose either a 3, 5, or 10 day deadline for its creatives to deliver you designs, although it’s likely you’ll receive your first design within the first 24 hours of listing your brief.

Which alternative websites like eBay offer free postage too?

While it cannot and does not enforce offering free postage, eBay does encourage this as it does attract buyers and boosts search rankings for listings. Other sites that offer free postage on its items include Amazon, GraysOnline (like eBay, they also offer local pick-up of items) and The Dairy ALLBIDS also offers free pick up.

Which sites like eBay use Paypal?

eBay.com.au accepts Paypal, Paymate, Merchant Credit Card, bank transfer and cheques for payment. Acceptance of these payment methods depends on the seller, so read their listing prior to purchase to make sure they accept your desired method. However, it’s quite common for customers to pay via Paypal as it’s safe, easy to use, and provides you with added protection against fraudulent transactions. Other websites like eBay that use Paypal include:





The Dairy

ASOS Marketplace




Sites like eBay that don’t use Paypal

As to be expected, not all sites like eBay.com.au accept Paypal as a form of payment. Here’s a list of online marketplace websites that prefer other forms of payment.



CQout (they prefer to encourage you to pay via SecurePay)

Which websites accept similar forms of payment to eBay?

And for those who prefer options when it comes to payment types, here’s a comprehensive list of what forms of payment sites like eBay accept.

Amazon: Accepts Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card, Amazon.com Store Card, Amazon Gift Cards and all major credit and debit cards (including AMEX).

Viagogo: Accepts credit and debit cards (including AMEX), and Paypal.

Zazzle: Accepts Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

GraysOnline: Accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners, and Paypal.

DesignCrowd: Accepts all major credit and debit cards (including AMEX), Paypal and MoneyBookers.

The Dairy: Accepts Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

ASOS Marketplace: Accepts Paypal only.

Gumtree: As this is a classifieds website, payment is dictated by the person listing the item. However, it’s common for payments to be via cash-in-hand, bank transfer and PayPal.

Craigslist: As this is a classifieds website, payment is dictated by the person listing the item. However, it’s common for payments to be via cash-in-hand, bank transfer and PayPal.

Quicksales: As this is an online auction site, you can pay using any method the seller accepts. However, it’s common for payments to be via PayPal, bank transfer and cash-in-hand.

BidMate: Again, as an auction website, the choice of payment is up to the seller, but they are able to receive payments via Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, bank transfer, and cash-in-hand.

Auction4Free: Accepts PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and AMEX.

CQout: Accepts Visa and Mastercard

Alternative sites like eBay for Business | The 7 best online marketplaces for merchants

There’s no questioning that selling on eBay can become a profitable move – especially if you’re starting a business and are looking to get your product seen and on the market for a relatively low-cost.

When it comes choose which website to sell through, some of the major things you’ll have to consider are: sellers fees, audience and reach, payment methods, and whether you want to provide the ability to bid on your item or just to buy it outright. Once you’ve figure that out, you can choose your merchant. Here are our favourites for sellers.

eBay: One of the biggest and the best auction sites online. The benefits of selling on eBay include: the ability to create your own seller store, being able to reach a worldwide audience, listing items for auction or buy-it-now, safe and secure payment methods with PayPal, and free listings.

Gumtree Australia: Like eBay, Gumtree is a big player in the auction market. But unlike eBay, they don’t charge anything to list or to sell, meaning all the profits go back directly to you. It’s also more of a classifieds website, so if your product is more of a service, Gumtree could be a better option for you.

Zazzle: For those of you looking to make a name for yourself (and not just looking to sell your unwanted Christmas / wedding gifts), there is Zazzle. It allows you to upload your designs and have them printed on all manner of items (mugs, shirts) to be purchased on their marketplace. You could be discovered on Zazzle, or at least make a pretty penny for your designs. Again, this one’s at no cost – so all the profits made go back to the seller.

CQout: Although lesser known that eBay, their system is very similar and the best part for sellers is that all your listings are free. You’ll only need to pay a commission on any successful auctions.

ASOS Marketplace: There’s no denying that ASOS has some pretty big clout in the fashion world. On its marketplace you can show off your designs for purchase by its strong audience of fashion lovers. The downside here comes in the fees. ASOS Marketplace charges £20 per month to own a store, and they take 20% commission on all your earnings. You also have to stock at least 15 different items in your store at one time.

GraysOnline: Like Zazzle, this is a site for serious businesses and merchants. Grays has listings for a range of consumer, industrial and commercial goods and deals mainly with wholesale, overstock, seconds, reconditioned and liquidated goods and products. To help you move your stock, Grays takes care of much of the grunt work. This includes warehousing, valuation, marketing, fulfilment and payment transactions.

Quicksales (formally Oztion): This one’s an Australian auction website and one of our largest homegrown ones, too. The benefits of selling on Quicksales include: the ability to create your own seller store, safe and secure payment methods and community, no listing fees, no re-selling fees, and no final value fees, it’s also Australian owned and operated.

Compare sellers fees and feature fees on auction marketplaces

Subscription fee

Listing fees

Final value fees

Seller store creation

Any other fees?


None for individual sellers. Fees start at $19.99 for Store Packages

Free for auctions with a start price under $100.

9.9% for individual sellers. Variable final value fees for Stores depending on the package.


Use of bonus features and selling tools will accrue fees


None for individuals who list less than 40 items per month. Professionals (40+ items per month) are charged $39.99pm.

Individual pay $0.99 per item sold. There are no listing fees for professionals/businesses.

Variable closing fees are charged for both individuals and professionals.


Referral fees



Variable seller fees charged


No, Viagogo manages all your listings

If you have paper tickets, you will be responsible for posting them to Viagogo to fulfill






No: as far as Zazzle is concerned, all the profit is to you!


CQout charges a one-off verification fee of $3.74.

Listing is absolutely free.

Commission varies depending on the final sale price.

Yes, however this will be at a cost of $76.68 – $207.69 per year.

Many enhancements to your auction will incur some sort of fee.


Grays works on a case by case basis, so you’ll have to contact them direct for details



No – GraysOnline manages all your listings



None for both customers and designers

Each brief is charged $50 to the customer, 15% of the designer budget (over $200) will also be charged to the customer as a project management fee.

No final value fees for the buyer of the design created, however a commission of 15% is taken from the designer

Yes, designers can create their own pages to showcase their talents and abilities

Varying prices for optional upgrades

The Dairy



Variable selling fees

No, however designers might be able to get their own page, curated by The Dairy


ASOS Marketplace

£20 per month


Sellers pay 20% commission on sales



Gumtree Australia









Sellers pay 17% comission




A range of membership plans for sellers, but there is a free trial available

Included in membership

3.5% commission with a minimum payment of $0.50


There are optional advanced selling features






No – any promotional or marketing placements are free

Still not convinced?

That’s okay, you can still shop and sell on eBay.com.au here:
Go to the eBay.com.au website

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